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. Letterbook, LM-241 

This letterbook covers the period September 1900-January 1901. Most 
of the correspondence is by Walter S. Mallory, vice-president of the company. 
The letters deal mainly with personnel matters, briquettes, company financial 
obligations, the suspension of operations at the Ogden works, and plans for its 
future reconstruction. One letter gives production statistics for 1900. Other 
items relate to work done for the New Jersey Zinc Co., a license issued by 
Edison Saunders Compressed Air Co., and experimental work with cement. A 
portion of the company letterhead is affixed to the front cover and is inscribed : 
"From Sept-15-1900 to Jan 25-1901." The book contains 987 numbered pages | 
and an index. Less than 10 percent of the book has been filmed. 




‘September 17,1900. 

Mr. George Chorpenning, 
212 W. 78th Street, 
New York City. 
Dear Sir:- 

Replying to vours of the 16th inst., I beg to state that 
after seeing you last week, we received suspension of al}. the orders. 
we had for our product, and orders will not be resumed until after 
the Election. So it will he necessary for us to delay putting in 
the Clocks until we get ready to start up again, which we think will 

be sometime in November. 

I am very sorry to hear you have a bad cold and hopa you 

will soon be out. 

Yours very truly, 

~ ON ne ogee & Oh 
+ ogatty raked “yt oe \ 


September 17th,1900. 


The Severy Process Company, 
9 Murray Street, 
New York City. 
Dear Sirs:- 
Replying to yours of the 13th inst., beg to state we have 
not sent you check for your May and June accounts, as we have had 
great difficulty in selling our product, ard consequently have had 

to store a very considerghle portion of it. The Iron Ore market 

seeming te get worse, rather than pett¢r , we have decided to suspend 

about two thirds of our operations unbdd after Eleotdon, and on 
Saturday last we laid off 225 men. 

This explains the reason for our Abperent slowness in 
séttling your accounts. We wil send you check for the May and 
June accounts at the earliest pospible moment, probably. sometime 
‘within the next thirty days. 

Yours very truly, 

Suntkember 17+h,1900. 

Mr. Edward Kelly, 
Pt. Oram, 
My dear Sir:- 

Mr. Edison would appreciate it if you would send him about 

25 pounds of Hibernia ore in small pieces. We desire to make some 

tests as to the reduction of various kinds of ore, compared with 

briquettes and we will be glad to send you results, if you are 

Thanking you in advance for your troiwble in the matter, 

Yours very truly, 

September 17th,1900. 

Mr. James Belianuine, 


Bear Sir:- 

Do. not fail to enter in a 

book the resuits of all Phos- 
phorus tests made, ‘also the results of test made by hand on briqu- 

ettes for perosity. On the briquettes tested here, Mr. Edison mets: 

about 258 perosity and he wants to know how you make the test to 
get from 13 to 15%. 

Please send this to ma in detail. 

Yours very truly, 

September 26th,1900. 


The Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Company, 
Havemever Building, 
New York City. 

Dear Sirs:- 

Replying to yours of the 22nd inst. relative to the 
$0 ton “Hant A" steam shovels which we use at our Works at Hdison, 
¥.J., beg to state,the machines hava been very satisfactory and haye 
fulfilled the guarantee of the Makers in every particular. 

If your forsign friends expect to use stegm shayels for 
rook work, we would suggest they use a machine. fuidy as Tar ge as 

those we have., as from experience and information we have heen 

able to obtain, lighter and smaller machines are generajly not 

satisfactdry for such heavy work. 

Yours very truly, 

September 25th,1900. 

Mr. Janes Baliertine, 
cofo N. 3. & P. C. Works, 
Rdison,N. J. 
Dear Sir:- 

We sent you this afternoon the following telephone 
méssage , whic now per to confirm: 

“fhe coal, sand and iron ore briquettes are not strong 
enough ‘to stand transportation. Please make up a néw lot cconteining 
11G pounds of binding material per ton and test same on tenting 
machine and send me the results of the plows. Please do this at 

the. earliest possible momant as ‘an order for 500 tons awaits the 

Yours very truly, 

September 26+h,1900. 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Building, 
Dear Birg:- 
Oni my return here, I find Mr. Jaques wrote you under date 
of Septémber 21st, asking that you forward to this office the Baird 

agreements of December 9th,1899 and January 9th,1900, left’ September. 

20th to pe cancelled. Also one copy of the new Baird agreement. 
He did this from a memorandum I made and put into uy basket , 

Z write this in explanation, thinking you might not under- 
stand why suoh a letter was written the day after my visit to 

Yours very truly, 

< a September 25th ,1900. 

Nr. Janes B. Tonking, Supt., 
Tha New Jersey Zina Company, 
Pranklin Furnace Nv. 
Dear Siri= . 
Replying to yaurg of thé 19th {nst. which I find on my 
return here, I beg to state that we are yery glad $9 hearn the 

3 Righ Rolis are running better and hope that you will have no more 
trouble with the bearings. We feel sure that with the new Wobbler 
on and the two ROTIa, you will heve a machine which will be very 
satisfactory and will give you no trouble. We advise by all means 
your going ahead on the plan already outlined, and as stated before, 
we are ready to send. our man vhenever you notify us you are ready 

‘for hin. 

Yours very truly, 

September 26th,1900. 

The New Jersey Iron & Steel Company, 


tt eds 
L Dear Sirs:- 
We are now making our iron ore briquettes regularly and 

| : would be glad to send you a sample car for use in your open hearth 

Furnaces, free of charge, you paying the freight. If you find 

then of any advantage to you, we can arrange to ‘make you attractive 
prises for Purther ‘pupplies. We beldeve you will find the briqt- 

‘ettes of considerable advantage for open hearth work. 

We trust you wili decide to accept our proposition as to 
i the cdr. | 

Yours very truly, 

Septémber 26th,1900, . 

The Passaic Rolling Mill Uo., 
Ne Js 
Dear BSirs:- 

Sometime since we sxipped you. thyée cer. loads of briquettes 
for use in your open hearth Furnaces. We are now making briquettes 
regularly and would be very glad to ship you amother car for trial, 
and for this one oar are willing to have you put whatever pricé you 

think right upon it. 2 

We make you thia proposition, as we are anxious to have 

you try them again, as we pelieve they are very much better now 
than they were when the lest shipment was made. We have @ very 
lérgé stock on hand and could make prompt shipments for any quantity 
you mtght require in the future. 

frusting you will decide to give the briquettes another 
trial, we are . 

Yours very truly, 

September 25¢h,1900. 

Mr. A. S. Gay, Supt., 

N. J. & P. CG. Works, 


Dear Bir:- : 

Commencing immediately, please arrange to divide the nen 
ett in opr amploy into gangs, putting a8., Foremay ovey sagh, arrang- 
ing to have that Foremin make you a daily report of the work done 
by bhig-mem. Thia report to be approved by you and then. Torwarded 
to this office. . 

I beg herewith ta enclose carbon copy of ingtryctions 

fent to Morris Jayne, which explains itself. 

“In re, reports. 

They: ars te cover the repair and construotion work 
owgar the entire plant but not the Bricker plant; the ordinary 
reporta peing sufficient for 14. 

. Yours very truly, 


‘September 25th,1900. 

Mr. Morris Jayne, 
c/o N, J. & P. GO. Works, 
Ediaon,N. Je 

Dear ‘Sir :- 

Commending. immediately, you till please inspect all con- 
struction and raphir work, uéth in the Machine, Blackamith and 
Carpenter shops, also in the Mille, and: mbke us a daily report of 

‘game, “Yu wire to have the power in casa you find the work Is not 

going An -cprrentily, to order the Toreman-tn- charge on the particular 
work, “to stop on it aha yéu tHen ars ta repért to Mr. Gay that you 
‘nays swtoppei 4t and he will then tale the- matter up and see that it 
Asspryanged so thet the work will pe done properly. 

Me eve partioutan that you. do thts. tn: every “instance, 
a8 ye wart to Mhead" eff the nepegeiciy of having work done over~two 
or three Pear 6:-Has: happened many times in the past. 

ir. Gas as @ copy of this letter. 

Yours very truly, 

September 26th,1900, 
The General Electric Company, 
44 Broad Street, 
New York City. 
Dear Sirgs:- 

Owing to present dépression in. the iron business and the 
very large stock of raw material on hand at the Eastern Blast 
Furtidees , we hava been unable to market our praduct and have aceu- 
mulated .a large dtook of it. We have decided to suspend operations ; 
until there ig.a change in the situation and make shipment, for any 
orders we may obtain, frow the stock now on hand. 

Z% will be a accommodation if you. will permit us to 
renew our notes es follows: 

Od. 1- $294.75 
Nov. 1l- 362.41 
Dec. 1- 456-85 

We would like +9 renew: these notes at four months with 

interest, so to carry “payments until after when we stert in opera~ 
tion, which we hope w41] be early next year. If the note due 
October lut. has gone forward for colleotion, we will. pay it whan 
due and then send you the renewal note and you can send us check. 

Prunting you can dccommedate us and thanking youu for 
past favors, we ars . 

Yours very truly, , 

September 27th, 1900. 

‘Dear Sir 

Please arrange to have the Chemist report to von each day 














» ‘e 






to Bethlehem with phosphorus above -04, ap they would deckme to 

acoept them. 

Kindly impress this both on HigrAns and Ballantine. 

Yours very truly, 

Lanr Sir 

We & VOU br @xyrass teo-d cis sample prické made mo 
o2 about one hair GIACEnNt rates, gre quarter No. & Buckwheat. cael 
end the bahanse of sur Band, containing more than tutee the amoumt 

of binding Material “@ USe dn our repgul brigque ites. Tits, we 
think , | is strong i to a Paeial | and Blast Purnage 


hendling, although we are of the opinion that the edges wild Hreake 
orf these triqueites eheter than the regular ones, 

Inasmuch as we are very moh. interestad in this net ter _ 
we beg to state that WO wlll he glad to make 500 tons ot these 

Special briquettes “at & cents per unit for our concentrates, Foo. be : 

aare JEdtac: . Teese freight “Laoewar a of 95 cents , and in this. chanve 

Aba’ corre oeet ee gy extra binding mate rd &, 
handling. ‘$e, Bithoum .. iG the Opinion at present that nt 
this nre + it wilh no. yvorer the additional expense. 

. The PannssLvania Steel Sompany. are. to furnish us the 
necessary sand delivered at Edison, also the coke dust. We ‘think 
the briquette would be more satd isfastory if made cf coke dust. rather. 
than Aitchracéte seal, es there WILL be Le BS laebility af the coke 
catoba rie tare ‘in our ovens , than. whe Anthracite coal. Shis 

feature is the- oy uncer etn part 9 the expartment , and WHIM “ware , 

P.& C. #2. 

we fo ne* think 1t wil amount 45 mich, and iY iwe accept the order, 
it will be with the understanding that in case~this trouble should 
arise, we will row be compelled to deliver the entire dtiantity, 

as we do no, vant to rum any risk with our plant. But agitated 

above, wé hardly tuink there wili be ahy trouble, as tie, Ambhractee 

bricks have gone throttth ow Furnace and there was no trouble of 
tits evrt, But there might be if nothing but the Anthracite “bricks 
had gone through. 

Ye the Pennsyivania steel Tompany decide to have us po 
ahdad with tye experiment, please ask them to ship us coke tust 
that has pressed through one qudyter inch meah Screens, as ‘we ‘cannot 
use anything larger to advantage dn our Mixers. 

‘: The briquettes with broken edges wé threw out the third 
Bhany window at Idboratory, with the result that the corters have 
gone off, as you will notice. 

_ Awalting your commancs In the matter, We are 

Yours very truly, 

September 29th, 1900. 

Mr. He S. Gay, Supt-, 


Tear Sirt- 

On the report fur September 28th, Bricker plant, Mr 

Edison notes -135 minutes we were short of ore from No. 2 Stock House. 

He requests that you look @ 
Brieker plant ran ber 

fter this and see that ore is shovelled 

regularly, BO the kept to its full supply of 

ore at all times. 
The writer suggested to 

you yesterday that you had petter 

4n cherge of these men and trust that you have done 80. 

tes that you load to ship on or 
a the Allentown Iron Works , whi 
mveyor, I noticed yesterday 
, th dust which has 
that when 

put a man 
ders to the 

The briquet 
ch are 

Carbon Lron & Steel Comparty an 
from those atored in #96 co 
were pratty well covered wi 
Dryer, and I would suggest 
tty thorough wash down, - 

to be loaded 
that these briquettes 

been blown from the fan over #3 

they arg on the cars, ther give them ® pre 

etter look when they arrive 
poth of these orders 

so they will have & bp at Turnace. 
As stated to you yesterdey verbally, 

any of the briquettes we are 

n-Bassemer , 80 do not ship 
at 96 conveyor, 

call for no 

now making and do no 
unisds Lt 41> weceagary for want of cars or some other good 
yours very trely, 

4 unload any more briquettes 

September 29th,1900. 

Mees:3a. Pilling & Crane, 
“Girard Building, 
: philadelphia, Pa. 
Raplying to yours of the 28th inst., wa beg to thank you 

for order fram the Carbon Iron & Steel Company. We will shin these 

briquettes at the rate of 100 tonseper week, as sugeested, commenc- 

We hope you will he able to send us further orders, as we 
would like to mpve al] the stock of briquettes we now have on hand. 

Yours very truly, 

September 29th,1900, 

Mr. Arthur L. Richards, 
c/o Prudential Insurance Co., 
Newark, 4. J. 

Dear Sir:+ 
I mentioned the matter to Mr. Fdison about which we talked 

test night and he is willing to consider it. J would suggest that 

you make an appointment. for Mr. Rawards and yourself to talk over 

the matter with Mr. Edison, and itican then be decided whether we 
will vetwilting to take hold of the matter with you. 

“In the meantime , we would ask vou-to keep this matter 
entirely. «confidential, ~ag we do,not “care to be known in it at the 
present time. , 


Yours very truly, 

September 29th,1900. 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Bullding, 

Near Sirg:- 

We are in reveipt of yours of the 28th inst. and beg to 

confirm arrangement wade over ‘phone yésterday. We will ship the 
Alientdwn Iron Works briquettes ‘to cover the note of $1,502.50, 
due on October 4th, billing sameaggt seven (7) cents: ‘per unit, 
less 75 cents freight. 

. Wa understand that you will wend ws oheck to take care = 
of the note $4 above . Please arranges to Raye the check here net 
‘Tater then the third of October. . We are very mych obliged to you 
for the suggestion, ‘aa wa would much prefer +0 ship the briquettes 
than to pay out the money at present. 

a ' Kipo please pend us formal order specifying the number 
of priquettes. you wieh ua +0 ship. The priquettes wil] average 
about 64% , they having been made before we put in the new fan. 
Briquettes at present are running between &5 and 66 in 2ron and anon 
.042 to .036 in Phosphorus. 

Your's very truly, 

September 29th,1900. 

Mr. F. P. Howe, President, 


The Muscdnetcorg Iron Wor 

H Drexel Building, 



Philadelphia ,Pa. 

Dear Sir 

Your esteemed favor of the 26th inst. together yith 

original zsopy of experiments as made@by Mr. Kennedy, duly recéived, 

for which accept our thanks. 

Mr. Edison has read same with 

considerable interest. 


Ve herewith return the original vopy to you. 

Again thanking you for your kindness, we are 

Yours truly, 



October Lat ,1900. 

Mr. John S, Kennedy, Manager, 

Musconétcong Tron Works, 
Stanhope ,N. J. 
- Dear Sir:- 

We beg to acknowledge with thanks tne receipt of yours 
of the 28th ult. enclosing copy of your Char ge pook from September 
9th to the 15th inclusive. Mr. Ndison would like very mich to have 
this inforiation up to the first of October, so that we would have 
thirty days previous to the time the briquettes went ,on and -a 
longer period qovering the time when they were on, so to give as 
much anti as possible to aid him in studying out the resulta 
obtained. From what Mr. Howe has said and written to us, no doubt ; 
he would be willing that you showld send this further information 
to us and as soon as it is tabulated, we will send in the charts. 
We understand, of course, that this information 1s confidential 
and will tre&t 1t as such. 

Thanéing you for your trouble and trusting that we may 
rebeive the further information, we are 

Yours very truly, 

asses a aves 






73 we SBC 


Beta Lebern 

FEL TR INT EDEN pete sire neenr ns vr A. 

October 2nd,1900. 

Mr. James Ballantine, 
Rdtgon,N. or, 
Dear ‘S4nt~ 
“We. axe shipping the Bethlehem Steel Company the blown 
concentrates and-to Carbon and ‘Allentown the briquettes which were 

made before the fan wats put in over #3 Dryer; so please have Chemist 

nake. hig anelvsss separate, and in reporting then, specify from 
whigh oars the samples are taken, to enable us to render our bills 

Yours very truly, 

October 2nd,1900. 

Messrs. Pilling & Orane , 
Girard Building, 
_ Philadelphia ,Pa. 
Dear Sirs:- | 
I nave written to Mr. Baird, asking if it will be con- 
venient for him to see mé on Thursday. | I think we can probably , 
accept the proposition made by Miller & Company and take up $12,000 

Sf the $17,000 notes and your note on Friday or Saturday of this 

week: But before doing this, want to, see if we pannot arrauge with 
Baird to proteet us in some way on the five bonds which have been. 

gtvan him tn excess on notes he has paid. Also want to ‘talk to him 

about selling some of the bonds he has now with Miller & Company. 
So if Mr. Baird will be at home on Thursday, I will go to Phila- 

‘Yours very truly, - 

Gebober 5th; PRN. 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Building, 
Philadelphia ,Pa. 
Dear Sirs:- 

We have just telegraphed you: “Will accept Miller's 
proposition September Bath, provided Baird agrees." The propo- 
sition is as follows: . 

. “We notice that in accordant’ with-the terms of the 
agreement Mr, Baird must pay his- notes for’ $12,000 and on payment 
of that amount will receive $12,000 bonds. We have written Messrs. 
Prtling & Crane asking them to. give ua the dates at whioh, thase 
nates are. dye gut An the meanwhtl¢ wbuld: like to know whether a 
payment to you of $3,000 would return us Mr. Baird's note the bonis 
being left as your property thug: £uifi1Ling that partieular part . 
cf the agréement. This would be equivalent to @ purchase of $12 ;000 
by -you pt 76% of their par yelup unacodmpanied by any option or 
Yours very truly, 

Ootober 5th,1900, 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, | 
Girard Bulliding, 
Philadelphia ,Pa. 
Dear Sirs:- , 
On my return here, I have looked up the matter of Baird 

notes and beg to report as follows: 

We received from him five notes: of $10,000 each. Note #2 

dated February 9th ($10,000), was renewed July 30th for sixty days 
and was. further renewed on September 28th by two notes of $8,000 and 
32 ,000 each. These are the notes that Bank refused to accept. 
Note. #a due March 9th was paid. Note #3 due April 9th was paid. 
Note #4 due May 9th, one half was paid and the other half was re- 
newed by note dated May 9th, $5,000, this renewal note being paid 
August 9th. Note #5 due. June oth, was renewed on June 8th, $9,470, 
and when due September 5th, was further renewed for $7,000, balance 
being paid. : 

This leaves in our hends at present $17,000 worth of 
his note. unpaid. We write you thia, thinking 1t may help you in 
tracing out where the error has occurred. in relation to the five 
bonds . . , 

Yours very truly, 

October 5th,1900. 

Arthur L. Richards, 
c/o The Prudential Insurance Co., 
Newark,N. J. 

Dear Sir:- 

After our chat of this morning, I mentioned to Mr. Edison 

the arrangement I have made, and he suggests, as it undoubtedly 

will be more convenient for Mr. Fdwards to come to Edison sometime 
‘during the next two weeks, that we change the day from Sunday to 
_ gpome week day, when 1% will ‘he convenient for Mr. Rdwards and 
yourself to meet Mr. Hdison and niyself at our Works at Edison. 
The writer goes up Text Tuesday morning. and will be there all of 
next week and a good share of the week foliowlng - An appointment 
can he arranged any time by telephone. 
, Yours very truly, 


October 8th,1900. 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Building, 
Philadelphia,Pa. ; 
Gentlemen: - 

We are in receipt of your favor of the 6th inst. and note 
your remarks concerning the briquettes fer the Bethlehem Iron 
Company, also your postscript saying: "If any advantage, you may 
ship the entire lot to Allentown at once, as they have plenty of 
"storages room." . 

We-were just about to send a telephone message when we 

received your telegram saying that we sould ship 16 cars more to 

the Bethlehem Iron Company than their order calls for, for which 

please accept our thanks. 

Yours very truly, 

October 13th,1900. 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Building, 
Dear Sirs:- 7 

Owing to the unexpected shut down of operations at the 

Bricker plant, it will be necessary for us to pay off the men 

: laid off at once, and if you can see your way clear, will be glad 
1£ you would send us a four months paper for $3,000 to $5,000. 

We. would like-very much to have the larger amount and with the ore 
atored nowy, we pelieve you will be amply secured. We, of course, 
can get along with the lesser amount, if you Gazinot see your way 
clear to send the $5,000. 

Kindly let us have this paper, as we want to use it on 

Tuesday next. 

Yours very truly, 

foo tse 


er 13th,1900. 



Mr. James B. Tonking, Supt., 

New Jersey Zinc Company,,. 

Franklin Furnace ,N. J. 

-Dear Sir 













certain defects and will be glad to give you the benefit of our 

So we ‘beg. to again suggest thet you ‘will submit us 



your plan: yhen you have it ready. | 

The writer will prohably call on you some day next week 3 

ea he expects to be at Bdison most of the time. 

Yours very truly, 

October 13th,1900. 

-The National Coal Ta. Company, 

. 100 Will:an Street, 
New York Guty. 
Dear Sirg:-. 

When we had the pleasure of an interview last week with 
your Mr, Bsau, we stated to him that we were unable to market our 
product owing to the present condition of the Iron Ore business. 
The Bastern pureed have very large etocks of iron ore already 
on hand and more coming in under contracts made in January last, in 
the. height of the boom. We have had difficulty all season in 
selling our product and accumulated quite a large stock of con- 
cantrates, which “aunve been putting in the form of briquettes 
and atoring. . 

This past Thursday we had quite an accident at our Brick- 
ing plant, owing to a driving rope catching, and we have decided to 
suspend ocerstions in that plant, also keeping the concentrates . 
in our stock_house until such time as the market conditiona grow 


The caves 1s on hand in cars unloaded, 186, barrels of 
pitch ahd 20 barrsis of ter, and iu our stock house 340 barrels of 

pitch ape, 38 barrals of ter. We, of course, can carry this until 

"we star’ up, whic: will probably not be until February or March, 

‘unless per condition of the iron trade changes materially before 


Sadie hating 

National Coal Tar Companys (ff. 

that time. 

From our understandiag cr the mutter, you have made ug 
& very low price on this material, and we, of course, would not 
think of offering it for sale in competition with you; at the same- 
time , we would like to dispose of it, provided we could get pack 
our mohey and aut be out more than $1.00 per ton on the freight. 
So if yau oun dispose. of this for us. we will greetly appreciate it, 
‘and the proceeds you can credit to our account . Of course, if you’ 
cannot do this, we will carry the material until next’ Spring. 

: We also beg to acknowledge the receipt 9f prices made. us 
of $9.00 per. ton f.0.b. Everett Mass, and $10.00 per ton,f.0.b. 
Jersey City, for both pitch and tar; these prices being given us 
last week: by ur, Esau. We have changed bills for all shipments 
rendered on this besis. 

s We greatly regret that we cannot continue réceiving 
supplies from zou, but from the experience we have had from your 
material , we believe we are safe in stating ‘that we will use 
very. consigerai.e quantities of it when we next start in opera- 
tion, as it is our inteniivn (ir the market wilh warrant it), 

run. our plant both night fd dey, using more then twice the a 


ties-you have already é1ippea us. as {. 

Trusting you will be able. to help us out with the material 

on hand, we are, Pha 

October 13th , 1900. 

Messrs. Pilling & trane, 
Girard Building, \ 
| Philadelphia,Pa. 
Dear™Sirs:- ae 
Confirming telephone message of yesterday , we pee 46 ‘state 
that we have decided to shut down the Bricker plant, as there seems 
to bed nothing in the present .ore situation to warrant the con- 
tinuance of operations. We have on hand. about 650 tons of briqu- 
ettes that will go below .040 and about 1500 tons that will run 
between .040 and .050, which we will be glad to bave you sell from 
‘Gina ta time . We have quite a, stook of concentrates on hand in 

Ants ON 

stock house ‘and would ‘not tare to make any arrangements to start 
the* Bricker plant in operation agein until we are ready to resume 
operations in the entire plant. . 

We greatly regret that the market was in such a condition 
that. you were unable bo Tiaes our product and after a careful analy- - 
sia ‘of the troubles we heave had during the run from May first up to 
the present time , we lool pervectiy safe, in stating that when we 
start sup the next wiine, yru mar look for continuous operations ; 
probably poth dey and night, aa the ‘things which have developed and 

caused loss in output and time, have all been small and can be 

easily remedied, which we will. do while we shut down. 

Yours very truly, 

4 vc PR Y, 

7 October 13th, 1900. 
Mr. W. S. Mallory, . 

Vice Pres .-Orange Node: 


fear Sir: 

We herewith enclose Fress copy of letter from Bethlehem 
Steel. Company, in which they complain about the phosphorus in 
briquettes, and ask for a reduction in the Sre0e We find in look- 
ing over your statement of analysis, that you shipped on the 22nd., 
24th and 25th. of September, but that you give no analysis. for 
phosphorus until the shipments of the 26th. We do not know whether 
this indicates thet the shipments prior to the 26th. were high in 
phosphorus, or whether they were not analyzed; in any event, the 
" BothLebem Company seems to have caught on to them very promphiy: 
They do not state whether the shipments commencing on the 26th. 
are satisfactory oe not. We have written them assuming that they” 
BY Ge 

We should prefer McCreath cr Booth,Garrett & Blair to 
‘Porter W. Shimer, aiwply vecause we do not know ‘the latter chemist so 

Yous very truly, 

(Signed) Pilling & Grane. 

(Enclosure. ) 

Se. Bethlehem »Pa. Oot. 12th, 1900, 
Messrzx. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Bujiding, 
| ‘Patladelphia ,Pe. 
Gentlemen: - 
With reference i ‘ue Edison Briquettes which we are 
_ receiving from you, beg to advise you that according to our Labor- 
atory reports, cars Nos. 1266 end 3866). averaged -045 in phosphorus 
and cars Nos. 38063, 2586, 38592, 38611, 37676, 487, 4735 and 37320 

averaged -043 in Phosphorus. Some later shipments we found to 

average -94Q in Phosphorua. 

It was the agreement when we purchased this. ore, that you 

would abiu ore running about -O36 in Phosphorus , and that in any 

event, 1% should not excsed the high Limit of .040. 
We still hove samles of the lots-above referred to, and if 
here As any question in your mind as to the correctness of our 
analyses, “2 will be glad to submit them to an independent Chemist, 
ter W. Sulmer °° Easton, to make the determination. 
advise iv wins concession in price we may expect as 
relarred toe . ea 
Yours ‘eruly, 
(Signed) Wm. M. Tobias, 
B.A. Bethlehem Bteel Go. 

October 15th,1900. 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Building, 
Dear Sirs:- 
We are in receipt of yours of the 13th inst. relative to 
' phosphorus in briquettes shipped to Bethlehem, which we have fully 
noted. We do not understand these results, as every car has been 
eagegedsane nothing shipped Beth?.ehem which was not below .040. 
We will take this auestion up immediately with our Mill 
people and advise you further. 
Yours very truly, 

October 15th,1900. 

Er. Emil Herter’, 
Dear Sir:- 

Please send to Robert H, Richards, Massachusetts Institute 

of Technology, Boston,Mass., a blue~print of one of our Dryers 

showing the general arrangement. It does not cut any figure which 

one you send. 

Yours very truly, 

We will let the 

October 17th,1900, 

Yours very truly, 

Newark,N. J. 


Yours of the 16th inst. fully noted. 

matter rest until ve hear Trom you further. 

Mr. Arthur L. Richards, 

Dear Sir 

October 17%h,1900. 

Mr. Orville Benson, 
Post Office Box #2, 
Oswego, 3. Y¥. 

Dear Sir:- 

Replying to yours of the 15th inst., beg to state, first: 
Tt is agreeable to us that your title should be "Manager" instead of 
"Superintendent" and second: It will be agreeable to us to dine you 
a free hand in the employment of assistants and general conduct of 
affairs at Edison, subject to consultation with us. The writer 
expects to spend the first week of November at Edison with you, 80 
to help in every way possible to place you squarely on your feet at 
the start; and as stated in previous letter, poth ir. Edison and 
the writer are at your service at any time to give you any desired 

help or advice, based on our past experience. 

I would suggest thet you come to Orange, say on Tuesday 

the 30th, so that we may go to Edison on Wednesday the 3ist. and 
have Mr. Gay turn over things to you at that time. 

Yours very truly, 

October 17th,1900. 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 

Girard Building, 


Dear Sirs:- 

I am in receipt of yours of the 16th inst. enclosing two 
notes at four months each of $2,500. to be taken care of by ship- 
ments of briquettes. Please accept thanks for thes: notes. We 
believe you will be able to male sales so to bake care of the pay~ 
ment of these notes when they become due. 

Thanking you for the accommodation und for past favors, 
we are 

Yours very truly, 

DS A. 

isos. Pllling & Crane, 

October 17t+h,1900, 

Girard Building, 
, Philadelphia ,Pa. 
Dear Sirs:- 

The writer was at the Bank to-day setting discounted the 
two notes which you mailed us yesterday. The bank is fary cueiOuS 
for us to settle up the Baird note of $10,000 which was due on 
September 28th, and Yor which Baird sent us two renewal notes of 
$8,000 and $2,000 each. They have been holding this matter open at 
our request, awaiting results of the Miller negotiations. We 
would appradiatecse very much if you would take this matter up. 
vigorously with lir. Miller and-have him come to some wettienese: ”” 
At the sametime we are very anxious the deal should go through, as 
It would cause us considerable inconvenience to have to take up the 
Baird paper, waich we would be compelled to do. in case the Miller 
deal falls turough, as the ovank has refused to renew the Baird Hote. 

we feel thet Baird himself is largely to blame for this state of - 

atfairs, ag if he had given us proper notice, the renewal could 

Ere bee made without any question, but owing to the fact that 
he st the note go twice until practically three o'clock the day it 
was due, iwukes the bank very suspicious of his paper. 

. If the writer can relp the matter any by coming to 

Philadelphia, please either telegraph or telephone and I will come 

selp us ia the matter and 


tours very truly, 

The bank has requested us to have the matter 

Trusting you will be able to 


that the Miller deal will faze) through, we are 


over immediately. 


tessrs. Tilling & Crane #2. 


October 20th,1900. 

Messru. Palling ¢: Crane , 
- Girard Building, 
Dear Sirs:- | 
We are in receipt to-day of a letter from Miller enclosing 
check for $3,000. also an order signed by Baird authorizing willer 

to make the payment and for us to return the notes. I have tele- 

phoned Spofford, but learn he is out of town and will not return until 

Monday ‘or Tuesday. Iwill take the matter up immediately upon his 
return and answer. Miller's detter definitely. 

Miller asks that we telegraph to-day, which we have done, 
notifying him that Mr. Fdison is out of tovm but will return on 
Monday, and the letter would then be put before him for attention. 

If the Spofford deal goes through, which the writer hopes, Io will 
‘probably come over to Philadelphia on Tuesday , as it will 7» necessary 
‘for me to get new notes from Baird for $5,000. before Iwi be ale 
to withdraw the notes now in bank that are discounted. 

I will communicate with you further oy Monday regarding 

“lids subject. 

Yours very truly, 


to buy the Talbot pattern 

pared at 


October 22nd ,1900, 

r. Edison has been awaiting his re- 

Yours very truly, 


Your letter to 2 

Girard Buildin 




can tell better after the test has been made. 

present to state whether we will reauire 



_ or not, but he is under the impression we will not need it. 

Seis OR tnt ape N NE EE 

SOS ee 


AAS rer a 

/ L October 22nd 1900. 

Hessrs. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Building, 
Dear Sirs: - 
We are in receipt of yours of the 19th nei relative to 
conversation you hea with Purerasing Asent ofthe Bethlehem Company. 

Mr. Edison Says ue believes you will be able to sell the few briqu- 

ettes we have on hand, 2 

ry at Least seven cents per unit, and if not 
at present, certninly after the Election. - 

Regarding the clai:: that 200 tong of the briquettes went 

‘above .040. in phosphorus, we wish you would send the samples you have 

from Bethlehem to Booth,Garrett & Blair ana have the phosphorus 

determined, as our people claim nothing was shipped that would go 
above .040. , 

Yours very truly, 

October 4th, 1900. 

General Freight “Aves, 
Central. Railroad of New Jersey, 
143 Liberty Street, 
New York City. 
Dear Sir:+ 
On or about Septeniber 15th, we made a shipment to the 
Edison Ore Milling Syndicate,London,Enriand, of one barrel and two 

kegs: of ore. We enclosed to these parties the original shipping 

receipt issued by the Agent of the Centrel Railroad of New Jersey, 

Lake Hopatcong Station ,N.d. 

We are now in receipt of a letter from said Syndicate 

asking that we furnish them with a pill of lading over the American 
Line to Southampton, to which point the goods were shipped. 
WELL you kindly instruct the bearer or give him a line to the proper 
party from whom said bill of lading may be obtained, on the duplicate 
memorandum herewith enclosed,:-as the original is in London, England; 
hence we cannot furnish same. , 

Thanking you in advance for your kindness, we are 

Yours truly, 

ober 24th,1900. 

Messrs. Davis 

Dear Sirs:- 

We send you to-day by express, charges prepaid, from our 
Works at Edison,N.J., 2 ‘sample cf Solvay soda ash which we have on 
hand and would like to sell, and if you aré interested, would be 
glad to have you make us an offer for it. We have on hand 88 bags, 

each bag containing about 380 pounds. 

We purchased -this soda to use in our iron ore binding 

material, but having recently changed the binding material, we have 
no further use for the soda. If you wish it, we can send you a 
larger sample. 

Yours very truly, 

October 30th,1900. 

Col. John H. Wood, 
169 Broadway, 

New York City. 

Dear Sirt- 

Replying to yours of the 26th inst., which I find on my 
return, beg to stete, we have suspended operations at Edison, being 
unable ta sell the ore we had on hend, vhich we are shipping from 
day to day 238 fast as we receive orders. We have about one 
hundred mad employed, and while Mill operations are suspended, we 
will make some changes, and 1% will denena largely upon the con- 
dition of the iron ore market when we will be able to resume opera- 
tions. We hope the coming Election will clear up the situation 
to a large extent, although we are aware that there are very large 
stocks of iron ore alréady at the Eastern Turnaces, and it will ‘pe 
necessary to use these up before there will te very much market 
‘for our product. 

Yours very truly, 

November 6th,1900. 

Mr. Orville Benson ,Manager, 
Dear Sir:- 
Mr, Upton, our selling Agent for sand complains about the 
delay in the filling of his orders. As stated to you, this is the 
one source of income we have at this time, and we would like to 

have vyvou follow the orders up and see they are filled promptly. 

We have several orders from the Central Railroad of New Jersey, 

on which we are allowed to ship coarse sand from the outside of the 
pile, and for which we receive five cents per ton extra. The se 
orders have been neglected, as we have those dated back October 
ist. and 6th, which are unfilled and there is an order dated October: 
.18th for 5CO tons, which is only partially filled. The delay 

in the shipment of these orders seems to be due to the fact that 
other work is done with the carts and the sand neglected. I 

think it would be well to arrange the teams so thet a portion of 
them can work on the sand regularly and the others used for the 
general work. 

Please give this matter your personal attention. 

Yours very truly, 


D.S.-- We have quite a number of complaints of late fron our ‘sand 

lir.. Orville Benson #2. 

customers that the Ndison office does. not send them postal cards 

of notification covering shipments made. Please take this matter 

up and see it is done in all cases in the future. This-is very 

important, as it.saves lots of annoyance both to the customers and 

ourselves when it is promptiy carried out. 

Yours truly, 

November 8th,1900,. 
Messrs 2 Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Building, 

‘Dear Sirs :- 

Immediately after talking with your Mri Pilling, I tele- 
graphed the Merchants. National Bank, as follows: "What is your 
decision about Phonograph bonds? I Leave Saturday. for three weales. 

"trip; matters should be settled before I go." 

I am just in’ receipt of their reply as follows: "Legal 

"complications prevent action. " 

If there is anything further you wish me to do in the 
etter: please advise by wire or tphone. to-morrow. I will be 
in New York to-morrow morning , put here to-morrow ‘afternoon late. 
Also expect to be here Saturday morning for. a short time. 

Yours very truly, 

PE Le Lies teat S 


Hr. W. Seunders, Vice President, 
Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Company , 
Havemeyer Building, 
Mew Yort City. 

Dear Sir:- 

Your favor of the 9th inst. with stated enclosure, at hand. 
In reply, I think yor sould not give them all motors for traction 

except street cars. f[ an working on applying it to a truck. Can't 

you confine it to mining or {21 some way narrow it down to the actual 

thing they want it for now and thus not tie us up, in case I should 
succeed with trucks, etc. 

‘sours very truly, 

bie ease 


SSE LE eee 

November 15th,1900. 

Dear Mr. Mallory:- 

Your letter of the 12th inst. received this morning. 
Yesterday, Mr. Edison sent up the following message to be telephoned 
to Ur. Benson: "Benson--The New Jersey Zinc Gonpeny wants Amasa 
"Search to come down to Franklin Tuesday, ks help put 3 hirh rolls 
"together, - Mr. Mallory promised them that Search could come. 
"Edison." _ 
- I immediately telephoned this message to Mr. Benson 
and he promised to send lir. Search to Franklin this morning.. Upon 
receipt of your letter this mennenes I called Mr. Benson up and read 
that portion of your letter, referring to instructions to be given 
Mr. Search, and he said that he would take the matter in hand insed- 
diately, and I have confirmed said quotation from your letter by 
writing to Mr. Benson this day. 

Everything is going on smoothly here. In conver- 
sation over the ‘phone this morning with Hr. Pilling, he informed 
the writer that the meeting would not be held until the 22nd inst., 

as the time was sco short between the’ last meeting and the 15th inst., 

so thought it best to make it on the 22nd. I so informed Mr. 

Edison, who hail made arrangements to go to Philadelphia on Thursday, 
and he said next week would suit him as well. To-morrow ,Mr. 
Edison is to attend the funeral of Mr. Henry Villard. 

I am glad to learn you have decided to take in 01d 

Mr. W. oS. Mallory. 

Point Comfort on your trip, as it is a very restful place, ‘and un 
doubtedly it will be of great benefit to your wife and yourself. . 

Yesterday I forwarded a letter received from Chics, 
I think. from your Father, to your address. at Baltimore; doubtless 
they will forward it to you at Old Point Comfort. 

Yours very truly, 

’ Mr. W. 5. Mallory, 
Hygéia Hotel, 

Old Point Comfort ,Va. 

November .14th,1900. 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Building, 
Gentlemen: - 
We are in receipt of your favor of the 15th inst. 
enclosing order of about 1,000 ae Edison briquettes to be shipped’ 
to Allentown. We wave telephoned this order to our Works at 

Edison, and have asked them for a statement of the quantity of 

priquettes they have on hand. Immediately upon receipt of this 

- statement from our Works, we will advise you, but we fear we will 

not have 1,000 tons of the non-Bessemer briquettes. 

* Yours truly, 

November 15%i,1900. 

Mr. W. &. wsailory, 
Hygeia Hotel, 
Old Point Comtort, 

Dear Sir:- 

Enclosed please find notice received from the Orange Post 
Office. We called the Post Master up on the 'phone, but he vould 
.not tell whom this letter or package came from, but assured us it 
was not from either one of our Company Offices. If you wish, you 

can give them instructions by telegraph, how to dispose of same, or remain until your return here. 

Everything is going on smoothly at the office and our 
Works. Yesterday we received an order from Pilling &% Crane for 
1,000 tons of non-Bessemer briquettes to be shipped to Allentown, 
but we have a report from Edison that they have only about 550 - 
tons of noi-Sesseme: briquettes on liand and 450 tons Bessemer. 
Messre. tiliins: & Crane thought they would be able to send 
order for Bessemer briguettes within a few days. 

Trusting that Mrs. Mallory and yourself and enjoying 

your trip and gaining needed rest.from same, I am 

Yours very truly, 

(ENC. ) 

November 17tn,1900. 

Dear Sir:- 

We have had no labor report from Edison since the 12th 

inst. Will you not kindly send same daily, as Mr. Edison looks 

for this report each and every day. ‘Neither have we had the 

corrected list of accounts from you, which you promised some days 


Yours truly, 

November 19th,1900. 

Mr. Orville Benson ,Manager, 
, . Rdison, 
Dear Sir:- 

Our attention has been called to the fact that several 
representatives of Insuranc?* Companies have recently visited our 
Works at Edison and we vould suggest that you show these ganuuaien 
‘every courtesy, even to giving them lunch, etc., but do not allow 
them to go through the Works without. someone accompanying then. 
“it is needless to say that it would not be wise to. say just when 
you expect the Works to commence operation again, but rather that 
same would be governed by orders which we may receive for our pro- 

duct. Should they persist in having’ definite information as to 

when the plant will start up again, you might refer them to this” 

office. In other words, we do not want to specify any partiouler 
date or approximate date when the Works will start; ‘but simply that 
we are shut down for want of orders for our output , and in the 
meantime are making slight changes in the machinery, etc., and that 
we are liable to start up almost any time. 

Yours truly, 

November 22nd,19°9. 

‘Orville. Benson Manager , 

Dear Sir:- 

Our Cement Works 2t Stewartsville are using considerable 
pipe, fittings, bolts, etc. and at the present time, are using 
quite some second hand jpipe, and as we have a seperate stock at 
Haieer, wa would request that you kindly .send to Mr. F. R. Upton, 
Shewnrteyn? 12M... also this office, a list of the second hand pipe 
which you wy haw on hand, giving approximate number of feet of 
the divferent sizes; and in case they should telegraph or telephone 
‘you, an erder for pipe to be sbipred at once, you have our authority 
for maliag the shipuaant, bub oe vould request that you send us 
prov, t notice of *:4 shivcment rade by you on their requisition, so 

that we may see chet co formal order is ser you from this office to 


ourg truly, 

November 23rd,1900. 

Mr. Orville Benson )Menager ‘i 


Dear Sir:- 

We -herewith return ve 5 daily memorandum for work done 
at Edison November 20th. You show 79 men, work 795 hours. WALL 
you kindly; hereafter tien making these reports , show @ recapitu- 
‘lation on sams ‘as outlined by us ‘ek the ‘ower right side of report. 
This gives the total number of hours eiarenbrs to the different de- 
partments , and the total of these sub- divisions should agree with 
the total as ‘per your sheet. 

Ve also. enclose | you sever al reparts “ypon, whi ch, we note : 
errors: of the’: total’ ember ‘of nour aud we 
either make corrected reports. ‘or’ Sines these aboordingly: 

We also enclose your daily report of labor for the 14th 
and i5tk inet. On the former, you say 799 hours, whereas we make it 
784 hours. On the latter report foul say 765. hours; we make it 768 

hours. Will you kindly note. these corrections and return reports: 

to us with your remarks. - 

Yours ‘truly, 

(Bnes .) 


Decémber 5th,1900. 

car TT 

Yours very truly, 

see you in the near future dnd can then 


will, no doubt 



regret to learn that you have decided to resign, but under the cir- 

cumstances, think it is the thing to do, as when the Works start up 
again, not being thoroughly prepared for the work in question, it. 

Ur. Thomas Allen, 
would cause us a great deal of trouble. 
go into the matter in detail. 

’ Deer 


December 5th,1900. 
This heing an Important. 

He states that he has given 
and we would like to know whom 

Yours very truly, 



Le | 

Orville Bengon,Manager, 

Thomas Allen dated November “sth. 
you a letter of resignation 
you have decided to put in his place. 

place, it is necessary to take great care in the spilection of a 

“proper and straight forward man. 

if 1B ELA elacenbae tone 

December 5th,1900. 

Messrs. Pilidng & Crane, 
Girard Building, 
Dear .Sirg:r 
Mr. Edison tells the writer that you have some corre- 
spondence relative to proposition made by the BE. kK, Porter Company: 
and Mr. Cooke of the Compressed Air Company, and he wishes meto .. 

get the papers all together, 80 to bring the matter in shape to-teks 

up. W ‘lL you kindly, ‘therefore, forward mepvever papers you 
have BO ay “may fully prepare: them for him. 
We would like to know the outcome of the ‘bond sele. We 
telegraphed Mr. Baird last night, as suggested by your Mr. Pilling.. 
The writer finds considerable. work preseue: him and will 
not get well into matters for neveral days. 

Yours very truly, 

Devember 6th,1900, 

Méasrg. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Building, 
Dear Sirs:- | 

We are in reeeipt of yours of the 5th inst. and. zote 

that you bought the Baird. securities at Public Sale for $41, 000, 

and have made arrangements with Miller & Company Fe which they vould 
be held for joint acrount. 
| We are very glad to learn that you have obtained the 

seour ities, ‘at, so low a prise and have every confidence that this 
wilh work you out vwithoud: any ‘less on the transaction. 

We beg herewith to enclose letter ‘about, the Phonograph 
Works and its earnings , addressed to BE. C. Milter & Company , ag 
_ requested, We will alish make inquiry mong our friends as to 
selling some of - the ‘bonds .and would be glad ir you would put a price 
en them. Mr . Edison says that he thinks they are gilt edge in . 
every partiotiler ‘and he would not advise you to dell theh at a low 
prite. | 

In view of the ahaye outcome, the writer ts very glad that a . 
the Bank turned ‘down the offer’ er 76, and if at any time: either ifr. 
Edison or Tt can bé. of service tin this matter , do ‘ngt hesitate to 

yery truly, 

for your being in the present Situation, end sincerely hope that: 


Pilling & Crane #2. 
you witl be clean up without loss. 



When you come down on Monday, Mr. Edison desires you to 

December 6th,1900, 


anges to be made; also a list of the men 

Yours. very truly ; 

now employed, a8 there are Bome matters we desire to go over with . 



. B 


nw a , ss ad 

hos Fe 

® fo} at a i 
® x oa A, 

g FA & 3 

+ tS) 

PY 7 2 

: mae 

8 gee 


a By ee 

«i & g P 

. +) 

f a 2 

3 a) 8 

: : Ge g 

= a 8 Py 

‘December 7th,1900. 
Mr. Orville Benson, Manager, 

Dear Sir:- 

Yours of the 6th inst. relative to work at Franti, 

fully noted. I have arranged with the New Jersey Zinc Company to 

take out the 3 High Rolis they now heve and replace them with 
two pairs of our 36" regular rolls. The 3 High, Rolls make too 
many fines, and even with the changes made, we have suggested Wat 
would not be entirely satisfactory for their work , Owing to the 
fect thet their ore crushes 80 very much easier than the-Edison ore, 
anid owing to the weight of the rolla, it seems to be impracticabid 
to get the coarse crushing they desire. So it will not be necess- 
ary to send Search to Franklin again until further advised. 

Yours very truly, 

meer eS tea 

December 10th,1900, 

Mr. -Orvilie: Benson, Manager, 
Dear Sir:- = : 

We have decided to Suspend operations at Haicon, and you 
wALT. ‘Please make your arrangements to close down the work, with the 
following exceptions, on Saturday, December’ 16th. Please notify 
ug. at the earliest possible moment the total amount of the December 
pay roli to December i5th, so.we may provide the necessary money, 
and we wid pay off as poon after one 15th, as pay roll can be com- 

¥You will lay off every one employed, with the following 

exceptions: » Y 

B.S. Opdyke, who is to remain and have chérge of ali 

supplies , shipments of sand, etc. 

Bateman, you may retain to help in the work of getting out 
catalogue of the pulleys, bearings, etc. 

Wootcox is to be retained for day Watchman. 

Nostrand is té be retained util the horses have been sold. 

Amat Search, you can send to Orange at once, 

Ur. Lewis, you can send to Orange and we will make 
arrangements to have him go to Stewartsville. 

Morris Jayne, we would suggest be retained did pyt ie 

Mr. Orville Benson #8. 

oharge of the plant when you are away. You should also arrange to 
give him a couple of men and have them put all the engines, pumps 
and machinery throughout in thorough condition for an all Winter 
shut-down, greasing and oiling all the parts that may rust, with 
residuun. , 

electrical work. 

Higgins, send to Orange end we will keep him busy for 
awhile and later send him to. Stewartsville. , 

Burns, send to Orange and we will give him temporary -work 
until he is able to get something better, and, should we have any 
opening in the near future, we will be very glad to give him the 
-firet chance at it. aac. 

' Odell, send to Orange. 
| Wean, you may retain until the goods ars received in 
storercom and properly put away. 

Of course, it will be necessary to keep two night Waboh- . 
men and two Firemen and the ‘reservoir full of water. 'I would 
suggest that you arrange to run one of the B. & W. Boilers instead 
of the Climax; as being so much nearer the fire pump, there. will be 
legs loss in condensation and less trouble from freézing, anid 
Boiler being small, will take less coal. 

23S - Beg aeeeo ey RIC BAG : “ARSE 

Sam Moore, you may send to the Laboratory for general and 

Yours very truly, 


Mr. 0. Benson #3. 

| } f December 15th,19d0. 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Building, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
Dear Sirs:- 

We beg herewith to hand you copy of the proposed license 

agreement from the Edison~Saunders Compressed Air Company to the ‘ 
H. K. Porter Company. Please show it to Mr. Shelmerdine and look 
it over yourselves, and if you have any suggestions to make, 
kindly let us have them at your convenience. 

We have also sent a copy of this agreement to Mr. Saunddrs 
with the same request as of yourselves. If the agreement is 
satisfactory to ur. Shelmerdine , ur. Saunders and yourselves, we 
will then forward it to the Porter Company. 

Your's very truly, 



Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Building, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dear: Sirs:- 

I am in receipt of yours of ‘the 14th inst. and note that 

you are willing to sell some of the Phonograph bonds at 92 and 
accrued interest. I have 08 as yet heard from Perry, although I 
wrote him the same day aa I did you. le I ‘do not hear. something 
by Monday, I will take the matter up with him again. 

Yours very truly, 

December 17th,1900. 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Building, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
Dear Sirs:- 
. Replying to yours of the 15th jmst. relative to the 
shipment of 158 lbs. of concentrates to the International Graphite 

Company, beg to state there is to be no charge for this; same 

having been sent them for experimental work. 

Yours very truly, 

or | 
December 17th,1900. 

The Ingersoll- Sergeant Drill Company, 
Havemeyer Building, 
New York City. 
Dear Sirs: 


We have suspended operations at our plant at Edison,N,J. 

until next Spring or possibly later, and we have the following 
consigned stock on hand which we will return if you desire us to 

do so. If not, of course, we will retain it until the Works are 
again in operation. It 48 our expectation now to resume con- 
gtruation work in the Spring, but as Ur. Bdison has in mind some very 
extensive changes ,it will be quite atime later beffore the Works are 
put in operation. 

Yours very truly, 

(EncXosure ) 

en a OA AE SEI er te ERIE 
snare mae 

December 18th,1900. 

My dear Col. Reiff:- 

Yours of the 17th inst. enclosing letter from Dr. 
Alexander, fully noted and we appreciate his action and your help 
in the matter, and will send a check and new note when the other 
one comes due. 

Mr. Edison says he will be delighted to have Dr. 

Alexander and his son visit him at the Laboratory, and if you will 

telephone out advising what day and hour you wil arrive, we will 
then let you know whether Mr. Faison has any. other engagements for 
“that pertioular time. 

I peg herewith to return Dr. Alexander's letter. 

Yours very truly, 

Col. J. C. Reiff, 
‘20 Broad Street, 
New York City. 

December 2ist ,1900. 

Mr. W.~S. de Camp, 
35 Mt. Morris Park, West, 
New York City. 
Dear Sir:- 

‘Replying to yours of the. 17th inst. to Mr, Edison, beg 
to state that the Works at Edison were in operation from May until 
October, but owing to the very large stocky of iron ore at the 
Eastern Furnaces, we were unable to sell our, output ;, 80. closed down 
in October, having waite a large stock on hand. 

The operations were quite satisfactory, axeett.frém Bome 
of the machinery and shafting which rested on Wold; ahd we found 1t 
almost impossible to keep it in line, causing us & great deal of 
trouble. The Works-will be closed this Winter, and it ig Mr. 
Rdison's intertion néxt. Spring to rebuild portions of the plant 
with steel ard masonry. 

At the Cement Works, the buildings are just being erected, 
and We ‘hope to We dn operatioh sometime ‘hoxt Spring. 

Mr. Edison joins the writer in axtendiie to you. fhe com 
piiments of the sengon. 
Yours ery truly, 

Y ( December 28th,1900. 
dir. Orville Benson, Manager, 

Dear Sir:- 

Owing to.a matter which came up here unexpectedly, I was 

unablé to go to Edison. to-day, and will have to defér my visit wnti2 
sometime néxt weak, 

Mr. Raniiolph sent you yesterday, formal order Por one 
hundred tons of sorap iron. You may filL ttits with the elevator 
buckets from elevators one, two, three, foun} five. and Six; the 
elevator wheels and the scrap on dock near Biter plant. 

Do not, however , Borap the levator clamps. oy odd cups, as we will 
need them all for future work, ‘The ping int the elevator ‘buckets 
should be broken out and put one side by theniset ress and you will 
then make up. a2 car load of steel scrap. Do not ‘preak up any of 
the buckets that were on conveyors three, four ana ive, or those 
that are now on Scraper convéyors , -as we will need all these buckéts 
in our future work. 

Pléasé take & lot of the conveyor Wheels that Are broken 
4n the huhs and brdalt them through the rims, nd abe ad they hich 
any chill. If not, we vould pilt the broken ofes in with ‘nay? roe 
of machine scrap. However, if they show any chill, at woud not te: 

fate as it. mght sondem the whole Lot. 
Yqute.weny truly, 

Mr. Orville. Benson, Man ger, 
. Edison, 

‘Dear Sirs. 

We wii probably sénd Morrig Jayne: fn. the near future “to 
Stéwbrtaville, to becomé inside Inspector of the Maohine itn, ize 
Work is getting go aéxtanvive that oné max can hardly ever “tite 
ground. Mr. Edison suggests that you arrange with Anzi Seaten 
to take Morris Jayne '-s -place @8 soon @s he goes... 

“Beare s rate was thirty ents per hour, end-we-are willing 
fo start him at tne ‘same rate; he, of course, to be in Pula dharge 
whet you are away ana subject to your directions. 

This confirming telephone message. 

‘Yours very: truly, 

January 9th, 1901. 

My dear Judgé i= 

At Edison we have quite a number of "Squetters'r 
oh ‘the property, who have built their little Shanties, -some of ther 

haying oocupted them for several years. Please advise whether if . 

i9 necessary for us to take any action regarding this matter AO 

keep our title to the Real Estate clear; other than this, we do net 

Your s very truly, 

Alexander Elliott, dr., 
‘Edison Laboratory, 
Orange ,N.J. 

January 9th,1901. 

Mr. Orville Benson, Manager, 

Dear Sir:- 

On my return here this morning, I delivered to Mr. Edison 

the bundle of steel wool, and much te his disgust and my~ amazeménit:, 
it proved to be hair. Mr. Raison is very much annoyed, as he was’ 
‘an urgent need of the steel wool for an experiment. I wish you’ 
would take the matter up with’Wean and see that a box of the steal, 
woil is sent inmediately by. express. Please have Wean show the 
material to you pefore it is shipped. It Louks like~ coarsp, . 
hair, but is made of steel. . 

; Yours truly, 


Mr. W. LL, Saunders, V. Poy 

Ingersoli-Sergeant Drill Co., 

. Havemeyer Building, 

New York City. 
Dear Sir:- 

Mr. Edison has decided to practically rebuild the plant 
at Edison,N.J., taking two or three years in which to do it. We 
have decided, among other things, to change our Radlroad from 
narrow to broad gauge, and locate our ‘power and compressor -house 
at a different place from where it now is. This will involve 
moving the compressor which we purchased from you in December, 1898. 
It is class "A", 24" x 26" x 30", and if we could sél]l it ata 
price anywhere near what we paid for it, we would be glad ta det it 

go and then buy a compound compressor just before our Works start 

in operation again. 
We, however, do not care enough to sell it to make any 
. great sacrifice, although we prefer'a compound machine when we aré in 
operation again. Anything that you can do for us towards selling 
it would be greatly appretiated by . 
Yours very truly," 

January 15th,1901. 

Mr. H. K. Livor, 
c/o George Place, 
Equitabie Building, 
New York City. 
Dear Sir:- 
Yours I find on my return here, and I regret that I was 
not in Orange on Saturday to. see you. We have decided to change 

our railroad from narrow-to broad gauge, and so have three Locos 

motives which are for sale, elso the cars. We have also decided 

to drive the new plant entirely by Motors, and will have several . 
engines for sale a littie later on. “We are having a List nadé of 
these which will ‘be available in the course of two or three weeks, 
wé hope. 

Mr. Edison has decided to practically rebuild the entire 
plant of stone and steel, so that there is: quite considerable of 
the present machinery we will not-need in the new construction; 
and as stated above, we will list all this as soon -as we can get to 

Yours very tralyy, 

Mr. Henry 8B, Kumnel , 

-Aspat, State Geologist, 

Trenton, N. ; a 
Sesavine to yop. of the ta Anst. to ‘ge, Edison, we = 
to state that during ag00 this Company mined afa separated 75,206 
” tons of crude material. Of the above, about. fo 00 tons were 
shipped in the form of briquettes; 30 ,000- in the. storm. of sand, and 
‘the balance, consisting of concentrates and’ sang, as on hand at 

Yours very truly, 

Jenpary 25rd,1902. 

My dear Gol. Reirr;- 

Yours of the 16th ‘inst. to Mr. Edigon wes re- 
celved some days aince., and Mr. Bai son shy if you wiil ‘com over 
to the Laboratory 30 he gan talk the matter over with you, he hat 
no doudt but what an arrangement can pe made 

the sereen you desire, 

so that: yotr din. hheve- 

“Mr. Had gdh expects to be here every day. 
this week except Saturday. 

Yours very. truly, 

Col, ds <. Reirr, 
20 Broga Stree, 
New York, City, 

Letterbook, LM-242 

This letterbook covers the period January-July 1901. Most of the 
correspondence is by Walter S. Mallory, vice-president of the company, and 
John F. Randolph, treasurer. The letters deal mainly with company financial 
obligations and the disposition of surplus stores and property from the Ogden 
works. Some of the items relate to the projected rebuilding of the works and 
insurance problems arising from the suspension of operations. Other 
documents pertain to an experimental reheater of compressed air developed 
in conjunction with the Ingersoll Sergeant Drill Co. There is also 
correspondence about ore material selected for exhibit at the Buffalo 
Exposition, a gold ore separating project at the Ortiz mine in New Mexico, and 
work for the New Jersey Zinc Co. A portion of the company letterhead is 
affixed to the front cover and is inscribed "From Jan 28-1901 to July 26-1901." 
The book contains 1006 numbered pages and an index. Less than 10 percent 
of the book has been filmed. 

ae ee ee LALA 

January 29th,1901. 

lr. W. BE. Saunders, Manager, 

United States Carbon Company, 
Cleveland, Onio. 

Dear Sir:~ , 2 

Replying to yours of the 24th inst., we beg to state that 
our Mr. Herter is away this week, and we will have him send you a 
sketch of the conveyor to go with the top of the Mixer as soon as 
he returns. Mr. Edison suggests, however, that a better arrangement 
for your material would be a spiral conveyor running through a 
trougn having perforators at the bottom of it. This is what we will 
Largely use in our new Cement plant. We, however, cannot use it 

in the Iron ore, as the magnetite wears out the blades. of the con- 


veyors very rapidly. This would probably not be so with your 

Yours very truly,” 

February 1st,i901. 

Mr. W. E. Gilmore, General Manager, 
Or ange, 

Ne. od. 

Dear Sir:- 

We beg herewith to hand you a list of the material in our 
storeroom at Edison. Mr. Ndison requests that you will instruct 
your people that when they can possibly use any of these goods, they 
send the orders to us at the Laboratory. ‘We will immediately 
telephone and learn whether the goods are still in stock, and if so, 
will bill them to you at current prices. If not, we will advise 
you promptiy. 

Nearly all the goods shown on this list are new and are 
in good condition. The first of each month our Edison office will 
forward you a duplicate of this list corrected up to date, with the 
request that you eatuen autecemeaent list, that it may also be made 

say to date. This exchange will take place the first of each month. 

if you desire more than one copy of the list, we will be glad to 

send them to you. 

Yours very truly, 

February 7th,1901. 

Mr. C. EH. Young,Manager, 
Standard O11 Company, 
Newark ,N.J. 
Dear Sir:- 

Replying to yours of the 6th inst., we beg to state that 
the writer would be be glad to see your Mr. Bond any time most. 
convenient for him. He can always learn whether I will be here 
by telephoning. The chances are, however, 1t will not be necessary 

to make contract this year for the New Jersey & Pennsylvania 

Concentrating Works , as we do not expect to resyme operations the 

coming Spring, as the gonstruction changes we have in view will 

prevent us from operating during this year. 

Yours very truly, 

February 15th,1901. 

The Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Co., 

Havemeyer Building, 

New York City. 

Dear Sirs:- 

Replying to yours of the 13th inst. regarding 8 and 8 
x 8 Class F Compressor #1123, 36 2-61 Alp Redeiver and Bo24 Drill 
#25 ,524 with tripod and one front head, beg to state that we are 
still using the Compressor and Air Receiver, and upon Mr. Edison's 
return from Florida, he hopes to take up the work of the reheater 
for Street cars. So, if we could have the Compressor for a 
longer time, we would appreciate. it. If you desire, we will have 
the Drill shipped to your Works at Easton, as we are not making any 
use of it at present. 

Yours very truly, 

February 15tn,1901. 

| Hy dear Col. Reiff: 

Mr. Edison requests that you send him s barrel of 
your ore just as 1t comes from the Mine, as he wants to try some 
experiments on it. Ship via freight to Orange ,N.J. 

Yours very truly, 

Col. J. C. Reiff, 
20 Broad Street, 
New York City. 

<i February 15th,1901, 

Dear Mr. Coleman:- 

On my return here to-day, I had quite & talk with 
Mr. Edison as to vour proposition of treating fine ore, and he says , 
while he believes the rotating ‘iin would be all right for driving 
off sulphur, he is afraid that when you try to clinker tne fine ore, 
you would have great trouble with the lining. - He also states that 
he hag some plans for a new bricking machine, which is very simple 
in construction and can be operated with-very little power and 
labor, and that he will try this coming Spring to have one pullt, 
ane wl'o, ye very glad then to take up the question of bricking 
your fine ore, an¢ thinks this is the much more feasible scheme 
than trying to clinker it. 

Thantiing you for the many curtesies of yesterday, 

and trusting that I may have the pleasure of a visit fram you ain 
the near future, I an, | 

Yours very truly, 

Dorson Coleman,Esq., 


Mr. John Brant , 
LYb Brocdways 
New York City. 
Dear Sir:- 

Replying to youre of the Sth inst. to Mr. Bdisou, we 
beg to state that during tne past year the Works of thts’ Company 
were in operation for about six months. It has now Leen decided to 
rebuild the Works, vringing them up to date, whic: will take at 
least two yvesare., 

During the past year we have nad men  rospecting in 
New Mexico and erected an experimental Mill ov the Ortiz Grant. 
The Mill was very successful, extracting $4,. of the gold, but after 
a thorough examinetion, it was found thet the ground was too poor 
to warrant the erection of a larser pleut, and we ‘are now negoti- 
ating with other people for dry plare-c deposits, and we expect toa 
do something in the neas future wisn them. 

The machine now, as stated above, is quite satisfactory, 

and there is simply @ question of finding the right ground to 

operate it on. 

Yours very truly, 

February 1$th,1901. 
Mr. Jaques:- 

Please make voucher Jn favor of the EB. P. Allis Company . 

for $7,000, first payment on Engine #2, and attach to the voucher 

the letters pinned to this slip. 

Yours very truly, 

February 19th,1901. 
Mr. Cal Preid:- 
The drill which was used on the re-heater experiment, 
ais to be snipned to the Ingersoll -Sergeant Driil Company. Please 
see that it is in good condition before we ship it. I suspect it 
may be rusted from having lain in the yard so long. As soon as it 
is all right, advise me and I will give “you shipping directions. 

Yours very truly, 

February 19%th,1901. 
My dear Jemdge:- 

The franklin Zine Compesny, incorporated under the 
laws of the State of New Jersey for two million dollars, shares $10. 
each, has entered into an arrangement with Mr. Edison, by which’ he 
agrees: to make & magnetic survey of the ground | owned by the Franklin 
Company in Sussex ‘County ,N. J., known ss the Munson Snoherky: Mr. 
Hdison also agrees to make a map of the magnetic survey and 
: indicate to the best of his ability the proper place and direction 
for putting down two diamond drill holes. Mr. Edison ia to build and 
furnish his own instrument at no eee to the Pranklin Company, dwt 
the expenses and salary of the expert employed py Er. Edison +o 
make the survey, is to be paid by the Yrenklin people. Hr. Waison, 
‘however, guaranteeing that the expenses of the expert to perform 
the above labor, will not exceed $150, | 

In case the results of the survey are such that both 
the Franklin Zinc Company and Mr. Edison think two holes should be 
pored, as indicated ‘by the survey, and if these diamond drill holes 
prove a working deposit of zine ore, then “r. Edison is to receive 
as componsation for his services, seventy-five pundred (7500) share 8 
of “10. each of the Common stock of the Franklin Zinc Company , full 
paid and non-assessable. ; . 

Will you please draw us an agreement covering the 

above. If there is any information you desire, kindly advise and q 

Judge Howard W. Hayes #2. 

will obtain it for you. Ur. Edison leaves for Florida the latter 

part of this week, and we. would like, if possible to get this 

agreement in shape before his departure. 


Yours very truly, 

Judge Howard V. Hayes, 
Prudential Building, 




The Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Company, 
Havemeyer Building, 

New Zork City. 

Dear Sirs:- 

We are in receipt of yours of the 16th inst. and note it 

will be agreeable to you that the Compressor and Receiver remain on 

‘. ge loan with us for a longer time; also that you desire the drill 

returned. We will nave this go forward to your Works at Easton 
in a day or two. 
Yours very truly, 

February 20th,1901. 

My dear Mr. Coats:~ 

When we suspended operations at our plant at Edison, 
N.J. last fall, we expected to resume work early this year, and 
expected to meke some changes durdinug our shut down, that would 
greatly strengthen the voundabione that carried some of the 
machinery, end also discard scarly all our balts, drives, 8rd sub- 
atitute muters:, Vhen we osme to make the estimates of the cost of 
the cnangesc, wo found toat to make them ag they should be, would 
cost a very considerable sum. ’ 

i would state that during the run last Summer, as we 
cot deeper in the rock deposita, we found the rock very much 
nerder to erush than any we had mined before, and conseguently it 

made the work and strains on cur machinery very much more severe 
and developed trouniers in places that ned not bothered us before; 
and, we believe as we get still deeper, the rock will continue to 
get harder La avGses so we were forced to the conclusion that we 
probably could not operate cotinuously and. successfully with any 

of our heavy machinery on wocd, if the rock got much harder to 

crush. As stated before, +22 changes we contemplated in putting 

our machinery, as far as .-ssible, on rock foundations, would cost 
‘2 considerable sum, and vt ‘rould still have an old plant patched 

up and liable to give sve trouble right along. We have decided to 
take the bull by the horns and rebuild certain parts of the plant, 


putting ali the heavy machinery on rock foundations, using steel 

buildings; strencthaning and introduclig certain improvements that 

have beon made on the same tyoe of mgehinery which we are putting 
in our new Cement plant, and drive by motors, etc, This will 
invelve a iarse further investment, which Mr. Edison ig willing to 
Tmke Under the folluwing conditions: 

Ve exgueet te have tne Cement plant in operation this year, 
and kerore 2Yubly deciding upon the machinery for the Iron Ore arene: 
we went first to have the machinery et Cement plant in operation, 

30 if any of the improvements do not pan out, we will not make the 
same mistakes on the Iron Ore plant machinery, 

Then, during ow shut down, we propose to wipe out the 
floatins dndepeeanege for current bills snd bank losns which ve have 
carried for several years. This we are doing as fast as we are 

able; then as soon as the dzbt Le ell settled, we will start to 


, accumulate the necessary funds for the re-building. (We estimate 

this will teke sometning over $500,000). From former experiences, 

(we believe we will be unuble to get any outside money, and will 

fight it thr ough ourselves. : 

Since out shut down, Mr. Edison has been at work on a= 

new invention, which is nearly perfected, and from which we expect 

to receive a large income. This, with our regular income, will-no 

doubt give us the necessary money. 

Bs BRL art teint 

Ne US tl ara ET BME OS 

Hr. S. A. G. #5, 

We will do nothing this year at Edison except sell off the 

pulleys, belting, shifting, bearings, which we will not need in 

new plant. We will also chanze our railroad from narrow to broad 

gauge-(eigrht tans o> rock and skip on top of a three foot track is 

aud We have had several 

unstable, bad accidents in the past), and 
sell. the narrs 

ow gauge locomotives end cars, and such other material 

a8 we do not nesd in the new olart, 

VG Bre al work now on the general plans for the new 

plant, bot do uat expect to settle fully on them until next year, 

end ii looks now as th 

f thows: 2% would be 1903 berore w2 VYesume opera~ 

28. But you may rest assured, we will vet the plant started at 

Aeet possible moment; the delay will come for reasons 
alreaar stated, 

it mey be of interest to you to know that since the first‘ 

investment iy Srwuary L896 by you and your people, Mr. Edison in 

addition ty giving practically all his time, for which he has re- 

ceived neo return, 

hes paid into the Company over $800,000. in cash, 

all of which has been used for its work. This shows that he is 

willing to use both his time and money. tor make _the enterprise a 

success, and as stated before, he ta willing to mak: the further 

investment just as soon ag he can get in shape to <n ite. 




Yours very truly, 


tewart A. G 


80 White Street, 

ork City. 

New ¥ 

aera tee 

February 20th,1901. 

The H. K. Porter Company, 


Tear Sirs:- 

At tne request of Mr. Saunders, we send you under 
separate cover piue-prints covering the various re-heaters we have 

designed. Fe-heater #1 was designed for the first experiment. 

Re-heater #2 was designed to remedy some of the defects in #1. 

Pe-tauter #3 was designed to use on rock drill. Re-heater #4, 

which is the one your 7{r. Lord saw at Edison, was designed to 


supply hot air to a number of rock drilis. Re-neaters #5 and 6 

have sot been built, but are our latest designs covering the re- 


heater as we tai 

nk it should be from our experience. 
ve send them ‘to you, thinking they may be of use. 


designing or building new 

“ask you to bear in mind this fact, when 

re-heaters; wnat tne passage of the air through the fuel chamber, : 

slow, otherwise there is danger of carrying over some 

muss be very 
there will be no trouble 

of the air. {tf this is guarded against, 

of this sort. 

We have re~heaters 2 and 4, and if they will be of any 

use to you in your experimental work, shall be very glad to send 

and if any time we can be of any assistance, we will 

them to you, 


Porter Co. 


you what experience we have had up to date. 

be glad to give 

Trusting that you will make great success of the re- 


we are 

heater as applied to your locomotives, 

Yours very truly, 

February 23rd,1901. 

My dear Col. Relff:- 
Yours of the 20th inst. fully noted. Mr. Edison 

has already started our men at work on the samples which you sent 

us, and has left fuil instructions as to the work to be carried on 
while he was away, and hopes when he returns to have the prelimin- 
ary work out of the way so he will be eble to help you out in a 
special way. — : : : 

, He leaves Sunday morning and expects to be gone 

ahout five weeks. 

Yours very truly, 

Col. J. G. Reiff, 
20 Broad Street, 
New York City. 

ye UO VA Feb. 25th,1901. 

Mr. Herter:- 
Please note the attached letter from Mr. Saunders. Please 

make a little sketch showing a Spiral conveyor over the top of the 

Mixer and giving the. distance of the openings for delivery of 
the material into the Mixer. It is this specially Saunders wants. 
_ Yours very truly, 

Feb. 25th,i901. 
Mr. Devonald:- 
. The Lebanon Furnaces,Lebanon,Pa. will ship us a 

Darrel of ore. As soon as it is received, kindly advise me snd I 

will give you disposition of same. 
Yours very truly, 

February 25th,1901. 
Col. John H. Wood, 

169 Broadway, 
New York City. 
Dear Sir:- 
Please cencel enough of the insurance on our plant at 
Edison, so it will leave the following amounts effective: 
Building #1- cancel on buildings fnd make Machinery $10,000 
Building #2-cancel buildings and make Machinery 55,000 

Building #3-make mo changes on stock or on building, 
put make machinery 7,500 

Building #22-camnel on buildings and make machinery 50,000 
Locomotives ,Steam Shovels and bollers-cancel on all. 
29-Make Building $500; Machinery $500. 

30-cancel Building and make machinery 

31-Make contents $1,000;Building $1,000. 

35-ceancel on stock-building, let machinery remaig at 

37-Cancel on horses; let building remain at 

“ 39-cancel on buildings;make machinery 
40-Cancel on buildings and cancel on machinery. 
42-Cancel on building and machinery 
41-Cancel on building- 

43-Cancel on. bulldings-also on machinery. 
44-Cancel on buildings-make machinery : 

Feb. 25th,1901. 

Col. John H. Wood #2. 

45-cancel on building, also on machinery” 

53-Make building $2,000., Machinery $10,000 

We have decided to replace all our wooden buildings with 
steel buildings and propose to. take down the present buildings, 
and for that reason we cancel the insurance on buildings. 

We want cancellations uandied so there will be the least 
possible loss to us. Which will be the best for us, to cancel 
the policies longest or shortest to run? 

Yours very truly, 

Feb. 27th,1901. 

Mrs. Sarah J;. Hill, - 
154 Tremont Street, 

Boston, Mass. 

Dear Madam: - 
Replying to yours of the 26th inst., we beg to state 
there has been no recent change in the value of the stock of the , 

Edison Ore Milling Company. ‘The plant at Edison,N.J. was operated 
last Sumer, and it has now been determined to re-build an entirely 
new plant, of heavier machinery, steel buildings and stone founda- 
tions. This we presume will take a couple of years, and so, for 
that time, the Ore Milling Company will be without income. We 
fully expect that in time the stock will have considerable value. 

Yours very truly, 

Feb. 28th,1901. 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Building, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
Dear Sirs:- 
Mr. Baird did not pay his notes which were due on the 

23rd inst. and we desire to place them in Mr. Brown'a hands to- 

_ gether with yours. Kindiy ask Hr. Brown to forward us the necess- 

ary paper, which we understand Mr. Edison will be compelled to 
sign when making claim on the nctes. Also advise what length of 
time we have in which to file our clain. We do not want ie 
disturb Mr. HZdison, if possitle, but, of course, if it is necessary 

will. forward the paper to him at Florida to be signed. He expects 


to return about April first. 

Yours very truly, ts 

of fe 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 

< March 6th,1901. 

Girard Building, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dear Sirs:- 

ee mare na 

: I beg herewith to enclose notes olj Chester R. Baird, four 
months, dated October 23rd, as follows:  $3,000., $2,000. ena 
. $1,593.33, meking a total of $6,593.33. These notes have all been 
; presented for payment, and payment wae reruada The $5,000 
represents renewals on the $50,000 worth of notes; the $2,500. 

represents interest and the coupons which Baird collected and did 
not account for, althousn he promised each time the coupons were 
collected, he would do so. 

‘Please turn these over. to Mr. Brown with instructions to 
take whatever steps are necessary to protect our interests. 

“ Yours very truly, 


March 14th,1901. 

My dear Col. Reiff:- 

Yours of the 8th inst. fully noted. 


ag Op 

If you 

insist on it, I will, of course, forward your letter to Mr. Edison, 

ag RI 

put he left instructions when he left here that we were not to 

forward any meil to him at all, as he said he wanted to be perfectly 

Ledge of what was going on here. 

free from ali krsn 

Awaiting your reply, I am, 

Yours very truly, 


J. 0 


20 Broad Street, 


ete ea tO eet fee reer tet iris 


Bulit by the Morgan Enginsering Co., Alliance,Ohio. 

Capacity 6 tong. 
Span over 411. : 40! 
Gauge (C to Cj Rails 38° 
Gauge ( ¢ to CG) Troliey tracks 5 

Wheel base 8! 



Wheel base crer all 9*26" 

Travel on Briage 335° 
Height top of reii ta top trolley 7 
Height top of rail toe bevsom cage 14? 

Height top of rail tc Reok at extreme hoist 
level with top cr rail. 

Total Hoist 

Double drum trolley with two 25 H.P. Motors, 
Trolley traverse Motor 7 H.-P. motor 

Bridge Motor 15 EP. * 

Speed ov Hoist 100 feat wee minuve 

Speed of Crane 350 * 8 bi 

Speed of trolley 200 fact per minute. 




The controlling mechaniian for operating the Crane consists 

of three wheels mounted on a horiz:ntal shaft. . The crane was first 

puilt with levers, but we could nct get the fine adjustments in 

‘Lliftiug that are necessary sometimer and we substituted the hand 


The trolley has a brake which will hold 4% in any desired 

position. This crane has two 25 H.P. Motors on hotet, giving it 

Description of Crane #1 Con'td. 

capacity to hoist very rapidly and with 15 H.P. Motor on bridge 

The crene can be moved at rate of 350' ner minute. This 


Crane was specially built for high speeds. 


ee eee Sn eta 

Made vy the New Jersey & Penisylvania Concentrating Works 

at Efison,NoJ. om 
Capacity 6. tons. 
Spen erer all 40? 
Gauge of Rails {Cc to 4) . 38t 
of Trolley (C to @) 5 
pass 7° 
base over all 12° 
on Bridge 27! 
Rail to top trolley @* oF 
Height rail to bottom cage 14? 6* 
Height reaiz to hook st extreme hoist 2! 0" above top of - etl 
Total Eoist . . 45' on 
Double drum trolley with one 50 H.P. Motor, 220 volis. 
Trolley traverce Motor 9 H.P. 
Bridge Motor 26 HP. 
Speed of hoist 109 feet per ° 
an " Crene 350 uo: " 
ieee " Trolley 200 7 W 
The controlling mechanism for operating the crane consists 
of these wheels mounted on a horizontal shaft; the crane was first 
puilt with levers, put we could not get the fine adjustments in 
¥ifting that are necessary sometimes, and we substituted the hand 
wheels. . 
_ ‘The trolley has & breke which will hold it in any desired 
position. This Crane has one 50 H.P. Motor on hoist giving at 

. @& 

capacity to hoist very rapidly and with 25 HvP. motor on bridge 


The crane can be moved at rate of 350? per minute. 


built fer high speeds, 



Crane was spe 


March 23rd,1901. 

The Lombard Iron Works & Supply Co., 



Dear Sirs:- 

A Reviying to yours cf the 6th inst., asking for particulars 


of the two six ton Hlectris Cranss, we beg herewith to enclose you 

descriptions and blue-prints. 

i These Cranes were built for very high speeds, are capable 
| . of doing a large amount of work, and have all the appliances for 

fine adjustments. We would be glad to have your representative - 
Look them over at our Works at Edison,N.J., and beg to quote you : 
on crane #2,7.0.b. cars Edison,N.J., Twenty-two hundred und fifty 

I dollars,” ($2250.00); on Crane #2- Twenty-seven hundred and fifty 

dollars, ($2750.00), including Motors. 
. Trusting you will be able to do something with them, 

i _ we are, 
Yours very truly, 


March 25th,1901. 

Col. John H. Wood, 
169-171 Broadway, 
: New York City. 
My dear Sir:- 

; Answering yours of the 2ord inst., asking why we are 
selling some of our machinery at Edison, beg to state that a con- 
siderable proportion of our machinery ison wooden foundations, 
and inasmuch as we get deeper into the earth, we find the rock is 
getting harder and more difficult to crush, we have been roriedd to 
the conclusion that wooden foundations will not do for such heavy 
machinery, and we have decided to ‘rebuild the plant wholly of stone 
and steel, discarding wood entirely both for foundations snd 
puildings- Tne new plant as designed will be very much simpler 
than the plant as it now stands, and as it will be motor driven, a 
considerable: proportion of the machinery we now have on hand will 
not be needed for the new plant, and instead of having, as we now 
have, eight or ten separate engines, we propose to concentrate the 
power in one power house and drive everything electrically, and of 
course, having no need for these extra. engines, are sollte them 
for the best price we can obtain; and by the way, we ‘Have ’ been able 

to do very well in prices, as there -seems to be quite ® demand ‘at 

present for second-hand machinery. 

Gow J. H.W. #2. 

f : The same is true of our Railroad . We made the mistake 

| when it was first put up, of building it narrow gauge, and from 

Z : the number of accidents we have had; we have learned that seven tons 
of material on top of a narrow gauge car with ‘a single track, is 
very unstable; so we have decided to change to broad gauge, aud for 
that reason have sold our locomotives and cars. 

q If this does not cover fully the information you desire, 

; f ; kindly advise us and we will answer any particular question you may 

i ask. - 

Yours very truly, 

March 28th,1901, 

Hr. Orville Benson ,Manager, 

ibe Edison, 

Dear Sir:- 

I beg herewith to enclose letter relative to specimens 

for the Buffalo Exposition. Please pick out the following samples: 
‘Somé crude ore which is white in color and shows up well the crystals : 
of dron. If anything, I would get a sample that is much richer 

than the average. Then, the crude ore crushed; then some oon~ 
centrates which are clean; tailings which are clean and say one 

dozen of the most perfect briquettes you can find in the pile. 

We have written to Mr, Kummel , asking him to advise you 

shipping directions. : 

Yours very truly, 

March 28th,1901. 

Col, Fawcett, 
c/o J. H. Parker & Co., 
Cotton Exchange, 

New York City. 
Dear Sir:- 

We are in receipt of a letter from ur, Hix to Mr. 

Edison, stating that you would consider the purchase of the Railway 

rumning from Peekskill which our psople own. Mr. Edison is a 
present in Florida, but. we expect him here in about one week, 

and if you will advise me just what you would like’ to buy, I will’ 
take the matter up with wr, Edison the moment he returns and communi- 
cate with you, 

I am inclined to think that we would sell provided an 
arrangement can “be made by which we would Have the right to transport 
our ore over the Railroad in case we should decide to open up our 
property near Peskskill. 

Yours very truly, 

April 4th,1901. 

My dear Col:-- 

Yours of the 2nd inst. has been shown to Mr. Edison 

to-day and he says: 
“about 75% 

“Tell Reiff our boys have been able to suvye 

of the total copper in. the ore and hope to be able to do 
"better soon. : 

Mr. Edison Bays he does not know much of Miller, but 
thinks he is all right and understands thet he has had SURE ES of 
&@ Mill somewhere in the South. 

Mr. Edison has been greatly benefited by his trap; he 
is very brown and might be taken for a Cuban. 

Yours very truly, 

Col. J. C. Reiff, 
20 Broad Street, 

New York City. 

April 4th,1902. 

Mr. J. C. Fowle, 


Dear Sir:- 

Replying to yours of the 30th ult., I beg to state that 

so far as I know, no separator has yet been. successful in separating 
the ordinary Hematite ores. The experiments have Seen conducted 
in the South where the Hematite ores nave teen roasted and made 
magnetic, but the cost was too great. 

Should you get East, I would be glad to see you. Ouw 
Separating plant, however, is closed for the Winter. — 

Yours very truly, 

April 15th,1901. 

Mr. J. M, Cornell, 
c/fos. Bea T, Me. Cornell, 
e6tn Street & 11th Avenue, 
New York City. 
Dear Sir:- 

Replying to yours of the 9th inst. which I find ayal eine 
my return, I.beg herewith to enclose you blue-prints and desoription 
of Cranes #1 and #2 wiich are located at Edison,N.J. and we would 
be very glad to have your representative look them a a 2 . 

Crane ues 1 ‘was built by the Morgan Bngindoring Com- 
pany, and with it we have heen in the habit of lifting loads $roim 
8 to 9 tons at a high rate of speed. The Crane is im good con- 
dition except part of the PROL Ley carrying, ‘the hoisting apparatus, 
which is cracked, but this crack has peen repaired and is now 
stronger than it originally Was» The Crane bas been used in this 
condition for about a year. | 

Crane No, 2°is much heavier and strongar than Crane #1 

and with it we have been lifting the same loadsa as with Crane #1, 

and we are confident that it is strong enough for much heavier 

Loads. Met Ta ; HEEB cota : Wii ot 

We offer Crane #1 f.9.b. cars Bdison for, Two ‘thousand - 


($2,000, 00) Dollars, We. offer Crane #2, ‘for Three- thousand 

($3,000, 00); ;f. Ob, cars Batson. ‘Thea cranes have some extra 

Mr. J. M. Cc. #2, 

features in the way of brakes for holding the material to be moved 
in any position and are so ePradeed that they are capable of very 
fine adjustments, and we think it would pay you to have your repre- 
sentative look them over, If you decide to send hin, we would 
suggest that you telegraph or write Mr. Orville Benson, Edison, 
Ni.J., by Western Union, just what day your representative will 
inspect the Cranes. Have him go via The ‘New York, Susquehanna & 
Western (Cortianat Street Ferry) to Ogdensburg NJ. » where Mr. 
Benson will have our team to meet your representative. The train 
leaves Cortlandt Street at 8-30 A.M. and your representative can 

return by same route, reacoing New York about 8-30 P.M. 

Yours very truly, 

April 18th,1901. 

The New York & New Jersey Telephone Co., 

&1 Willoughby Street, 


Dear Sirs:- 

We have at our Werks at Edison,N.J. three telepnones for 
which we have been pryrug full contract Gries: Our Yura have 
been closed since last October has now been definitely desided 
that we will not resume operations for at least two years, so we will 
be obliged to ask you be cancel the existing contract unless you are 
willing to permit one of the éiepnedas to remain at @ mere rominsi 
rate, we paying regular toll charges for its use. | 

If this cannot be done, please cancel the contract and 

remove the telephones at your earliest convenience. 

Yours very truly, 




Mr. C. P. Adaris, Supt. Telegraph, 
Central Railroad of New Jersey, 
Jersey City,N.. ve 
Dear Sir:- 
Replying to yours of the 12th inst. (File #1272), we beg 
to state that we are in communication with the Telephone Company at 
present as to taking out our telephones at Edison, unless they will 

make us a very nominal charge while our Works are closed down, as we 

undéeretana. they will be closed for about two years. If the telephones 

are taken out we will not, of course, need the pole rentel, as per 
bill. of October 11th,1900. 

We will write you again regarding this matter as soon 
the question is settled with the Telephone Company. 

_Yours very truly, 

April 22nd,1901. 

Mr. Herlan Page, 
Allens Lane, 
Germantown Pa. 
Dear Mr. Page:-_ 
I have just heard from. Lang that all the specimens he 
had from the MoAtee. property he has given away, so I will be unable 

to send you any. x have; however, arranged to have our man go and 

visit the property and have a permit from the land owners, so that 

you will have no difficulty when you decide to go. 

Lang says that he thinks he has obtained all the specimens 

ere may possibly be more by taking off some of 

the ground. 

Mr. Edison exprets to come to the Director's meeting on 
Thur sday and requests that I ite you asking you to meet him at the 
office of the Company about ten-% irty Thursday morning. that ‘he has - 
a matter he wants over with you before the meeting. 

Yours very truly, 

PRO AES ope ; 
TR Retr ayy 

April 22ud,1901. - 

fhe Orford Copper Company 
99 John Street, 
New York City. 
Dear sirsi< 
.Some days since we “ordered from you 500 lbs. of nidkel 
oxide. The same arrived to- aay and we find that we are unable to 
dissolve ‘4% in either “hydrochloric, nitric or sugphuric acid, : which 
surprises us a5 we have previously obtained from Merck & Company & 
small sample or what they called nickel - oxide which we were able to- 
‘dissolve; as, the material we how have is of no value te us, 
as it cannot ‘be dissolved, and we would appreciate it very much if 
you would permit us to return at. shipping us in ataes 500 Lbs. of 
the granulated nickel, py giving us credit for the oxide. We, of 
cour ge, are willing to pay freight and cartage both ways. We should | 

not have ordered sc Large a guentity, had we not believed it was 


Trusting that you will permit us te return. it and will 

ship us the granulated nickel at once, we are, 

Yours very truly, 

weet Pe AEM TESEES agennatyey Py in 
ities ani atis: a ww PERROTLY Aga aera van US 



April 24th,1901. 

The Orford Copper Company, 

99 John Street, 

New York City. 
Dear Sirs:- 

We have been using Itrench Metallic nickel which dissolves 
very quickly in Dilute warm. Sulphuric acid. . On the other hand 
your oxide is not attacked by warm dilute nitric, hydrochloric or 
sulphur. | The sample of oxide sent later, which you said would 
work petter, is also inert. . 

Your shot nickel is very hard to dissolve; requires 
boiling nitric acid to start the reaction and then dilute hot 
sulphuric attecks it very’ Blow. ; 

Po you not reduce the oxide by gas and could you furnish 
it in a reduced powdery form? Trench metal seems to be reduced 
noes power at low temperature, as the metal goes to a powder’ 
after being partially dissolved.” . . 

I will. return the second sample of oxide and keep the | 

metal, but it is going to be a tough job to dissolve it. 

Yours truly, 

April 26th,1902. 

Mr. E. Sf! Opdyke, 


Dear Sir:- 

I saw Mr. Page yesterday and delivered to him letier from 
_the Franklin Iron Company giving permission to visit the property 
at McAfee. Mr. Page will probably make his visit early in May and 
I want you to arrange to get a four seated wagon and euary, with you 
@&man with shovel and x» dok, ap it may be necessary to do a little 
pit of digging. Mr. Page will have one friend with him and will 
want you to meet him ot the Railroad Station at Hamburg and dtive. 
him direct to the property. 

Ir write you this now as Mr. Page said he would ‘telegraph 
‘a day ahead bef ore he ‘decides to ates and it is barely possible 
I may not be here at that tdine . 

Yours very truly, 

P.S. Mr. Edison and I appointed Claude -as our proxy to ‘play 

in the Progressive Buchre game Last night. He advised us that he 

won one of.the prizes and inasmuch as I promised Florence .to divide 

with her in case I wen a prize, it is. up to her ta get. it. from 
Claude, so I think sre is entitled to it. ; 

April 29th,1901. 

ur, Randaipht- 

Mr. Price telephones that he has nad several inquiries 
for the sddress of the Specialist who made the examination of . 
Mr. Edison's ears. It is possible thay we will nave “some inguir- 
ies and is vou should, please note that the address is Dr. Arthur 

Duel, 254 Madieon Avenue, New York city. 

Yours very truly, 

| tir. Rendolph:- April 29%h,1901. 

Dear Sir-- 
Please charge the Edison Ore Milling syndicate with 
fr, Ballantine's tine from the date when he first started on their 
work,at the rate of $275.00 per month. The New Jersey Company 
rat imis same rate from September 1st ,1900 

owes him for hack sealer 

- the New Jersey Company is to be paid him 

and the amount..due nin 

at some future time. 
Yours very truly, 

30th ,1901. 

The Dundee Chemical Works, 
62 Williem Street, 
New York City. 
Dear Sirs:- 
Will you kindly advise us whether you manufacture oxalic 

acid and protosulphate of iron. If not, will you kindly give us the 

names of the Companies who manufacture it. We will probably need 

both in some considerable quantities. 

Yours very truly, 

Edward N, Reed, Esq., 

Room 401, 120 Liberty St., 

New York. 

Dear Sir: 

In regard to the attachea Statement when you was here at 
our office the other day I told you that I thought we had made some 
briquettes during the year from June lat, 1899 to June 1st 1900, 
and since going over the books I find that we did not manufacture 
anything during that period, the whole work during that time was 
constructing,. erecting and experimenting and we did no Papenee rue ne 
Whatever until the latter part of July 1900. 

eee aS 

May 3rd,1901. 

Col. John H. Wood, 
169-171 Broadway, 
New York City. 
Dear Sir:~ 

We are in receipt of your favor of the 1st inst. and note 
that all policies in May, June and July will be dropped conforming 
to Mr. Maliory's instructions. 

Attached please find ea stetement of insurance as appears on 
our books at this date. We would ask that you kindly check these 
emounts with your books, elso with the letter written. you. ty 
me on February 25th, and show how same compares with my instructions 

POOveRsng: this insurance. 

It is my intention, as per my letter of March. Btn, i 
this insurance should be so arranged and cut down as to start rtm 
‘May ist, with the exact amounts required, as per my setter or 
February 25th. You will find that this has not “been #8, ‘and“woulld. | 
ask that you take the matter in hand at once and let me “hear “trom 
you. na 

Yours truly, 

(Enclosure ) 




& PE 





Machinery _ 














Boilers . 




35 1,000. 
36 1,000. 
37 2,000 
45 500, 
46 1,000, 


Buil dings 
$ 100, 









May 8th,1901. 

Mr. E. H, Randell, 
Room 830, 52 Broadway, 
New York City, 
Dear Sir:- { 
After your visit yesterday, I mentioned the matter of a 

little inte being published in your ceadene matter, to Mr. Edison 

and he Says that he wants to get in commrnication with the owners of 

the different Placer deposits, with the idea of trying some experi- 
ments on the various kinds of ‘ore, and later on selling the machines. 
The experiments at Ortez were very successful so far-as our machine 
was concerned, the deposit, however, being rather poor. 

Any article your people may write along the above ‘line will 
be satisfactory to.-us,. 

Yours very truly, 

May 7th,1901. 

Alexander Elliott ,Jr., Esq., 
Edison Laboratory, 

Orange ,N.J. 
Dear Sir;- . 

I beg herewith to hand you lease held by. the Edison Iron 

Concentrating Company covering the Spurr ‘Mine in Michigan, also 
correspondence relating to same. Please prepare a proper release 
so the fdison Iron Concentrating Company will be released from all 
future claims of any kind covered by this property. 

Yours very truly, 


May 17th,1901. 

5. Witherbee,Esq. , 
oS Pine Street, 
New York City. 

Dear Shire 

After telephoning you yesterday, I found that the Bessemer 

ore had not heen separated. During my absance the separating 
magnets have heen taken down to do some other experimental work and 
there will be some Little expense for putting them beck. If you are 
us for the actual expense, we will suspend operations 

on the other work and make the test for you. 

Regarding the end magnet, we have an outfit at Edison 
which we es Let you have at cost, $19.85, f.0.b. cars Edison. 
This ingindes the end magnet, resistance box and breaker, 

Yours very truly, 

May 25$h,i901. 

Mr. James 3. Tonking,Supt., 

New Jersey Zinc Company, 

Franklin Furnace ,N.J, 

Dear Sir:- 

We received yesterday a tylephone message from our Mr, 
Renson, stating that you nad made inquiry relatice to the special 
lathe we use for boring out the plates and shells for our -rdlls. . 
I beg herewith to enclose you plue-print of semé and would state 
that the lathe at present has a shaft 6-15/16" in disuater. We 
found that when we fot a very hard chill plate, that -some times the 
present shaft would spring and just before. shutting -down., we ordered 
and heve on hand a shaft 7-1/2" in diameter, We had 
pore. out the bushings, bat this work was not completed -and a very 
Little Labor would complete it. The new ‘shafte showld also have 
a finishing cut, as we purchased it with ‘the rough cut. ‘With the 

lathe will go, of course, the countershaft and the jigs for holding 

the 36" plates.  - : 

T find by looking the matter up that the material cost -us- 
$599.12, labor $696.96, making a total of $1,196.08, and 4f it is. . 
any convenience to you, we would be glad to let you have it at our. 
exact ‘ade: We had expected to ship the machine to our Works at 
Stewartsville, put will have time to duplicate the machine before 

we will need it, in case you decide to take it. 8 * 
> Yourp very truly, . a 

May 28th,1901.~ 

Messrs. Witherbee Sherman & Co., 
‘56 Pine Street, 
New York City. 

Dear Sirs: 

We have instructed our people at Edison to ship yeu the 

hand magnet and bes herewith to enclose you pine -print showing how 
it is connected, also instructions ‘how’ to make assay. We would 
suggest that after you ‘have made a number of assays magnetically, 
that you duplicate the same chemically and you will then learn the 
difference petween the magnetic and chemical assay, and by this 

method y 

be by chemical assay. It is most important that each sample pe all 

ground to 100 mesh before the 20 grams are taken from it. 

Yours very truly, 


Sa eT 

ou will be able to come very close to what the results ‘would 


Ais the magnet with dis banding posts Al and AZ. B is 
the bracket with its puileys for supporting Magnet. C is the back 
weight to counterbalance -the magnet. Dis the stand or table 
where assays sre made.. E ‘is the switeh on Resistance box F. 

I and J are binding Gees ae Resistance vox. G is the Main auaten 
with its crank H and binding posts K ang Le 

To Connect Magnet. 

Run positive wire Lo binding post L, current passes 
through switch, when crank is twned and contact made between bar . 
on switch and upright. Run wire from binding post K to binding 
post J, then from I to Az, epubeeetnn other main Lead 6 Al. whrow 
in switch G by turning eruie Hq, try strength of magnet. Then change 
wires on magnet to opposite binding post, to see whether polarity of 
“magnet has been changed or not. Find out which way-it is strongest 
and use it this way. Remember, six lanps have to be serewed in 
Resistance 66% F pefore any cubvent will pass through magnet, 

To Make Assay. 

Take sample of uot Less than 100 grams, grind up to. 
100 mesh, weigh out 20 grams carefuliv. Place it on sheet of paper 
on stand D, bring magnet near enough to Lift say 5 grams. Turn 
crank H repeatedly until all dirt aie ‘shaken out. Continue this until 
ell the 20 grams have been treated. Iift ell the concentrate with 
the magnet and let it fal]. in pan of scale very carefully, by 
throwing out the switch. Weigh concentrate and multiply result by 

712.4 and 5 and divide by 100, For example, suppose the concentrate 

‘weighed 15.312 grams 18.512 x 12.4 x 5- 55.429% Metallic Iron. 

May 31st,1901. 

Messrs. A, V. Kaiser & Co., 

222 8. Srd Street, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Dear Sirs:- 
, . We-are getting short of work for our men at Edison, 
and will be compelled to let some of them go if we do not ‘have 

more’ work for them. Cannot we take down ready for shipment some 

of the machinery which you have purchased from us? 

Yours very truly, 

June 17th,1901. 

Mr. Orville Benson Manager, 
Desr Sire ‘ 
We have decided to ship the little Ueckintosh & Seymour 
engine located in Bricker plant to the Glen Ridge property, and 
while there is no special hurry in making shipment, if you run short 
of Work, with your men, you can in time take this engine apart and 
Load and ship it to the Edison Storage Battery Company, Glen Ridge, 


Yours very truly, 

aa yg em tig a I a et tet 

June 1%th,1901. 


New Jersey 







“6011 & 


with or. 


e of the roves can 


leys, much greater 

in between the 



vune 1?th,1901. 

Alexander Filiott,Jr. ,Psq., 
Dear Sir:- 
. Ur, Edison desires that you arrange to reduce the capital 
of the Sussex Cowity Iron Company from 109,000. down to 85,009., 

gata svoid the tax of $100. per year. 

Please also advise what the present capital of the Ogden 

Fron Company is. My recollection is that this has already been 

Mardy return tke erclesed notice from Trenton before 

July first, suo we may send check before that date. 

Yours very. truly, 

{Enaiosurs } 

June 25th,1901.. 

Mr, John Miller. 

Dear Stri- 


Mr. Edison requests that you go to the factory at... 
qe % 8 2 ae “ . 

Glen ‘Ridge and take camples of the flew dirt end chip off toe oaes 

making assays and reporting the amount of gold and silver, if "eas 

“in poth the dust’ and the brick, 

If you wish further instructions, he will give them 

to you. 

Yours: truly, 


; June 25+h,2901 
. He rter,- 

“Dear Siri- 

Please give mea blue-print of. “~he latest ‘Re-heater 

compressed air, so I may send it tO. Mr. Saunders. 

Yours very. t rel yy 

June 25th,1907. 

hare to os 
= BR act oleae as to amount oF taxes | we are “compelled 
the Omden Iroz ‘Company. “Yow state the capital is. 
owt the charter authorized ‘comnencenent: of: ‘using se on: 
$8200 000%" but you do nat “state the: amount: of taxes, we are cometlea 
a5 canay ¢ on tie Cgder ap en Pls ange, edvise. 
: Yours very truly; 
EE Oe. 
oon “Luboretory ; 

* Oren ige ited o 

Ya 7 ss 
CY | 

Dear Sirs:- 

Yours of ihe i : te our My. Benson has peen 
referred to us gor attention. The voller in question was. sold. to.. 
A.V. Badieer-& Go. of Philadalvnia, Ba. and we have referred your 

“Letter to them. ; we 

a a ae - 
og Yours: very truly, 

June 27th,1902. ° 

me blue-prints at your convenience of the. 
which go to Burope.. . 

Yours very truly, 

June 28th,1901. 

Mr. W. ZL. Saunders , Veo Po, 
; Havemeyer Building, 
New York City. : 
Dear Mr. ‘Saunders t- 

Bince = saw you Last week I have been away mont of 
the | ‘tine and for that. reason have’ delayed sending you ‘the plue-print 
of the’ reheater “which. t now ‘beg herewith to. enclose. t amderstand 
thet you are to send this to Mr. Goole and ‘the. Compressed. Mir People 

: may decide. to. try some exper iments with: the reheater , and. ae ‘they 

ere siocessful , that we will take up with then 2 later on thé qtestion 

of & business arrangement « 

In wr eta ne 1. . Cooke please call his. sifvenbicn ‘to ie 

rahaster. must 
Fel chamber WIL . travel very slowly. a This: is. necessary i 
complata ‘camk ustion 2 and. the vest results. “In -other words 5 db. 
‘does not mks ony difference } ow. £ asst the. air. travels. around ane 
heater, “but éniy.:& sual “proper: bion of 
‘Heater at-a slow rate, a8 the reneater 
large quantity of: air pees through the 

glad. to give him’ any: infomiation or help which | he ‘may desire. 

The: patterns: for either. of these reheaters. eve not 

as yet been made and these. two plans represent all the experiments 

that we have had in the a eee on. the. first four reheaters. 

Yours very truly, 

(Enclosures) - 

July Srd,1902. 

Tsaac MeCrum,Esq. ; 
c/o Arnold,Constable & Co., 
New York City. 
Dear Sir:- 
| Replying Ze yours of ‘the ist. inst. to Mr. Baton, pee pe 
state: that we are arranging to. rebuild the plant at: Baison of” steel 
and stone: and when this has ‘been ‘done, we. believe: the Company: will 
be able to pay. Bo0d dividends on ‘the - stock. This work, however, 
will Wok be undertaken: nti after this’ year for: ‘finehoial reasons. 
You may eee assured showever , 1 we will get. at: itet the ) earliest 
possible moment: 

Yours very truly, 


Ure G. WW. Johnson, 
lith Street, 


Replying to yours of the 2let Wt., pez to state that. 
ores as low as from 10 to 20% of magnet! te have. not AB yet been” 
successfull iy tr eated conmereielly. a We. do not know AB to the. walle 
of a: ton or iron ore del ivered. at the Smelter. Here in the Rast 

at goes tothe Blast Furnace ana at th @: : present time tie worth about 

$4.50 per ton. . The ‘ernsbine and separating ds: done » ary. es 

expenditure of pr ‘obebly hilt “niLidon: dollars be tur 
BNR? 5 “90 bo “pring down “the general expense. 

Yours very truly, 

Mr. Orville Benson Manag 


At the first opportunity, please see the Safe people in 
Newark and in New York and get prices on a safe for the Storage 
Battery Company, large enough to hold all the books of the Storage 

Battery Company and such papers as may come into our hands from time 

‘to time. We have no doubt you will be able to find a second hand 

a & céasonable price. Wwe do not care whether it is burglar 
buE one cordition, that it shall be fire proof. 
When you set prices, let me see them and then we will 

Yours very truly, 

July 17,2901. 


Port Henry, 
Dear Sir:- 

Replying to yours of June 25th which I have de 

answering until I could investigate the motter, 

that Mr, Edison's recollection of the matter is, that the test was 

to be made’ to see how much of the phosphorus could be elinitnated 
from-your ore with the idea of manufacturing it inta phosphoric 
acid. 1150 pounds of this material was tested and results were 
oelivered to you by the writer in the Spring. 
Mr. Edison also said that there was some talk as to the 
use of our rolls, screens, etc. in your new plant, put the work 
" 2 vnich ve have rendered bill hes notiing whatever to do with 
The bill represents actual money which we have paid out plus” 
ganeral expense, without any profit to us, and covers freight 
on the sagnets from Edison; freight on the ‘ore, ‘Labor of our 
vectous people in setting up the apparatus, crushing the ere and 
muking the tests, also including the chemical assays we had made . 
ALL work we do for outside parties here at the Laboratory - 

‘is always charged to them at cost. 

Yours very truly, 


bet ser. 

The Preloaay gorrs 

. ASeupgnee: Company. exptaing 4 


Your- Statenont that tha 
Texnaty 130% te hardly correct, 
Petite opérdédéng ent Spr trig, 

Agihare aud ther forward then to me 
PaguranAS people, aa. to the p 
Bepruet Rdger and cact 
ara heving ‘some consider 
of insurance, 

soem abiisens 

Ppendenge With Gol. wood tram thd worthiies 
W422. you piwans ote the 

ao De peratch mg ey th 
of thp plant cegustar-aperetiomn. 
ain Miller fully tn this mgt, “as om 
aifrioulty An. kpeping up the 2g73"Rane 



Yours very traiy, 

Hitaun caine cay apearelceta nods 

Suy 25,1904, 

he Worka will *pe.-Bhut -down sang faa 
‘As thdre 4s podenaiey a 

Mr. o. W. Miller, 
Sir s- 

With reference to insurance etter: 

Inspectors ocaa sionally visit Edison in the interest of 
various Insurance Companies who huve policies on our Works. One. 
of these ain a vi sit nade this Spring had the idea that we had: ste 
pended operat: C2Le indefinitely. His-report did not help us to 
any great extent, as some of the Companies which he represented 

g@nnotnced their intention to cancel policies. 
it ‘is our present intention to: recume operations next 

Spri ng, as soon as the Edison Storage Battery Company’. Ee. wider way , 

and in case you meet any of the Inspeators , & not Let them get the 
idea “that our Works are going ‘0 be shut down fora very long tine, 
as this might lead to complications in the matter of insurance, 
thi, Opdyke understands thie feature of the matter, 

Yours truly, 

July 25,1901, 

EH. de Selding,Esq. ’ 

"149 Broadway, 

New York. 
My dear de Selding:-. 

Yours of the 24th inst, fully noted, I wrote 
Mr. Zabriskie the day before yesterday that Mr, Edison is away 
on his vacation and would return about the middle of next month, 
at which time I would lay the matter before him and I have no. doubt 
Mr. Edison wil be very glad to have Mr, Ransome call on nim, 

Yours very truly, 

Letterbook, LM-243 

This letterbook covers the period July 1901-June 1902. Most of the 
correspondence is by Walter S. Mallory, vice-president of the company, and 
Orville Benson, manager of the Edison mill. The letters deal mainly with the 
disposition of equipment and supplies, the reduction of the work force at the 
Ogden works, and efforts to reduce tax assessments against the company. Some 
of the items pertain to work done for the New Jersey Zinc Co. in Franklin, 
New Jersey. There is also correspondence about the development of ore 
milling interests in England and Norway. A few of the items relate to the 
Edison Portland Cement plant at Stewartsville, New Jersey, and the closing of 
the mill at Edison. Three letters deal with Edison’s library at Edison, New 
Jersey, and with a photo of Edison at the mill sought by Mina Miller Edison. 
A portion of company letterhead is affixed to the front cover and is inscribed 
"From July 26, 1901. To June 14, 1902." The spine is stamped "Letters." The 
book contains 998 numbered pages and an index. Approximately 10 percent 
of the book has been filmed. 


July 26,1901. 

i ” 

YIhomas Lowe Machinery Co., 
5,Dear Sirs: 

On account of repuilding our plant - at Raison, Red . and 
using electrical transmissiol * ‘of power, We have a large surplus af 
machinery on hand which Mr. - uatigry has undertaken to dispose of. 

We are sending you.a catitogue wy this mail and in case 
‘ 3ou care to interest yourselves in tp gale bf these goods or make 

purchase of some, I am authorized to offer youa discount pf 10% 


‘0 off the prices as listed. 
Kindly let me hear from you. 
-Yours truly, 

July 29,1902, 

Mr. Ballantine:- 

wr. Batson erates that you made some briguettes of 
Copper ore racelvel from C41. Reare. 
we can forward tp Col. Reirr. 

Plagse let me have them ,so 

Yours truly, 

AY ie ahs0 "femmes. 

sat a 

July 30,1901, 

Dear dir. Saunders:- 

The enclosed clipping is taken from the New York 
"Herald" of July 2Sth. If there is anything in it, there might be 

an ‘opening for the reheater, as I believe that the reheater would 

make hot compressed air cheaper than by any other known method. 

I send ‘you the clipping, thinking you may know 
something of this scheme. Mr. Edison is at Chautauqua, having 

gone there for a vacation of three or four weeks. 

Yours very truly, 

WoL. Saunders,Esq., 
Havemeyer Building, 
New York. 


July 30,1901, 

diy dear tei, Reifrs- 

I have just received a note from Mr. Bdlson at 
Chautauva. wheres ne hag gone for a three week's vacation, asking 
that we notity you, tne brioquattes made of your copper ore ere 
ready. Please advise whether I shall send them to you at New 
York or 1f you will come ent here and eet then, 5 suggeat the 
latter, thinking possibly you may’want to ask 30me questions of our 
man wao made then, . 

Yours very truly, 

Col. J. C. Reiff, 
20 Broad Stree t, 

New York, 

August 1st,1901. 

Mr. Orville Benson,Manager, 



Dear Sirs= 
After considerable negotiation, I have succeeded in having 

the telephone at Edison made « Pay Station and heve ordered the two 

telephones taken out, leaving one in the Storeroom office. 
” a Please instruct your ppople at Edison to keep @ record of 

all calls and.see to it that the cells from their end for the account 
of the Company, go not excee® Twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per 

month... = This is the amount we have guaranteed and we do not want 

the tolls to be in excess of this amount at any time. 

fours very truly, 

pe signed 

ever v2.1) 
Yours truly, 



2 of Glrev? Tron & Metal Co., 


Philadelphia, Pa. 


372 Bu 



‘asburg, Chair 
orwvardes| as soon as he raturns. 


reply weuld gar, 


Sept. 5th,1901. 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Building, 
Dear Sirs:-~- 
Mr. Edison has returned and has noted yours of the 20th 
ult. relative to the request of the Pennsylvania Steel Company that 
we let them use some of our Bricking machines, binding naterial,eto., 

and he asks that you will obtain from the Pennsylvenia people a 

detailed statement of exactly what they wish to do. We will then 

take the matter up and advise them what in our judgment they will 
require, and will be glad to let them have any of our machinery, 
af they can use it to advantess. ~ 

Ask them to stete exactly the character of ore they 
desire to briquette, also xiether it would be exposed to the 
weather after it nas heen muis Into briquettes, or whether it can 
be arranged to go direct to the Furnace. 

Yours very truly, 

Dexterine as a 



ng Company are usinz 
Yours very tru 


Philadelphia, Pa. 





Messra. PAL2 ine: 
Dear Sirs 
Mr. Edison has noted 


binder. He states that he has already used this, but the trouble ig 

that the briquettes are soluble in water. 

state that the Mould Bricki 


190 Willian Street, 
New York. 

Dear Mr. Zabriskie:.. 

Mr. Edison bes retuened from his vacation and will be 

glad to see yourself ans H:. HAUSSR any day next week aftarc 

Tuesday. . He igs very bisy it present clearing up things which 

accumulated during his abaunce, I would sugsest when you decide 

upon the time, that you tulaphene me go I may be on band when you 


Yours very truly, 

Sept. 20,1901. 

Mr. Orville Benson ,Manager, 
Dear Sixt 
Please arrange to ship to the Edison Portland Cement 

Company, Stewartsville,N.d. at the earliest possible moment, the 

Lidgerwood Double Cylinder, Double Drum Hoisting Engine located 

on what was the Crane, at “Edison. 

We want you to make an effort to get this off at the 
earliest possible moment, as the machine ig to be used in some very 
urgent work which we wich out of the way as far as possible while 
the weather holds good. 

That there may be no delay in this, I am Bending a carbon 

“eopy of this letter direct to Edison. ‘This order is to take pre- 
cedence over sand or any other work that is now being done. 

Also ship 1500 ft. more or less of the hoisting rope. 

My recollection is thet it is either 5/8 or 3/4". 

Yours very truly, 

Detain on a cpg Pereiag hen eae ton 
: ee ann 

Sept. 20,1901. 

H. Palmer ,Esq., 
Dear Sir:- 

On my return here after an aetack of Rheumatism, I find 
yours of the 13th inst. Replying to same, I beg to state, the 
steam shovels we are now using were made by the Vulcan Iron Works, 
Toledo, Ohio. Each shovel. weighs about $5 tons. We have never 

used it, except in rock work and then nandling large pieces, five 

tons and less, and with it have been able to get out from 1200 to 

1500 tons of rock per shift of ten hours. 

. ‘ Jhe cost of operating averared at different times. The 
steam shovel Engineer we paid $125.00 per month; Cranesmen $90., 
Firemen $1.75 per day and Pit men,sometimes 4 and 6 | $1.25. 

For such work as yours, I would suggest that you buy a 
steam shovel heavier than vou actually need, as with it you will be 
able to average more hours per day. We find it has been a good 
thing to have a machine so strong that we could urge our men to push 
it to the maximum without fear of breaking the machine, and in this 
way we have been able to get out large quantities aay after. day. 

Yours very truly, 

October 8th ,1901. 

P.S.Witherhee,Fsq. , 
56 Pine Street, 
New York, 

Deer Sire- 

We beg herewith to enclose vou a blue-print showing 
our 6 foot dryer. We have one of these at Edison in gcod condition, 
except as to the distributor at the top. Just hetore we shut 
dovn last Fall, we made plang for a new distributor, the same as we 
used in our 8 ft, aryer and that used by the New Jersey Zinc Company. 

The castings for this distributor made of chilled tron, 
: and putt ing in placa, we estimate will cost somewhere between 
Three and Four Hundred dollars. The Dryer as 4t stands we will 

Bell for Thirty-etent hundred dollars ($3800.), this including the 

. ONE eg. 
blowers at the top and the bottom, grate bars’and all appliances, - 

The dryer cost us about $7,000, We put through it from 100 to 
150 tons per hour, 

If vou care to have i+ inspected, we would be glad to 
arrange it at any time most convenient for vou. 

Yours very truly, 


Ce eel eerES 
sndainisesBnariac sonia’ fish ests i ae’ 
ee een er : 

Ostobér 14th,1901. 

Mr. W. P. Hardenburgh,y.p., 
New Jersey Zinc Co., 
Rapire Buiiding, 
New York. 
‘Dear Sir:- 

The enclosed letter “from the Fdison ‘Ore Milling 
Syndicats, London, explains dtgels- Mr. Edison has asked thet 1 
forward it to you with the request thet you give us 9 statement 
showing the cost of crushing the ore frem the time 4t 1s delivered 
pf the Mall, untdz it leaves the. crugking plant seady to go ta 
your Separator house. This cost to Include Labor, eupphips sand 
repairg. . 

We would like 12 based on the cost per ton and wa will 
use the information simply for our own people, f would wsygeast 

thet you take the cost for one month, say,July, August or Beptenber . 

Of course, If you could give 1t to ua for 8 longer: perted ef twy 
or three months, or even Longer , we would much preger at that “way. 
Please return the latter with youn reply. 4 

“Trusting that you oan accommodate us, we ane, 

Yours very truly,” 

October 16th,1901. 

Dear Mr. Saunders:- 

Some vears ago one of vour representatives took 

photograph of Mr. 

Edison at our Iron Ore plant in front of a small 
Mr. Edison being seated in the chair, 

office, My recollection is, 

the photograph wag taken by a man in Easton, and I would be obliged 

4f vou can rive me his address, 2s we have had a request made for 

one of the photographs, 

Yours very truly, 

Mr. W.L. Saunders ,V.P., 

Havemeyer Building, 

New York. 


October 16,1902, 

Dawson Coleman »MSQ., 

My .dear Sir:- 

We have been asked to make an estimate of some Crusning 
Rolls, breaking down iror ore and we would appreciate it very much 
if see abana send us a statement indicating the size of the ore 
that has been crushed through your rolls, also the finish s#Res 
and the cost of crushing the ore per month, including labor ana 
all repairs. We will be glad to have this estimate at the 
earliest possible moment. 

Mr. Hdisoh joins the writer in oxtonding nis Kindest 

Yours very truly, 

October 22nd,1901. 

B. Dawson Coleman ,Isq., 

Dear Sir:- 

Mr. Edison desires me to thank you for yours of the 19th. 

inst., giving informaticn as to the cost of crushing the iron ore 
with our rolis. The information given is quite complete, and we 

appreciate it very much. 

Yours very truly, 

October 28th,1901. 

S. &. Law,Esq., 
1733 Q Street ,N.W., 
Washington, D. C. 
Dear Sir:- 

Repiving to yours of the 24th inst., I beg to state that 
the capital stock of the Sussex County Iron Company has been reduced 
from $1.00 ,000. to $5,000, merely to reduce the State taxes fram 
$2.00. to $5. 

The Sussex Company does no business and is merely the 
owner of certalr Real Nstate. . The stock of the Sussex Gompany 4s 

all ovmed by the New Jersey & Pennsylvania Concentrating Works. 

Toere is nothing very new to report regarding the latter Company. in 

addition to what I wrote you some months since. 

The werk on Mr. Edison's other enterprises, Cement and 
Storage Battery, is being pushed 9s rapidly aa possible ana aS BOON 
as these ere out of the way, he sroposes taking wp the work on the 

Iron Ore again, 

Yours very truly, 

October 29th,1901. 

Mr. KB. S. Opdyke, 
Dear Sir:- 

Please prepare the Crane in Machine Shop for shipment to 
the Phonograph Works. A formal order wlll go forward in a day or 


This Crane is urgently needed at the ‘Phenograph Works 

‘gor some special work for us, so try and have it ready for shipment 

as soon as possible; of course, not letting it interfere with your 

regular work. 

I am sending a carbon copy of this Letter to Mr. “Benson. 

Yours very truly, 

October 29th,1901. 

Dear Mr. Saunders:— 

I received to-day the copy of photograph taken by your 
peopis, of Hr, Edison at the Ogden Mine, for which I am very much 

obliged. WALL you kindly send me a memorandum of the expense of 

this and I will send check. 

The photograph 1s for Mrs. Edison. She 1s at present 
making a collettion of all the photographs that have ever been 

made of Mr. Baison, Which we can find. 

What do you hear from the Porter pedple? I frequently 
‘am asked hy our “Pirtladelphia friendd. I wild Like very much to 

have some statement from them as ‘to. what they are doing: 

With kindest regards, I am, 

Yours very truly, 

WL. Saunders ,V.P-, 
Havemeyer Building, 

New York. 

October 29th,1901. 
Mr. We. EB. Drev 
Drew Machinery Agency, 

Manchester ,New Hanpshire. 

Replying .c yours of the 28th innt., we beg to state 

Crane #1 has been sold. We stil] heve Crane #2 ana faa Harber 
expected to use it durselves in a new plant we want to erect. 
However, we ere willing to live up to the quotation made you, of 
Twenty-seven Lundred and tifty dollars (#2750.} f.0.b. cars, 
Edison,N.J., but would not reduce this srice. The Crane has been 
built four or five years end altogether has nob had to execzed, 
aight er nine montis work. It is in excellent condition ana is 
now set up in place and we wenld be very glad to heve your 
parties send = representative to look it over. No. 1 was sold 
after being inspected by the R..W. Hunt Company of New York and 
Pittsburgh and we should be glad to have them or any other parties 

inspect Crane No. 2. 
At the price quoted, it is certainiy ® bargain. 

send you the extra prints under separate cover, as requested. 

Yours very truly, 

November 4,1901. 

Mr. W. P. Hardenburgh,V.P., 
New Jersey Zinc Co., 
11 Broadway, 

New York. 

Dear Mr. Hardenbur gh: - 

Please accept thanks for yours of the lst inst. giving 

information as to the cost of crushing at Franklin, for the months 
of June, July, August. and September. : 

We note what you say about the figures sor October and 
if it is not asking too much, we will be very mach indebted if you 
would let us have them as ‘goon as they are made up. We under- 
stand that you have no objection to our sending your letter to our 
London people. 

. Again thanking you for the inf oriifation, we are, 

Yours very truly, 


‘Mr. E. S. Opdyke, 
Dear Sir:- 

Please get together all the books which Mr. Edieon hag 
sent to the Mill and which were in the drawers in the Assay room. 
There are: several dictionaries, also @ lot of his note books covering 
the experiments on brickers, T think sqgme of these note books are 
also stored in my office and possibly some in-your old office. 
Please get them all together and forward to us as soon as possible. 


If there is only a szall number of them, send them by 

express; if it makes a ler.-: pei kave, let is come forward by 

4lso ship us all che..sals and sLeamtent appliances which 

you may still have ot Edison. 

Yours very truly ; 

November 15th,1901. 

Col. John H. Wood, 

169 Broadway, 

New York. 

Dear Sir:-+ 

The two letters which you ieft with the writer yesterday 

afternoon from the Home Insursnce Company , bearing date off November 
2 & 7th and &th, were shown Mr. Mallory upon his retum to this office 

last evening, 

In reply, he was glad you had not broached the. matter to 
Mr. Edison, as ins thought it would only exasperate him and he - 
remarked thet if you were having any trouble with these Companies 
to place insurance, there jis another fellow who stands ready to take 

the matter up at any time. 

Yours truly, 

» “sarge eon tnd Se ate BS NY’ 5 SEND ETS NER OGRE EOE ST ear 

14 November 14,1901. 

Mr. J. L. Barton, 

57 EB. 55th St., 
New York. 
Dear Sir:- 
Replying to yours of the 12th inst., I beg to state,there 

Works of the New Jersey & 

is nothing doing at present at the 
Pennsylvania Ccncentrating Works and probably nothing will ve done 
until 1903. As these Works are the only source of income the Ore 
Milling Company has, there is practically nothing doing in the stock 

at present. 

It is intention to rebuild the Works at Edison 

Yours very truly, 

af eee SURETY RTT Tie Mec ere er pare 

nO es ecwnaan tare tia orbs Stee 

November 13th,1901. 

Mr. W. P. Hardenbergh, V.P. 
New Jersey Zine Co., 
11 Broadway, 
New York. 
Dear Mr. Hardenbergnh: 

Yours of the iith inst. fully noted. The showing 
for October is certainly most satisfactory, put we feel sure that 
you have not anywhere nearly as yet reached the limit, es so far 2s 
the crushing part of the mill is concerned, we feel confident that 
it can do 2,000 tons in ten hours, and of course, materially 

reduce the cost per ton. 

Thanking you very much for this and the other 

letter, which we greatly appreciate, we are, 

Yours very truly, 


November 13¢h,1901. 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 
| Girard Building, 

i ; Philadelphia,Pa. 

Dear Sirs:- 

I beg herewith to enclose copies of letters received from 

Messrs. Saunders 2nd the H.k. Porter Company relative to the re- 

heater, which explain themselves, 

Yours very truly, 

(En closures) 



NEW YORK - Novy.11,1901. 

N.J. & Pa. Concentrating Works, 
Edison Lsboratory, 
Orange ,N.d. 

Dear Sir:- 
I enclose herewith copy of a letter just received from 
the H.P. Porter Co. in reference to their experiments on the Kdison 

reheater, and hope that within the next month or so they may be 

able as they promise, to write us more definitely ‘on the 

Yours truly, 

W.L. Saunders. 

eve COPY ...., 


Pittsburg,Pa. ,Nov.eth,1901. 

Mr .W.1. Saunders, Vice-Pres., 
The Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Co., 
New York. 
Dear Sir:- 

Replying to your favor of the lst inst. in regard to 
experiments on Edison he2ter. We’ now have on our floor a complete 
vompressed sre motor which we are in a position to retain as long as 
necessary for concluding the experiments in connection with the 
Edison heater. We had one of our vest engineers on this work for 

/ some little time, put owing to a tremendous rush of work we were 
compelled to take him off temporarily in order to expedite other. 
work. We have now, however, started him again, and propose to keep 

yim in charge of these experiments until they sre satisfactorily 

concluded; and we feel quite sure that within the next 30 to 40 

days we can write you much more definitely than we can to-day. 
We have not lost sight of the matter in any way, but propose to 
carry our experiments through to a satisfactory conclusion. 

We presume that vour people have been very busy, 28 we 
heve ourselves, end sre preparing far whet will evidently be 
another big year in both compressor ane cir metor work. 

‘With kindest refards we beg to remsin, 

Yours vary truly, 
E.P. Lord,Gen'l Mer. & Supt. H.K.Porter ‘Company 

Vth aarentati aes Chere 
Yas ee 

November 19 »1901, 

Mr. F. R. Upton, 
20 High Street, 
Orange ,N.J. 
Dear Sir:- 
On your return from Edison, please let me know about 
how much sand is left and what you think you can do in the way of 
quick sales, as we want to cut the force down to the Lowest possible 
point, if the orders are going to come in Slowly, and also want 
notify the Railroad péople, so we will not get a surplus of cara, 
, Yours very truly, 

LOS Rise ee " eres Sea y akan tated Li et na ttt lead behead lend eat ae kas eh eR 

November 19,1901. 

Mr. Orville Benson ,Manager , 
Dear Sir:- 

T note from sand report dated November 16th, that onit+ 

Pour cers are now due on orders. Also note that you stili have a 

full gang of men at Edison and. beg to ask that you look over your 
list aud see if you cannot cut down the expense. Mr. Uptay gows te 
Edison to-morrow to see how much sand we have left and he..tainks he 
can sall the balance of it, but the orders will probably come along 
in small quantities; so make your arrangements to cut your force 
down to the lowest possible point. Outside of the storeroom goods 
and the copper wire which was taken off the magneig, #6 dp ant eeoxt 
of any large things we will ship, unless we make further amie. 

Whatever men you can dispense with, in. all propability, we 
ean find work for them at Stewartsville, as we are short of mon 
there, so if you will send me their names and advise me what each 
man can do, I will take the matter up with Mr. Darling. 

Yours very truly, 

Nov, 19,1901. 

The United States Glass Co., 

Dear Sirs:- 

Kindly quate us price on broken glass in carlosd iste. 
We do not care as to the color or quality, as we will take this 
‘glass and grind it up into fine powder. 

Please quote us prices f.0.b. your Works and we will get 

freight rates to Orange,N.J. 

Yours very truly, 

‘ ee " A presence ay otal 
si sehwalitisenh rsa yr or sncantC iy rian pele Ree et aa FE 
IRE ALOCSA IRENE ET ~ eo eee ee 


November 20,1901. 

Mr. Fo R. Upton, 

20 High St., 

Orange ,N.J. 
Dear Sir:- 

I have been talking cver with Mr. Edison,the material 

we have at Edison, and we have decided to authorize you to go ahead 

and sell everything that we have in the catalogue, and are willing 
to pay you 2 comission of 12-1/2% on any sales you may make, you 
to pay = own expenses. This, of course, does not apply to 
any goods which may be sold to any of our own Companies, but to 
esnything which you may sell to other people. 

We have, as you know, an enormous Lot of Idler pulleys and 
bearings which you might be able to sell to Roberts, and have no 
doubt, if you take the matter up vigorously, you will be able to 
sell a largo number of pulleys to outside people. 

Yours very truly, 

November 29th ,1901. 
Mr. Orville Bensan Manager, 
Glen Ridge, 
Dear Sir:- 
Yours of the 27th inst. relative to the work at Edison, 
is somewhat of a surprise to me. 
The sand orders can be filled in a very few days after 

you get the cars, and in fact, rather than have the entire force 

dragged out until the first of January, we would prefer to cancel 

at once ali, orders for sand. 

As to the Corlie engine, we understood from you the last 
‘t4me we talked with you, that you could get out with your present 
force in about a week or ten days. I understand aieovda the magnets 
thet you are only unwinding one at a time. Cannot you rig up to 
handle two or three and so shorten the time? If this cannot be 
done, it wotld be cheaper for us to load the magnets and ship them 

to Bievensee. and have the unwinding done there. 

I mow that the statement to Mr. Fdison, we cannot cut 
the force down to the first of January, will not be at all satis- 
factory. I would Like to have. you take this matter up again and 
advise me what other work you have to do 4n addition to the engine 
and the magnets, except, of course, the daily shipments of the few 

' things thet we now get from the storeroom. 

Kindly let me have a reply as s00n as possible, as I am 
Yours very truly, 


in the past, simply give orders to shut down the entire place 


Pci af 




December 3,190]. 
Mr. Orville Benson, Manager, 

da 7 

‘vy are sending to-day to Edison, orders vevering a lot of 
tya electrical materiol to go to Stewartsvilic. 

We ata not e.rnest to obtain these orders for some Little 
time to come, but have managec to get *™*sis together, although they 
are not as yet complete. There will be more orders to fatlow, so, 
+iuink possibly, instead of laying off any mei. before the first of 

-Isnuary, it will be better to turn them all on to this work, getting 
the material out and forward it to Stewartsville as repidly as 
possible, %7 Garr “etgon has: now decided we can go ahead ‘and put the. 
sirtug im, in a aiffsrent way, and we are anxious to put on a large 
gang and get it completed at the earliest possible moment. “dj 

Pleass make the necessary arrangements to have, the copper 
all carefully weighed, so there will not be any mi.sunderstanding 
when we come to bill it, also as to the switches and other apparatus, 
marking them "A", "B" and "C", 50 we may pill them in proper shape. 

I would suggest that you write. Kaiser & Co.,stating that 
we shall reduce the force to a minimum on January first, and that if 
they desire the balance of their material, we would advise they have 
it “Zone before that date,otherwise they would be subjected tt serious 

detors » 
Yours very truly, 

December 4 »2902 « 

My dear Col. Reiffj- 

Dr. Alexander's note for $6,000 fails due on January 10th. 
We would like to vay off $2,000 of it and renew the balance for a 
further period of six months, of course, paying all the interest in 
full. to Januery 10th and permitting the optionto remain in full as 
it is at present. Will you kindly comnunicate with the Doctor 
and advise us if this will be satisfactory to bin. 

Nothing new regarding the New Jersey operations except 
that the plant which we built for the New Jersey Zinc Company at 
Franklin, NoJ. equipped with the identical wachinery that we used at 
Edison, but placed on stone and concrete foundations sud tn svael 
putldings, is giving costs which are very satisfactory, showing that 
ali which is needed at Edison, is heavier foundations and steel 


Since these costs have come in, Mr. Wdison has talked @ 
good deal on the iron ore matter and just as soon as we get the 
Cement and Storage Battery out of the way and on a commercial pasis, 
I feel sure thai we will take up the iron ore work again. 

Please extend to the Doctor,Mr. Edison's and my kindest 

Yours very truly, 

Col.d+ C.Reiff , 
20 Broad st, ; 
- New York. 

December 9,1901. 

Mr. Orville Bengon, Manager, 


I understand the sand at Edison is so badly frozen, that 

't ds difficult to get at, so have directed Mr. Upton to cancel 

all erders for the Cement Company and place them with the Wharton 

3e0ple. So, that as s00n as you have lorded the few orders still 


you may disconnect the sand conveyor and we will ship no 
wore sand wmitil Spring. 

This will enabie you to turn your entire 
force to the other work. 

Yours very truly, 

December 10,1901. 

Mr. S. Smirnoff, 
St. Petersburg, 
‘Dear Sir:- 

Replying to yours of the 26th ult. to ur. Edison, we 

beg to state that his priquetting machines are puilt for usé by 

thie Comoany only and are not for 5 Je. 

Yours very truly, 


Becember 11,1901. 

My dear UoLonel:- 

Y beg terewith to enclose a letter from Dr. Alexander, 

whion explains itself. ; : 

Mr. Edison wishes me to thank you for your help in this 
matt sr, also to extend to Dr. Alexander his kindest regards and tell 
him that we shall be pleased to have both himself and his Son visit 
us at the Laboratory any day most convenient for then. Mr. Edison 
is here practically all the time exsept sbout once in two weeks he 
goes te our Cement plant at Stewartsville. 

Yours very truly, 

Csk. J.C. Reiff, 
20 Broad St., 
New York. 

December 12,1901. 

American School of Correspondence, 

Dear Sirs:- 

We beg herewith to enclose a free scholarship certificate 

#473 series 3, together with check for Six dollars ($6.00) and two 
notes dated December lith for thirty and sixty days, six dollars, 
these signed by Fred Smith. 

‘This man is the only one of our men here who so far has 

expressed the desire to take advantage of your offer. ; If! you have 
other free scholarship certificates to give out, we would like to 
offer them to our men in connection with our Cement Company at 
Stewartsville,N.J. The title of the Company is the "Edison Portland 
Cement Company". 

Kindly acknowledge receipt of the check and notes so 
we may hand same to Mr. Smith.. 

Yours very truly, 

(Enes. ) 

December 14,1901. 

Mr. Orville Benson, Meneger, 

Nwd. ; 
Dear Sir:- 

Please arrange with your people at Edison to get some 

bottles and make two collections of the following, sending same to 
us at Orange , by express: 

Lot crude ore Lump form 

Lot fine crude Sea; 

Lot concentrates 

Lot sand. 

4 briquettes. 

Please have your people pick out the most perfect 
briquettes they can find, as these are two sample.lots that we 
propose sending to Columbia College. 

Yours very truly, 

Necember 21,1901. 

The Lake Shore Stone Co., 


Dear Sirs;- 

Replying to yours of the 18th inst., beg to state, that 
when we firgt equipped our Concentrating plant, we used entirely 
Tubver belts and we foune that they wore out BO rapidly, that after 
xperinienting with the cotton belt thoroughly treated with linseed 
Sil, we chaiged ever to it and have used 1t with the best resulta. 

In our new Cement ‘Plant which we “will have ready -to run in 
the early Spring, we have put in about 15 ,000 or 16,000 treet of 
cotton belting pertly meade by the Main Belting Company of Philadel - 
phia and the balance by other concerns. We use 24".g bly and 
run the ‘pelts from 300 to 500 feet per minute,depending upon the 

size of the material to be conveyed. 

In our experience, we have conveyed pieces from 2" cubes 

and smeller. The smaller the material, the higher the peed At is 

gare wo cun the belt. The belt covering 250 tons per hour conveyed ~ 


materiel 20 mesh and finer. — 
: We believe that a first class cotton belt weil Preated 

with iinaged ofl, will outwear & rubber belt coated with 1/8" 

Yours very truly, 

December 26th,1901. 

The United States Carbon Co., 
Dear Sirs:- 

Replying to yours of the 23rd inst., we beg to state 
that, we do hot care to purchase the mixer, as we already have 
enough machines for our own work. 

We think if you wild try the experiment of t Gitane the 
machine, putting in about one third of the carbon with all the 
binding material at the front end of the mixer, then dietreputing 
the other two thirds of the carbon along, over,,the top of the mixer 
by @ conveyor, that you will find the machine wT do first class 

Our experience is, that we have no difrioulty in making 
thorough mix, using 2240 pounds of iron ore with about 40 pounds . ” 
of the pinding material, every particle being thoroughly mixed. 

. Yours very truly, 

January 4th,1902. 
Frank C. Roberts & Co., 
Real Estate Trust Building, 
Dear Sirs:- . 
Replying to yours of the Slst ult., we beg to state that, 
our European Company have the rights for all. crushing machinery 
in Europes, but we think there will be no trouble in arranging for the 
‘rolls you desire. 
. That we may have a better idea of exactly what you want 
ta get at, (80 to make. the sketch to suit your von aay tOaRs we beg to 
ask that you will give us the following information: 
First: What is the size of the largest pieces of ore ta 
‘be crushed? » 

Second: How will the ore be brougut®¥o the rolls; that is, 

will 44 come in cars, and ‘if’ 80, could 1t heerrangea so the ore 

could be dumped directly into the large a rate of not 
exceeding three or four tons per minute? . If so, it will not be 
necessary to have a roller feed and--hopper between the large roll 
_ and “the 36" rolis, as the latter can take care of four tons a 
minute of the size received from the large roll. In such & case, 
\we wouia probably place the 36" roll directly under the large roil. 
without any chute, the ore falling direct from one roll into the 
other, , 

FOG. Re & Cow #2. 

Third: Please advise whether the ore is mined in open 
cut or under ground. If the former, and it would be any object to 
put through pieces 36" cube and save cost of mining,the large 
rolls should v6 5 ft. in diameter. 

Fourth: What capacity do you require per. hour? 

4s to driving the large rolls, we contemplate 4n our work 
driving each roll direct by a plain double cylinder engine, then 
doing away with.all belts, frictions,etc., but 1f this woulda not 

suit your condbtions, we can arrange to drive them with belts and 

frictions, same“tis we had at Stewertsville. 

As soon as we receive this information from you, we will 

‘make up a sketch as- requested and forward it to you. 

Yours very truly, 

[a dane 3459 iy ban ai forth a 

January 6,1902. 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 

Girard Building, 


Dear Sirs:- . 

We are having oe correspondence with F. C. Roberts & 
Company, relating to. some Crushing Rolls which they may install 
4n Great Britian. We understand Roberts & Company are designing 
Furnaces for some people ‘In England, tut are Closely investigating 
our Dunderland proposition in Norway, and Mr. Edison is very anxious 
‘to have Roberts visit the plant at Stewartsville and make a thorough 
“inspection of it, eo he may be in a position to answer any questions 
that his English friends may put to him, from his own Personal 

: imowle age. 

If this oan be arranged sometime when either Mr. Pilling 

or Mr.. Crane are going to Stewartavilie, Mr. Edison will appreciate . 

Yours very truly, 


Ithaca, New York. 

My .Orvilie Benson, 

‘Dear Sir:- 

We : 
; are ra receipt of yours of the 3rd inst. enclosing 
etter from Mr. Gabel, which will have-attent4on. 

Yours very truly, 

January 6,1902. 

Mr. J. D. Gabel, 

Morristown, / 

/ aud. 
Dear Sir:- 

Your favor of December Slst. to Mr. Orville Benson, has 
just reached this office. 

We have instructed our people at Edison to stitp you 7 
pairs of turn-up idlers in place of the 13- 6" idlers, as vagiuesieas 
4n your letter. 

Please note that Mr. Benson is no longer connected with 
this Company and we beg to ask that 4n the future, you will atrect é 
‘your letters to this office, where they wil receive prompt 

We shall be glad to heer from you when“in-wany of further 

Yours yery truly, 

January 9th,1902, 

My dear Edgar:- 

‘Yours of the &th inst. fully noted. While I cannot 
write you definitely at the present time, the chances are that 
when you sre transferred from Edison, it will be to a position in 
connection with the Storage Battery Company, either at Orange or 
Glen Ridge; probably the latter; thgu@h my suggestion is that your 
people simply remain at Edison until Spring, and by that time the 
Storage Battery business will have developed to such a point, that 
we can tell something definite about it, and the chances are, at 
that time Mr. Edison will be willing to spend. the neopasary money 
to put the Glen Ridge property in shape, so it can be run as & 

. Boarding House. and with the factory also in operation, there will 
be plenty ‘of boarders< 

Should this- apaaation exist before Spring, I will de. gled 
to advise you of it, although owing to the ‘delays in the receipt -of 
the machinery, I think the chances are it will be early in the 
Spring before the plant 1s well under way. 

Yours very truly, 

Mr. Edgar 8.Opdyke, 

January 15,1902. 

Captain O. W. Miller Manager, 

Dear Sir:- 

As soon as the engines are shipped, please arrange to get 

the force down to the lowsst possible limit, also arranging with 
Eagar to do all the office work. Tell Florence that if there is 
a chance in the future, I will be glad to give her the first 

Also kindiy make me a List showing the work you still 
have in hand and @ memorandum of the people you propose keeping 
on and the position gach will occupy. I want this in detail, so 
to go Sree it witn Mr. @digon on his return. Get the force to the 
lowest possible ‘Limit. Also any men that you lay off, give them 

letters to Mr. Darling and he will put them to work at Stewartsville. 
Yours very truly, 


January 24,1902. 
Mr. Chas. L. Allen,Gen. Mer. 
Norton Emery Wheel Co., 
Worcester Mass. 
Dear Sir:- 

Replying to yours of the Zend inst., beg to state, the 
writer expects to be here all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning 
until about 10-30, and if you find it convenient to call, would be 
glad to see you. However, considering the very Little quantity of 

material you desire to aandle, our separators would not prove of 


advantage to you, as they ere dealigned for mush larger quantities, 

If. we understand your problem correct, we should judge 
thet the Wetheriil Seperator is ehout the best device for your 
UBE o Rave yuu trded the experiment of re-crushing the 20% which 
the separator tekes cut and then re-separating it? We believe 
yeu wlil find by doing this, thet the percentage of loss would be 
very much reduved fron 20%. 

Yours very truly, 

January 29th,1902. 

Col. J.0.Reiff, 
20 Broad St., 
New York. 
Dear Col. Reiff:- 
Yours of the 25th inst. fully noted. Upon investigating 
further, we find that our applisness for making the test on conduct- 

“tyity are not in good | condition end that -we would: have: to spend 
Also that it 

quite “some money: on. them to make @: s peLLnble test. 

~wALL be necessary to haze wits see : a sort Of -a test.and- this 

wire would have to. be. drawn. 
Be t ‘beg hereviith to feturd. the. patent #689959 which we have 
showh to ue Raison and he does not seem to be vefy favorably im- 
- “pressed with 4t. He gadd, he doubts. 4f the experiment has ever 
° “been trdaa on & large scale. 
Yours truly, 


ee stetrmante ys 

January 30,1902. 

My dear Col. Reiff: 
Replying to yours of the 29th inst., beg to state, that 

we are std under the same financial burden, using every dollar 

that — comes in to wipe off old. matters, and cannot very well see our 
"sway clear at this time to make . the loan you suggest.’ 
I mentioned the matter to Mr. Edison this morning, and he 
said he would: like to, _Bocommodate you, but under the -clrcumstances, 
he could not do it. 

He has been quite a little improved by the treatment 

and plans to go: next -week to the Country for a week and the Doctor 
thinks, when he returns » he will be. practically all right. He was’ 

at Lakewood for a week, but the table was too much for him; too many ” 
good things to eat. 
Yours very truly, 



ae . 
a SING au P 
ae wf ae pel C 2) 
Col. J.C. Rearr, wa 
20 Broad St., 4 
New York. 

Captain 0.W.Miller, Manager, 


Dear Sir:- 

The Telephone Company have notified us that extensive 
repairs will be necessary on the telephone lines between Dover 
and Edison and want us to.make contracy covering a period of two 
years, which we have declined to do, so the next time the telephone 
line goes out, it will not be. repaired. 

Kindly notify us as goon as this occurs and then we will 
have to do our business over the Western Union wire. 

Yours very truly, 

January. 31st ,1902. 

Mr. Beach:- € ne 

rder November 25th with Roebling for 

We have placed ° 
Please advise whether it has all 

20,000 feet of 3/4" tron ropes 
and at what price it was. pilled. 

been received 
. Mallory. 




renee rime 

eta a eed ace 

February 4th,i902. 
Mr. Wo ii. Saunders,V.P., 
Havemeyer Building, 
New York City. 
Dear Sirs- 

We are in receipt of yours of the 3lst ult. enclosing a 
letter from the H.K. Porter Company, asking that the license 
agreement be extended for one year without further royalty. 

We note thet one trouble the Porter Company have had, is 
the carrying over of gas and dust If they will refer to our former 
Letters, they will note that we have several times called to their 
attention the fact, that the re~heater must be large enough, so that 

the passage of the air through the combustion chamber, will be very 

Wee thet sn . z 
slow, We, ourselves have had the experience of where we have re- 

quired the re~heater to do too much work, of some of the dust 

going over with the heated air, but whenever the flow of air through ' 

the combustion chamber was slow enough, na dust went over and in 

fact, the coal burnt to ashes without losing tts original shape. 

If care were exercised in this direction, we ‘are sure that they will 

have no trouble with dust, : 
We have forwarded your letter and that from the H, K. 

Porter Company to our Philadelphia friends and. shall advise them that 

we approve of the extension and will communicate further with you 

as soon as we hear. from them. 

Yours very truly, 



y/ Lo 5th,1902. 
Mr. John Ward, , 
c/o Swift & Co., 
Kansas City ,Mo. 
My dear John:~- 

Do you remember the details of the last rope test made 
on the 3 High Rolls, where we used the hoisting rope. What we want 
to get at, is the number of hours or days the rope lasted. In 
the book which you kept, we nave found all the other tests except ; 
the last one and cannot find among your papers this record. . 

You will remember, we tried various kinds of rope and 
were much surprised to find that the reguler noisting rope gave the 
pest results. Please write us fully your recollection. . 

We have not yet succeeded in starting up the Cement pliant 
put hope to do so in April. We have been greatly delayed in the 
receipt of our buildings put are thankful to say, at last they are 
practically complete, and we are now working about 600 men, finish- 
ing off the work as fast as possible. It you cone East, it will 
pay you to stop off and see this new plent, as it ts such @ decided 
improvement over the one with which you are familiar. 

With kindest regards, I am, 

Yours very truly, 

February 6th,1902. 

Captain O.W.Miller ,Manager, 
Dear Sir:- 
Please advise sbout now much coal ysu. still have at 
Edison. We want, if possible, the coal to last us through the 
Winter, and as we are not having good success in selling the wood, 

we think you had better arrange to burn wood that is now stored 

along the Railroad track. It is not necessary to keep. full’ steam 

pressure and for that r2aso0n, you can use the wood to good advantage. 

So, in odd times, you nad better arrange. to have John haul it to 
the Boiler room. 

Yours very truly, 

February 7th,1902. 

Mr. W. L. Saunders, 

. Havemeyer Building, 

~ _-New York. 

Dear Sir:- 

| I have heard from our Philadelphia friends and they state, 

it will be satisfactory to give the H.K. Porter Company an extension 

of one year without royalty, on condition that they will agree to 

conduct the experiments right along. If they will not do this, 
then it will be pest not to give the extension, a6 we do not want 
the device tied up for a year. 

Inasmuch as you drew the original paper, I would suggest 
that it will be better if you will arrange as to the extension in 
time. | Please do not fail to impress upon the Porter people the 
importance of having the sir go through the fuel chamber slowly, a5 
44 will then overcome the trouble they are now having. 

ours very truly, . 

set bg Nema tae 4 2s 0 TES OR STS 




February 25th,1902. 

Captain O.W, Miller, Manager, 

We nave not been able to talk with-you over the 'phone 
during the past two days dnd ans is a bare possibility that the 
‘phone may have been taken out of your office, we have instructed 
our Works at Stewartaville to forward you a carbon copy of all 
requisitions which they may make on this office. Upon receipt of 
these requisitions, you will kindly notify us by 'phone of such 
geods as you can furnish, siving us the pesuisition number and the 
articles to be furnished by you. f the ‘phone is not used, 
tnoen telegraph us same. 

In other words, if you can f111 all the requisition of a 
given number, simply sal "Al] requisition #---"; if only pary, 
specify the goods which you can furnish, giving the requisition 

Yours truly, 

i pee avinitartins er ME Nn Air: 

February 26tn,1902. 

The North Amories: Gerson & Chemical Co.; 
Room 1512, 508 Broadwaz, 
. New Yorke 
Gentlemen: - 
Replying so youre of the Stu inst. te Mr. Edison, which 
has been awaiting ths «river's return, beg to state, that we have - 
brichins wicuines 0 cue chit «at Edisen, watch we use for briquett- 

ing our dion ore V..88+2 accloLuen sere bullt by ourselves from our 

a briquette 2-1/2" diameter 

by about 2-1/8" thick, veicet The larger one makes 
a br Rywed. be o8 dn disneter, ab 1-1/4" thick and weighs 21 ounces. 
Bach macainuge oukes about $5 ta 60 briquettes per minute. 
We will ve clad to sell you one of the small machines 
for Pive hundred dollars (8800.) and one of the larger ones for 
Bigot nungred daellers ($300.). 
The Mixer tec bs used in connection with these machines 
for ilxing tbe binding material with the fron ore concentrates, 
we will sell at the rate of 5 cents per pound. We would be glad 
to have yeu inspect +ese machines if you are interested. They 
can he seen at ow Works ,Edise. 
The binder vinich we used was a mixture of coal tar and coal 

tar pitch. xf 

Yours very truly, 

— on et 
. foe 

March 18,1902. 

The Morris- Counby- Machine & Iron Co., 
_ ‘Dover, 
Dear Sirs:- 
Replyin- te yours of the 6th inst., stating that you hed 
‘received an inquiry from J oseph Wharton, asking for price on 8 set 
of 36" Crushing Rolls complete with Roller Feed,ete. and asking if 
you could arrange to use our patterns and designs for these Tolls, 
and upon what terms, beg to state that we have just heard from Mr. 
Edison, and he states that he 4s willing you should use the patterns 
and designs for one set of 36" rolls, together with the right to 
Mr. Wharton to use this one set of rolls, on a royalty of 15% of 
your selling price to Mr. Wharton for the set of rolis, roller feed, 
etce , 
In case Wharton should ,decide to have you puild a set, 
we would suggest that you will Let us go over the prints that we 
now have covering the rolls, so to bring them up to date. 

Yours ‘very truly, 

March 21,1902. 
Judge Howard W. Eayes,Esq., 

_ Prudential Heilding ‘ 

Dear Judge:- 
As you are undoubtedly aware, Judge Elliott hes been i11 
since carly in January and for six reeks or more has been wiable to 
4ransact any business or see any mail. I was there this sfter~ 
oon and he handed me the en closed Letter from the Staté Board of 
Taxation covering the taxes. which have been assessed on the property 
of the New Jersey & Penna. Concentrating Works, Edison,N.J. 

Last season Elliott tried to get thd dszepsment reduced 
to $25,00Q. The Town Bosrd refused ta make the reductdon.bak in- 
timated that they would not objest in case the-BState Board would do 
se, as they wanted to put. the responsibility on the 6tete. 

It seems, according to the letter from the: State Board, 
that the petition was dismissed, owing to the Pkilure of Huidott to 
appear and you will note from their letter, that they are Stiling. 
to have the petition reduntated. Will you MAndly take the matter 
up and take whatever steps ‘are necessary ty have the petition re~ 
instated, and arrange for a meeting before the Board. The writer 
is willing to meet them at. Eaison any time they will go there, and 
would suggest that. this is the place for a meeting to be held; 
they could then see for themseives the present condition of the 


H.W.5. #2. 

property. We gan allno show that the entire capital stock of the 
Company has. been Sesue4, and that its debts to outsides people and 
Mr. Edison amount to more than the present value of the -plent. 

if there 4s any other Anformation that you. need, we would 
pe glad to supply it upon request. I would suggest the matter ba 
taken in hand immediately, -es the Judgé-has also recéived ‘ex hetter 
from the Collector dated March 17th, stating that tHe taxes must. 
pe paid at once or he will advertise. I nave asked Elliott to 
write the Collector that he 1s s$i11 111 and the matter: will heve 
attention the moment he can get-at it. 

Yours very truly, 


P.5. If you think it necessary to see Judge Hiliott omthis matter, 
he will see you any time at the Windsor Hotel, Orange ,N.J 

reimeinmin tirana oteannniwised Seite ck a eS nge 

March 24th,1902. 
A.J. McMillan ,Esq. Manager, 
Snow Shoe Gold & Copper Mines, Ltd., 
7? Poultry, London, B.C. England. 
Dear Sir:- 
Replying to yours of the 14th inst., beg to state that 
Mr. Edison is in Florida and we look for him early next month and 
as soon as he returns, your letter will be laid before him. In 
the pontine: thet we may intelligently figure on your require~ 
ments as to the size of the rolls, shovels and ore cars, we beg 
that you will give us the following information: 
First: Tonnage per day of 24 hours you expect to handle. 
Second: Finenéss it will be necessary for you to crush 
to get the best results and such: other information which will be of 
value covering your respective operations, so we may be sure of our 
basis when advising you as to which of our machinery is best adapted 
for your work. 

We owm all the patterns for our machinery and can make 

arrangements either to Dulld the machines for you or arrange thet you 

may build them on a royalty. 
Yours very truly, 

March 24th,1902, 

The North American Carbon & Chemical Co., 
Room 1512, 309 Broadway, 
New York. 

Dear Sirs:- 

Replying to yours of the 21st inst., beg to state, that 

the pressures given by the briquetting machine making the 3" dia. 
briquette, are as follows: 

First pressure, about 8,000 pounds. 

Second pressure about 16,000 " 

Third pressure evout 60,000 
Over the entire surface of the briquette. 

We will be glad to arrange so you could press some: of 
your material in our machine, running it by hand, 8s the plant is’ 
not in operation at present, so we are unable to give you power. 
The horse power of the machines vary and would average, I would say, 
about 2 horse power for each machine. 

Yours very truly, 

April 10,1902. 

Mr. W.S.Wensley ,Secretary, 
Middle States Inspestion Bureau, 
ae Witlian She, 

New York. 

addressed to our 

qhe that, it has not as yet been 

definitely decided whe will start making the changes. The time 
of starting will depend - : dea! unen the time of completing 

our Cement Werke and the mev Storage Battery Works. We pelieve it 
will be some Little time before Mr. Fdison will. be in a position to 
toke hold cf shies work. 

Yours very truly, 


, My dear Col. Reiff:- 


Yours of the list inst. at hand and same has been shown 

to Mr. Edison, who says hw would Like very much to accommodate you 

put as things are at present, with the numerous demands made on 

him for his own enterprises, it is simply impossible to do so at 

this time. 
L have destroyed your letter as requested. 

Yours very truly, 

Gol. J. C. Reiff, 
20 Broad St., 

New York. 

April 14,1902. 

Kr, John Woolcock, 
Cold Spring, 
New York. 
Dear Sir: 
We are in receipl of yours of the 12th inst. and note that 
you wilL he unable to set the tax pills tor a week or ten days. 
We have talked over with . Hdison the matter of repairs on the 

house and while he would prefer not to spend any money, he says, 

if the repairs were aheolutely needed, he is willing you mould 

spend up to Sixty or seventy dollars. 

Ag to wages, ne has carefully eowstaaved the matter, and 
gays, under the circumstances, he cannot see his way clear at this 
time to make any additions ; a8 expleined to you, the property is 
of no value to us whatever and with the taxes and salary, is quite 
a purden to carry. Of course, 98 Soon 26 things develop in the fron 
Ore business and we get back to work at Edison, we may be able to 
change this. 

Yours very truly, 

April 14,1902. 

Near Captain:- 

Yours of the i2th inst. fully noted. We will arrange 

to have more harrels sent you and wish that you would do ail you can 
to make prompt shipment of the ofl outrit, a5 we are in urgent. 
need of it at Stewartsville. 

T will tell Carrie about the chickens and e7gs; she will 
be much interested I am sure. 

I note that you will have to cut bushes on the Ridge road. 
Do what is necessary but spend as little money in this direction as 
possible. . 

As to the magnets which you found in the cellar, better 
bave them put in the storeroom but lesve them as they are at present, 
ge we might want to make some tests on them. When I hear anything 
further from Mr. Harden, I will advise you what I hear from him. 

I think I will write him to-day, regarding the Chase. 

All. about as usual at home. 

Yours very truly, 
Captain O.W.Miller, 


April 18,1902. 
The Rock Plaster Co., 

il Broadway, 
New York. 
Replying to yours of the 17th: inst. » we beg to state that. 

we have at our Works,Edison,N.J. a six foot Dryer suitable for 

drying sand, but before quoting you price on it, we wish that you 

would advise us what would be the maximum amount of moisture your 
sand would ever contain, particularly in the Winter time, when it 
might be frozen. 28 : - 

We have learned by expprience that the Dryer does satis- 
factory work practicslly up to a certain percentage of mositure; 
but if the moasture is higher than that, it is then necessary to 
put the sand in a Stock House and further drying it by circulating 

air over it which absorbs the motsture from the heated material. 


This so the sand’ can be made bone dry. 

If you wish to learn anything as to the working of the 
dryer, cost per ton,etc., you can obtain it from the New Jersey Zine 
Company, who heave Offices in your City, and our Dryer can be seen 
at our Works,Edison,N.d. where it is now erected. 

Yours very truly, 

April 22nd ,1902. 
The Rock Plaster Company, 
11 Broadway, 
New Yorke 
Dear Sirs:- 

We are in receipt of yours of the b9th insti. and note 

percentage of moisture in the sand will vary from 4-1/2% in the 

Sumner to 9% in the Winter time. Iv it does not exceed the latter 
sum, we believe there will be no difficulty in drying your material. 

We are willing to sell you the 6' Dryer we have at 
Edison for Three thousand dollsers,($3,000.) , f.o.b. cars Edison, 
Nedo The above to include everything now connected with the aryer, 
such as fire brick, all furnace fixtures,etc. 

We would, however, require that you send your peppesenves 
sive to inspect the dryer before we take it down, 2s it has now 
Seon standing for over a year without use and there may be some parts 
of it a Little rusty. We would also suggest that it is necessary 
to huve anew distributing device put in the top of the dryer, 
same as we have on the new dryer at Stewartsville, also Rome as we 
have on our 8! dryer at Edison and on the dryer of the New Jersey 
Zine Company. We have the blue-prints of this dist riputor and 
would be willing, of course, to furnish them to you. This would not 

add materially to the cost, 38 it te simply 3. plein chilled iron 


R.P.Co. #2. 

When you desire your representative to go to Edison, 
please advise and we will arrange so that everything will be shown 

hin. The best way is to go via the Nev York, Susquehanna & Western, 

on train leaving New York at 8-30 Ae. to Ogdensburg,N.J. We 

would arrange to have a team meet your representative and drive to 
our Works at Edison, reaching there about noon. He could then 
leave Ogdensburg at 6-12 P.ii., reaching New York about 8-50. 

Yours very truly, 

April 25th,1902. 
The Rock Plaster Company, 
1L Broadway, 
New York. 
Dear Sirs:- 

Replying to yours of the 23rd inst., we beg to state that, 
in queting you a price of Tiree thousand dollars, ($3;000.), we 
offered you te Dryer at less then 50% of the cost to us. In this 
sauwe dryer we nave dried over & 100 tons per hour of iron ore 

very low cost for fuel consimption. These two items should 

considered when comparing the cost of the dryer with those of 

other makei's. 

We astimate that there will be some eonsiderable expense 

4yn taking the dryer down and Loading it on cars, aud we canmot see 
our way clear te reduce tne price named you. 
As to the condition, we do not believe that the rust has 

in any way effected the dryer, except as to its looks, and for this 

purpose We thought best to nave you see it as it is. 

The price of $3,000. you understand, includes approximately 

40 tons of castings on blower, the exhauster at top, blower at 

yottom, pipes, fire prick, fire grates, furnace castings ,etc. ,ete., 

and at the price names, igs very cheap, considering the capacity 

and the Tuel economy. We would give you these figures, but prefer 

that you ‘get them from the New Jersey Zine Company, as they have 



run the 

April 25th,1902. 

My dear Judge:- 

T received the 23rd inst. and ve are all very 
much pleased to learn you are improving. Neturally, after such 
2 long siege, your improvement will be slow and I think it will be a 
great mistakes for you to return at tnis time; so heve telearsphed 
you as follows: "Make no arrangements to return here until get 
my Letter,” which now beg to confirm. 

I beg herewith to enclose check for Seventy-eight dollars, 
($76.00) covering salary for April, from the New Jersey & Penna. 
Concentrating Vorks, which kindly receipt and return to me. I 
would advise by all means your remaining at Least: another week. 

Regarding Tax matter, Judge Hayes nes it in hand and I 
have written Decker to-day, stating that the matter is still before 

the Tax Board and have also extended our regret that he has had any 

trouble covering the collection, and stating that we ereatly 

appreciate the favors he has extended in the past. 

Yours very truly, 

Alexander Elliott ,Jr-, 
c/o Galen Hall, 
Atlantic City,N.J- 

(Hnclosure ) 

April 25th,1902. 

North American Carbon & Caemical Co., 

Room 1312, 309 Broadway, 

New York. 

‘Replying to yours of the 2lst inst., beg to astute that 
we would not care to make the arrangement you suge st as. to a. 
bpriguetting machine and mixer, unless you would be willing to give 
us bond that the machines would’ be returned in as good créer to us. 
as “nen delivered to you, also to cover. the rental. “We are frank. 
to say that the reports we get. from the Comsercial Companies would 
not warrant our dealing on-any cther basis. : 

We are ready, however, to enter into any equitable arrange-_ 
ment so thet you may test the machines, provided we are protected. .-> 

Yours very truly, 

pepe MBP ERE 

April 28th,1902. 

Secretary of State Board of Taxatton, 


Dear Sir:- 
Sometime since Judse Hayes and the writer appeared before 
-your Board relative to tne taxea on our plant Located at Hdison,N.J. 
and vou were kind enough to reinstate the appeal sua arrange for a 
meeting to be held at our Works sometine during Mey. 
tn receipt of 3 letter eee ace Decker, Collector, 
Sperte.Nel:, stating that at the last meeting. of the Town Committee 

held April 8th,1902, he was asked to proceed to collect the Edison’ 

taxes, and notifying us if same te not paid on or vefore May lst: 

1902, uc #i11 proceed to levy, advertise and sell for taxes. 
We have written him that the appeal has -been reinstated and as a 
matter off oBution, we would appreciate it ie you would also notify - 
him thet the Stete Board has taken the matter up again. This 
will relieve him of any. responsibility for a further delay, with 
tne Town Committee. 

Thanking you in advance for your trouble, we are, 

Yours very truly, 


May 1st ,1902. 

The North American Carbon & Chemical Coc, 
Room 1312, 309 Broadway, 
New York. 
Dear Sirs:- 
Replying to. yours of ths 28th ult., beg to state that we 
are should make testa on 2 small quantity of your 

material on our ntachinen st our Works at Fdison, and if you will 

arrange the time you wish to or, vo vill send you & pass to our 


We cannot supply power, but the machines can ke run easily 
by two men and you can moke briquettes tc demonstrate whether 
the machines are practicel Yor your purvose. 

Yours very truly, 

May 5th,1902, 

My dear Col. Reiff:- A 
Yours of the 2nd inst. fully noted. The papers are 

correct as to fhe English Hdiccn Unyyany. The preperty in Norway 

has been purchased snd Be oo Uda, hee, Leen samseribed to build a 

plant for the concent. si 4.2 of Loss tra. “ha ora averages about 

42% and we believe the enterprise will prove tc be very profitable. 

As to tha Cement vila we eectot is have it in operation 
about the first of June; portieuns of 2. sre elreacy running. | 

I have asked Mr. Bdipon sivut tue geld and silver in your 
ore and he says he doses not belierr it-could be cyanided success- 
fully on account of ths copper. le gays you could probably get 
more definite information sa thie fron other sources. 

Yours. very truly, 

Col. J. G Reiff, 
20 Broad St., 
New York. 

May 5th,1902. 

Howard W. Hayes ,Esa, ‘ 
Prudential Building, 
My dear Judge:-" 
Yours of the 1st inst. fully noted. ‘Mr. Hdison says he 
thinks it will be well for you to make the trip to-Eqdison, with 

the Bosra of Taxation, and eso gays that -he-does not think »a day 

in the country will do you any harn. You understand, there is 2 

possibility the Tovmahip people may object end in’which-vase, It 
would be well for us to “sve Courisel with us. 

Yours very truly. 

May 7th,1902. 

Captain 0. W. Miller »Manager., 
New Jersey & Pennsylvania Con. Works, 
Edison ,N. iJ. 

Dear Sir:- 

On May 16th, the State Board of Taxation will visit our 

plant eat Edison, going up on the ‘Susquehanna and then driving to 
the Works. Please make arrangements with the Sweeney Hotel, 
to have dinner ready not later than twélve o'clock, for about 
twelve people. Also carriages for ‘the -same number. We shall 
want to drive to the plant at. Edison and have the carriages remain, 
so to take the party back to’ the 6-12 train. 

Kindly advise me when these arrangements have been made. - 

Yours very truly, 

May 7th,1902. 

My dear Col. moses. 

Yours of the 6th inst. fully noted. ‘The plant in 
Norway will be budlt along the Lines of ‘the Cement plent, with 
such modifications. as experience may demonstrate at ‘the Cement 
plant, are desirable. 

As to running the plant at Ogdensburg, Mt could mnot have 
been puccessfully done with the buildings and foundations we had. 
I think f have told you that “out of & possible running time of ten 
hours, we only averaged four hours and.35 aminutes -actual running | 
time , covering a period:-of -six-months. ‘The days-in whieh we ran 
efght or nine hours, the plant made money, ‘but this was -offset by 
the days jin which: wie were shut down most of the time; -so the only 
thing to do,is to rebuild as soon as possible. Mr. Fdison still 
talks of. it ero time to time, and his intentim is to get back 
at it at the earliest possible moment. 

: ‘Yours very truly, 

Col. J. C. Reiff, 
20 Broad St., 
New York. 

May 19th,1902, 

My dear Judge :- 

Cn Friday last, we had the State Board of Taxation at 
Edison and efter quite a vigorous fight, put ‘up by the. Town Committee 
vho seriously objected to the assegsment being reduced, the Board 
decided to. reduce it from $125,000 down to $60,000, with the recom- 
mendetion that dt be made lower-for this year. We understand 
it will probably be made about $40,000. for-this coming vear. 

The members. of the Board were all very sorry to learn 
that you were still £11, and hope you will soon be Hbout. Mr. 

Edison went with us and tt -was his testimony thet oarrded the day. 

I beg hérewlth to return the two letters from Mr, 
Wyckoff; & theck was sent ‘him on May 12th. 

Tam glad to 1léarn through Mr. Randolph that you ure 
gaining i1n blood and I am sure oun strength will return rapidly 
when you onoe start to mend. 

Trusting you -mey soon be about, I an, 

Yours very truly, 
Alexander Hitiott ,ir., 

Galen. Hall, 
Atlantic Clty ,N.J. 

{2 Enclosures) 

May 20th,1902. 

Mr. Frank C. Roberts, 
Real Estate Trust Bldg., 


Dear Mr. Roberts:- 

Your two favors of the 17th inst. fully noted. We 
will hare our people get out the sketches you ask for ss soon as 

As to the royalty, as explained to you before, on any 
machinery which goes to England, royalty will have te be srrangedé 
with the Béison Ore Milling Syndicate ,Ltd. of London. 

We assume these rolls will be used by the Consert Works, 
‘go there will probably not be any trouble as to the royalty, as they 
are interested in our new Norway preposition. | oe : 

Yours very irmdy, 

May 22na 1902, 

Captain O. W, Milier Manager, 

Dear Sir:~ 

We this morning telephoned you to serid the #12 Dynamo to 
our Glen Ridge pleit vie freight tormorrow. Confirming our 
telephone message sent you immediately after lunch, you will kindly 
cancel said order for shipment of the #12 Dynamo, as we have found 
one here at the Lahoratory which will answer our purpose. 

Yours truly, 

May 27th,1902. 

Franklin P. Couch,Esq.', 
New York. 
Dear Sir:- 

Some months azo, we put the matter of taxes on the property 
in your vicinity, into the hands of Judge Elliott, with the request 
that he look the matter up thoroughly and make a report to us on 
the exact situation as to present end pust taxes. Just as he got 
stariied on this work, he was taken sick and is still on the sick 

We beg herewith to enclose various bills, correspondence, 
etc. we have received regarding the back taxes, and-wish you would 
take the matter up, advising us just what taxes. it is absolutely 
necessary for us to pay. We wish to keep up the taxes assessed 
against the Reading Iron Company's property, but are indifferent 
to the taxes on the railroad; and we jstve no doubt but that there 
are some of these taxes which you ca. ax cange so it will not be 
necessary for us to pay 

‘Inasmuch as the reiic nave all been taken up, we think 
the assessment on the railrosd property should be very materially 

Will you kindly take the matte in hand and advise us 

the taxes we must absolutely pay. We would also be glad to have 

you take the matter of taxes in hand on future assessments, and 
look out for our assessments. 

Ur. Edison joins the writer in extending his kindest 
regards. . ™ 

Yours very truly, 





Letterbook, LM-244 

This letterbook covers the period June 1902-February 1903. Most of the 
correspondence is by Walter S. Mallory, vice-president of the company, and 
John F. Randolph, treasurer. The letters deal mainly with the disposition of 
equipment and supplies from the Ogden works. There is also correspondence 
about the development of ore milling interests in England and Norway, the 
experimental use of Edison’s bricker by Baldwin Locomotive Co. of 
Philadelphia, and the possible infringement of Edison’s dryer patent by the M. 
H. Treadwell Co. of New York City. A portion of the company letterhead is 
affixed to the front cover and is inscribed "From June 16, 1902 To Feb. 27, 
1903." The spine is stamped "Letters" and is marked "38." The book contains 
999 numbered pages and an index. Approximately 10 percent of the book has 
been filmed. 



a sac 

eet nme et 

23 SME SNe gee 9 = 



Aurelius Todd ,isq., 
c/o Standard Manganese Co., 

Santiago, Cuba, 
Dear Sir:-- 

Replying to yours of the 29th ult., beg to state that if 

you will senda us by freight a sample of 100 pounds of your 

material, marking what it is and as coming from the Standard Mangan- 

ese Company, ve will turn it over to our Expert snd see what can be 

done vith it. 

Do not fail to send an average sample; in ‘fact, we ‘had 

rather have it a little poor than rich, and mark it plainly so there 
will be no misunderstanding, as w 

@ receive many samples We are 

unable to identiry. 

Yours very truly, 

6/20 /o2 IU/L 
Mr. Joun W. Converse, 
c/o Baldwin Locomotive Works, 
Dear Sir:-~ 
We are in receipt of yours of the 18th inets gno-we will 

ijvmtruet our people at Edison to ship you one 3" Briquitting machine 

complete, tor which we will render a memorandum bill, sd ag 0. keep 
a record on otr books. 

We, widerstand that you are to assume ai expenses in: 
opmection with. loading, shipping and unloading, freight, eto. te 
Philadelphia and return to Edison. In case you do nog deaide 
to keep the machine, that you agree to return it in as good order 
as when received from us; and if it showla not be din as good 
order, that you will beer tHe expense of mating it s0. 

When you are ready to set the machine up and operate it, , 
we think we can arrange to let you haye our man who te familiar 
with tie machine, and who: opn be of A gréat deal of value to you; 
you, of course, powtre nig expenses and sarary. 

As stated to you: verbally, ‘we are ready to give. you the 
detells of our experience-ang any help that we oan from time to 

We wmderstand that yo will proteat us in case of loss by 
fire, while the machine te X he deel ge 



6/21702/Rau /L 

“Baldwin Locomotive Works, 
“Dear Sirs:--~ ; 
We have heen requested by Mr. J.'W. Cogverse, to ship him 
a Bricking machine with whitch to try some experiments gn priquetting 

#e tnderstsnd that Ur.’J. W. Converse is a Son of Mr.” 

: Pa ; 
John H, Converge, of your Compeny, and is good for his bngagementa. 

Will you kindly advise us tf we ave correct in this susumption. 
Thenking you very much for your reply, we are, 
Yours very truly, 

6/26 /o2ISM/L 

My dear Col. Reiff:;-- 

Mr. Edison hes fully noted yours of the Poth inet. and 

says it will be impossible to make the arrangement as susfested by 

you, as he is making every effort to reduce his indebtedness and 

wants to pay off as rapidly as possible. 

Regarding the amount due Dr. Alexander, we assume it 

will be satisfactory to him for us to pay $2,000. and renew the 
balance for six months, ss heretofare. Will you communicate 

wiih time 

Yours very truly, 

Col. J. GC. Reiff, 
20-Broad St., 
New York. 



Mr. G. Ulbricht, 
30 Broad Street, 
New York. 
uy dear Mr. Ulbricht:-- 

Ur. Edison has examined 4 package containing some of thé 
black sand taken from the Plecer Mines én Youth Dakota, and says! 
‘There is only about one tenth of one pereent mesieteee eand in 
it. L gantt see much value in 1%, 38 there are considerable 
meny mercury globes in 4%." . 

Mr. Bafson suggested it would be well to have Rleketts 

dnd. Benks or some other first class Chemiet make sh analysis for 

you. Of course, with the small amonnt of magnebis iron our 

mactiine woukd not be of vaiue to -you in this work. 
Sours very truly, 

Hr. James B. Tonka. oue.., 

New Jersey fins Gonwanr , 

Franklin Tornace 
My dear Sir;:-- 

Replying te yours  f uc8 Uhh trp » i ver to state that 
we have your 3 High Rollsa‘in aise agd ihe 4 SEE Pet: opportunity 
we hear of where they curl d be placec ‘Go Nulld be most happy to 
advise you of it. 

7e have decided to scrap the $ isn reils which we have 
at Edison, as they have on them the o24 Ftzie bearings, and we have 
figured that we can build new rolls fo" not very mnueh more than it 

would cost to bring the old ones up to date. 

As to the Mlevator Clamps, Gudkets,otc., we will also bear 

them in mind, and it would seem probable that we wlll be sble to 

‘make some disposition of these for you later on. We hove 
certain negotiations under way at present and if ther are suecess- 
fully concluded, theese may be an opportunity te dco sometuing with 
the elevator parts. 

We will be very happy to advise you at the earliest 
possible moment. 

Yours very truly, 

7/28/02/8AS [AL 

Edison Ore Milling Syndicate ,Ltd., 
Amberly House ,Norfolk Street,Strand, 
London ,W.C, ,England. 
Dear Sire:-- 
We are in receipt of 2 letter from Frank C. Roberts & Co. 

wherein they state that they ore about to place an order for some 

Crushing and Feed Rolls, similar to those we used at Edison, and we 

write to ask if they made any arrangements with you for the use 
of these foils in Europe. 

Yours very truly, 

7/29/02 BAS ft 

Col. J. C. Reiff, 
20 Broad Street, 

New York. 

Dear Sir:-- 

Your esteemed favor of the 24th inst. duly received in 

the absence of Mr. Mallory. 

Mr. Edison spends most of his time at Stewartsville now 
and will be there until the nlent is in full operation and Mr. 

Mallory is slso away. 

The battery will not be ready for the market until the 

Yours truly, 

* /30/o2aftas A, 

Messrs. Frank C, Roberts & Co., 
Real Estate Trust Bldg., 

~~ Philadelphia ,Pa. 
Dear Sirs:-- 


We are tn receipt of your favor of the’ 29th inst. and 

note that Mr. Roberts is stl in England and will not return until 

after the first of October. Also that you assume Mr. Roberts 
has done whatever wii be necessary since 

_ he fully widerstood the 


Mr’. Mallory has been seriously 411 for a week or so past 

and is away now ty » period of absolute rest. We trust that he 

WILl return to the otetce within the next two week's time, when your 

hetter will be placed berore hin, 

Yours very truly, 

7/30 /o2/mar/t, 

Messrs. Peysert é& Knauss, 

206 Eceles Building, 

Ogden ,Utah. 
-Gentlemen: -- 

We are in rece4pt of your favor of the 26th tnst. 

stated enclosure, for which accept our thanks. 

In reply, 


Mr. Edison its so very busy getting our Cement 

Plant at Stewartsyilie started, also our Storage Battery plant, that 

he will he obliged to defer givi 

ng his attention to the Placer - 
matter until. later 4n the Fall. 

We, however, will Pile your 

letter and statement and give same 4s early attention as possible... 

; qo ee 

Yours ‘truly, ‘ a es 

7/30/o2/nas /L 

Mr. James G, Shaw, 
% McKiernen Driil Co. P 
170 Broadway, 

New York, 
Deer Sarr... 

We sre in receipt of your favor of the 29th inst. "In re: 
purchase of Victor Stean Shovel Located at Edison", 

Mr. Mallory, our Vice President, is out of torn ang quite 

dll. - Before he lert town, he dictated the following to the writer: 

"We have arranged to sell Mr. James G. Shaw, the 65 ton 

Victor Steam Shovel at 45 000. ,f.0.b. Centrol Raflroad of New adhe 

then $1,000, 

He ts to Say us $2,000. in cash before shipment’ is made 
every thirty days untAl the payment 1s made’ in full, " 
Title of shovel to remain in us until all payments are made." 

As your letter calls for "$2, 000, sight drart against 
bill of lading", 

we called you up on the "phone this. morning to: have 
this matter thoraughly mnderstood, and stated to. you Ur. Mallory! 8 
instructions to the writer. 

would take 

We under stood from you that at 
four or ftye deya to get this cheek to us and in the 

meantime; you requested ug to get the shove? ready for shipment. 

We will do all we can in this matter, and would ask that you kindly 

send check promptly, so there may be no delay in getting this shovel 

Yours truly, 

Se een ea 

a0th., O2. 

SEN ete tee oor: 
2 sy, 

Mr. Jonn W. Converse, 
Baldwin Locomotive Works, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dear Sir:- 

Replying to vours of the 19th inst., bes to state we use 


compressed air for blowing oil on the plunrers in the 

machine, and vou will find that if these plungers are polished 41+¢ 

wil} make quite a difference in the material sticking to them 

I expect to he here on Friday of this week, and Monday 

and Tuesday of next week, and will be glad to see Mr. B. T. Converse 


on either of those days. WE] you kindly ask him to telegraph me 

the day on which he dectdes to cane, and J will make it a point 

to be here. 

Yours truly, 

., pence 

Aug, 22nd., 92. 

Hr. J, DP. Shilling, Supt., 

Cornwall, Lebanon Co., Pas 

Dear Siri 

Cont? rinkug coaversation, we' bes to offer you the two 
rolls you saw st our plant at- Edison, N. J.;° as follows:= 
ONE GIANT ROLL COMPLETE, six feet diameter by five feet 

face, with hammered tron snafts, vresent chilled iron plates; dimen- 

sions as shown on B. Pp. A. 1508 encloged,’' We 

Can send further de- 
tudls if required. 

ONN TNTRRMEDIATE ROLT,, COMME TH, four teet dianeter by four 

feet face, with hammered tron shafts, present chilled irom plates; 


dimensions as shown on 3B. Pp, 4,-1L507 gnoloseds 


Also cast ateel hoppers, cast 

pedestals, and roller 
feed device complete; aj 2s showy cou on Saturday Last. 
We have succesefWly erushed atic: these rolls, pieces weigh- 
ing five tons of the hard Sergey meagetite. . 7 

The movinr perk uf tre Glant Roll weighs about 70 tons, and 
the cireunference speed is about SOOO feat ner minutee 

The cirewnference seed of the Intermedtate Roll isabout 
3500 treet per minute, and to these high speeds is due the fact that 

the minimum amount of rines wiil be made very much less than in any 

other style of crusher or slow speed roll on your ore. 

No. 2 

The rolls ca be driven by pelt ss they were at Hdison, or 
equipped with @ small rolling mill engine, same 98 we are doing at 
our new plant in Norway, ‘This vill make a simpler plant, aud we 
will he glad to give vou the details at any tine. 

We had the Gisnt Rolis set about 15" apart, and the Inter- 
mediate - 7" apart; the. latter can be set to make 6"'pieces, which 
we understand Is the size vou want. : ‘ 

If vou should decide toa purchase the roils, Mr. Edison and 
our Rng ineer wii he glad to rive vou tre benefit of our experience 
with them, and any Lely poses thie in destiening sour new plant. 

Our price for bre ve 

iis sud parts described, subject to - 

exdor gale is Vittean UP osonc Soliars ~{($15,000,00) fe. O. be cars 
sdisoa, Ma 7, aha ress nc ereos ere very heavy, so at this 

price tie cost woule ie sents per pounde .:- : 

The on 

ae i sa. 4 07% Anclude shop rights to use 

them on vorur fru. ave vt : Lt ut royalty. 
ff there ta aan 0 “+ lon we can give you, please 

command use 

we tye) 
s truly, 
pie sions ue 1 
[eee ira 

tetas Si abe. 

Judice Howard w, 


Newark, ae 



We bey herewt 

of 4 8IXt-f! ve ton v4 


Edison, I 

Shovel is sold 

by Tames Ge Shaw on fo} 

shipment end balance 

dollars each, 


Tithe ts 

trattng Vorks untarz 

to be sigenea by GC. , 
will he protected as to 
a Also state that 


tattves of the C. I. a9 

the shovel to he in 
not make Soy suarontee 
or reject 4% before shit 

it arrives tn Ohio. 

tn to hand rou cor 

ctor Steam Shovel, 

in three monthly 
from date of sha 
to remain in the 

payment as 

: fod 
; wo 
é rad 
> ? ce 
: A 
Ye er 
- aa 7 


to QO. H, vomnel] Co. ang 


ow' ns terns- 
New Jersey & 
meade *n fui, 
Co., Tames c, 

Shovel hag been 


rnell Co. at Hatson, N. 

food tondstion and ready for o 

and C, H, Connell 

on it, 
pment, as 


Yours very triay, 



we wild nbt “accept inspection 

respondence relative to ple 

located at our plant at 

payment susranteed 

two thoussnd dollars cash before 

parents of one thousand 

Pennsylvanix Concen- 

Please draw agreement 

Shaw and ourselves so we 

ted by several represen 

+» and while we believe 
. 34. ean 
peration, we wii] 

Co. must efther accept 



Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Building, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
Dear Sirs:-- 

We have at our plant, Edison, N. J., about 125 tons of 
s0# steel rails, 18 switches and 16 frogs with guard rails, etc., 
all in fair condition. These rails could be used in relaying. 
They can be seen in place by your representative. We shall be glad 
to have you make us an offer for them. 

When you decide to send your representative to look them 
aver, have him take the New York, Susquehanna & Western train from 
Cortlandt Street, Pennsylvania Station at 8-45 AM., and go to — , 
Ogdensburg ,N.J., then drive to our Works st Edison, about 2-1/2 
We will take the rails up and load them on Central Ratli- 

road of New Jersey cars at Edison,N.J. 

Yours very truly, 

PREC ae 

age ee cet SemAcats 68 BAA 

Pe ae 


rs i 



~ yi 

Saag, of 
ee 9/16 /o2 NSM AL 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Building, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
Dear Sirs:-- 

Replying to yours of the 13th inst., beg to state that we 
still have at Edison, one set Sach of 6 ft. 4 ft. rolls; two sets 
of 36" rolls and anc set of 24" rolis. ..0n the latter it will be 
necessary to put on 2 new mandrel to make them fit the plates. 

We also have one each 8 ft. 6 ft. and 3 ft. Dryer; a very 
large number of pulleys, bearings, sprockets, gears, worms and 4 
full ousfit of Priquetting machinery. ra 

Wa would suggest that the best plan would be, to have 
whoever is going to design your mill, visit the plant at Edison, 
then he cowld verv much better tell just what he could use of our 

Yours very truly, 

9/9 /o2 isu /L 

Dear Mr. Edison:-~- 

We have an inquiry from Messrs. Grant & Williams, for one 
of the 90 ton Vulcan shovels. Would you saneeo sell? If so, 
please name price. 

You remember , the first shovel cost us about Ten thousand 

dollars ($10,000.) and the second one about Twelve thousand 

dollars, ($12,000.), the second one being purchased on monthly 

payments. Kindly advise. 

Yours very truly, 

T.A.Rdiso: »HBds ’ 
Stewartsville, N.J. 

3/fi9/o2/weM A 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Building, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
Dear Sirs:-- 

Regarding the rails,beg to state that we have agreed 
to close the matter on Monday morning and hope to hear from your 
Pottsville people before that time. . 

We received a bid to-day of.Twenty-eignt déllars and 
fifty cents ($28.50), f.o.b. Edison. 

Yours very truly, 

P.S. Since dictating the above, we have recef4ved your 
telegram "Pottiville will take rails at $28. as offered by others". 


We think that they should pay us as much as offered by other 


people. Kindly advise if they are willing to increase the price 
to $28.50, also advise how soon they would want the rails and ds to 
whether they would send a representative to Edison to inspect them, 

as they are loaded, as other people have agread to do. 

Messrs. Grant & Williams, 

Park Row Building, New York. 


We have heard from Mr. Rdison who says he is not anxious 

to sell the 90 tm Vulcan shovels, and would not do so unless he 
‘could obtain ® good price for them. 

One shovel, which hss had about a year's work, we would 
sell for $8500 f.0.b. cars Edison, N. J. ‘The second 90 ton shovel, 
which hss only had ahout four io six months! work, and which is 
practically new, we would sell. for $9500 f. o- bd. cars Edison. 
Subject to inspection before shipment is made. Terms cash. 

Yours very trmly, 

(25/02 fISM AL 

Captain O. W, Midlder Manazer , 
Dear Sir: ~+- 
Please arrange to take un the rails, a5 per letters 
recently wriiten you and have than laid out alongside of loading 

track, so that you oan sastly load them wnen we receive shipping 

directions. The rails are to be ingected by Hunt's Inspection 

Bureau but they will not send thetr man wntil the ratis sre ready 
for shipment. 

, In case you find any rails that you do not think will 
stand inspection, please put them in a separate pile, ss ve would 
not Like to heve the whole lot condemmed for a few pieces. 

The United States Metak & Manufecturing Company advise us 
they can use the spikes, bolts and nuts attached to the rails, if 
they are in good condition; therefore, please keep al]. the bolts, 
nuts and soikes together. 

As we wrote you vesterdayv ahout the pulleys, please get 
these ralls ready for chipment 2 soon 4s possible, as we do not 
‘want to lose the benefit of the high market, which 1s largely 
occasioned now by the Coxsl Strike. 

When the rails are reaty for shipment, please advise us 

so we may send the Tnspector. 
Voaurs werw trviv, 

9/29 /OSVIsK/L 



Please take up the matter at once snd Learn whether you. 
can get the needAdary man to out Prom 500 to"%,000 cords 62 wood, 

advising’ ws the vate per’ cord you can get 20 cutie oon ~~ ebae 

os ‘Le Whtieowd have 5 certain amount of coal on hend, in view 
fore > to “the 

cy the coai strike, we believe i:-i5 .ise to"cast -an anchor windware? 
Please take this matter wo at once and advise us as ‘soon 

a2 possible just wrat you think cou can da. 

our property, 
A> ane oe 

The wood, of course, showld be out from 

where it lies, negrest to the Railread tracks, and we would Buge est 
= . hoy 

pa lt 

5 Penene 
7 ene 

the. organization of 4 gang under the charge of some one and let them 
practicslly clear the place vhere the cutting is to be done, of 
all the timber Ape in that particular spot, so as to get the 
work done as cheaply ar possible per cord, and also to have the 
minimum distance to havi tt to the Railroad tracks, 

Yours very truly, 

at on atten 

Re ere 


ae 3 
pomp gee 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 
‘Girard Building, * 
" Phaladelphia, Pa. 
Dear Sirs:-- 
Replying te yours of the 2?tn inat., veg to state’ that the 

shatting st Edison le not for see, as we expect to use it in our 

future operations. BA 8 uss 

ve Wave decided to norgp # certain proportion ‘of the 
sprocket wHecls, but will not sersp the bevel anda spur gears; 
neither ‘shai we sell the Blowers or the Machine’ Shop tools, as 

we will have use for 

an the plant is re-built. *- 

‘them v 

; ; er sen 
As soon as we have any more scrap tron reddy, we will 

2 G2 9.2 ee pacar 
advise you and ask you to meke us a bid on it. i 
1 Bt ; . a uw. $ CRS 

a Yours very truly, *. 

10/7 oz Aisw AL 

Mr. A. S. Pitman, 
1162 Fulton Street, 
Dear Sir:-- 
Replying to yours of the 4th inst., beg to state that 
the Works of this Company sre not in operation and probably will 

not be for two or three years. The Edison Ore Milling Company 

is in receipt of no income and we have not heard anything lately 

as to sales of the stock. 

It is Mr. Fdison's intention however, when he completes 
some of the work on hand, to take up again the question of re- 
building the plant at Edison and until thet is accomplished, the 
Ore Milling Company will not have any incone. 

Yours very truly, 

Sth) eae 

vp WAR Are 

10/22 /o2/isu fy, 

The Morrts County 

Hachine & Iron Co., 



Dear Sirg:. 

Replying to 

yours of the 15th inset. 

to Mr, Edison, we 

e jin communication with the of 

beg to state that we 


fer Iron Works 
Company for 

drawings, as they possibly 

to use the 6 foot rolls. 

You ean to hurry forward the Plates 
Grinding Rolls for Stewartsville, 
Orange ag fast as completed, 

may decide, if they use the rolls at all, 

Please do all that 
for the Pine 

shipping them to 

a8 we need the deeper corrugations 
ur rolls, 

80 to get ¢ heavier feeq ono 

Yours very truly, 


10/21 /o2zAIsu AL, 

Marvin Brirces, Esa., 

12 Broadway, 

Hew York. 
Replying to yours of the 20th inst., we™beg to state that 
he Triple Rxnansion Engine we have was built in France. It 

Yas 4 cylinders and two Seas 

» high pressure cylinder 15.5 diameter, 

intermediate 22.8 diameter, two Low pressures of each 28 diameter, 

stroke 17.7". At 170 revolutions, 150 pounds of steam we be4 

developed 500 Horse Power. The engine is in good condition and is 

complete with jet condenser and pump. 
Our price is Eighty-five hundred dollars, ($8500.) f.o.b, 
cars Edison. The engine may be inspected there at any time. 

Yours very truly, 

My dear Col. Reirr:-- 

Replying to yours &f the 16th snst, which I find on ‘my 
return here this afternoon, beg to Beay that it will be impossible 
to make the loan, as requested, and until the Cement and Stor age 
Battery plants are on @ commercial footing, there will be very 
little chance of making the losn, 38 you suggest. 

I do not telephone you, asp it is after banking hours. 

Yours very truly, 


J. Cz. Reiff, 
20 Broad St., 
New York. 


r. ECL. Jaques: - or i 

TRE Steet 

Deon Bir: -- 

I want to get at some statistics as to the total amount 

of weight in the 8' Drrer and 6' Dryer located at Edison. My 

recollectton 1s that both dryers were purchased from the Dallett 

Foundry Company. These machines were both bought in, I think, 
1891 or 1898. 
Please let me have this information as soon as possible. 
Yours very truly, 

SESSay eee eiear Ue bets BANE WAN rs et COAT RMEL 

é 10/27 /o2z/AveM AL 

Messrs. Frank C. Roberts & Co., 
Real Estate Trust Building, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
Dear Sirs:-- 

Replying to yours of the 25th inst., we beg to state that 
you will recall the fact that the Lebanon rolls were purchased 
when timee were not so prosperous as at ppegeat. and that we our- 
selves, have been compelled to pay the Morris County Machine & Iron 
Company, nearly $1,000, more than the figures you mention. 

If it is not asking too much, we would like to know what 
the London Company quote on the roils. 

Yours very truly, 

’ Ne a entireeietemenien st nias pockets 
SSI REE CEE re eeonenn PEON ry ACT Ma wNNe aN reir 

; 10/29/02/7Eu/L 

Mr. Framk Drake, Chief Engineer, 

Oliver Tron Mining Company, 
Duluth, Minn. 
Desr Sir:-- 

Replying to yours of the 22nd inet., which I find awaiting 
my return, I beg to herewith give vou the information for which you 
ask, in the same order as asked: 

1st. The horse power required on the roils at the Edison 
plant white crushing iron ore, was about as follows: . 

6' Rolls set 15" apart, 100 H.P. 
4¢ om mya /on tt 65 H.P. 
lst, 36" Rolls, set 3-1/2" apart, 30 H.P. 
and. 36" Rolls, set 1-1/2" ‘apart, 60 H.P. 
The 5' rolls*take about 70 H.P.. 
end. The approximate weight of the rolls is as follows: 
5! dia. x 5’ face rolls weigh about 95 tons. 
4' dia, x 4! " " 7 m 55: " 
3 % x 3! s " 30 7 
3rd. Distance from top of feed roll to center of 6' 
_rolls is about 10'. From center of 6' rolls to center of 4' rolls 
4s about 9' and from center of 4' rolls to bottom of hopper is about 


4th. At our Edison plant the distance from the founda-~ 
tion line under 4! rolj]re to the top of the roller feed above 6! 
rolls is about 22', and the hopper under the 4' rolls 4s about 12°, 
pelow foundation line. These distances csn be varied somewhat ,to 
euit vour conditions. | 
Sth. The 6' rolis are about 22° long by 15' wide over 
The 4' rolls are abort 18! Long dy 14¢ wide over all. 
The 3’ rolls ere about 12' long by 10! wide over all. The 

wobbler shafts on. 7 “vik. othe us Os 
6th. Iwill see if I can get at the repairs on the rolls 
outside of wearing surfsces, we have always kept repairs on the rolls 
together. The outside repairs have been exceedingly small. 
7th. “The sizes can be made almost anything that wi1l1 best 
suit your conditions; say about 28 follows? 
5' rolis about 12" opening 
lst. 3" rolls about 6" opening 

2nd. 3 " " au ” 
3rd. St tt tt ‘1-1 /4" " 

8th. On the combination of 6", 4% and 34 rolls, 41t 

would be sbout as follows: 


Mr. FLD. #R 

{2 6' rolls about 15" opening 

4} u Ty mi n 

- lst. 3' rolls about 3" opening 

2nd. 3' rolls ahout 1-1/4" opening 

‘ 9th. I enclose s list of the men needed to operate the 

plant outside of power or those necessary to take care of the 

crushed material after it is 1-1/4" and finer. You can figure your 

local wages; the cost per ton would, of course, depend on the 

total deily amount. 

i I also enclose cost sheet of the open cact work done by 

the Cement: Company at Stewartsville on Magnesian limestone, which is 

very muck harder than the repular limestone. We had to go through 


the magnesian limestone to open up the quarry; the costs vary some- 

what, as the weather interfered at times. 

The Crushing house at Stewartsville is 20! between walis 

and 40' wide over all, and from ground line to center of 5' rolls, 

is shout 45'; to top of feed roll, about 54°. 

If there is any further information required, we will be 

pleased to give it to vou. 

Yours very truly, 


| 10/29/02 /weH /L 


Messrs. Pilling & Crane, a: 

Girard Building, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
Dear Sirs:-- 

We send you herewith a cigar box of concentrates and wish 
you would get us the best possible price on the lot we still have 
at Edison. 

We have anywhere from 500 to 800 tons which will assay 
from 62 to 65% tron and from .044 to .055 4n phosphorus. 

Yours very truly, 

Emi | Herter, 


Dear Sirre- 

Mr. Batson will ask you to lay out 2.-Crushing plant for 
Mr. Drake, who was at: Stewartsville recently. 

I wish also to get a set of blue-prints covering the 
Giants, Intermediates and 2- 36" rolls we have at Edison; also a 
report showing just what changes are necessary on the rolls ta 
bring them up to date. 

Wi11 you kindld take up the matter of chanfes with Mr. 
Raison and also arrange to either send us a list of the blue-prints 
that we shall get out here or arrange i> ware dom oa select them 

for us, when you come. 

I understand that you have a list at Stewartsville of the 

Bdison prints. 

Yours very truly, 

2 begs. 
O° ee acre 



Captain 0. W. Miller Manager, 


Dear Sir:-~ 
Confirming instructions of sometime since, please do pot, 
cut to exceed 500 cords of wood, then transfer your men to the 
work at Bricker Ovens, and get scrsp ready as soon es possible. 
Kindly note that not carry any Employer's Liability 

Insurance, so that great care must be takem not to hurt any of the 
“Also see that the pipes running 

men while -working on the ovens. 
to and from the ovens are not injured. 
Until further advised, please ship to the Storage Battery 

Company, Bloomfield,N.J. three (3) cars per week of wood. 
Yours very truly, 

10/30/o2/veM A, 

Mr. W. H. Hardenburgh, V. P., 
New Jersey Zinc Co., 
LL Broadway, 

New York. 

Dear Mr. Hardenburgh;-- 

We sare in negotiation fr a Crushing plant to crush ‘fron 

ore from large pieces down to 1-1/4" size and we heave been asked for 

the following information. We would greatly appreciate if you 

would let us have it: 

lst. Cost per ton for wear on the 5' rolls and also on 

the 3- 36" rolls, for the wearing plates. 

2nd. Cost per ton for all other repairs made on the 5', 

glso0 on the 3- 36" rolls. 
Trusting that vou will be able to give us this information 

and thanking you in advance for same, I am, 

Yours very truly, 

=a, 7 
NG Gen 

st acengne SY 
Psa aa 

10/30/02,/Nsn AL 

The Edison Ore Milling Syndicate ,Itd., 
Engl end. 

Dear Sirs:-- 

We beg herewith to enclose you copies of letters between 
Messrs. Frank C. Roberts & Co. of Philadelphia, and ourselves, which 
explain themselves. 

You will note, in our letter of May 29th, we ma’ ve you 
the details of the arranrerients with them. 

Yours very truly, 

{Enclosures ) 

garet AWE 
egy He 

. £ ae agen 
Philadelphia, Po., OghoweF"25 ,1902, 

Mr. W.S Mallory, 

Vice-President,N. J. & Penna. Concentrating Works, 
Orange, Nui, 
My dear Mr. Mallory: 

I have had considerable correspondence with 
the Hdtson Ore Milling Syndicate, of London, in addition to having 
had an interv’ew with them this Summer. The question has come 
Up as to what was the cost of the Lebanon rolla. 

In securing prices from the Edison Ore Milling Syndicate 
they quoted up prices which were exceedingly high. When I saw them 
in London I did not have the cost of the Lebanon rolls with me, but 
I have since looked the matter up, and find that there were two con- 
tracts which were placed with the Morris County Machine & Iron Co. 
for this work, one amounting to $2460 and the other which amounted 
to $1110, making 9 tote. of $3470, 

Shortly after my return, I notified the Fdison Co. 
that the sbove was the cost of the Lebanon rolls, and subse quentiy 
they replied, stating that the ebove figures were not in accordance 
with their information, which they received from you. As these 
contracts were placed through us, and we have all the records of 
then, we do not understand how your figures should be different 
from ours, and we would be very much obliged if you would straighten 
out the matter with the Reison pevple On the other stde. 

Yorrs truijp, 
Frank «, Roberts & Co. 

ear te ate onan ya SSE arom ee eens Gh ihe 

Messrs. Frank G. Roberts & Co., 
Real Eetate Trust Building, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
Desr Sirea:-- 
Replying to yours of the 25th inst., we beg to state that 

you will recall the fact that the Lebanon rolls were purchased 

when times were not so prosperous ws at present, and that we our- 

selves, have heen compelled to pay the Morris County Nac 
Company, nearly $1,000. more than the figures vou mention. 
If it is not asking too much, we would Jikt to Jmow what 
the London Company quote on the rolls. 
Yours very trul:, 

W.S.Mallory, V.P. 

Philsdelphia, Pa., October 29, 1902. 

Mr. W. S. Mallory, Vice President, 

New Jersey & Penns. Concentrating Co., 

Orange, NT: 

Dear Sir: 

Your Letter of the 27th inst. received. 

It-is not a question ef what ‘the rolls ean he purchased for 
now, but the London Company stated tnat vou had informed tnen 
that the orice we had pald fur the Lebanon rolls was so much 
greater than the actual cost, and we “were curisus to know how 
and where they got the information, and hoped that vou would drop 
them a line notifying them of the facts of the case. 

I hope you will drop in to see me when you come to Phila- 

Yours truly, 

Frank C. Roberts & Co. 

none ae 

10/30/02 /WEM/1. 

Messrs. Frank C. Rohertea & Qo. 
Real Estate Trust Ba tials 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dear Sirs:-- . 

Replving to vours of the 29th inst.) we beg to atate that 
we cannot understand how there could be anv migunderet nding , aB 
we wrote the London Company full detalis of our arrangement with 
you on May 29th,1902. . , 

We are calling their attention to this letter, as requested 
by you. 

Yours very truly, 

ONT AILS: comand ete me pase 

Baison Ore Milling Syndicate, Ttd., 


Apberley House, Norfolk Street, Ree 

London, W.C., England. 


Dear Sirs;-- ’ 
We have been asked by Frank C. Roberts & Company, of 

Philadelphia, to give them a plan for two sets of 36" Crushing 

rolls, to be used at the plant of Messrs. Bolckow, Vaughan & Co., 

of Middleshborough, Yorkshire, England. We have submitted them 

plans and Roberts wishes us to learn from vou what arrangements 

can be made as to rovalty. This plant will be practically a 

Guplicate of the plant we put in for the Lebanon Furnaces at Lebanon, 


‘vivania, on which we charged them a royalty of 15% on the first 
or the machinery and appliances, which we furnished. 

We understand that Mr. Roberts sails for London in a 
short ere so 3f vou tnink best to deal direct with ‘him, we can 
arrange to have him call on sou while he is in London. Kindly 

Tours very truly, 

Thomas A. Edison, 

11/3 /o2ANisu 1. 

Prank, Drake,Esq., Chief Fneineer, 

"Oliver Hinting Company , 

Daluth, Minn. 
Dear Sir:-- 

We sre in receipt of yours of the lst inst. Mr. Kdison 

advises me that he has dravn three designs and our Draughtsman is 

now making the outline plans. I will forward these to you as soon 
as they are completed, a onetnes with photographs of our Stewartsville 
Crushing plant. 

Regarding the cont of renewing wearing service and general 
repairs on the rolls, I have taken the matter up with the New Jersey 
Zinc Company and they have promised to give me the information in 
detail. I will send this with the other figures. 

I note what you sav about coming to Duluth and will further 
delay my trip to Chicago until I hear from you whether it would be 
desirable for me to come to Duluth. 

Yours very truly, 

Mr. Emil Herter, 

c/o Edison Portland Cement Co., 

; ‘ Stevastayiaey waa: 
Dear Sir:-- 

The question has come up as to the date when we first:: 
used at Edison, the turn-up pulleys on Conveyors. T have 
Located drawing B-1050. Will you kindly savies whether there is 
anything earlier than this. 

Also advise whether we ever uséd the turn-up pilleys: for.” 

the same line as ‘the bottom Idler. If so, the earliest dete of this. 

Yours very truly, 

Mre -Franie Drake, Chief Engineer , 

Duluth, Hinn. 

Replying to yours of the 7th inst. which I find on my 

return here and which we have fully noted, beg to state that ve 

regret very much that you have decided not to use the large rolls, 
ac we still believe you would find they can do the work much cheaper 
anc better than the large Crushers. 

We note that you would like to use two pairs of the 36” 
rolls for subsequent breaking, and ask for blue-prints so that you 
may obtain bids from seversl parties. 

Since you were here, we have discussed this matter and 
have decided that we would prefer to have the rolls built where we 
can have our own people inspect them, and for that reason, we will 
obtain prices on new rolls and then quote you, 2lso sdvising as to 
time of delivery. 

If.tthere is any question as to time of delivery, we would 
be very glad to take the two sets of 36" rolls we have at our plant 
at Edison, put on them all the up to date devices, making the rolle 
ap good as new and seil these to you in this condition, for Three 

Thousand dollars, (#3,000.) each f.o.b. cars Orange, N.J.,where wy 

Mr. F. D. #2. 

would make the necessary changes. 

This work could be done in a 


of delivery. 

Yours -very truly, 

Pee 11/2 /oz/ien fr, 

Mr, Frank Drake, Chief Fngineer, 

The Oliver Mining Co., 

Duluth, Minn. 

Dear Sir:-- 

We advised you sometime since thet we were preparing 

outline plans showing different schemes for locating our rolls. 

We beg herewith to enclose sketches 1, 2 and 3, showing different 

arrangements. The sketch #3 is similar to the outfit we have at 

Stewartsville. Sketch #1 would probably best suit the conditions 

described during the interview we had at Orange. 

: We also beg to enclose a photograph of the Triple Expansion 

Engine and photographs of our Crushing plant at Stewartaville, in 

the various stages of erection. 

We have a5 vet been unable to get the statistics on wear 

from the New Jersey Zinc. Company but have written them again to-dar 

for them. 

We still hope that you can see your way clear to use our 

machinery and believe that if you would investigate the matter 

more carefully, you would find that the large rolls would do your 

work more economically thaii the Crushers. 

We shall he very glad indeed to have you send a repre- 

sentative to our plant at Stewartsville and remain there any length 

Mr. FP. OD. #2. 

of time you think best and see exactly how the Crushing Machinery 

works from day to day. With the roll outfit entire, there would 

be no question about the delivery, as the machines are all now 
complete and we only need a few changes to bring them up to date. 

Yours very truly, 

\ ater s/raphenh 


vr. Taquea:-- 

Pl j ; 
vs@ase take up with the various people to whom we offered 

tt 4 Zz 
he rails at Edison, some montis 280, except the United States 

Hetal & Man tur s Co ij 
MUL ae tur Anys vOompanir, and tell them that we have from 

75 to 100 tons of co 1b. Relaying rails, asking them to make us a 

price on them, 

Take this matter up with the Rail people, also the 

Scrap dealers. 

Mallory, V.P, 

Se x 


Mr. ©. 8. ‘Mallory, 

Dear Siri-- 

Herevith recapitulation of dates regarding Mr. Natson's - 

movements from January 1,1894 to November L, i902. The pay-roll 
dutene left for you to enter from the detail sheets, believing 
vou would prefer “to do 80. 

ALL who have peen working up this matter, heve done 50 
conscientiously, to ‘arrive at definite results; but At 45 simply 
impossible to say positively thot Mr. Hdison was at the Mine or 
elsewhere from the copies of letters, as Mr. Randolph says in 38 
great many instances the letters were sent away for Mr. Edison to 
sign and return to he copied and mailed; a2] such letters we 
treated as if he were at Orange. 

We can find no Laboratory letters covering pertods from 
May, 1894 to September, 1694 and February 25th, 1895 to September, 
1895, although one of the letter books examined is endorsed to 
cover said period. 

Yours truly, 






ra . 

, : 
_— a wt 
- a 

\ ry 

, } { : 
io “ae! 

Mr. Frank Drake, Chief Hneineer, 
The Oliver Mining Company, 
Duluth, Minn. 

Dear Sir:-- 

I have delayed writing vou until I could get a blue-print 

from our Cement. Works. 
I beg herewith to enclose our print 1-25~A, showing the 

rolls 2s we have them at Stewartsville. This print covers the 

three sets of rolls we nave at the Cement plant. The first one 

shows the fly wheel in dotted lines. The second pair its shown 

by the full lines end the third set showing the spring rolls dotted 
in, as shown jin the upper right hand corner. These dimensions 
will undoubtedly give you the information you desire, provided new 
rolls are ordered. In gaees Sk should be decided to take the 
rolls we now have on hand, you may use the dimensions given on the 
print already sent vou. 

We beg herewith to hand you a pencil drawing giving the 
distances for which vou asked, on the rolls we now have. The 
pulley "A" as shown on this sketch, was 60" dismeter x 14" face 
put we heve found by actual experience, in practice, owing to fw1i 

S load going on and off a great many times during the day, that a 

larger diameter pulley is petter; so we think the pulley should be 

Ur. Fup. #2. 4 ¥ 

put on as-shown by "B", say about 10! diameter and 14" face. 
Following vour sugeestion, we are asking some of the other 

Manufacturers for bids on “uose rolls and from what information we 

can get, te are afraid the trouble will be the delivery you require. 
Since telegraphing vou a few days ago, that delivery 

could be made in four months, we have seen the Morris County 

Machine & Iron Compsny and are inclined to believe that it will 

take fully five months before the rolls can be delivered, if made 

by them. 

As soon as we hear from the other makers, we will advise 
you as to the results. 
a As to the rolls we have on hand at present, should vou 
decide to take them, it is our intention to have them changed here 
and to do whatever is necessary on them to bring them up to date 
and make them practically as good as if they were new rolis. We 
estimate roughly, that 4+ will cost us over a thousand dollars to 
do this but we are willing to spend this money,so if vou decide 
to take the machines, they will do as good work as new rolls. You, 
of donee. juiderweand that as we are sending rolls to e new section 
of the Comtry, it would not per for our interests to send anything 

which was not reliable, 

If we are to do this work, we would like to get at it 

Mr. FLD. 7h, 

a8 soon 88 possible, as just for the moment we have room to do it 
in reasonably quick time, but « little later on we will start in 
on two sets of Fine Grinding Rolig for our owm plant and then we 
will he too busy to do the necessary work on these rolis. 

. toe 

On the 

rolls on which we quoted vou the other day, the 


price did not include the fears and we have ag vet been unable to 

get the prices. On our quotation of the rolls we still have on 

hand, we would expect to include the present fears, also the 

plates which are now on the rolls, which are in pretty fair condition. 

If you would require new plates, of course thet would be additional. 
Regarding the engine, we beg to etete that when we Pirst 

received it, we ran it at shout 130 vavolatiine gurcgaee from it 

great economy. Subsequently needing more.power, we increased the 

revolutions but there ts no reason why they should not be reduced 

apain. , 

Yours very truly, 

OI sie ek SUEY 


Col. John F: Wood, 

169 Broadway, 

New York. 

Dear Sir:-~ 

Replying to yours, which has been awaiting my return, I 
beg to state that in May of this year, Mr. Edison and the writer 
appeared before the State Board of Taxation and asked for a 
reduction in the assessnent, (which was granted us), as made by the 
County Board on our plant at Edison ,N.J. 

Mr. Edison stated at that time, that we would be compelled 
to tear dom the present wooden buildings, which were practically 

worthless for our purpose and replace them with steel buildings, and 

also to put in 211 the machinery on stone and concrete foundations; 

same as we have done at our new Cement plant, Stewartsville, N.J. 
We do not now carry any insurance on the main Mill 

buildings, with the exception of our Storervom.- We do,however, 

carry insurance on the contents and we expect to use a considerable 

‘proportion of the machinery when we rebuild the plant, which will 

‘be done along the same lines as our Cement plant. The machinery 
installed in the plant of the New Jersey Zino Company at Franklin 
Furnace and at our Cement plant 1s a duplicate of what we have at 

Edison, and the machinery has proved to be very successful. 

Jv. H.W. #2. 

We beg herewith to return the let 

Insurance Company. 

we are, 

Trusting this is the information you desire, 


Yours very truly 

(Enclosure ) 

Mr. Frank Difake, Chief Engineer, 

Olaver Mining Co., 

: Duluth, Minn. 
Dear Sirs--- 

Be beg herewith to hand you a copy of istter from the 
New Jersex;Zine Company, covering the cost per ton for, plate wear 
and sepafiate cost per ton-for all other wear on the one pet of 5! 
rolls bya three sets of. -36" rolls. 

You will note-that these -results are based on over 

200 7a90 tons crushed. 

We trust this covers the §nrornation you desire. 

Yours very truly, 

(FnolLosure ) 

11/28 /oa//m 

Mr. Frank Drake ,Chier Engineer, 
Oliver Iron Mining Co., 
Duluth, Minn. 
Dear Sir:-- 

In Looking over your recent letters, I find that I have 
not advised you that you can seale dimensions from the aratings 
of the rolls forwarded you recently. 

ve are also in receipt of yours of the 23rd peace: 
advising us as to conveyors you would probably need. We have 
talked this matter over with Mr. Edison and have decided that for 
the moment, we prefer not to put out any of our conveyors, for the 
reason that we have not had any experience with them in handling 
pieces of ore so large as 6" cubes; cand moreover, that we are not 
at present prepared to manufacture’ cert&in of the parts, ana 
would prefer not to have them manufaptured outside, 28 we have 
under negotiation an arrangement with certain parties who will 

probably manufacture #11 of our deyices, where they will ‘be subject 

‘to our own Inspectors. 

We would, therefore, suggest that you take the matter up 
with the Robins Conveying Belt Compény of New York, Cc. Altmann 
& Cos, Canton,Ohio and other people in the trade. We have taken the 
liberty of notifying the Robins people that you will probably be in. 

the market for conveyors; thinking this would savé time. 
Youre very trvoiyv, 


Mr. Frank Drake, Chief Engineer, 
Oliver Iron Mining Company, 
Duluth, Minn. 
Dear Sir:-- 

Replying to vours of the 20th ulto., we beg tc state that 
the sample of cre from Lake Superior Mine, Ishpeming, Michigan, has 
arrived. We have compared it with the ore we have crushed at 
Rdisen, and bes te answer vour questions as follows: 

lst: Do vou think there fs any sussidon as to the 
suitability of yow rolls for 3 igo ara? . Answer- we 
have avery confidence fhe ore os z y our roils. 

8nd: Poe vou think we cunuid exuent greater wear and -tear 
in crushing this oce with your rolls then ig being experienced by 
the New Jersey Sina Company? Andbwere: Ye believe it will be about 
the sane ae on t i of the New Tarnoy Zine Company, the ore 
peting of « platy nature, will go to pleces comparatively easitr. 

WALL you kindly advise me as to whether you think 

tt probeble thst the horse power required to drive the two sets of 

26" rolle (which powers were 30 and 40 4.5. respectively), will be, 
ereator with this ore than with the ore it Mdisen? - Answer; We 
arsine that you axpact to erush tue down to cubes 1-1/ "and 
emailer; thin being the case, ve do hebteve i4 wlil take any 

more horse power. . 
Voure very truly, 

ke . ’ i» of . 

12/4/02 /Bas (1 

Col. John H. Wood, 

169 Broadway, 

New York. 

We herewith enclose you a list of the insurance as it 

stands on our property at Edtson,N.J. > 

a8 per our books, with-the 
exception of the small Dwelling and Houses. , 

Will you kindly check up this list and advise us by 

return mail how same compares with your list. There appears to 

be & considerable. shortage on M-2; 3-3; B-3; M-1; M-22; M-39 ana 

The item of $500. over on B-31 might be placed, if 

agreeable to you and the Company,on M-53. 

Yours truly, 

(Enclosure ) 

Ba a esas a ae se 





4 ~ a 



Machinery #1-Boiler & Eng. House $10,000. 

#2- Ore MALL 45,000, 
Stock #5 20,000, 
Building #3-Machine Shop and 12,000, 
Machinery #5-Storage 7,500. 
Orange #5- Engine $500, 

Furn. & Pix. 
500. 1,000. 
Machinery #22- Bricher Ovens 50,000. 
"  #30- 2,500. 
Building #31- Office 1,000. 

4 e Contents 1,000. 
Machinery #35- Blacksmith Shop 500, 
Building #37-Earn 500, 
Machinery #39- Crusher ,#ngine.& Dryer 

Houge 50,000. 

" #42 Carpenter Shop. 500. 

" #44 Conveyors 500. 
Building #46- Office 500 

" #46- Contents 1,000, 
Building #53) 2,000, 

Machinery #53) 

Power House. 

Have Short Over 
$10,000. ae ie 

33,500, $11,500. 
10,500 10,000. 
8,500. 3,500. 
6,500. 1,000, 

28,250. 21,750, 

39,250. 10,750. 



4,500. __500. 

ere eaziss “ 
$210,500. $152,000 $59,000. $500. 


12/9 /o2/"s“ AL 

Mr. Frank Drake, Chier Engineer, 
Oliver Mining Company, 
Duluth, Minn. 
Dear Sir:-- 
We received this morning quotations from the Allis- 
Chalmers Company and have telegraphed you as follows: 
"Allis-Chalmers quote’ two sets rolls Ninety-two hundred 
dollars-ship ninety days, add 20 per cent to above. No price from 

Cresson; have telegraphed them again", which now beg to confirm. 

As soon as we hear from Cresson, will at once telegraph 

you price. 

Yours very truly; 


12/9/02/mas [i 

Droid. Co., 

Brascewary , 
: . 

New Yorke 


On Friday afternoon last, we received a@ telephone | 

mesaare from you requesting va vo ship to G. H. Connell Company, 
Mingo Sunaticon, one dipper door for Victor Fhovel #62. 

We nad considershie troubie in getting this messsge over 
‘the telephone to our Works but fineliy did so and same was shipped 
to vou on Saturday morning. ¥E'th our Saturday morning m3il. we 
recetys@ % letter from you cancelling this order. We immed ate - 
ly tried to reach our Worke by Lelephone but could not do so on 
ececunt of the wires being in bad condition or down. We then 
gent 8 telegram to our Worka at Edison, cancelling the order, but 
game was not delivered on account of the bad condition of the wires 
until lone after the siiipper door nad heen shipped. 

You esn return thie door tous if it so pleases you but 
you, of course, will have to stand the express changes to Mingo 
Junetion and return freight charges for the shipment of the door to 
Edi sore We pov raturn freient, because there will be ample time 
in which to shin it by freight rather than by express. 

ve remret that i+ was impossible for us to eancel your 

order in time. 

Yours truly, 




Mr. Frank Drake, Chier Engineer, 
Oliver Iron Mining Go., 

Duluth, Minn. 

Dear Stir: 2 

We received this morning the quotation from Geo. V. 

Cresson . Company and have telegraphed vou "Cresson quotes $11,500. 
Philadelphia, deliver three months, add 20% our profit", which 
now beg to confirm. 
is giver You a1 the quotstions for which we have 

asked and aS s00n 95 you have reached your decision, we shall be 
gBlad to have it,’ vou decide to use the rolls we have at 

son, it will ‘be necessary for us to get at the changes at the 
earliest POBSible moment, as we have practically decidea to buila 
more Pine Grinding rolls and it will be necessary to get the work 
on the 36" rolls-out of the way before the other starts, and ‘we 
want to stert on 4+ sometime in 

We do not believe that you will make a mistake. in taking 

these rolls, as they will be just as effective and do as good work 
28 new rolls, when we have Ccampleted the changes. on them which we 

have in mind. 

Yours very truly, 

os St 


Mr. F. OR. Upton, 

20 High Street, 

Oranze, NJ. 

Dear Sir:-- 

We understand that H. M. Treadwell & Company, 95 Iiberty 
Street, New York, are about to put out a catalogue illustrating the 
Dryer we have at Edison. These people furnished .the castings 
for the Dryer for the New Jersey Zinc Company. 
* 3 wish the first time = are in New York, you would drop 
in and see them, and if possible, get 9 copy of the catalogue and 
learn whether they have put out any of these dryers; but do not 
let them know you are from the Edison interests. 

You might take the matter up on the bases of being inter- 
ested in sand banks where it 4s necessary to dry, screen and size 
the sand to separate it from eravel. 

Please get what information you can and let us have it 

ap soon 38 possible. The particular point we want to get at is 

whether these people are selling our Dryer without any authority 

from us. 
Yours very truly, 


f0n plant and hove reduced 

down to $230,000, o¢ which $95,000, 15 on machinery, $14,000. 
buildings ang $21,000, 

On stock, 

Yours very truly, 

oy Pag i 

o Rete 

. 12/42/02 

Col. J. HH. Wood, 

169 Byay, N.Y .City. 
Dear Sirs: 

Below please find revised list. covering insurance 
on our plant at Edison, NeJ, (/72o) 0-0 a Or pcs 

¥ & 


Machinery #1 

Stock #3 15000 
Building #3 ‘10000 
Machinery #3 5000 : 
Machinery #22 25000 
Machinery £30 1000 
Office Blig. £3 1000 
Office Bldg. Contents 1000 
Machinery #35 500 
Buildings 437 -500 
Machinery #39 30000 
Machinery #42 500 
Machinery #44 500 
Machinery #46 Pon sae oe 500 

#yt Building 46 Cancel. >! - . 

Bldg. #53 2000 
Machinery #53 5000 

You will kindly revise our insurance per above list making ad~ 

justments which will give us the best results on premiums already paid. 

This reduces. our insurance considerably and we feel there should be no 
difficulty in keeping up the full line, 

Yours truly, 

w/t o/o2/wan/L 

Mr. Jaquesi-~ Lo, 
I have checkéd over the insurance at RaisonyN od « and you 
may make the following changes: 
Machinery #1 (Boiler House and Engine) now $10,000, make 1% sos 000 
Machinery #2 (1112 #1) now $45,000, make it $15, 000 
Stock, Building #3~ " 20,000 ”* 15,000 
Build ing. #5~ (Machi ne Shop)and Storage) now $12,000, make it $10,000 
Machinery #3-(Machine Shop) now $7,500, make it $5,000, 
Machinery #ee (Bricker Plant), now $50,000, make it $25, 000. 
Machinery #30-Stock House #3, now $2,500. make it $1,000, 
Office Building #32~Now $1,000, make it $1,000, 
Of fice puilding (Contents) now $1,000., ma ke it $1,000, 
Machinery $35, (Blacksmith Shop) now $500. , ’ “make it $500. 00. 
Building #37, Barn, now $500. make it $500. 
Machinery #59, (Crusher Plant) now $50, 000., make it #30, 000. 
Machinery #42, (Carpenter Shop) now $500., make it $500. 
Machinery #44, (Bee Line Conveyor) now $500., make it $500. 
Building #46, (Office), now $500., make it 8500. 
Building #46, (content), now $1,000.,. cancel 
Building #53, now $2,000., make it $2, 000. 
Machinery #53, (Power House) now $5, 000., make it $5, 000, 
Please take tais matter up with Col. Wood at once, having him 

make the adjustments ‘which will give-us tne best: results on -premiuns 

already paid. , ee 

This reduces the insurance considerably so there should be no 
difficulty in keeping up the full line. aes 

; Yours truly, ewes 

; W.S.Mallory, V.P,. 

12/16/02 AisM/L 

The Oliver Iron Mintine Com-any 

Purcharine Tenartment , 

on tay 

Dear Sire:-- 

We beg to asknoavledse vith thanks the receipt of your order 

#LS 993, covering two sete of 26" Crushing rolls, which we now have: 

on hand; rolls toa he orerhanied and put in thoroughly good condition 

end turnaished with the 1s 

@s as now used by the Hdison 
Portland Cement Company, Stewnartavilie, N. J. 

The price of these roll thousand dollars, 



he Three 

(83,9000.) f.0.b. cars OA Node 
Wa are writing Mr. [race to-day tnat it may be necessary 

to furnish new olutes with the rells. If so, the cost of these 
plates will be ae and there may possibly be a change in the 

sise of the #¢ 


Mr. Frank Drake, 
Oliver Iron Mining Co., 
’ Duluth, Minn. 
Dear Sir:-- 

On my retern here, I find your telegram of the 12th inst. 
and letter of »ame date, giving us order for the two pairs of 36* 
rolls, wh2ch we now have at Edison, 

I have communicated with our people there and instructed 
them to ship us the rolls at the earliest possible moment, and we 
will take up the work and make whatever changes are necessary to 
put the rolls in first class condition. 

I have also arranged with our Engineer to take up the 
question of the changes on the rolls and will send you a full set 
of blue-prints of exactly what we will furnish you, st the earliest 

There may be some little delay on this as we shall want 
to go over the rolls before we will fully decide what changes are 
to be made. You may rest assured that we will not neglect them 
in any way. 

The price 1s to be Three thousand dollars ($3,000.) for 
each set of rolis, f.o.b. Orange, we agreeing to furnish everything 

that is now connected with the rolls. It is probable that we may 

have some changes to make as soon 98 we get at the repei:s to be 


Mr. F, D. 42. 

made on them, and wa will write vou in detail about them later. 

You will remember, from our letter of November 19th, we 
etated that if new plates were needed, they will be extra and we 
will settle on this 48 soon as the plates are received here, and 
write vou regarding them, 

In selling these rolls, it is agreed on your part that 
they sre to be used for crushing iron ore at your plant at Escanaba 
and the price includes a shop right for this partteular use, and 
that you are not to sell them to be used for crushing Cement rock. 

Ve will also advise you later how soon we will be able to 
forward the rolls to you. You need not be uneasy on this point 
as we will ba anxious to get them out of the way, 80 we may have 
our shop free to go on the Fine Grinding Rolls. 

Thanking you very much for the order, we are, 

Yours very truly, 

f ‘s 
Va es 


OF ee . 12/16/02 /AuSM /L. 

Mr. Emil Herter, 

c/o Fdison Portland Gement Co., 

Stewarteville ,N.J. 

Dear Sirs-- 

We have sold the tvo sets of 36" rolls to the United States 
Steel Corporation, and we desire to pai ane rolls all the improve- 
ments and bring them up to date in every way. 

W4ll vou kindly advise when vou will be ahle to give 
us two or three days to make the necessary changes on the prints 
and give us orders, so we may purchase the material. 

We would Like this done at the earliest possible moment 
and 12 the time can be spared without interfering with the Cement 
work, would like to have you report at Orange st once. 

Kindly advise. 

Yours very truly, 

f y. . 12/16 /o2 isu fA, 

Mesars, Dyer, Edmonds & Dyer, 
31 Nassau Street, 

New York 

Dear Sirs: -- 

We beg herewith to hana you a letter from M. H. Treadwell 
& Company, 95 Liberty Street, New York, which explains itself. 

We have had our Mr. Upton interview Treadwell end find 
they intend advertising ana taking orders for the Dryer, on which 
lr. Edison holds patents. 

We destre to notify Treadwell that tn case they sell any 
of the Dryers, we shall hold then responsible for dameges; also 
thet we hold patentsjand desire aig30 to send a copy of the letter 
to the New Jersey Zine Company. 

Will you Kindly prepare a legal letter covering the case, 

which we may send to Treadwell. 

Yours very truly, 

(Enclosure ) 

sie ears eyes ri toenste is 

: cere 
puyeneh He SOME HE 

12/16 /o2Aisn/L 

Captain 0. W. Miller Manager, * 


Dear Sir:-- 

Confirming telephone message of to-day, please srrange 
to ship us at Orange, for the account of the Oliver Iron Mining 
Company, Duluth, Minn. the first and second 36" rolls, this to 
include the rolls, gear cases, gears, all bearings, wobblers and 
chutes connecting the first sand second 36" rolls. 
~ Si dane dave each piece marked plainly before the rolls are 
taken apart, so that we will have no difficulty in re-assembling 
them. Also have the rolls thoroughly cleaned before shipment, so 
they will be in good shape to handle when they arrive here, as we 
have not the facilities for doing this work as well as you have. 

If necessary to get the above out quickly, you may hire 
a few extra men, tak2ne care, however, that they are laid off -as 
soon as the relis are shipped. We are very anxious to have 
the rolls go forward at the earliest possiuie moment, as we have 
considerable work to do on them and only a‘limitea time in which to 
do 4t. We suggest your hiring extra men, es not want the 
work of shipping the other scrap to be delayed, as we are afraid the 
market price may go off and we want to get the full value of it. 
Yours very truly, 


Ae /02/asH /L, 

Mr. Frank Drske, Chief Engineer, 

Oliver Tron Mining Company, 

Duluth, Minn. 

Dear Sirs-- 

Replying to euKe of the 14th inst., I beg to state, 
our experience has shown that a drop of about 10 to 12 feet gives 
the best results, although a smaller drop will work satisfactorily, 
a distance of sbout 10 Feet between the first and second 36" rolls; 

also gives every facility for erection, putting on plates,etc. 

which you do not obtain if the distance is much less. 

When the plans of vour plant are completed, if you wish 4 
te., we will be very glad to have Mr. Bdison Look them over and give 
you any suggestions that his experience would ind‘cate,. 

Yours very truly, 

: an 12/19/02 Asm / 

i. H. Treadwell & Co., 

95- 27 Liberty Street, 

New York. 
FentlLemen is -- 

In reference to your letter of November 20th last, we 
beg to advise you that the dryer in question is covered by Mr. 
Eaison's patent No. 648955 dated May 8, 1900. For this reason, 
any dryers of this type which you may make or sell or use will 
infringe the patent jin question and will subject you to @ suit 
for injunction as well as for profits end demages. You will 
therefore, regard this letter as a warning not to illustrate the 
aryer in your catalogue, nor to offer to puild the same, nor to 

otherwise infringe the patent thereon. 

We may say in conclusion, that no person, firm or corpora~ 

tion has the right to make, use or sell these patented dryers 
without Mr. Fdison's consent, which we may adda, has certainly not 

peen given to you. 

Yours very truly, 

f a 12/19 /o2Aisn /7. 

# 3 

Fa , 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 

Girard Building, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

JI neve delayed answering yours of the 12th inst. regarding 

request of Mr. F. W. Wood, President of the Maryland Steel Company, 

asking whether Mr. Edfson would permit them to use his processes 

for briquetting concentrates, until I covld see Mr. Edison, and talk 

the matter over with him. 

He now states that he would prefer not to make an 

arrangement on the method of briquetting that was in use at Edison, 

for the reason, the new plan which he is working out for the Norway 

Company, ts much more efficient and cheaper, and that he prefers not 

to make any srrangements until this plan has been definitely proved. 

The experimental work is going on constantly here at the Laboratory 

and we hope it will not be. very long before it will be complete. 

” Yours very truly, 

(2 Fnes.) 


fey 3 
ee i 
é 7 f 
: Y Y 
Mr. W. P. Hardenburgh, V. P., 
New Jersey Zinc Company, 
11 Broadway, 
New York. 

My dear Mr. Hardenburgh: -- 

We beg herewith to hand you a copy of letter received 
from M. H. Treadwell & Company, which explains itself. 

Immediately upon recetg of this letter, we wrote them, 
granting their request for an interview, and with the intention of 
showing them our patents. As they did not call on us, we then 
sent one of our representatives to New York to interview them, and 
found they were ready to take up the question of selling and 
installing our devices. . 

They stated to our representative thet they had the plans 
and patterns and were in a position to go ahead with the work. 

We also beg to enclose you. 8 copy of letter we are writing se | 
them to-day, and we would suggest that it would be well for you to 
notify them that they must: not use your drawings or patterns on 
this work, s¢ in case of trouble we would not like to be in the 
position of drawing you into the matter. 

We believe that you will understand our position in the 

matter and understand why we are writing you as above. 

Yours very truly, 

BR aaa 


fo | 



"E : fe a 
MEW NORY, Neveutbpe20 
t oeeeanatl 3 


Nr. Thomar J. Rdiaon, i { 
é 4 
Oranee, Nd, mei 

wesh drawing of an 8! drver, 


We are compiling onr general catalogue fer 190% on special 

end I am illustrating 
works and was erected in olsace 


from o 
nF the k. 

You wniderstand thie drverv is 
york that representa the character and kind of work 


being illustrated in connec- 

which wan supplied be us 

Franklin Purnaces « 

at the 

tion with othe; 
on which we have established our. reoutsation. 
We would appreciate anrvthing vou would say for us that 

we vped in connection wita thie illustration, we mean 


the work this arver nas sccomplished, as you have undoubtedly seen 

game tau aperation and know of its durability and appreciate its good 

wor ke 
Yours very truly, 
M. H. Treadwell & Co., 

per H. H. Kress. 

H.H.K./ H. 

Mr. Fdison: Dear Sir-- 
Would you grant me an interview. I think it would be 

some benefit to us both. ; 
Yours, H.H. Kress. 

/ . 
1 b/ 22,/o2/isn AL 

Messrs. Pilling & Crane, 
Girard Building , 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

ing to yours of the 20th inst. regarding the question 

Cornwaly. ore, beg to etate that Mr. Edison does not 

care to consider the question until tie new method of br iquetting 

has been fully worked out and would not be interested in receiving 

the sample of concentrates. 
very truly, 

Nate ene ope 

ny amram 

12/30 /02/RAg /L: 

The Baldwin Locomotive Works, 


at hand and in reply, we will 

Your favor of the 29th inst. 

furnish the extra part wanted, at 60 cents. A little oil and 

compressed air placed on the plunger will easily stop sticking; 

about one drop of oil every thirty seconds. 

Yours truly, 

Pevsner STS 8 So iA OFS TES a oat al 



Soe eed 



1/o/os su 

Frank Drake, Esq., Chief Engineer, 
Oliver Iron Mining Company, 
4 ; Duluth, Minn. 
Dear Sir:-- 
Replying to yours of the 2nd inst., we beg to sbcea: tues 

we ‘have a wobbler er driving mechanism and the movable shaft which 
ensbles the rolls to keep perallel while in work. We have never 
had any trouble of the kind you mention either at Edison; the Zinc 
Company's plent or at Stewartsville. : 

We sre inaking good progress on your new rolls and will 
forward von very shortly a new set of prints. Our Engineer , un- 
fortunatels, has heen called away without completing all changes 

‘that we have in mind. ‘This, however, is not in any way delaying the 


Yours very truly, 


Mr. D. Le Haigh, Secy. & Treasurer, 
The Rock Plaster Company, 
11 Broadway, 
New York. 
Dear Str:-- 

Replyeing to vours of 2 Srd inst., which I find awaiting 
my return, we beg to thank rou for the order for the 6' Dryer, on 
which we understand the price ts to be $2500. f.o.b. cars Rdison, 
Nod. as it stands. We sre also to order a new distributor, same 
as we nave in our 8! Dryer, and we estimate the cost of this dis- 
tributcr to be from $590. to 4350. 

We understand that you are to stand one half of the 
actual cost of the distrtoutor, we agreeing that in case it costs 
to exceed $550., we will stand all the excess. 

We will proceed immediately to dismantle the dryer and 

load it as soon 98 possible. However, we sre short of men and find 

it aifficuit to obtain them, so we trust you wiil give us as much 
time as porsible. 

Yours very truly, 

~ou when 7% 
tretruetions to send something with it 
. Alexsnder!s niness to him. 
the Noctar = fermal 
Tne new Stor 


Worwesr ts: Tries 3 the railroad 
gad we owt] ye igs ne to etlert construction 

Foundasiae nl Dudidin 


canon plant ta din operation end the cement which we 

Ne proboably will put it on the 

Yours very truiv, 

Col, o. C. Reidy, 
20 Broad Street, 
New York. 

ing to vours of the 12th Mr. Randolph, 

aded bo me, bee to state that I understand tne 
containing the copy of the plant at 
in fact, we nave 

tried ourselves, to obtain 

them, Io eannot find that we have 

Yours verg truiy, 

oad Stréet, 

Kew York, 

a area 

Leesrs, Frank C. Roberts & Bis 
Broad & Chestnut Sts,, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
eer Stra: 
to your letter of Jsnuary 10th. 
ne d‘stancea between centers of the lower and upper rolis 
about 10'-0", The rolls at Edison only had 9'-0" center. 
round that we dta@ not have head roon enough, when we wanted to 

“orn out plates and replace them by new ones. ALL other 

jenetene we heve filled in on vour blue-print B-2687 ana return 

“SAR to vou herewith. 

The reneral dimensions as &iven on the blue-print #-1528 

Lebanon Iron Company's Rolls are correct for vour jay-out 
Vollowed. There have been some minor changes made 
fetatle but they do not interfere with the general Lay-out 
shown oo 
feasible to vary the distance between the centers 
Of fre naty o- rolls, within limits and these limits sre the dis- 
tance of tae cored holes in the top of the sirders a8 shown on_ 
bine -vrint 3-1556. The greatest distance center to center of 
roll in 40" ang the Closest distance ig 36", 

You can follow the Lebanon detatlea drawings that vou 

2,5et off in laving out your work. 
V v & 

ice centers of Rolls we have not marked as we 

ce Taree ihe raw materiel will be intering the first 

“Ou will want to crush to. We have 

tarust hearings which we have found 

found it necessary to add 2 fly wheel 

rh rel! yolle outside of the bearing, on the driving roll 

found very essential in crushing hard ore, and of 


Lower set of Rolls should be Sprang (35 shown on 

the etyain on tne driving belt. 

, R-1ASS erelosed. 

Yours truly, 

2/2/03 AISMP , 

Mr. John P, Curry, 

125 East 23rd Street, New Yor. 

Dear Sir:- 
Replying to yours of the 31st ult., beg to state we do 
not care at this time to build 2 new dryer, nor sre we willing that 

you should build one from our patterns , a8 it would interfere with 
The only dryerswe have are one of the erent foot about 

some negotiations we have on hand, at 

which we wrote you a few dsys since and one of three foot which 

iy ; 
would be too small for the quantity you wish to, run" through. 

The price at which we offered you the | eignt foot dryer 

is less/than it would cost you to build a stx foot dryer new. 

Yours very truly, 




ane Se: DC ee 
_ lssoapisgh 

Ceptain O, W. Miller ,Manager, 


Nad. 2 



Contirming telephone messaze sent vou;this A.M., please 

send down to the Laboratory at, Orange, five machined corrugated 

Sena petinertoe teenie 

b. see sna nine not machineg, for the first 36" rolls. These are 

for aecount of the United States Steel Corporstion, Frank Drake, 


Yinaly advise us as to the cost of these plates, both for 

the castings and machine work, so that we may charge them as extras, 

Yours truly, 




Vesesrs. Frank C. ‘Roberts & Coe; | 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

My dear Sirs:-- 

Replying to your various favors of January 1lOth, 23rd and 
28tn, beg to state, the writer has been out of town and then, aban 
his return, was taken sick and has been confined to the house for 
rome Little time, for tnat reason, your letters have See been ans- 
wered before. rae 2s 

I find that our people have replied to yours of the 10th, 

will take up the questions covered in yours of the 25rd and 

As to the question of power for the two sets of rolls 
for Bolckow, Vaughan & Co., we beg to -state that it is difficult to 
state exactly the power various kinds of ete will take; so the 
‘things te do is to be on the safe side, as some kinds of ore take 
very much more power than others under apparently the same con- 
ditions. . 

Tt is very necessary to proportion the rate of feed to the 
rolls, as while you crush, 250 tons per hour, there are: times the 
feed Js very much more aie it is at these periods that you require 
the greater horse power. Our judgment is, that an engine giving 
100 H.P. net to rolls crushing to 4" with the roller feed set to. 

feed at the constant rate, would crush any ordinary ore, but as 

P.OR, #2, 


pa ben rine 

yeur letter of the 28th,‘ says-you may require 300 tons, it would 

pe petter to he on the safe side and vou showld at least use a 24" 

8 ply belt having a velocity of ‘say, not less than 3500 feet per 

4s to the second ‘set being spring rolls, it is not 

oheolutely necessary, in view of the size you want to crush. OF 

course, if you should ‘ever wsnt ‘to crush finer,then the spring 

rolls ‘would be better. < 
As to the cost, while the price quoted rou is considerably 

wiure tnan the cost of the Lebanon rolls, we think it is to a con- 

4 . 

tidecable extent owlnms to the higner prices of matertal and labor. 

We ‘ourselyes, obtained new prices cn 56" rolls recently and the 

prises ranged from $4200. to Ss000. per set. Lg ho 


Yours very truly, 




Messrs. Frank C, Roberts & Co., 

_. , Philadelphia, Pa. 
My dear Sirs:-- 

#2688 sho 


Replying to yours of the 22nd ultimo, enclosing drswing 
wing limestone crushing plant for Bolekow, Vaughan & Co., 
to state that out judgment “is, that of the character of lime- 

stone you suggest, the rolls-will crusn from 250: to :300 tons per 

The same remarks apply to, the;hhorse on the other 
We would not. get it too close. 

As to the elevators, we believe you would be making a 

mistake to use them and recommenda decidedly that you use belt 
conveyors going up an incline of say, about 12 deg. 

cost for belt conveyors will be less ana the reliab 
much more, 

The first 

ity will be very 
to the rolls or it might be run out straight if the space will 

The pelt conveyors could be’ run. up at right angles 



permit and you can then save sonething in the depth of the pit under 

@ have decided in all. of our Duture-plans to cut out 

In order to be able to vary the space between the 

rolls from 4" to 6", you would have to change the cored holes as 
referred to inyour letter of January 22nd. 

We beg herewith to return print. 

Yours very truly, 
(Rac. ) 


J, os 2/8/03 Aisi fie! 
gos, y, 

‘ j » f al 
Messrs. Frank C. am & Co., ry ee 
: ¢ 

Real Mstate-Trust Building} 

p22 OTT IE 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dear Sirs:-- 

Replying to yours of the 4th inst., we beg to state that 
we will have our Draughtsman send vou a rough sketch of the lime- 
stone plant just 9s soun as he can met at it. He ts working day 
and nignt on some rush work for our Cement plant and it will 
probably be some little time before we will be able to reach it. 
We will do the vest we can, Hovever, 

Yours very truly, 


ine eis” 

Mr. E.R. Jaques: 

See nent in ANE HWS UT Sea em 

Dear Str:-- 

_ Py the time J pet back next Thursday, please let me have 

the following, covering the tnsurance at Hdison: 
ne srrount of Insurance expiring, by months. I do 
not care for aetatls, only want total amotints. You mas make q 
dump sum, s¢ I do not care for the snectal butidtnes. 

and. The rates ye Are paring. 

Sed. The amount ve would save per month in case we 
were to shut down the power plant, las off Watchman: lay off Foreman: 
would save on Fuel, figuring the wood st cost. 

4th. Also pive me totsl amount of premiums we would pay 
Col. Wood st present rates Yor one year. 

What I want to met at is how much tt costs us per year 
to keep up our insurance, es there is 45 bare possibility we may 
decide to cancel it all, moving our stock and other material liable 
to be damaged,to another nlace. 

Yours very trae) 

Ve S.Malzory,V ate 


ne TN 
rae ATA rg iO 

Our eKNE NSE. 
shing pl)etes, iy. 
third worn and vould 

of the weer before suttime 22 1. OF Z e have new 

hand and cen furnisan © se * , ‘ogdre to have extras. 

O;. the “4 ; “- gtret rolls the plates are 

morn and are mivhscine 4aer st at your expense.. 

iy, Prank Drake fo 

. We 

We are putting 

cast iron girder base plates under both 
sets of rolls to replace 



the I _ Pome Bn your expense. bs 
We enclose blueprint B-1726, gi tying musaiigehe geardtig. ~ 
We will ship ever 

ything’ shown on this print sxeent the couplin ) 
For 4-15 /16 shaft marke NAN an req. We will ty n the 4- ne _ 

-Shaft down to 4-7 7a" 

and, inake At aan short of oo 1'-10"-iiarked an 
pr eeecerenehi en oe 

ce of coupling. 

Roce eos drawing from canter of bearing to 

You ere to locate the ariving pulley so to suit your 

» conditions, The driving pulley should be about 10' in diameter, 

50 to have plenty of margin to teke care of the changes from no load 

to full load in 9 very short time, 


+ne top rolls should run from 140 to 150 revolutions per 

minute and second or spring rolls from 160 to 175 revolutions per 

minute, so to take away the pieces of ore faster than received so to. 

make minimum fines. 

We are making good progress on the work of chenges, 

Yours very truly, 


(@nelosure ) 

EARNS terry coe Roney 

7 ng vt “ay 
Captain O.W Biller ,Manser, 

HOT, ted. 

Bee yr of ti th inst. with copy ‘ 
we are in reteipt of your favor of the 7 s ¥ 

f: ; , bi cSe 
¢ letter to Thomas P. Conard, for which accept our thank 
of let hain : z 

Please send down estimate for pay-roll week ending Friday, 
le oe 


Captain O. ¥. Miller ,Manarer, 
Edison, N.J. 
Dear Str:-- 

You will please arrange to lay off the Night Wat chman , al so 
discontinue the Botler now in use except at such times as you may 
need it for power purposes, as we wish to 88veé the expense of fuel 
and labor. . 

If. you can use Doyle to advantage in your day gang, I 

wish you would do it, as he has been with us for-so many years, 

we do not like to turn jim adrift if we can possibly help it. Please 

send me a list of how reny péople this will reduce your force. 
Also send me another list giving the names of all people 
employed and just want their duties are, 

Yours very truly, 


Col. Jonn F, Wood, 
169 Broadway, 
New York. 

Dear Sire:-e 

Our record shows that we have $147 ,850,. 
plant at Fdison,N.J, 

insurance on the 

We desire to have a1] this insurance 
cancelled and the return premiums collected for us. 

This as per 
iir . Hdison's instructions, 

Will you, therefore, kindly advise 
us the best way to take this matter up. 

We have lata off the Watchman and will shut down the 


ers and will not have fire protection. 

Yours very truly, 


"a /17 /03 wen fh 

Replying to vours of the 16th inst., I bee to state that 

we desire to have vou lay off the Nignt Wetchman, out, of course, 
ty 4t is necessary to keep him on for 3 few days until you get the 
odds and ends straightened up, do so, but he showld be. laid off on 
or before March first. 

Pegarding the boilers, I think you had better go ahead 
“and finish the cleaning of one of them, so there will be one bodler 
in geod shape, in case we destre to. start 4% up. Let the others 
stand as they are. 

Walter is improving slowly but surely, He sits up for an 
hour or tvro each day. I think it 1s quite probable that Carrie 

and he will so South soon after the first of March. 

Yours verry truly, 

{ / 

New York. 
Deay fairi-- 
We are in receipt of yours of the l4th inet. and note 

thst vou will be out the first of the week, I ge to Stewartsville 

to-morrow and will he there virbil Fridey night. Expect to be here on 

Saturdsz, also Monday of next week. 

k Mr. Edfeon would prefer to have the policies 
cancelled, but we will discuss this when we meet. 

WOR? v 

Yours very truly, 

Messrs. Frank CG. Roherts & 
: 2 


Oe ta ean ere 

2/27 /03 ISM /L 
i 4 Pa 
f k a c ae 


Real Estote Tyust Building, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Mr. Rdivon ts in Florida and has asked us to send our 
Head Draughtsman to him shortly after March first. We understand 
he expects to keap him for three or four weeks, SO we ‘Gait it is” 

to write vou that it will he tuipoeesnee for our Draught s- 
man to lay out the Limestone Crushing plant until efter he returns, 
as he ts working night and day trying to get at some very necessary 
plans for ovr own work before he leaves. 

We would suggest that vou will be sble to get a11 the 
necessary information as to convevors, from the Robins Convering 
Belt Compeny and also that it might be well to consider their type 
of belt for the work vou have in hand, as we have never carried on 
our conveyors,. material larger than one inch cubes. 

. We would 91so suggest that in laying out the conveyors, 

you keep the angle low and roll the larger pieces. ‘The. Robins 
Conveying Belt Company have had considerable experience in this sort | 
of work and can undoubtedly lay out a satisfactory plan for you. 
However, *f you prefer us to do it, ve will arrange to have it done 
as soon as our man returns from the South. 

Yours very truly, 

Letterbook, LM-245 

This letterbook covers the periods July-December 1895 and November 
1896-October 1897. There are also copies of two letters from 1883 regarding 
the Edison Telephone Co. of Europe, Ltd. Most of the letters are by Edison 
or Walter S. Mallory. Much of the correspondence relates to Mallory’s 
personal affairs. Those letters pertaining to the New Jersey and Pennsylvania 
Concentrating Works deal mainly with personnel matters and stock 
transactions. Some of the items relate to company finances, labor relations, and 
briquette production. There are also memoranda outlining the duties of six 
supervisory personnel at the Ogden works and an estimate of potential yearly 
profits based on varying amounts of output. A few letters concern phonograph 
litigation, phonograph contracts, and Edison’s efforts to sell his Edison-Gower- 
Bell Telephone Co. shares. There is also an option, in Edison’s own hand, for 
John Savoy to purchase all rights to the Edison phonoplex telegraph. The book 
contains 484 numbered pages, some of which are missing, and an index. 
Approximately 30 percent of the book has been filmed. Some of the letters are 
written in very faint green ink and may be difficult to read. Related letterbooks 
can be found in the Walter S. Mallory Papers (Special Collections Series). 



HERA gis Miao Baer ESTE 



pie Sed 

e. August Gnd. 195. 

hy Near Dolan:-- 
Mr. Tate handed me yours of the 1l1lth, inst. Ryvidently 
some one has Been mak’ng wisatatements to you about nyself. 

You say; “ T trust you will fing it agreeable to receive overture 
in same spirit #5 it 1s tenderod,® nov friend Dolan there must be some 
curious minunderstanding somewhera, 

There t¢ sbaciute.y nothing to see me avout, or arrange with me, or 
Bet me to do, there te nothing thet T aan now sec, or have ever seen, 
to prevent the United Company going right aheed and coing business, I 

‘donot prevent them, t nave even tried litigation to forse them te de it, 
I am extraordinarily anxvtous thet they shoule da business as the 
Phonograph Works want works 

I have been, and am now, hounded by litigation from the Seligmans, 
they ere doing everything te provent the Phonograph Works getting work, 
they are doing everything possible againut ne personally, all upon the 
assumption that I ingivisually can stop Lhe exportation of machines 
from’tnis country abrod. 

They are so seifish that they cannat even reason. 

The Phonograph Works have not manufecstured a single maonine in 
four years for anybedy tit the United Company, al] the machines exported 
have becn the property of the defunct North American Co., T have s 
never controlled that company, and have never Deen In a position 
whereby I could stop the traffic, and tor the last year the Reoeiver of 
the North American Oo., has done all the business and if any machines 
have been exported the Phonograph Works, or myself, cannot be held 
responsible, ee nt _ 

All the United Company hes to do is to go ahead and do business. 

Yours very truly, 

To Thos. Dolan “sae, 
Philadelphia, Pa, 




LE se 

Fy ha ARS Aaa 

Ne EAL 2k 
Men Sncid cre. 

Ep rraicay 




Ah teat 

h Aone! 

Fe SS 




dt Soy 








Sate tase, 

Fir tee 

a : August 8thy "05. 

My dear Marks:-. 

I am afraia the Qompany idea Cannot be carried cut, all the 
mineral lands are the property of our Company here and they Intend ereoting 
other mills as soon @s this one is all right. The money to erect wilt 

come from the stockholders as they will be willing, I am sure, to sub- 
Grease of capital, from time tu time, as may be GEeessary 

scribe to such in 
to er@ect ni2is, providing of course we gan make 20. to 25% on the MNONAY 
and I think the dividers will pay the calls, 

The eastern. iron market will take about one and one half mildion tons 
of ore, this mill will. do from three hundred and fifty to four }uasred 
thousend tons leaving over a MI11ior to be supplied by other mi Sy, 

‘Our largest deposit is at Mount Olive, near High Bridge, with only 
forty to fifty cents freight, we can easily ereat @& mill to turn out one 
milljon tons at that point there being two ore bodles parallel, one four 
milesgand eight hundrea feet wide and one three and one half miles long 
and five hundred feet wide, 

After this comes the Pittsburg distri.twhere two milljom tons 
salable but the profit would he very much smaller, 

My objective point, when I have the thing down fine, is the working of 

the southern auriferous telcose slate belts. 
Instead of 7 i 

Ge, &3 with iron, they will average { 1.40, and they can &% 
worked even cheaper, per to than our crude ore here, . 
five thousand tony per day, mil would clear $4000, per day, the 
supply of rock ig inexhaustable, and the market for the product ds unlimit- 
ed ane cannat vary in value by Treights or ovner TCASEONS, BO YOU REE 
there is no limit, ; 

When this mill goes I wiil then be ready 

Some sheckelg and wo ean, inside of three year 
of Monte Carlo, 


» With your help, to raise 

S, 80 over and burst the bank 
Yours very truly, : 

Wn. TD, Marks Bige, : ae: ee 

Philadelphia, Penn. yo . 


ruin Se, 

er ee hs 

vo, uxt, bowl“ yend-- rw tine * 








ee Ne 

ait se le 
Scull hee 

faces pebe : 
Bae nace edcae . 

‘i Panera ae 
Sarty i 

{ / 
i f 
August 14th. '95, 
Judge Alexander Hiliott Jre, 
Orange, ahs “475 
Dear Sir :~- 
mo ae . We have fills aetes of Aathe Inst.e, 28 to: snur 

inteview with the repregentativs ff tre wloyds, and nave carefully con- 

Sidered the matter in all its wavtess tagntg and with the favorable 
opinion , as to eur ahances of reeevrry G_uinst the Lioyds, given us 

Dy New York counsel, sini as we welieve thet if the Lloyds had lived up 

to thetr ccntract, fur whien they aovepted premiums from us, thet they 

could have taken the metter in hand at the time and settled direct with 

the men for a very moch .smaller amount than whet it eaosts us to litigate 

it, we are not inclined to entertain any proposition of compromise 

that doe? not practically reimburse us 75% of our expenditures to date 

and that which may grow out of the suits still unsettled. 

Yours truly, 

Peace r reece rrres ones eeenesere 



: \ 
j A, 
{ A 2 

fee hare Ree ntti we Dan lh ge 

wth hee SoA AE de edt, ch gpa 

August, 28. 1895. 

Edward D. Adams Fsq. 
q 15 Broad St. 
New York, 
Dear Mr. Adams: 
La - * "Replying to yours IOth. I beg to say that I am 
unable, without taking a great deal of my time, which I cannot 

spare at present, to get the transfers from the ‘other parties, 

put I am willing to sell all my right title and interst in 

‘the Tdison Gower Bell shares for $5000. cash, and will sign 

any proper papers required to “convey the property. f accepled 

ery trul 

pressed ated ates” BS seis eh te Hale sae gd tN es ke pe Petaieate Seba’ ‘ : bat 
a BE we bay Bein Tae Na ye net a gg I Shr cir i a ae A 



eeras wre ee ES eo ws DRS hems 

_— _ | epahites wry ber / | | 



eu widely erncnlenny ate Te NY CCC Sa Ny pee IG 

wos aks ei etd bee eohnes Wiig wet hee Se 


yes na We 

- ( 

iw) SS 


wabine, SL annem natit 

Bow tanec Spe ste tor Shey on wtih colin ob, 

Nee Sofie wet che Ihe Crenunyrihe Ware  Undttindk! 

sts Sax Saat pom Be Main, emu ate Ow stich we 

YE pees BOA Me Mw 


Cree aK de Klee ww a er) the We 


Neigh She dale ae = Jovmsitncw Ao 
Le ela wes TE sc he Coda a acca ce 

CA i i aad ted sam ie 

TOTES oO A ee, See aes “ny sxe =) Bathe wae 

dene 2 awk So! We eed tr ds Seue Shicken 

Clee sc ay, ata i peat Yin Ne 

ge Se ie Ale Rs RA Dae ce aor le 
oy he me ee See Me Ba he 

EDIE RESTA UE TORR RAR ETI LN Eee} Lia daletataatnespeennnareneen ? 

ens Rarer 

ee Ee! 
Stan Tae Smlilyliene ane Efi Le cnet eb 
: he eke AT dle cia 


Oo. RSs. reeks es we ' : 

Av, te 
pone ie 
i : : 
; PE 

r : —oo, > 
thes Pi Chews. 


eet: S NOR A he SU acdid Canin ij 

be Gee SESE a te aces 


ae, (1) 
= ea? Ul Q 
* eee 

Pn, WS. Perry 
Hd Ub road St U.Yy. 
Moar hay - AAs of Secon 
already aciited you ore Aug Qik, oe OO OT 
gems. Le seturmvels eifeore ts Poitbla Lew 
fer & UN bie Pei, ite oie ten Lf 
ell ew Lies, el tle f Sunday. Me. 
hel. ts gers then Lee. wclbvared, anlth 
Pe Ae ae Doe SLi Az , ard vite 4 
el SiR RNG. ore Ga Le Lata 
BABES, and fereverl ia thihke, bo, Lad 1S: Bs em 
Un pfrorled a rrelice. Dal= ale ort wat vos 
ferlLed, ~acel heal every. weet Bes 
| fail of ff cre ow 2fth. One 29PPayt 





Shea lee Saath eta dab Ne Aelia OES Sa a Aas ate, SACRA abana oman ein, 



0 eh int Lore, ancl afl the rere r2- 
Ceizk Sher foay, jue great ape of Heese Cft; 
ard cesseoreg Hhene She. rerg leader - of the. Lobb. 
26 F te 2k, od. Larlice + «fp. ee abd 

Hue Dore Lay 

seve PASS wy, reels, cetcl hisee thal Cove 
fave Ceew oars the. Csiehliy doluvcd- Le Coot 
pllirw. a) Mwve LelageR eat: as ge. enter. 
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oy Jane 16, 1897, 

My dear Mr. Coats, 

Our blast furnace test was more successful than 

Wa expected, and I had hoped to get the results together by this 

time and forward a full statement; to you, but owing to the absence 

of: our Mr, Pilling, who is West, will be unable te do 80, until 

the midale of ‘next week. 

I weote this as in my ‘las+ to you, I said, I expected 

to be able to give you, the results shortly after the 12th, 

Yours very truly, 

Jany. 29th. 1897, 

deor Mr. Goats: 

Sometime ago I wrote you that we expected shortly 
to make a test of our new bricker plant, also a test of the 
briquettes in the blaat furnace; and I now beg to give you the 
results of each test. 

We started up the bricker plant and found 
that all parts of! it ran very well with two exceptions, first one 
of tie plungers o2' the bricxsr sactine gave some trouble when 
there happenod to be a lack of' ore, second, the ore stuck to the 
mould bottoms of the bricker machines; after considerable work 
Mr. Kdison succeeded in overcoming both of these troubles,“ and 
before we shut down, one of the bricking machines, on which the 
improvements were put to overcome the trouble, worked to our 
entire satisfaction for three or four days; We are now adding 
the improvements to the other fourteen bricker machines, and 
when we start up again we expect little or no trouble from that | 

part of our plant. 

_We made and shipped over eleven hundred tons 

of briquettes and while doing it developed the fact, that in our 

estimates (which have already been sent to you ) we have consia- 

Sea eh Sle see cl 


| erably overestimated the wear and tear on our mixers (we allowea 
L | $14400.- per year for renewale), and alao that the allowance for 

renewals on the bricking machinery is more than ample, 

As to the teat of the briquettes on the 

furnace, we herewith enclose you a copy of Mr. Rateoh's letter 

of inquiry. to Mr. Peckitt. President Crane Iron Works, Catasauqua? 

Pa., who is considered one of the best furnace men in the east, 


and his reply, which explains itself; In reading it please bear 

in mind that the tust was made to see if the briquettes could 

successfully be used up to. 100%, and that no effort was made to 

learn to what: extent the output could be increased, or the fuel 

and limestone decreased; it is our intention to do this on the 

next furnace test, and we fully expect to largely increase the 


percentages shown on the test just made; also to use, if possible,, 

ali anthratité coal instead of a mixture of coal and coke, 80 aa 

to get rid of the more expensive fuel, and correspondingly reduce 

the cost per ton of pig iron, hs 

From the data ‘obtained during the furnace test, \ 

we feel that we are making a conservative statement when we say: ‘ 
; . me 

that we can safely expect to receive at least one cent per unit 


(from 6&7 to 68 centa per ton) more for our briquettes than any 

other bessemer ore on the market will bring, ae the furnace 

People can afford to pay uS that advance for the briquettes and 

make more money for themselves owing to the inereasea output of 

‘the furnace; This advance we have not figured in any of our esti- 

mates, so it will be a soures of additionable profit to us, 

At present we arg running Mill #1 (refining 

Plant) teeting the loprovemante made, and as far ag we have gone 

we find the resilte vary satisfactory, 


a3 Delieve that we have 

lessened materially the former costs of reducing ana separating 

the ore, a Little later we expect to also test the improvements 

mady in the erusher piens, and then our entire plant will be 

rasdy fcr work, but it ta nos balanced as to output; 

The present capacity of the machinery at our 

mines is about 2500 tons of crude ore per .24 hours; of tha orush~ 
ing plant 5000 tons, of mili #1 5000 tons, and as it is our inten- 
tion to mina from 2060 te 2500 tons of crude ore per 24 hours, alex 

t6 run the szvusher plant two ahitns (24 houre), and milI#2 for 

Gna? One snitt, now iF we Wine end separate Say 2000 sone of 


7. 58) gona oP aomeantrated pernd 

AAA Sete k FES ky BLS, CARS 

NE adeand, 


DORN but as the capacity of the bricker plant is only about 

250 tone of briquettes. per 24 hours, (we did not -care to make it 
larger until we hag tested the machinery by an actual run, and 
also had the results from the biaae furnace, 80 to be sure the 
machinery was alright and the briquettes were the right size and 
form ), we will either have to double the machinery in that part of 
our plant or put 250 tons of concentrates into our stockhouse 

each day, which would tie up considerable money ina very short 
time, and as we are not in &@ position to do that, we have decided 
to go ahead, if we oan, and increase the number of the bricking 
machines and furnaces; It does not require any more men in éitner 
the crushing plant or mill #41, age only a few more in the mines, 
whether we run 2000 tone or only 1000, ana it acca make a very 
great difference in’ the costes per ton, and on an output of 500 
tons per dayof briquettes we believe that we can make a very good 

To build ana eréct the additional machinery 

(duplicating what we now have) will require about $50000. -, ana 

if we had the money in hand eo we could start at once, we could 


Fp ag 


be ready to run about May lst. next;~ the reason our progress has 

been slow is that our policy is and hae been not to epend any 
money unless we had it in hana, Mr. Edison has supplied 
all the money since the TROEY wa haa from you and your friends 

(he has invested something over . $20080003- since your subscription 
and has received for it stock at par,and he take our stock just 
as fast as he receives money from his other concerns), we have 
not progressed as’ fast aa we would have liked, but we aia not like 
to: ask for more money ‘until every part of our work had been fully 
demonstrated; ‘As everything has now heen well testadand as we 
gave up promising negotiations for $150000.~ that we ‘had with 
some of Mr. Edison's friends in Germany, we feel priviléged to 
‘ask you and your friends to join Mr. Edison in the eubseription 
for the $50000.- at par, (every snare ever sold has brought the 
company $100. - in cash).- Mr. Rdiaon ‘oan gee nee wayXHXMH clear 
to take $20000. - of it (woula take it all if he. had the money in. 
hana) leaving $30000.- for you ana your’ friends; which we hope 
you will decide to take, 60 we may start at once on the work to 

be dons, and be mands to run early in the spring. 


While we were conatructing the bricker plant 

Mr. Edison received a sum of ‘neney which he decided to invest in 

.,the orusher plant ana mill... ang bring them up to full capacity 

of 5000 tonsa por 24 houre, which has been Gone, so that we lack 

full capacity cnly in ths machinery atthe mines and ay the bricker : 


Trueting that: we may have the pleasure of i 

erranging an apycin 

tmant for you and you friends with ‘Mr. Edison 

and awaiting your early reply, eo are 


Yours very truly, 

oe ar 


eter iene Sor 


Sain tree 


wean tee tan, Roe eee SES 

ee es 






nla. Qonetatrating. Vonks: 






a . Feb, 27, 3897/7 


My dear Mr. Coats, 

Replying to your inquiry as to tue pessible 

effect of the collapse of the iron and steel pool on our enterprise 

I beg to say that we think, it will be of benefit to one 

produvera. Compsumption of iron an@ steel at lower price will in 

orgase comsumttcnt we hava it on goad autnority that orders for 

about 500.000 tonsa of raile, have already been placed with varioue 

mijia, increase conaumption means greater donmandes for ore, greater 

demands raises prices. : Bessemer pir iron iss already advansad in 

in all markats. 

Ore at pressit price is new furnished only by those mines 

whigh produce and deltver it cheapeat, and ag the ont rut of the 

average mine is limicod, if the demand incraaKac the antra ore 

must come from mines where the ccet ia areater, this raises the 

price cf the whole, 4f still more ora is Wanted, &till leas oifie- 

ident mines are started and the price goas still higher. 

We have never figured on booms and pouss for ow vrotite 

Now 2o 

or stability, but always based our caleulations on the evi ritmum 

cost at which the best producers could place their ore in our mar- 

ket. admitting that they are as clever as ourselves in devising 
methods of sheapening. “We have & reasonable margin of profit when 

‘they make a losa, 

Yours very truly, 

th ch 

Shee eee beet ener es 

Bebruary 2i, 3897. 

My Dear Mro Miller}- 

Your favor of she 22nd, requesting that ws ehip 

you a barrel of briquettes is just at hand ani will have prompt 


I gia not recaive the letter abcut which you speak a8 naving 

written a coupie of weeks ago. As te Mild #1. «the result of the 

test run are very gratifying eo WO succeeded in getting or capa 
aity up to 308 tons per hour and then our voilers went pack on UB, 

not giving us steam enough to. carry she load so that while we are 
sure of our full capacity of 250 tons per hour we do not know to 

what point . we could get Mil. #2 to! take the ores 
We axpect to get at the test of the crushing plant within a 

few days and ft wiil let you know results we get theres 

gratulation to Mr. Edison and myself 

Thanking yor for the con, 

1 am, 

Youes very trvlys 

to Mr Qewis Milier» 

Akron, 0hide 

AL mnt peda ere 
ee tS SITE AS MUD ms ry 6 
a PROS Wet Vela =p 2, 

reawada ak = 

ipldah hose prictur babposbeceichner 


April 23, 1897, 

Mr. Ls Me. Laweon, 
15 East 67 Strest, 
New York City. 

My Dear Sirs- 

Confirming verbal offer meide when you ware ar Edison, 
New Jersey recently I beg to say that. I would be willing to 
work out the plans and devise a process for working the Mesa 
gravels of the Ortez mine Grant without the use of water, where- 
by Mills of 10,000 tone capacity per day, of Twenty (20) hours, 
could bs operated sucessfully: on the following conditions. 
. Let. To solve the problems of these gravels, I shail want 
33-1/3% of the actual net profits or Surplus vemaining afte: the 
actual. and! necessa:y cosy of labor ana eupplies in the Mi7iis 
ana naines: connected theeete have been subtracted, ‘&ieh eum 
is to be c:onsidered as a royalty and be determined ‘by & public 
and svvorn i accountant. 
and. That vhe management of all the Mil}, 

6 an& mines supply~ 

! . ing gravel thereto on the Oriez Mine Grunt ahaa be under my. 

‘eantrial as dong ae we profits from "he M41]. or Mille ana mines 

supplying tht? tame with gravel any in acthal operation, shall be ot 

sufficient to pay twenty per cent interest 

on the cash actually 

invested in the Mill or Mills 

and the neasgsary mining appliances 

used in the mines. 

5rd That in case of my death after one or more Mills have 

been in actual operation ana earning the said tWeauy, par cent , 

then, the proportion of .33-1/3 %-is to be reduced to 25 % ana 

paid to my leval heirs. 

The actual cos. of experimenting in the Laboratory will be 

paid by myself , but when tha exrerinanta have reached a point 

that I amsatisfied that the process is Caasibls, the proprictorsg 

of thy O.iuz Mine Svan, are to pay the sxpensss of making the 

Plans ang the er: 



ction of a amall experimental Mill on the Fyant, 

ans in the event af the results, showinse that tha plan is 

Bucessf.2, the proprigcore are to authorize prepartion of plang 

for the erection of a iarge Mill, and the opening o’r the mines, 

* ' 

and are to provide the necessary cash to pay for the same. 

Yours very *“ruly, 

May 5th. 1897. 

My Dear Upton:~ 

Yours 30th. is just. at hand. Mr. Fdigson went to 

Toledo to look into the merits of steam shovels for loading our 

ore and on his way home stopped at Pittsburg and went out to the 

Carnapia plant. 

It was hie neeheien to call or you befors leaving town but 
it was so late when he reached the city again he only had time to 
set his dinner before taking the train. a j 

Mr. Edison seems to think that the steam shovel will bs 

successful on our. work, and if 80, will solve the problem of tak 

ing care the small material at a low cost. 

We are making progress very slowly. The engines ane, boilers 

which were both to be completed and in runing order by may let., 

have just arrived. We also lave been very much delayeg on the new 

bricker machine, so it is hard at prasent to say just: when we will 

get startad.. , 

With kindest regards to your famils , and yourself, T am 

hd t 
Yours very “Yuly,' 

May 3918 1897. 

Mr. George D. Schofiela- 


Dear Sirt- 

Replying to yours 3rd. I Beg to aay there is no 
trouble in working the Black sands of Oregon, I have innumerable 
_gamples from Goeacbay and other places. Not all ths sand is. 
magnetic, 60% is magnetic, the balance is weathered out to non-maan 
netic, ‘The magnetic part can be bricked, we have machinery for — 
that purpose. | 

It could be worked in a charco-al blast furnacs and make 
the finest iron soaatbies 

You have probably plenty of wood to make charcoal with;Take 
Superior charcoal iron te now dealing for 13 dollars per .ton at 
Chicago and it ought to be made for about that on your ooast. 

There will be two troubles first: the want of rosin to 
brick. the ore, as I iaonevand your pine trees are roa wa etnnie H 
end. the gold will be left in the non) magnetic portion along 

with the white sand, so while you have reduced the bulk 

Mre Gs De Schofield. 

Considerably by taking out the mannathie part, you will still 
have to contend with a larre bulk of material from which to 
Bet the sold. 

| The remaining black sand , however is one third lighter. 

‘than the magnetic and tharefors the dsffseulty in eluoing it 

awa;, without av: thersame time coarrving .the fine black gold, 

would be diminished, 

Yours very 

May 26, 1897. 

Dear Mr. Coatsi- 

When I wrote you last I promised to advise as to 
the results of the test rune of both Crusher plant and Mill #4 
and I beg to report them as follows:- 

We put about one thousand tons through the crusher 
plant, and found that all the various rarta worked to our entire 
satisfaction, and up to the full capacity(300 tons per hour). We 
also put nearly ten thousand tons through Mill #1 and round that 
our improvementa were quite successful , as ths cost per ton was 
a little leso than one half of the former teste 

Ws also made capacity test and succeeded in getting 
up to 308 tone per hour when our boilers would not supply steam 
fast onough, ( we have now nearly completed an additional boiler 
of 350 horse power) so we feel sure that we have full capacity 
in Mili 74, as at 3508 tons everything worked well, and we believe 
the machinery would have taken more orde, fuld erushing load for 
Mill #2 is only about 200 tons per hour; the bainnce being 
erushed eine énotgh an the erushing plante 

As 40 improvements at Bricker plant, the eight new furnaces 

are complete and ready for work, the additional pricking 

ES Raat es oes 

Mr. Coats 2 

machines are well in nand. The model machine having been built and 
tested( we decided to make tie Briquettes a little larger in 
diameter anu thickness) and the fifteen saditvonat naeaivos are 
now being made. 

You will remyraber that in wy last letter I stated 
that the crusher plant and Mill #1 were full capacity, that the 
additional machinery now being put in at bricker plant, would also 
make it full. eapacity, .leavine only the mine equipment half 

We have had under consideration for some time the 
question of loading our erude ore by steam shovels, and Mr. Hdison 
has thoroughly investigated them, with the result that,we have 
contracted for two shovels, one of sixty tone, the other ninety 
tons; the former to be shipped June 1Sthe, the latter July 15th., 
80 We WALL not be able to start up until receipt of the second 
shovel. Everthing: else. will: be ready long before that time, so 
that when we do start up, it will be ful wapaecity in all depart= 
mente, which we think is mach better than starting half sapaeity: 
and which will soon make up for the axtra delay. 

We have purchased the steam shovel on a guarantes 

that they will each load'1750 tons crude ore in 10 hours with 

Mr Coats, 


Seven men, and they are to averaze this amount for thirty days be 

forse we accept or pay for them. 
This will 6énable us to get the crude ore to the 

Mill at a very small cost per ton, and much lower than wa 

have figured in our estimates 

The present price of ore is the lowest ever Known, 

but we are advised by our selling agents at Philadelphia, that 

we can get 6 ¢ per unit delivered, however assume that we ean 

only get 5 £ per unit delivered , and that we do not get extra 

price over competitive ores, owing to physical characteristics 

of our Briquetiss, ( we fully expect to get one cent per unit 

extra) we still think we can make one dollar per ton profit, 

As 5 ¢@ per unit means less than cost to all the 

competitive ores , we feel that we are built on a very firm 

foundation, : 

Yours very truly, 

ay Jousty & Ponusylvanis Caneenivwless 3." 
To Stuart A Coats Esqo, Hes Jetsey ' 

New York City. 

es le A ey Gat ena Ye eonay bac piidsaad peg 

May 27, 1897. 

Dear Dr. Howe:- 

Yours 25th.e I have carefully noted and in reply I 
beg to say , that both Mr, Fdison and myself were glad to hear 
of your safe return home anda hops that you have been sreatly 
benefited by your trip. : 

When I saw you last we were about to start the 
test of the Bricker plant, durinz which we mate and..shipped about | 
eleven hundred tons of "Briquettes, later on wea tested crusher 
plant and Mili#1, and each got capacity up to 300 ‘tons per hour, 

We then decided that as we had full capacity in j 
both orusher plant and Mil#2, ¢hat we would make both the 
mining machinery and bricker plunt full capacity, and instead of 
starting up half capacity as had intended; to not start up until 
everything was full capacity + We decided to do this about the 
middle of February and since that time have completed eight more 
furnaces, and are putting in sixteen more bricking machines, and 
have also made mixer plan: full capacity. 

V3 have also contracted for two steam shovele 

for loading the crude ore at the mines for delivery to orusher 

plant. One of thse shovels weighs sixty tons ana is to be 

cS : i 
pf gitess hae age Ee re Sg 

a ener 


tiene sam wt tn any thal Lo eee 

Dr. Howe’ 2 

shipped June 15th, the other weighs 90 tons ana is to be shipped 

July 15the, and ag s00n as the second shovel is in piace we will 

be ready to start up( as everthing else will be reaay) 

The shovels are bought under a suarantee that they ' 

will each lead 1750 tons iz ten hours , with seven men, m&king a 

total, of 3500 tons in ten hours, and as we only need 2500 tons 

in ton hours, we will have full capacity in the mines, They are 

to avorare this for thirty days. ,th's will enable us to get the 

erude ore +o the crusher plant at a nash less cost than figured 

in our estimate. 

We are also building a new Power Station for all 

our electrical machinery and have put init a 700 H. P. boiler 


and a 500 H. P. 6orliss engine. 

As to prospects of the plant being worked commer- 

elally and profitably, we think they are in as good condition as 

ever, and we feel confident that we can make a good profit ar. 

the present low pricesa( which we think are practically cost to 

the Lake Superior interest) 

The Large phonograph has been perfected, but has 

not yet been placed on the market, and we would advise that vou 

wait for i¢, 

Yours very truly, 

May 25, 1897. 

Mesers. Sildeméiater& Kampe, 



Dear Sirs:- 

Yours 20th. read and is. fully noted. Replying thereto 

we beg to ay that at the present time our Millis are shut down 
for changes, we shall start up in August. 

The new Briquettes, some will be 2-1/2" in diameter ana 

-Bomg 3" in diameter. These briquettes are peculiar in respect as 
“to tie. abaoeneton of water, while they will absorb about 22% of 
alcolhol or kerosene, they do not aneceb water except 1/2%, 

. Our offort has been Soreba Geeanétne a briquette with great 
porosity, with none of the pores closed ; like in Coke, so that 
the reducing gases shall easily permeate through it exihencly 
easyito reduce in the furnaces. 

Theee tedens reduce entirely to the metallic state in 
one hour and forty ninites at @ yellow heat in Hydrogen , ana 

in 3~1/2 hours in Carbonic oxide. 

They do not crack or go too pieces at the highest temper- 

Tesla asl aie 


Messrse %. & K, 

ature like Natural Magnetic and Hematite lump ores. 
Neither does the carbon deposited. swell and disinterrate 

them as in roasted Carbonate ores. 

Briquattes have not as yet been tried on Cokes furnaces, 

but only on the Anthracite furnaces using 40 % coke and 60 4 i 

Anthracite. At a recent test the out-put of the furnaces over 

the reguiar ore mixturd of hard magnetic and soft hematite ores; 

the out-put of the pig iron in 24 hours was increased from 102 

tons to 138-1/2 tons by use of all briquettes, the hot gases 

which oh regular work were kept at 1400 degrees were with 

briquettes kept at 1000. The pig was No 1 foundry and diffisult to 


The saving of coke >» and goal, and lapor was one dollar and © 

eight cents ($1.08) per ton of pig over the regular mixture, by 

reason of high grate and easy reducibility. 

Owing to the rapid reduction the smaller: furnaces gre enabled 

to attain a large out-put, if they have the blowing capacity. 

The pressure diminshes considerable with Briquettes as thay 

hold their shape until reduged and melteat thie preventing 

‘pounds at our mill. ‘The freight from inill to tide water can 

Messrar Ge & Ke 3 
choking of the atack which takes place with a11 natural ores. 
Ragarding the breakage our new briquetting machinery , 
now perhe put in, ig more powerful and the only breakage will 
be the edges. I believe with four handlings 4% of fines woulda be 
The new Briquettes will assay about 67-1/2% to 68 % mettallic 
iron, .028 to .035 phosphorous, 3% silica and .017 to .020 Sulphur 
The gangue of the ore is &-hovaah felspar, so there will be 
some potash and alumina, an 
The capacity of our mill is:1000 tone per day. The present 

price is +wo($2.60)- dollars and sixty cents per ton of 2240 

probably be got down to 50 cents per ton on large and regular 
shipments, .The ocean freigh: to Hamburgh ete, I do not know, but 
I am told that frquently steamers are in want of a cargo that will 
give a very low rate. 


If a line sould take, to the West Indies, then sugar to New 

York , and ore to Germany it could be done at a low rate. 

Messra. G & K 4 

I am doubtful however if the ore could be put in German ports 
at a profit. 

We intend constructing another and larger Mili, capacity 
4000 tons briquettes daily ata point where it coulda be taken to 
New York by canal at a cost of perhaps of 25 or 30 cents ,. 
and we could also make our ore for less money , and hence quote 

a lower price, 

Yours very truly, 

UID ont 


May 28, 1897, 

oe | My Dear Joa: - 
I have delayed answering yours 23rd., until Mr. 

‘Edison's arrival( he came to-day) and beg herewith to nand you 

a racommendation, which I hope will vroye satisfactory. 

Mr. Edison joins me in congratilations to Mre. Martin 

and yourself on the arrival of your "SON". No doubt you now: be- 

lieve the cold adage “If at first you don't succeed, try try 


We are making the plant full capacity in all de- 

partments, and are building a new Power Station +o take all our 
electrical machinery, it has 700 H. P. Climax boiler and a 500 

H. ?. Corliss engine. 


We have also bought two steam shovels( one 60 tons, 
other 90 tons) for loading the crude ore at the mines. We expect 
to start full capacity in Auguet. All the boys send regards’ ‘ 
Yours very truly, 
To Mr. Jo M Martin, 
258 Fairmount Aves, 

Newark, Ne Je 

Lemean meetin 
5 ae Sa 


June 4tho 1897. 

vA oe WW v we ; 
yer e 

Dear Ira:- 

Enelosed please find certificate #28, 10 sharas Ee Ie Ce 

Co which I aseign in 1890 to Mr. ¢ R, Clapp , also new certificate 

#3, made out in the nams of C. Ee Clapp, to take the piace of the 

old certificate. 

Please sign ana return new certificate promptly, 

I suppose you hear from time to time fhrough Mina as to 
: ; have 
We expect to , everthing completed 

the progress we are making here. 

by August lst, 

nexte, at which time we will reeeive both of our 

Steam shovela, as it ig our intention now to load all the crude 

ore from the mines by steam shovels. 

We have bought the Quplicate of the larga shovel used 

by Carnegie in the Messaba district. The shovel weighs 90 tons 

and ig sold under the guarantee that it will average 1750 tons 

10 hours per day, for 30 succes sive days, and as it only takes 

7 men to operate it, you can easily see our mining cost is going 

to be very low. 

In spite of the low puices for iron ore at present, we 

still figure we can make a very handsome profit and as everything 

‘will be full capacity when ve start in August, it will not be very 



long before we will know " Where we are at”, 

Mre Edison's health is very @000, and he is at work on 

several new things. 

Pleane give my regards to Mrs. Miller and the 11ttlée 

Yours very truly, } 


June 3rd, 1897, 

My Dear Gaunt:- 
Yours 28th, ultimo I received Tuesday last on my 
return to Orange, 

and was very glad indsea to hear of your gafe 

arrival home, 

T have delayeg answering yours, thinking it 

possibly I misht get to New York to-morrow,, but now I find wilt 

be unable to BO 

I spend Mondays only in Orange ang am here the 

balance of the week., but T will try and call on you at an early 

day and wild telephone you when find © can get away, Have 

somethings of interést to tell you, Mr. Edison is in g00d health 

and is happy in the conviction, that in spite of the present low 

price of ore, that we will 8till have a &000 profit on our product, 

He joine me in kindest regards to yourself, 

Yours very trully, 

Jane 10, 1897, 

Dear Mr, Edison: 

tomday on the Power Station » 4nd the M26ons are also at work 
~0n the balaneg of th 

@ foundation in Mili #4, 

Five. of the Castines that carr 

¥ the Pillow 
blockg Por 

the Jack shart and two of the large casting that 
ting betwean the ° 

carry the . C$ONnecting shar 

three high rollg 

Jaek shat, arg in Plave, On °ne Of the larme ¢ 

aBtings the 
bolt holeg 

36 aentar, 

. 80 that we have been 

%9 chip them, anq will charge thig labor back to the 

Weimer People, Everything else Moving along about the 8aMa ag 

Yours very truly, 

‘desired, I am 

To Stuart A Coats - ‘Req, 

307 7 
ra June 11, 1897, 


Dear Mr. Coata?-~ 

Replying te yours 9th, inet, I bem 10 say that we 

expect the plant to produce on an averare one thousand tons of 

briquettes por day, within a very short time after starting wp. 
Our briquettes will apgay 68% metallic iron or 38 unite, 

which at say 6 sents per unit would be G8 x B= $4.08 per ton 

delivered at the furnaces, and less and averame of freinnt of 

about 75 cents would net us F, 0. Be cars here $3.30 per tute 

Trustins that this will sive you the information 

Yours very truly, 

345 Broadvay, 

New York City. 

June 12, 1897. 

My Dear Mr. Clapp:- 

We herewith return stock certificate #63 Rdison 
fron Concentrating Co,, for ten shares as requested by yore 

We have by no means eiven up hope as far as this 
stock is concerned and are still holding the Michigan property 

and believe that if we gst in full shaker von here, that we 
will be able to do something with the Western end in spite 
of Messaba and Other districts. 

The atest dsvelopment in our property here is 
the adéption of - steam shovela for loading the crude ore at the 

We buy the shovels under a guarantee that they will 
oad 1750 tons in ten hours witi seven mon, and that they will 
averaze this continuously., go we expect to get ‘our erude ore 

very choap. 

Yours very truly, 

gamit ces &. 

June 15, 1897, 


Sonate eS Ee 

Deur Mr. Edisonte- 


I herewith enclose labor report for yesterday, 

Bleo letter from Vulean siving confition of the work on the 


On my arrival here f fing the work ef Lrussing 


the cran: , -ovar horsg is vompleted, alsa that bhroe of the 

right anglod pillow hicexs at three high volla are poltea ‘down © 

haa bearings in place, also that the 8 pillow blocks oi; 

Jack Shafts ara in nlaes 


and, that goven of them have the bottom 

ead tm Bee 

‘parts on the pillow biocke attachedes 

At Power Plant she postt,-trussing and studding 

. are all. in place for holler house , and the boarding is being put 

Mes Give theras of tha trusees for Power House ate in place 

/and the talanes are raacy to be holstade 

fhe teereh from Mill 41 te ofl house is 
rractically camelatac and the piped sre bein put down. 

Acavering your talephone massame ,» would say that 

2 hearn tnat Perer is cewn 36° with the trench , and also that 

eat rode 4? tore es but without finding any~ 


hank. pugs ae 



Ac ecmenncsanes iv iton One 78 POTTER ERSTE 

SN errr eR TEE TO 

eae ee ee donee 

Mr. EQison 2 

He claims to be meeting with a lot of boulders 

and is compelled +o ao a lot of blasting, 

We have not ag yat received the Berkmann dynamo 

the matter is closed and the “dynamo can be shipped at any time 

we order it, 

Will go ahead with the orders for the crane , 

motors and resistance boxes at once, 

I herewith enclose letter from Mr, Bachelor 

regarding the Ms Po #4= 75 dynamo at Springfield. Please advieg 

what «e ahall. do Yegarding it, : 
Have closed with Weimer for the machine work on 

castings #2153 at 1-3/4 cents per pounds 

Yours very truly, 

seen ia fiers 

July 28th, 1897, 

Mr. george Ho fhwartz, 
New Mexico, 

Dear Sirt~ 


Senin: to your favor of the Rist, I beg to stata 
that the only market for Vanadium, is in thd form of Vanadate 
‘of Ammonia used in calico printing and the rating of Aniline 
Black. Could orude Vanadium ores be procured tndaply 80 the 
price of janaaions aalte, eay Vanadate of Stade ‘for AriKtanoe, . 
could be put on the market. at one ($1.00) aollar perrportides it 
would have I think; a large eale, ‘replacing other ohdnioate 
in certain industries, which are not near 80 efficient. Kot. 
might send a couple pounds of concentrated with data, as to “qua 
ity available and probable price — and I will call the attention 

of some of my chemical friends to it, with whionh you oan. correspond 

Yours very trulys 

Tee Ne ena 

ERE ria SVEN AT REET Ene gcae tte gt prpibeet fete tte 

Auge 6tine 189 Toe 

My dear Bow'sor, 

Yes E sola ths atock and transfered it, as I actually 

nesded ths monay; My Wall, street friends think I cannot make 

oy another suceess, and that IT ana back number, hence I cannot raise 

on even £10000.- from them, wnt I am going to show them that they 

o aro very much mistaken} fam full: of vinegar yet, although I 

have had to suffer from tng neglect of an absent minded Providence 

in thia scheme, 

Yours very tralyo 

ERROR Wi 1a sas 



otis cat ee CSREES REE 
ia eit tet hinds a 

Wales bac tant abncse Corie 

August 14, 1897, 
Cou, Je Ce. Reiff, 

.52 Exehange Place, 

New York City, 
_ My Bear sir: ~ 

thi authorizea 

August 1st. $9, 


Replying to your recent favor W8 beg to say that 

capital of thig company is $2,225,000 ‘Of which to 

the comp any having 

nY and the . 
Sequiring of iron org 14anas, 

for pat ante, 
rights 8tGe 

No bonds or preferred stock have baen issued and <: 

all the property is free from mortrarg 8xcept one Piece of a fey 

acreag recently acquired, which igs mortearea for $3500., the 

mortgare not falling aus for about tyo ang One half(2-1/2) yéarg, 

We own leasg and have option on about 1600 acres 

of iron ore lanas in New York, New Jersey ang Pennsylvania, 

The liability of the Gompany on August 1st were 

about $55,000, alt for merchandise used in construction of our 

epee ar 

Ser tI ARE oe ok opiates 




avery small 

Co Reiff. 72> 

We load the ore at +he mines by Steam Shovels at 

cost per ton, and deliver it, Via our own railroad, 

to the crushing plant where it is crushed and separated. We then 

compress the 

iron ore concentrates into "Briquettes" and ship 

‘them to the blast furnaces for eonversion into pig-iron. 

Our * Briquett as" assaying about 68% Metallic 

Tron, .035 Phosphorus and .615 ‘Sulphur are a very high grade 

Bossemer oree 


During the entire operation, from the time the 

org lies in the sarth ‘tntil the iron " Briquettes" are loadsa 

on cars for 
or Loaded in 
by human hand 

thus reducing 

and 3000 tons 

shipment And the sand either put on the sand pilé 
cars for shipment, the material is not touched 
Os ‘put is handled entirely by automatic machinery, 
the Labor cost per +on +0 the minimum. . | 

The capacity off all our machinery is 300 tons -per 

kpur or 6000 tone per aay(20 hours), we estimate upon averaging 

_ about 4000 tons per day, giving 1000 tons of ira: Briquett es", 

of sana, ( we have & market for a considerable por- 

tion of the sand at profitable prices) 

The foundation stone upon which our enterprise is 

Cole Je Ge Reiff -3- 

built is the geopraphical position to our market ‘as compared 
with all compatitive gourees of supply of Bessemer ores, taking 
Reading, Penne as the central point. of our market, the distance 
from the various iron mining deposits furnishing Bessemer ores 
are about as follows, Lake Superior 1500 milese, Michigan 1230 
milas., Cuba 1659 miles., Spain 5839 miles., Africa 4320 mites 
Adirondacks 509 miles.,  white,we ane only 112 miles. 

With an out put of 360,000 tons per year we 
would only be able +o supply a’ smal per cent Of the total iron 
ore used in the Eastern market, and as we make and ship the best 
pre that ‘oan be bought ( see copy of letter from Crane Iron Co 
enclossd) ws are. assured of.a market for our out put under almost 


any condition of. business, no matter how ‘depresse de ae Ls 

Based on results already obtained by mintng our 
plant we believe that we can put the iron * Briquettes" on the 
‘market in competition with all other Bessemer ores at a handsome 
profit, even at present Low prices, which are the lowest ever 
Yours very truly, 7 
' Hs 



August 18, 18975 

Dear Mro Coats$~ 

Replying to yours 13¢h, I beg to say that the 
newspepoer reporte, as to Mr. Edison or ourselves being connected 
with the new plant at West Portal, Ne Je are not coprect, ws 

having nothing to do with it. 
We do not know just what sort of a plant it is to bq 
although here been told thas it is being built for a rope ana 

cordaze miil 

Both steam shovela have been received and are at 
-work stripping the garth from off the ore, and both machines are 
a Batigfactory, and well. udapted for our work, enabling us to * 
‘ pat out a laree tonnase per day ata very Low cost per ton for 
Labor and repairs, the 90 ton shovel has so far handled about 

- 45000 tong without a cent for repairs, and the 60 ton shovel 
has handled about 190,000 tonsa and repairs are less than $50.00 

All our work 18 well along axcept our 15 new 

; bricking mehines; to save time we made some of the parts ourselyes 
and contracted out the balance, among which were the frames. These 
were ali to be completed by July 25th. and although we furnished 

the partigs building them a complete set of gauges, we were com~ 

8y: Hs elite, Sab bbs 
etn nina I gh 

sewn mae re pcan 

Mr, Coats 

Poll eq 24nd the mashing 

work had aly to be done Over again, 

We have re s@lved nine oF the machines that hayg 

bean rebuiit ana are Promised thé other six b’ September lst, ana 

hope to Set startog vary gaan after’ that time ana shall hope then 

» to have a visit from your father 4nd yourself, 

Your gs very truly, 

To Stuart 4 Coats Esq. , 
Cusinaan Villa, 

Newport, R, Io 

August 28, 1897.° 

My Dear Mr. Pazot- 

In accordance with your request that we write rou 

confirming the information given you while here last weeks We 

Bend you the following. 

the authorized capital of the Company is $2,260,000 

of which, %O Anrust 1st last $2,116,300: has bsen paid in, the 

company having receivea $100 in cash for every share issued 

(21163 shares), this entire amount has been used in the construc’. 

tion of our plant, and the acquiring of iron ore lands, nothing 

having ‘poen paid for patents rights ete ete. 

No bonds or preferred stock have been ‘isaued, and 

all property ie fras from mortgare, except one pisce of a fev 

acres recently aequired, which is mortgaged for $3500, the 

mortgage not falling due for about tvo,/‘andaone half (2-1/2) yeara, 

.We own , lease and have ‘options on about 16000 

acres of iron ore lands in the East, and have control of all the 

large deposits that ‘have ores suitable for concentration, by this 

means We expact to avoid sorious competition. 

The lissbilities of the company on August lst, lass 

wera.sbout $6500, ali. for current bills es merchandise used in 


Mre Page ~Qe 

the construction oF our plant, 

to-day the liabilities are sone~ 

what less, 

we having paia orr more than our new purchasea, 

We loaa 

the ore at the mines by steam shovhie at 

a very small coat Per ton and deliver it 

» Yia_ our own railroads j eae 

to the crushing plant, 

where it is erushed ang separatedi-Ye thdn 


the iron ore concentrates into " Briguett ba and ship. 

them to ths 

blast furnaces for conversion into pig Leone our 

assaying about 63% Metallic Iron, 35 
e015 Sulphur are all 


Phosphorous and 

of the highest grade of Bessemer ore, 


the entire opsration, from the time the 

ore lies in the earth 

until the iron « Briquettes" ars loaded 

On cars: Sor shipment, 

and the sand eithor put on the sand pile 

or loaded in cars for shipment, 

the material is not touchea 

by human hand, 

but is handloea entirely by aut omatic machinor 

thus reducing labor cost per ton to the minimum 
| The capacity of all our machinery is 300 tons per 

hour or 6000 tons per day (20 hours), w9 astimate upon averaging 

about 4000 tons Per day, 

giving 1000 tors of iron " Briquett os", 

and 3000 tons of sand, 

(:we have a market for a- considerable por~ 

tion of the sand-at LE eeieante prices). 

fat a , \ 
alte: : \ 


Mr Pago -3- 

Tie foundation stons upon which our enterprise ts 

puilt is the geographical position +0 our market as compared 

with all competitive gources of supply of ‘Bessemer ores, taking 

market, the distance 

Reading Penne as the central point of our 

from the various iron mining aeposits furnishing Bessemer ors 

are about as follows, Lake Superior 1500 milese, Michigan 1230 

milage, Ouba 1650) milose, Spain 3830 miles, Africa 4320 milese, 


Adirondacks 509. milese, while we are only 112 

With an output off 300,090 tons per year we would 

only be able to supply 4 small por cent of tha total iron ore mused 

in the Rastern market, and 28 We make and ship the best ore. that 

can be bought ( ego copy of letter from Grane Tron Co qnelosed) 

we are assured of a market for our output under almost any 

comition of business; no matter how depresseds ef 

A11 our estimates of costs are Pased on the results 

of actual opsraitions during tests, we having mined ‘and. crushed 

about 150,000 tons of crude ore and shipp ead the product poth 

concentrates arid sande 
You vill remember from the figures in detail that 
P7showad you, that we sstimate the total cost of all labor. about 

at + 
Pee, = has 

+ F 


$160, 000 per year( This labor cost is bassa on mining the org by 

hand as we formerly aia it, no deductions being madg for the 

cheapning owing to our use of Steam shovels) 

and that we allow. 

net #170, 000 per year for repairs, renewals ana depreciation, to which 

and executive and the other general 

- I is to be added our fuel costs 
expenses making a +t 

otal cost oF about $400;000 { 1 go not give 

the figures in fuil detail but will be laa to do it if you ao) 

The coset and profit 

Per ton depends of course , on bh 

the number, of tons. of 1 aie W8 can makes and Ship per day 

{ we ado not make any allowance in our estimates for receip 

from the gale of 6and, 


although wo Sxpect it will bring us quite 

@ large incong) 


The crude ore will average on a very gens srvative 

basis, about 19% Metallic Iron, requiring us to uae four tone 

of crude ore for gyory aan of 68% Briquett es and alloying Ai 4 

loss in the tailings dn attached sheet 1 give you the ‘eBtimat ed 

profits on various mumber of tons averare per pe for a year, 

As stated before our machinery has a capacity of 6000 tons in 

20 hours, We menav ee only estimate On averaging about 4000 tons 


per day _ 

oe SY 

whio. we @ hope ‘to- average more, still shoula we average 

Mr Page h= 

only 1994 tons in 20 hours we woulda still have a profit of 

$165,100 per yaar( See asatimate) if our expectations ares realized 
We will make — somewhere between $300,000 ‘and $500,000 per ysar 

based 6n present low prices of iron ore. 


Our ore deposits here averages about 600 feet wide” ” 
for about a mile and one half s and the other portions ‘averares © ‘ 
about 375 feet for a mile and one half, and surveys that wa have 
about 165,000, 000 +ons. of crude ore available , and as some of she 
other aapoaies are vory much larger than this one. We belisve 

that we control more iron org than any other company in the worla °” 

You asksd us to send you this data so you’ could 
consider our eoterpriss from an investment standpoint, and v6 
beg to offer you and your frienas 250 shares of 2our: stock, or: ” 

: any part thereof at par $100 per shares, which is the game price 

. 4 f . 
Mr. Edison pays for his, no rebate being made him in form of a 3 

salary , or any Other form for the time and work he haa- 
given to this Company. This offer is made for acceptance on‘ or 
before September 10th next. We expect to get our plant in fill 
operation shortly after this datee In the meantime should you and 
your friends desire to investigate more closely, we will be glad 

M's ; . 
to have you. visit us again _ or the writer will brine whatever 



Mr Page -6~ 

data we have to Philadelphia for your inspection. By 
Should we have failed to give you any epesial 
information you desire » pPlsase advise us of it and we will for- 

ward it to you promptly. 

He Fate te 

Yours very truly, Cs 

New Jersey & Pennsylvania Cons Wkse 


Va Pe 


August 28, 1897. 

Kstimated profits for one year on various number of tons 

——Byarage of crude org por day ( 20 hours) Based on 18 % eruge ores_ 

Tf averaza is 1851 arude tons profit will be $106, 980 

" * " #4944 «© " w " 8 133, 900 

noon " 9160 "oom ow 165,100 

" oy 6 8356 8 "4 oo 202,000 

” ’ u 9599 " " i) * ot . 246,300 

| te t " 9880 #* # ” . wow 300,500 

" t " 3240 » t) 0 ooo 368; 100 

" ” 4 3703 4 ” 0 om | 455,400 

- 3 i ideas oy » 4 won B71, 300 

” Cf] * 5184 " ” " you 733,520 

Re Maen nem eee Oe ae Oe Arena naene ttt eee neSe tenement reenact eneeaenper te s+ = euevenmerene-enreee wee—emenaenserrene 


icant wicstalts URGE Nine Sa ad 


Sr as ME 

Hi 8b Ven 1B nk ty ATU WA Cee then pedei conti Tek DWN Oona) ae 

Sept. 2nd. 1397, 

Dear My Martint~ 

Yours 3lst ultimo enclosing copy of Laveen to 
Mr Waters is at hand ana tI hava aoe both carefully, in reply 
I beg to say that Mr Upton mentionsa having met you ana said that 
* you thought of coming out to gat data for an article" to which 
IT replied " we would be glad to Have you come. I aia 6% know that 
he had askea you t9 come, which he did on his own responsibility 
and without our knowledge and I did state to Mr Waters when hg 
. was here that we did not send for you, not knowing that you haa 
been asked to come by Mr Upton, this I aia not know until raceips 
of your lettor. 

Both Mr Edison and I regret that thers shoula hays 
been any misunderstanding and can assurg you that we want +o give 
Mr Guy and yourself all the help we cane, but as far ag we are : 
concerned having nothing +o sell that woulda be helped by Newspaper 
articles we do not carg whether anything is published or not 
relative to our plant., but as there seemed to be a desire 
among some of the ‘Newspaper people for something about it( we 
hava requests for data from over a dozen papers) we wars willing 

to do what we could to bs accomodating. 

* 2 Sear a eee eae 

Mr Martin Qa 

We mks this explanation as we do not Want you 40 > 

feel that we have been unfair to Me Guy and yourself. | 

We have not yet had a chance te get & the data 

you wanted, shall we g0 sheaw® With ite 

Yours vary truly, 



NEW YORK, Sept.1st,1897, 

THE STANDARD OIL, COMPANY agrees to sell to the NEW JERS 

agree to take all the FUBL OIL they shall require for use at 
their Works, estimated to be from 46 to 75 barrels per day, 

; | 
having a gravity of not over thirty-seven (37) degrees, during 

the period of twelve (12) months from the above date, which 
amount is to be shipped in not less than tank car lots for 
delivery on railway track at Edison,N,J. at a net price of 
two and one-half (2 & 1/2) cents per gallonjpayments to be made 

on the fifteenth (15th) of each month for all 011 shipped the 

previous month, 
{t is also agreed and understood that in case of fires , 

strikes, or other unavoidable causes, on account of which the 

Works of the New ygersey & Pennsylvania qoncentrating Works: 
shall be shut dowm at any time during the Life of this contract 
then the New jersey & pennsylvania Concentrating Works shall 
‘not be required to take any more 011 at their Works than shay 
may absolutely need during such stoppage; the agreement and 
understanding being that the New Jorsey & Pernsylvania Concen- 
trating Works shall use our oil during the lite of the contract. 

It is further agreed that the Standard 011 Company shall 

. not be held responsible for accidents or unavoidable delays in 

“he delivery of the goods. mete a | 


se Vers Mer, 

; We apree to take and pay for said oil on the terms stated. 

Mr MoIntogh, , 

c/o i Thomas Mo Nally, . 
1007 Forbes Strast, 
Pittaburs, Penn. ; ¢ eae 

pear Sirt~ 

tir Ite Be Vanderhoof has given us your name as a foreman 
bi . 

aapable of’ taking chares of our ming work here, which is to 
hilis of peck 1/2 mils Long, side cute, Load rock with eter 
shovels, width of vein 600 feet, 13 arilve night and. day, capacity 
of Mill Sor crushing 5000 tense daiiy. , . _ 
The kind ef a man we want is one that has’ had = 
expergance in w-diling, loading holes properly, handling of tran 

and taking general charge of the mines 

Ve have no use for & man wha thinks there can be no 
loprevremsnte made in mining and who kicks against every exp srimert 
Sought to be made to cheapen the cost of productions - . ' 

If you ars open to an engagement about the lat of 
Octeber ani think rou wan f111 the bill, state your terms. The 
Job i8 ali. thse gear roune if satisfactorily done. : 

Yours very truly, 
ae New Jersey & pennsylvania corte oa 

’ . 

ace oF 


Septe 24, 1897, 

Duties of Assistant Sup e-int endent Mining, 

You willl have charge of the mining both shifts, 
a night 


agsistant will be furnishea to take charge ni 

ghts ung 
your orders, 

; You wi: LL call on the Master Mechanio for all repaire 
ie arilis, gars , 

so Steam Shovels that cannot be done by 
; the shovel scunners thems atveus 


The locomotives 48 far as 

furnishing men to run them 

and keep than in order wil be under the ohier Engineer, but. 
the work of the locomotives will be under your orders, 

Drillers, os chov ot men, track men and 1 all other men 

employed in mining will be under youe The fireman of :the 

boilers for drilling will be in the Chier Engineer aeparte 

‘MONG, but subject to your. Orders as far ag runing is. con= 


You will Personally spot ana measure up all the holes 

to be drilisa and: indicate the amount of powder to go in each 
hole. ; 

All stripping will be under you, 
nite xeon the Chief Clerk. 

you ean get men and 



ii aaa a TE 


You can Gischarge youn men, except those under the 
Chief Rngineer » and with the approval of the 

Orders for supplies you will send through chief Clerk 
You will be provided with & desk in the generalsorhs ce 

where you can make out your reports ,. lay out your work 
for the next aay ote, 

Do not hire any boy less than fifteen(15) years old, 

Septe 24, 1897A. 

Duties of Assistant Suporint endent 

Has executive charge of the techinal ait of everything 
Souneer ed with the Mills except the mitra, 

All changes in machinery or methods of runing the dire 
is to be approved by yous 

“AML disputes Ste. between the men SPnneeree with the 
work to be decided by. yous 

The managers of the three mills, Master Mechanic, and 
Chief migiices ane discharge their own men, but must. not 
‘hire any without your approval or that. of the Orange office 

All orders of material ¢ or “supplies for the Mill to be 
approved by yous. 

All daily reports of the various heads of depastmente 

will be sent to you for information and filing, as well aa 

& copy to the Superintendents. 
If ahead of a department neglects his duty or is 
imcompetsht, report it to the Superintendent or Orange 


nm Que 

8 You will have a meeting in the evening of ‘the variong 
h heads of departments ana mays out the anes Pon the night and 
the following momings Tn case of absence arrange matters 
Rerore hand. Incase of absence or sicknesa of a mill 
manager arrange for another masawee ha run, ‘both plantas 
9 The chief draught onin will design such machinery ° as 
" you decide is necessary. . , 
10 . If you can: see, or any of your men suggest any improver 

ment, which in your judgement seems a good SRG but ‘which 

entails considerable expense, say $100, aubinit Propposition 

to Sup erin tendent, ‘af less use eal own judgement and go 


11 Make daily report to Superintendent in such a form as. 

will be explained. to yous 

You will have in your office a list of every man under 

you with rate of wages, also a list of men you can gotr in 

case of sickness of regular 1 mene 

At the nesting in. the pyeniag where the work is Lata. out 

for. the day, record’ at in a book ana give a slip +0: gach 

head of aepartment just what he is to ao. 

14 Wagea of the men in the ‘Mille. ete will be sot by the 
Sup erintenaent or from Oranges 

15 me yard men. toans and cart men. wild be under the 

Chief Clerk, while the work they ‘are to 9, except iit the 

mines, is to be under your directions — 

- Sept, 1897, 

Duties of the Manager of the Bricker Plant. 

You wild be under the Ascistant Sap erintendsnt and have 
charge of and be responsible for the raning of > aad 
Plant both thifts. 

There will be & day and night foreman and you wil 
“thoroughly teach theme men as welt as the men in thp ; 
Bricker plant their autiess 

You may ‘Gl scharge any man in the brfeker plant enon? 
the mon under the Chief Engineer and with. the approval oF 
the Assistant Superintendent you may hire men for your 

All changes in the Bricker plant whioh you may think 

desirable should be submitted to the Aveietant Superint-endon 
In abaense of Assistant Sup er int endent and in an 
emergency apply. to any head ofa department sia help 
You wil have @ desk in the office where you can make 
out your reports and keep your records ates 
. In the evenings the managers of the Mills ete will meot | 
at the office and lay out the work for the next. daye 
‘Do not hire any boy lese that fifteen yeare old 

: Septe 24, 189% 
Buties of the Manager of Mill #2 

2 You will be under the Assietant: Superint endent and 
have ‘charge of and be responsible for the runing of the -Mi2 
#1 both shifts, d oa | : 

‘There will be a aay. and night foreman and you wil 

‘thoroughly teash these men as well as the tien a the min 
their ‘ditties. 

8 You may ‘discharge any man in MALUAR except the men 
under ‘the Ohief Engineer ana with the epproval of the 
' Assistant Superintendent you may hire men for 1 Plante 

4 All changes in the wana ‘whieh you may think desirable 
shoula be submitted to the Assistant Superint endent, 

5 In absense of Assistant. ‘Superintendent and in an 
emergency apply to any head of a departinent ssl help. 

6 ‘You wild have & desk in the offtos where 7 ean make 
out your reports and keep your recoras ‘etoe 

7 a In the evenings the managers of the Mills ete will meet 


at the office and lay out the ads for the next Gaye 

“De ‘not: hire any boy less thes: fifteen years Olds 4, 

Duties of the Manager of the Grushing Plante 
You will be under ‘the Assistant Superintendent ane 
havo charge of and be: responsibla for the runing of the: 
Crushing Plant both chiftss. 
There will be a day and night foreman and you will 
thowpughly teach these men as well as the man “in ‘the Mill 

their duties 

You may discharge any man in the orushing plant, oxcopt 

the ian under the Chief ‘Engineer and with the approval 
of the Assistant Sup erintendent you may hire men for your 
plante . 
-AlL changes in the Mill ‘which ea may tkink desirable 
shonld be submitted to the Assistant Guperint endents 
In absenes of Assistant Sup erintendent ‘an in an anaes 
genoy apply to any head of a department for help 
6 You will have a assk in the offioe where you oan make ou 
your reports and. keep your records ates | 
7 In the evening ths. managers of the Mills ete will moot 
'% at the office and lay ont the work for the next dsye 

8 The Ohief Blect#ician will keep in order the Electric 
Granese, but you will hire the men to run then subjsct %0 the 

ifeproval of the Assistant Superintendent. 


? Do. not hire any boy less than fifteon years Olde 

Sept. 24, 1897, | 

Duties of the Chier Eaginesr 

You will be under the Assistant Superintendent, 

2 You will nave charge of all the boilers, Bngines, Air 
Oompraséers, Pampg, “Steam, air ang Water, -8nd ipiping, 

You wil1 


also have charge of 

the bofler ana ‘engine 

Piping for water &t the shovel an 

@ arillboiiers wi} 
he under you, 

or the Orange office who wild -86t th 

9 wages of each position, : 

The Loconotivy runners are under yous, 

the locomotives is to ao, 

but the work of 
de under the mine manazors, 
You are to carry out the orderg of 

whe of Hiring etee, if he ggeirgs, +o charge a firemah 
he diioula ve plinmtttea to do so on yous ‘approvale 

i wild ¢aye ‘the bows ‘fipeman to make a daily, dal 

of the ‘soa homeuia, and you will. pond, this with your own 

rep ores 

As fur as repairs for machinery is popsernieds you will be 
subj aot $0. ‘the Master Mechanto, and he wil, fuenteh you men to 
do. the sate N aer your directions When oad own “pegular | 
men have nd. tijnd to ao it 

You wil jay. . your work in the evening for the next 
day and arrange sok year men and materials. 

Do not hire any boy less that fifteen years olde 

Sstober, ist. 1897, 
Mr, Hdgeir §, Oayirg, 

@digon, N.S. 
Dear Sirs 
Under no eireumst 

ancss make any advances 

or loan of ny kind +06 any employes, Without a written order 

8iznea by some’ 8xXeCclutive Offiear ot thig company } 

Ths mon 8y 

intruateg 68 you ig for the pu song of Paying what we Owes our 

employees: arig La not to he used fon Loans or advances, 

eee Te wey 


Letterbook, LM-246 

This letterbook covers the period April 1895-January 1898. Most of the 
correspondence is by Walter S. Mallory, vice-president of the company. The 
letters deal mainly with insurance renewals, stock transactions, company 
financial obligations, and plant operations. Some of the items pertain to 
Mallory’s personal affairs. Other letters relate to Edison’s efforts to attract 
outside investors to the company, the assertion of his ore milling patent rights, 
and a comparison of the company’s costs and profits with a similar operation 
in Michigan. There is also a list of stockholders dated December 31, 1895. A 
few letters concern the phonograph business. The front cover is marked "N. J. 
& Penn Conc Wks W. S. Mallory #1." The spine is marked "WSM 1." The 
book contains 501 numbered pages and an index. Pages 73-74 have been 
removed from the book. Less than 20 percent of the book has been filmed. 
Some of the letters may be difficult to read due to very faint green ink and 
purple smeared ink. Related letterbooks can be found in the Walter S. 
Mallory Papers (Special Collections Series). 




My dozer 

to mur progress at BF 

Searels As you will note from our letter head 
ee ONS ’ 

ouy Sermrdl offieas tron 

he move, YF like the 

with my family hore,wrich jz vory ploasant, 
Regardim: the mill, 
tha lmese rolls te., ada tug age in vi 

ine larre fieces dow to the sices wiich are 1/2" and smaller, 

seen thevouwrnhly 

howe in alto our eating amd £ 

ta fake gare of 

tir, Clapp 

INE REM. SW fib Lo Lcd 

Huve tad it in mind for some time past to 

“‘thyeee days here and three days 

tested, and id,in its present. coniltiar, 

atistaatory teh us. We ran 

itat this rate. We ran in all eleven ov twelye \ 

‘fheugand tonsa ni yfrtom the date ‘wa uew have in hand, 

aafo in anying that the wear 

xOw York tc Orange, andag I now spend i 

aud tear is poing to m. lass than tha | 
figures I showet you when dass at wt 

FEE nices chakra ey eee es ashen ee 

May 8, 1898, 

write you ag 

disc, but other matters have kept me buaily 

we have moved 

at Edison each week,it keeps mon 

change very much ag it enablas me to be : 

the crush ing plant,which imlades 

i ich we reduce the ore from 
on tirel: 
Sho vagy at the rato of -275 tons a 
oynd the mach inery with atple capac ity, 


think wa qe 

dison, Tne large volls ara ay / 

mt ira 



vary Pew little e banres 

- satisfactory. 


suceess and seem to erush up the larger pisces with less 

than they do the smaller, Our largest picee of are that 

we huve so far put theough waighed 9,208 pouris, 

Mili One has alse been thorougniy testersdi,ond with the 

which we aro now moking,can also be called 



-TIn oor test mins,we nave run at the rate of 25 

tons per hour,anl found the mill capacity could take over 300, 
; Y 

“pt i shells 


: . 

i | |" 

| adjus ti 
i. of 


boo e .035, 

i nants 
| 4 ¥930 phosphorous, 
i empnat 
| ; » Looks 



- , 
we axpect to run as a wegiudar thing sbout sé 1/2%, and 

The three high rolls are entirely suécessful, the wear on the 

botne less than we hada figuesd,and the efficienay very 


8 : : : Peet eee at 
hich, the avevaroa boing in the neig¢rborinoa of SOA. The gcvremms 

and wmarnets also worked successfully, The latter,without the fie 


danta which tnoy will get a little later on,have been masing 

ado ut at iron ore for us, and as the phosphwrovs in this cuns 

it makes a very pood Fessemer ore. “With the finer adjust- 


We Ars at present at work om the bricking plant apd 

te get a test run on this some tine roxt wok, 

voy as if in about 30 daya wa will be in shape to pw the 

priguettes on the market as a ragular thing, md as far as wa have’ 

everytning is entirely satisfatory to us, 

Shere hes been no change as yet in the prices of the Ore 

Milling stock, Very little of it has chmge@d minda'in tha Tagt 4 

or fot months. The moment we rot ahipning J look fora 

Every thing 


narked Luepeade tui tie market po ice 4 
advisaG jist how ey Ory tiiine rocs 
7 POCs, 

fal n 
HOMINIS ina yess f 

voey kindly te Mpy wlapp , 

rr ans + n Sietews eid : 
renls te Monrsel?, Y am, 

TO 3 


© ff, Olarp Ksg., 

Pitishurei, Pa, 


try ani keep you 

Mv agar Mr, Uleapp ;: 
tours of the “Svcd, wit.,was rece’ced promptly ana 
‘noted, ve have bien tore tan basy of late so havé put off 
We are vuonahs ervushing mill ,abdo 
RAMS mii) ani githiny ab thé vate of about 259 tp 30: tens 
VS o%8 coneentrates par day. iy Bdleun wae naforeungte enough fa 
sprain his ankle aome little bine ago and wag Lada up quite & 
ithe ttme with in, This jo}ay ed starting our bricker plant, 
va deabont asain and the dettes oat of last week we put on the 
Shyish au, nayeh@s af the brigken plant and we expect to start is 
. é 
go thot it | ny a question of a fev days. now 
v9 wid hare briquettes golng fovmrd ty She fumaceg, 
ter everything bas mute catdafactorys and, while we 

neve Sa a mood many Lathe we ore firmly oonvindsd thas 

grad ovindiples upea wish cur plant is bude ard Ya Hn Bai4a:- 

Thy. advance in the vies of oe of cowbse is ved . 

ad ia aedne te anke a dU Mf ston we of 6 tw bBo, & 

ey fan, WALL try and keep you eis postha, 

Lo ueth you ad your fenily ace Well, I waMBAN, 

Yeusts oo aty truly, 

a Se eee | 
Wek \wdchie fre Ce ely tae a IE Claas RET sai Mew : 

yA So ata 

Jun, ductiere | | ; | 
U Drop Uabiaere Seine dutta \ut your / Hee 2 wh guste SR | 

akin \ eahaenellandi ooacer ene a ts Utne ae 

apg a tag ke ag > 
Gy Jove Wbume aie gp wile ct tae Dea BAR sped 2 

Syst nasinpronmapayrrmecnen ey sree erm Sera tinn ro eS meen Te he 

‘eee Be is 
¥y SS, PEerry gste 

Maw Yor, 

THe story, thst 3 ray 2 “that the: dparations 

at bee HOPE o 3, re are that J. reqratted that. 7 had 
sfoage bunlaess, te shsolutsly and “unqual ited ay 

an noe think ibimen Leos nay. sot fron. my 
eeRonal, Hue sf what, ae have done egand.s the: fact that 2 

prac lars have now be aen golved, 1 neldeve ers esemiy today, then 

af Ls jinae T heve bean gonnacted oy th the onterpri 


Hecided Ptaane iz juadeeo ia warely a question opt no tue oy 

You: wid. cabling, ma by showing baie 
Letter wa the person from whom you obtained tho story, and ‘nose 
hace you decline bo 

‘yours very. truly. 

‘Shee an “ 
PAST Aah ya fez 

faye Url, LB8Aa, 

Jamee G. Paivish Faq. 

New Yorks 

My deer Sir: 

i that the money alrgagy investe? in the Gancen- 
a 2 ey 

cratine Porka may be saved antl made profitable, 14 15 neeesfary 

what more woney ba raised, 7 have eertein finanvial “ysotiagtions 

My Wile. sone maome go:elan Crierds, and I am hopeful thet they 
Wik DY eonstoieds 
Aas oun told that you and your friends do 

noh axpect teu arail yauyuélves af the uptison thet you hola on ths 

aroek of bhea Mus o-- 0. io Cgimerleaniu Gencantrating Worke, it 

A. BO, af ulb tha tvemsiry stock hen oeen ssaued, exgapt that 

vitar opvdioen, 7 woulk ba ob lived df von would @ign the attashes 

shanne, 26 thab foima. Lavecsomething to offer the forsian parties, 

Yours ves trbly, 

vengent rat 



Sep SOMA oR abode w Bele. 49 NEE Bice iBigine de, BASIN LeU ENS UAGNDICR Sip w db OAONGTAY 0 2656 eer ad OU Roce iawn ew a cOLe 
te ef ? 
Best Mughanc..:, Rulldines, Rallecady; Cars, 
teecmohiowes ane ali cthee Appliance BLGLLE4AS 79 
j : : ae, 20570,00 
ee 20074778 
: * 9450.00 
Ly Racelivagios 12001 .21 




Peers rosaes 

: '  $2020455.08 

s Pecavie Pu. Milgo. . : 38347, 94 
aeqinde wer Mise. 213156,87 
Viner, 147849.06 
gid in cash) 1851655,.03 
geevedsree Ce aneg 

$Z019498, 95 

Sgies ove Sond 

Cnpribai Stoek 

ov Mortagses on Plant or Property, 

entire gapital paid in cash and 





Ete Oe Ke te ae 
: ’ 
. eels 
a + 2 i*... yi 
ats eX ie 2ey i? eg ne 
4 PEE ae mR 4 Pee 
reiseu eth Ne Le Qos ees 
S4oauye thes fined e 
iter Gate anys, it 
1, . . 
poereeec Wyre ee ae 
; isuos We jars ceo, ri} 
a 2 J oe 3 
: te oS. Donne: bat 
: ot ge, a way: 
fells Ivers “a4 

He Hoven 


Ny M. HeMicnes? J 
‘s ry, Nie 



Horetio c. 



Vv e 

A». Syedden.. 

We. Sead 
tT, Viera, 


sutharized 200g 



SAayehes PE 



fae are fap 

‘aL willbe. seen 

Ny te ore deposit? Ths ore, is warked by the cos 

Kéosen is abet 659 Lave 


art width of tho whole deposit 

othe ore Lab ea an 

disjansea o£ the various bexsener ore Réepogite Srna bhe car : ee | 

i our market 

Sample pottles af arade ore dummy). grade ore 
= wen 3M 

ant Zacsemon 

& 36 ’b oon ng Sy aie 
vent Lore, 1 eee2 ESTE Ys 

wings 3 

42 Bee L 













Rebate apt ees: 









areen ate 

SC ere SNA 


Me stolid Wane h 

January, Slat, 1896, - 

Mills at Edison, N. J, 
Cost Machinery, Enuildings, Railroad, Cars 

Locomotives and all other Appliances, | 

Oost Real Estate in fae, 

Cost Mineral Righta and Leases, 

Ingurance, Taxes and Interest. 

Supplies on hand, 

Ora on hand, 

Adcounts and Bilis eesaivabea: 


Aesounts Payable for Mase, 
bilkla Payable for Mdse, 

Sales Ore, Sand and Wood, 
Gapital Stock (912 vaid in cash) 


in cash and used us above, 

Yours very truly, 

Statement eP New Jersey and Pennsylvania Concentrating Works. 

Capital Authorized 32000000 .00 

SOOM Se FO me BN Ae 6k ON ee se One tan ee ie Oo te eee wi os ek Rs tee ae bab oe A EN iis Sa a Sk Se bl owed wn we Dee we we teen 

No bonds or Mortages on 

nothing represented by or paid for patents, entire capital paid 

$1618294 66 . 
201144 ,39 
55275 .20 
34150 ,00 
9450 ,00 
10903 ,09 
2307 iad 

$2022095 . 12 

11790 ,27 

149902 ,53 

1854440 .26 

$2022095 , 12 

Plant or Property, 

Fobuary, 29th, 1094, 
My dody Mr, tves: - 

Yours 25th, T have fully noted, ales Mr, Corrigans letter 
oP 26th, which J herewith return; Me, eoerigan has avidentiy 
alaunderstood my offer te you, as when it was made I had no idea 
of jnaking any charge whatever far the aoryiess of ovr man, whe 
ould Lovk into the problem and try and solwe it, if he did solve 
it, then tha queation cof pay for ths right to vse the eeoeeee might 
sume up, but I had not sven thought of thes; ly ideq in making 
she offer was, if oesaible, to nelp nes make more money out of 
the mine, . 

Our mas nas been parvtlcularly successful in 
: prs 
naving f018 that beanuse i: waa rusty, or for various other canses 
wouid not amelgamoate witn the mercury,. and at avery small cast 
pes, tun, fe dues nor usa sleatricity tn any form! however as 
A, Coreszan dogs not approve ot tho idea we will let it drop, 
Tonsvte your politieaal coments, and I hope 
that your predictions as toa hard times are wrang, to ny mind the 
onky safe way in all ta4mes is to keep from spreading out too thin. 
30 if herd times dae some everything wild oe well in hand to meet 
therm: That we civ. ise what wa preagh vould say that the Liabili-~ 

ties of one aaxpany{ No oI, 3 P. Wks,jat present ara about $3000 00 

and’ that we nave ensin in bank of over ten ins that amount, Nat 
- dad far a company with a gash capital of $1,900,000- and with 
no bende or mortages on any of rer preperty. 

With ickndest remembrances 
to Aunt Leu and yournel?, TI am 

Yours yery truly, 

Leavitt amines nocbrehcsacec oc 

March Sth. 1896 * 

Has juss returned from tke faneral of hig Fathes, 

to wrdte you, that he regrmets not being able to 
eat with vowing your fpiende, but that be pone: 
49 $0 on samething olge in ‘he Putyre: Also 

che rsonlts on the 8 fran & any, that he» 
: Bie ' 

TO Det ven have & copy of them, 


Yours very truly, 

Magnetic Iron Ore Co,; 

Benson, Mines, N. ¥. 

Dear § irs? 

Maren loth, li 3 

I understand that you arg haeipg designed 

and built crushing rolls for erushing cr orathing ore or rook by | 

kinetic or stored energy; If this is correet, T take this spars 

to inform you that I am claiming rolls worked uposy that principle, 

and I shall take steps to defend my xights afhen the patant is 


Yours very trul 



re ee ee 

Maye diy. FOO 1, 
Hadgpt Kiver Stane swely Bp 
= Gortling wget, 
tow yarn. 
Péar Stee; 

1 undanetnnd thot 7oy wep haNtaR 
designed and butt orushing rolls Thy exaowing tr omshing Fuk 
by kinet ta or rtored energy; re thtx En Fe daa } thke thus nosna 
to “inform you that T am Pladming rots werked on that prinsipie, 
and that I ‘ehall take steps te aeftnd xy nights abep aad 
is issued, : “ 

Yours wery tree. oy 


aN rene 


“Ne waren tee Ob nics 

Marly 1éth, 1806 

me, Morton. MeMionaél Jr, 
Pirst National Bayk; 
Philadelphia, Pa, 
' Dear Str; 
. Replting te youts lith, ¢ pag to 

aay, that at present wo are at work making ¢ numbél* of improvements 

iss ony plant at Edison, N, J,, and we hay dvany Sepnatas tim of 
being veaty to atart abuut June, end believy that prow thet time 
we will run song steadily! Ye shut dpwe varly tn dhe winter 
as we were issappolnted in the wesexer ot certain finey due tb. 
Mr, Rdison, and ales bocauyd it ig and has oxen aur policy yod #6 
30 nso dabt; we hava howaysp now the necessary canh in cenk to 
completa the changes being madé and to start the plant at work: 
and we believe from the Gost that ya obtained durin’ the test 
man last August that we will be abis to produge. the Briquattee at 
a price per, ton that will enable us to eg} thet at a very hand 
some proPit, 

Yours very truly, 


Vise Pras, 


W4bs ~ Pree, 

Yarch , i7th., 1996. 

Syors ‘Nery try, 


“Signe nepagicing-to zou sen sae Pelephene, % have 

‘Mira SESS, “wo sens .., “Shst ot wd cop-convanjenk for him ta 
- RNS RO. tat pe hbsheborarory,, Lomorr-qy 4 TYUREPAY) Beth... 

“iets, BKRAME 2 seNs,. 
eg OERise St. 

~ayt 5 BDF. 58. 

NN ns Hane EI at 

Margh 26th., 1896, 

ur, W. 8, Perry, Seay-Treas, 

Edison'Blectric Light co,, of Buyope, Limited., 

New York City, 

ft héwaby fendex my reaignation ag Director of the 
Faison Blectric Light Company ar Buroge, Limited, gate ty take 

- effect imnediately, 

Yours vafy truly, 

March 27th,, 1896, 

Meas. Magnird 4 Bauetrs, 
# 44 Ping Stuy 

‘N.Y. Gaty, 
Seer Stee: 

HibIWuEa Wd hereki hy Yhiid PUA & cope BE beter re 
“eleera Brea wordnet of WAY SAbiaties Gt tha state of 
Reagan, ALE La debt AYE tba Ub wibh At atiantas Ob er 
Hederin bled, WASH Deine wh be a}! Yatavase to got. You wilt 
“MBRhar a adele Boo tend pie dy ‘bate mined at a depth ar 
BAO Viget wenn tite tuePaes, than $PHiRpoPted eteht mites to these 
ER, heevatitemped “and separated and thirty tons of eater handled 
Perwebivoy-sen oF wesk prushed, eng pil at a cost of & %.02 per ton; 
SPOA WAS <ekepo oaote that the &rogs VRENA, Lm agpeer pen ton of rock, 
So 3-2 734: ana thet the cagt per ten mining, selagting, ete., and 
, Ransngeting to saa ¥AS 7H Senta par ton. New qompare the above 
- gia tne Fee uhts ae obtptnes Rant Avgush in pup tast run, whieh 
you Pubs ret piss MAWO not Bk All satisfactory t tous, as they were 
very bia Wed owing ta yariong troublog now all overcome, and 

hist ised; tHe nat ag mint and dedivering the reck to mill was 

44 Shits (ay tor ur fst déno-thtra Atlantic price. Then our 

Mie Ry gg, 

caste in tig ayy for crushing and Separating should not exésed 

thie CO%ts, as while We crush finer, whieh Coats more, Wwe db hot 
have th, thirty tons of watap to handle, The price of iron ore 

C Combination } for the yaar has ben made $ 4,00 par ton, #o.b, 
‘BakPalo, for Norrie ove ‘( the standard ) the freight from Buffalo 
te Reading now in $ 2,80 per fon, making a 66 © natural ore cost 
s §.50 delivers Reading, or 4 5.809 7 60-9 1/8 cents Per unit, 
neg taka suy briquettes at: thia sate, 68 xo Lyé dents “per unit, 
Would meke our price A 6.23 pe ban B4liverag Reading; and less 
BO cent? per ton freight from kadwon Me Reding, would net ts 
2.6.5. Baigon 3 3,34 Parton. Ned as at takes Pony tens of our 
Smude rack to make one ton Condont rates, vaih ton ot erude robk 
hag groag sale of ¢ 5.34 - Aaj) & Qians de practically the ‘Bame 
"Ss the Atlantic reck, I? tis Atwntay Cohpany can make money 
wader thelr condition, we haraly thank it nvowssary to state 

what #— onght -te under ora, 

Yours ery traly, 

April,orh, 1894, 
lfenry Howard hsaq, 

Providence, R, T,- 

iy degr Sir: 

Replying to vourg Ttn, tulle. Wdison relative to the 

organization of the Mossbarp business, My, Edison begs me to 

‘write that he is obliged: for the chance ta betome a member of 

tire company, but ad it takes al} hig time and resources to swing 

his on enterprises, he regrets boing oompelled to decline the 


As goon ts he has anything of interest on. 

‘the inner ear, he will be plaased to send it to you, 

Yours very truly, 

Tee pe AS RS eter iiman 

Just. learned of your visit 

th not pelnethere to gee YOU, ad hope when vom some egain f 

‘SEUNALS. Onoush ta see FOUL Aw Mr, Edisen- ns doubt gaye 

Y atest. hs te the mill, wi C OPSUSab, axeant to say. 

Ael-we all feed very hopeful of zs. very prod rim when we 

edein the Lanter part of June or the Cirst of duky, ¥ sti try 

“apd keep you posted after ya get starteds 

The lease wo ths house we are now OC RaGiy 

dng-3xpires jon May lst,, and ve have unde’ condiderationthe seheme 

wor nok going ta housekeeping arain untii fall, and spending the 

siamer.dn the country, among other places we have talkad’ of 
to Snarta for itey and June, would. you: ta kind enough to Let 

aney tits atames of the parties with whom = = family. boarded Lent 
wee Ry: while: they /were ‘at svarta, vand the rate of board for adults 
and, ter children, my recollection ig that Mya, Upton told me thas 
“the Aeeormodat ions wars guine satiefastory during the + nonthe 
bh pea: 

hou Mea, Up corn 

ves wery trole 




April, 17th, 1995, 
My dear Mr. Batchelor; 

We are getting ready for the annual meeting iMay 29 

of the ‘Ogden ie Co,, and propose in Place of Insul, Tate, Livor 

and R, L, cutting, of electing Walter L. Cutting, Randolph, Elliott 
and the writer, leaving Mr, Perry, yourself, and Mr, Edison on the 


That oe be B deeal director, I herewith 
enclose certificate. #92 Ogden Iron Co . for ten shares, which 
Please sign in blank and ve tun to me here, 

We are making, steady progress in the work 
at the mill, and also here on the new feed for the bricker machines. 
we will have. the new device running ths latter part of next week 
and expect to give a ‘a 30 days ‘test, 

Yours very truly, 

per ald 

iia ees 

Hr. H, M, Howe, 

Philadelphia, Fa, 

My daar Bins 

Your favor 22nd, T faud on mw return Reppasig to 

same T bes to say , ther Mr, ison aupscls to ra at the Laboratory 

the lattur part of next week, sxaepr saturces, and alac the earky 

part.of the wees oasining Ms, Srd. and wiil be elad ro nave both 

aan eran 

My, Harrison and yourself call any day suring that ‘tilme moxt 

convenient Yor you, 



iinet On nen mt 

We will exvtain ce yuu fully when you ate the 
preneyations we are waking to ret ths Ipdiqnettes on the narkes, 

J would suprest waen you deoide ppon the day 
you “i112 come, that you adviss we of is, and shev3d any thing comt 
up that is uafergeen now to prevent Me, tadisor Crom being here on 
the day vou seloct, To wili then ae advise you by telegranh, 

Yours vary trniy, 

Ny agence rete Bt 

May, 7th. 1896, 
John Trowbridge Esq. | 

Harvard University, 

Cambridre, Mass, 

My dear Sir: 

Mr. Edison has already advised you that he has appointed 

me his proxy to receive the medal bestowed upon him, by the 

American Academy of Art ana Sciences, 

This being my first axperience, in such 

a position, I would appreciate the privilise of calling upon you 

for a few points, sometinie during 

Wednesday next (I arrive in 

Beston early Wednesday morning ); If this is agreeable to you, 

please advise me the hour and place most convenient for you to 

. . * 
receive ma; If not entirely agreeable, will you please send me 

the address of 

c Sa pereeprnarnr reer 
[Pn en ee Te SRT NT 

some other member of the Academy to whom I could 

eo, -"hanking: you in advance for your reply, I am 

Yours very truly, 


ET RTT as ET aT 

May, 8th, 1896, 
My dear Trowbridge, 

T would thank you very much, if you will act as 

my proxy, in recsiving the medal, 

T will send you by express on Monday next, 

an X ray tube, Please test it and report if it fits your form of 


Yours very ere 
Pat Ehos on. 

; May, 14th, 1994, 
D, 2, Mallory Faq, 
Baltimerg, Md. 

a ES = 
yotan Sirs 

Replying to yours Loita, T. bem to say, that I will ve pleagad 


oO show Senator Tipeinue our crushing plant, but woule surrast that 

@ delay bis visit until sometime in July, as we have just taker. 

feet cur larse yvolls, to put soma improvements, in the way o? 

sonbinious oi2ive , on them, and as the parts have just bean ordar- 



ea, it wii be July Jat, before they will be ready to run; T 


soul] advise the aelay as T believe one of the most interesting 
featwesa of ma plant is te 5a a five ton plece of rock go through 
the lavrea volla, 

Tf it ig more convenient for Senator Higgins 
to vo ak ance, aid 1% ne will advise me what day will suit him 
hast, f wif k edtaer f:0 up to the mill with him, or arrange so that 
he will hiave ovary atGention, 

Yourg vary truly. 


Lee Ee 

SREY e oe 


Spryemven, kathy 3696, 
pep Yet f. toata Foy, 

B45 Brogayays Hey Porky 
MY donr Ber , 

. Yonr feypy of suly Ya, Pram Yqorland Rag &q band 
wniie & was ennfindd ty gy ped by yioknpsgy B jpkk aban » mosith 
from business, md on my veturk mada inooiny ae ta when you would 
Yeturh, and Live delayed ansyaring your Latter watt nay BO to 

he abla tu give yoo thé very latyst inform} fan as te our mills, 

aid at sitapine haye my dotter yeagh fyur office just before yin 
anyldbl. . 

fi to unr nite f tyave bq report as foltors; 
wok We obtained thd thontdsy Peon yoy and ymar fripnas, (& was nue 
Jnteatinh to <niy gompdaty tne prdeicay plat, ont malts a foN 
neodbeaty sadngds In bie eyyal ing and Adpardiwme mide dnorvly 
‘arter to sharteg.on the Wark Wh, Batwtn dotdingd, front thd sfit- 
of pcie Blectydadl parsuts wid Bebm vopwibles, 4 Lutes dvor thaw 
that put “dtr by White bape, ani ve than sparked mH ty owle grt rid 
4uprovamedis tn both grpphinh ang sepatating pears sh waka fo 

my way vettay tha, with the result that aoe both planks are 

geuptete and retay Tow work, and ste ag perfant a WH ana aay Pe 

make Yuen, the extra qupant of warkwe nave dona in these - 

Plants has delayed us in the work of the brioking plant. 

As to the grioking plant, you will ramamber 
that wehad at Orange one of our bripking machines, on ‘shich ¥e 
vere trying to make fupewsineuee: (thé old Sasha made about Lazy 
_ of poor pricks) we suggesdad in overcoding the defects in it, and 
built a me¢nine of which all the improvements were maga, ang van 

it for about thirty days vith very satisfaptory resulta; We than 
shipped the machine to our #dison works, and put 4t wp in connge- 
tion with opr new ary ing furnace, and ‘had & bhrtd days ron, and 
with very good reunita, ae wo pada the hdrdeat pMiquettes we have 
over nads, aud ie britking madhine ant forhadd both worked wéll; 

we then started to put bli improveniata on our fiftden braking 

machinés, afd te build seveh furnaces, pnd He dre af gréapat in 
the witlet df this woik, AL the tatepdel hae been ordered And tg 

gomingt in faust, aud wé hope tq have thé plafit ready Lor yaork some- 

tima the latter part of October op efdty in Yovpnibar 
Ab aco as the prigking plant is ready, if Le 

our intention ta take the soncant ratte de) hava on hand, gmt? 

twanty five hundrad tons, and make 44 into prigtettes, we will 

alsogtart up cur saparating plan} and rw through the tweive 

thousand tons of crude ore now ir stéckhouss #1, whieh is erushed 

down to 1-2 inen and finer, and also brick the concentrates from 

’ this ore and ship all tne brignettes to thy blast furnaces, which 

will give us a good LBst on our prioking plant, 

As to money, we think we have enough to carry 

ws through until we have sompleted the tests as above outlined, 

wa will then, no doubt, need more to put the plant into full 

operation, but expéct Ta be able to make 4 full showing as te 

costs before we need more Money o 

Tf this docs not give tho spacial information 

you want 

ed, do not fail. te so advise me, ag it ds Mr. Edison's 

gy as filly advised 4s possible, 

wish to keep you ana your friend 

ana any date we nave is alvays at your conmand . 

yours very truly. 


Toeetme ee kee ee Ae Keyactertn: Bi, 

iar aa 

Mrs We S, Piling, 
Philadsipnia, Pa, 
My dgar Sire 
Tinelased please find a cory of a Jethes from Mr, darter 
Land Agent P, &R,G. 4 3, Go,, sisé My, Fdisan's reply, wien 
sxpiatn themselves; Ag the matter will, no doubt, come vefora, 

in, Harwis, wa think it wise to ask you'ta see tis, as you avs 

ease ’ ; 
905 well posted as te preasnt condition of matters, and explain 

what we are doing at the ill, also the fmct that Hr, Badeon ia 
oarrying the entive Pinanctal load of both companiss, and why it 
ia impossiblg for ‘him to pay the veftala at this tine: 

Tt i much against oup wikh that ve ask bhene 
continued favors of Mr, Harris, out we are gloply sompelied to io 
it. Yhenking you in advance for your broubla an thé watter, ve 

Yours vary tly, 

Sép, 29th, 1895, 

i ur, Frank Garter, 
lang Agent P, & Ri, Gy STs Go. 
Potbevilla, Pa, 
Dear Sirti 
fe Raniyine ta 
pours tSth,, 4n witch yan ask us ta emit for @he rental due by 

tois compsny for the Futman Oo, dre Lends, we tee to sas. that it 

is iupossibie For ua to do so at present, ug we heve nob os yer: 

completed the plant we nave Leen building in New Jerzey, 3 

that plant is in mmning emer, we will ve competian te asa all 
aur resources on it, 

Ag you ars aware trea New York property is ot ' 

no value to ue at present, nor will it have valine 

our New Jersey plant, and inasmuch as ve are poy iny 
the axpense of looking after the property, and yor are st me 
expense to carry it, we Seek Chet vou shaald not reaudpe us to 

uay the rentals at thie time, as our offorts wien saoccgecis. £4V8 

your property a vaina it dose not new possesz, 
Sg We cannot etate ary definite wine wher, wo whil 

pay the back renkhal, Gxeopt that we wild de ge ak the eariis 

ex WP uae 

possible moment aftar our hlant here ta dy mioning ordes, 

ve lag avery ePfort ta 

abot 15¢ men employed at the miii and are 

complete it in tanger fPurave. 


“@ Leel gure that you will appreciate the aituation, and 

WLLL allas the matter ¢o stars 48 it Bas foy tis p 

Yours verr tray 

Nee York Songsatrstian Yow 

ae oan 

od ? « . 
wee ren ced, chicas... 

Pash Pay mers 

Hoba yor. 



Ootober, Sth, 

Sipnis, Fas 
tow Witsoe bec ey 
MM, Faison NSS Lully noted your fayar Soth, uwltea., rela- 
tive te your meter, ani iz ond 3 3 
fo your meter, ati te pissed Eo Learn af your prosrnay and 


Flad to Look the weter over whenever you are veedy with 
aesarding thas, 
say tht #2 vresearr se de nan keow of anyone liksty to purehsss 
siorud we sugaead in finding anyone will be plad te mut 
you inte aamanaiestion lth then, At a recent forced sale of 590 
zirras made, as we underatand it, by a benk who held the stook as 
gallateral, the sta¢k wag sola ‘or 340,00 par, share 
nin, Bifpon aays tf you can possibiy arraugs 
4t, ty all means to hold on to yout stooks a8 ta tne next sixty 
gays we will asaya the pigat in opetdtion, and then thete will no 
coubt be goady sale for the gtoek, amz oecides Lf 19 parth 12, 


end more thén you paid for Lt: ye adwo uayd bho woula take it. of f 

your amis, if he potethiy evuald do Se, Gab ak you Ertow it Baker 

ali big rehotresa 4 ctuplete the ohankee veive made tn the plant, 


lene firs 
Was wealle ta «at aver to She 
aolay in weities you; J saa Mr, Perry 
brobar wig gold the fifty shares at 340,,00, and neitiier knew of 
aryone Wha Ww i ba Rigbla to make e purchase at present, J alse 
Pound that & Neyes hes a los of PMfty qherer for sake, 
Mr, Parry said that Mr, Batchelor 
ntalh in Evrope, bat will sai} for hone somseime next week. 
{ spoke to hr, Hdison again abovt 

stack, 420 cade ta write you to hod on to ib LP nossiibie, 

ty a very shovt time you will be atle to command et 


fur Lt ag our work is promveasing faat and wo will soon have 

pagults ‘yen the brickes plant! Should anything new develope, f 

wilh advises you of it ct once. 

Yours vive trmnaly. 

Nov. 13th, 1396, 
My, Arthur H. Lloyd, 
Ghicago, Ili, 

My dear Sir: 

Replying to yours 10th, I beg to say that Mr, Raison and 
T go up to ovr mill on Monday next, to-1dok wide ‘ test mn a3 
our new bYricker plant, and I very mca fear I xidl not b¢@ ie 
t6 pet too Chitage dy Neo, lat, if you go up to the Apurr, and 
decigé what you will do with your machinery, ¥ think there is no 
dovbt, but what we cen arrange in somoveay as to what we have there, 

as #5 the data of payment of the 1893 taxes, T 

am under the imprassjon that they could be paid anytime vefore Doc, 

SOti. Au I not righty T have not aa yet guid anything about then 
to or soapie: and before doing ba, J beg to ask if J am right in 
my undgratanding of our conversation, that if we pay the taxes, 
thet you stand ready ta garry out the arrangement made twith the 
former awners, to rebate the royalty?, Avaiting your reply,T am 

Youra very truly, 

thy wayety diy a gyrgy ont 

che beeampiiay Lssper 

ef the soagon, I 

December, 266 


o Clshiiar's 

Wilh: kindest Ssugards and tha compe. 


tele ne a the S ame bh nba Bente ciate 

Ja ran 1-1897 e 
Mr, Samuel Sloan, 

President Stewart Iron Mining Co., 

Mew York Tity, 
Dear. Gir: 

Confirming verbal 


vequest, I bes to ask that your company make an arrangement with 
me relative to the royalt.ies due under lease dated Oct, ist, 1892, 

similar to that made by the Spurr Tron Wining “o., for the proper- 

ty that adjoins.your piece; they: have agreed to rebate the royaltie 

until Jany. 1st, 1898, cn condition that I pay the taxes up to. 

that date, and at that time either surrender the lease or commance 

the payment cof tne royalties; I asked for this release and they 

granted it foc the. following reasons, that when the leases wera 

taken from them and yourselves it was expected Mr, Edison's work 

at cur New Jersey plant would soon be brougnt to a successful 

conelvsion, and that. the Michigan properties would bring value 

both to the lessors and myself, huwever as is well known, such has 

not been the case, and it will probably take all of 1897 to complet 

the work now in haad, so for this reason I ask for the release vntl 

895, From my personal knowledge based on actual exper 

ayary confidenee in successful outcome of re 



sire Siintaelinanaiin rs hiked eee Sy 

Rdison's Work, if this was not so T would ask for immediate release 

I also ask as the properties tbe not 
brought value to ms, and if I pay the taxes the property will siccies Bes 
have been carried for your company without Se eee en ist. 
1898S, so I feel that the request is a fair eae both, and I 
Hobe you will view it in the same way, 

When you bring the matter before the 
commit: ., about which you spoke ‘to me, if it ig eioueht desirable 
I will be very giad to appear before it, and give any particulars 
desired relative to tne condition of Mr, Edison's work at our New 
Goan plant, also wnat has been done and what ds tebe do during 
vhe coming year, . 

Snould you decide to frant my request 

will vou kindly arrange: so I may pay the back taxes with interest 

an;time before Dec, ist, 1597., this Task as it will take aid cur 

ayac tat oS, Le eurmphete our operationg vious . .  ; end 
witb Re ables -oo ur: secmaoh much easier then than now; success in 

our Naw Jersey work will give your property a value it cide now 

POSSESS; Trusting to ne ov vavorably from you, I am 
Youes very trolly, 


sng wh OT ES 
aoa Sse ~ Sg cs 

Saar toe NiO rar 
7 ew 

hn i in EAN Loti cada tines oak 


foby » Vth, Lear, 

My dear Mr, Coats, 

I have just returned Fram Pittlsourpt,. angi bur w)ht 
people have telephoned to me the sotents of ae latter, Replying 
thereto I beg to aay thet Y am very gorry to ldarn of your illness 
and hepe by this time you are quite aanteved. 

The liabilities of £25000,+ convex some af the 
work done at the Brioker plant, glzo that dons in other parts of 
thea plant; As to funds to pay them, Ag skated tn my latter we 
have in bank, or at leant Mr, Haisoh kaa for thats purpose {we 
only ones on him as 96 nead the.monay } sufficient sagh to pay 
the 19000, in full, s0 that the E0000» wa have asked for will 
all co to increase the capacity af aur arickenr plant. ° 

I have asked eur mill people to forward your 
letter to me here, and on recaipt of same if T rind I have not 
fully anavered all your questions fT will write you again, 

Yours yery truly. 

‘Yios Pros, 

Feby, 6th, 1897, 

My -dear Mr, Goats, 

Your favor 5th, to Mr, Edison is at hand and we note 
contents with many thanka, Mr, Edigon is confined to his home 
taday by a cold, but expests to be out Monday, when he will perso- 

“nally acknowledge receipt of your letter, 

We appreciate very much the aubseription given 

us, and will push ahead with the work at oarliest possible moment 

and kaep at it night and day until the plant ig ready to 0+ 

We are having vary good suceéas in the test 

of mill #1, and as soon as I get the data together I will send 

you 4@ full report on it, a 

Yours very truly. 


sperm ers vige 


‘yice Pres. 

OP ay 
Ne a. 

Sea See © 


ta Chenied ve 
' Aree: 


por eaaa iy, 




Statement of New Jergey and Pennsyivania Concentrating Works, 

Capital Authorized §2250000,00 
HHogvaaenoor acres aranreeoooegcrse oats seoorrs se eoseyverevrtevoeanengnversoeoanpd 
Midis at Bédligon, U. J... 
Sest Nachiner;, Buiidings, Railroad, Gara, 
Locometives and all uther appliances, _ 81753613 07 

March, Lat. i8¢7 

Cost Kesxi Estate in fas, ; - 90726,00 - 
Goat Mineral Rights and Leases, — 215861 .97 
TInsucance, Feres and Interest, 70900 .97 
Suppiiva on hand, 26500 ,00 

5500.00 . 
29101. ,09 

toe on hand, 
Agcounts Reasivabls, 
Cash in bank. 

yoonee ges toageca 

_ $2222527 59 
Asasounts Fayabhes Por Md&@ e . 4450 24 
Bilis Payable for Mase, 18405 .5% 
Saies Sand, Weed 4% 156334 418 
Capital Stuok fall paid in cash J 2043307 64 

G narcoosese cs 

$Q328547 9 

No bends or mortages on Plant or Property, no A 



stock, and nothings represented by or paid for patents. 

Yours very truly, 


et AEN Sores shenty 
YU Aida GONE Lad acd 


Stitenie ar Ww Yersov and Pennsylvanda Concentrating Yorks, 

Ome, At, VED, - Uapstxl Authorized ‘#2As0000 « 00 

eee ‘at Baizon, MW 
Most Machinery, Buildtags, Railrobs, gars 

. Jeoomdt ives kad NL other applianses, $18230537 41 
Dowd Reel Wstaed dncte, SATT 00. 
Woy bettered Rights aa hotses. 2LYAPT LG 
Quulitan’, Paste and gaterast, IBBSD AG 
Wipphdes en nahu, $$500-.00 
: re Bh oknd, eee 
: ranatindt's Rae sy abr, 22595 J? 
Srgk ba bak, £903.55 

wee eee 

f2g8RK901 .48 

Baptists Payadls Zor Widae, gh12.61 
Balls Payysle Sor fidss, SESTS-39 
Sottgas, fas Mey, adtn, 41900.) 3056.00 
Sales Band Wood ets, 1B602S 6 
eanitst Wesck.. 4AM paid dan casi} 3073606 S87 

$2268902 45 

No bonds or preferred ‘Shock, No. ihorbeages on 

property, #xcept above of $5050. od wuich ia part of purgiase pritcs 

Notning, represented by or pia 

Of udnut ten agres jus? tougiut; 

for vatents » 

Moers very traly, 

sho Manayee ss pM ret he PET Mayo 
Pa Pe el Tes EP a a et 


eee = wt se ahae . t 

ce mn oe HERE ea ene Piast it i A 

So ae, “~—, 
, ; ~. 
ee ot 

a acca . 

Deg. Bry, 1997, 

Doar Mr, Batcholors 

Thave had ¢ tadk wiNh HO. Eaton weiabiwd & 
your suggestion the} we asi En) stogtRtnehen foe Rvs 1 aubdsiyn 
tions at the npat stedkaolasee meat a and ATG hg Soinke i i& 
not adviaable to Usk upesl OY have siade whipnents BY piiquetter, 
az ve then would bd iuOh ketey LABdy go ryoe hve’ hers, 

Te moult o4 SEER greasent pole ty ua i 
you vould Oither «9%? ty Bisons. & the Metzen. PHOneaaph beds 
at $0) ver Bend or obtally X tet of bid} amotint Mer sft months 
Mr, Edison's paysogial Vote with tye bonds sya ooaurltry, The 
ponds dre Cold vopfs Ratdyvar SF knteyaus gna powte wll tim prop. 
arty both real end pergnny) ef ta ionaareph Wornny A 920000, 
mortgage is ahbad of them, tut Thi is to ht neta ger i sea 
instellmanta an provaded in tha beyrday 

the Phoipograrh Yorke are maxing money aad 

prospects are vory goqd with thgmy tae interest on the amount 
has always been 

owed Mr, EBdigon, now. repreaanted by the bends, 


Yours very truly. 


Geta peti cos 







Dec, 30th,1897, 

Comptvollers Oftice, 
Albany, 3.%. 
Doar Sir: 
On Jany, 28th, 1497 we wrote you relative to the back taxes 

by the Edison Ore Milling Go,, and stated that the plant of 

th: “ow Jersey and Pennsylvania Concentrating Works at Edison, NJ. 
would ba brought to full capacity before it was put into operation, 

ovine te unexpected delays this work was not completed ag soon as 


we hac expoeted and so the warks are not in operation at present, 
ag the construction werk is practically finished, we © '*. 
exeat to have the plant in full operation in the near future, 

en the payment cof rayalty to the Edison Ore Mill ing Co will 
and it wild be in a poaition to make payment on account of 
ginee we wrote you Lagt about 4200000C, additional has 
bean invertsa in the plant at Haison, Nod. 

Ss updts par tp wueva iu explanation of the 

‘s vear, Tuankine ».u for 

soi 2 olpy ane my wp abd tat tacos 

Feasident , 


pees a eh a a ac OE 


a Statmmodt of Apa tamipy 4u8, Nelpnedwanyy, Ooansutyating irks. 
| pecepkey tnt, L497, typ thar alitharpzed honsadiio, 

ee Mae 6 ot aaa ia reac, eas ee tol Sree tad 

Plakt at Sg Gt, 

Upat Nac inary gla itneas 
ders, spares Gay ping , 

spplianges, yey heer ‘Ble rice 49 

Lege s8hea ‘Rent, ore Shy 25A268 8 

3 reer Aye 45 RBA 20 
Ls Geat Real Watate in tee, - GAY TB.60 
ae Oost Minvrsd, Righty aval Leakey ‘gosse? Se 
teary suppt ive. on karl, : age 
Ors on. Riady ; “Seg #0. 
Asdourdty Readiyanle, ASFOL.OR 

dash, a zip, 
; : S dos Naked ad aihenteneed 12 al 

begeuatl bide gale, gli for wage, Bean7..48 
I gqx Made, COTES eh 
paid ly sil, ieap. al poke: dn oavin) aps er 
dm ih tee Tete’ 
Pasorsi5 81 
Mo pondm cx prodprved atogk, nothing 
repesnesene by ay pxig for patents, 
Yours yery vrnly, ve. 

Above Liabilities reduced in Decombsr $15700 ,02 

ites | 


Jany 7th., 1898 

My dear Soffini- 

_T am in receipt of a letter from Julius H. Block of St, 

Patersburg, Russia and send you the following extract from nis 

letter of Dec 26th,- which may be of interest to you, : 
bs Another great scheme now under congideration is @ contract, 
which the city wants to give to some large Electric Co.- The * 
Helios " Go, of Cologrie had already settled with the sity, but un- 

der such profitable (for themselves) conditions, that the Ministry , 

of the Interior would not sanction the contract, Siemens % Hlaske 

are now working out a tender & _|$ will take some time befare the 
eity will decide, Do you take any interest in thse General. Electris 
Co,*s doings & if so, would it not be worth while to consider this 


Yours very truly, 

Tt) Mr, C, A. Coffin, 
ot 44 Broad St., 

N. ¥. Gity, 







| ot 




Upaudener sone 

see ices eee ey ee ea teams 

Shee Sut 

eR eaaistiutws 


Jany/ 17th, 1898, 
My dear Gaunt, 

many thayits for the cheek sent with yours 13th; 

T understand thet you prefer Wds neater ‘ninher one than these ; 

Tr et at A een greet atte 

you now have, khd a3 sdon ag f rugsive gh eaelier nutbers we 
will exchange, Yours wary tray, 


To Ms, Jamoa Gewkt, 

‘Now tore Oany, 


i is i Ie a 


January 17th,, 1898, 

Dady yr, Rytohe}ort- 

Englosedt I hevewith Wed You & neekaed statement of the 
‘Phonograph Polka. ganda: Stelen ise he re Tos 7 about Whioh I wrote 
you on Recetge. BTth eo. Poe ker Tyeticn tae pend yas to as follow s 
Sar » obi Hi bgene, fot atk Wantha with the priviledge 
of ghe siowek Hay tthe stipe maa, ¥e We wilt gute We, Adicon’s note 
pearing Bast. Spee fant sahoroyt, shtynd, by SJabonns of the boride of 
the haleod Shetndtnpta niet, ath », calt of ane Siundved and Pitty , 
(160) shares Qf the aboeds. of the Bey Tesder ead pennsylvania 
Conctn tretsiy. ROttn- at parg. the #ath to be efventive any time | 
during the aix wont, ath enovls the Wot be renaved for tho | 

second mouth the ewkl to alan be wynewaa for the gama period, 

Yours yarr sruby, 


Letterbook, LM-247 

This letterbook covers the period January 1898-December 1899. Most of 
the correspondence is by Edison or Walter S. Mallory, vice-president of the 
company. The letters deal mainly with personnel matters, company financial 
obligations, briquette production, and alterations at the Ogden works. Some 
of the letters relate to Mallory’s personal affairs. A few documents pertain to 
cement and the formation of the Edison Portland Cement Co. There is also 
material regarding phonograph orders, the assets of the Edison Phonograph 
Works, and the purchase of land adjoining Edison’s West Orange laboratory. 
Two letters concern Edison’s children, Thomas and Madeleine. The front cover 
is labeled "N.J. & Pa. Conc. Wks Personal Letter Book of W. S. Mallory from 
Jan. 27 [1898] to Nov 30, 1899." The book contains 494 numbered pages and 
an index. Less than 20 percent of the book has been filmed. Some of the 
letters may be difficult to read due to very faint green ink and purple smeared 
ink. Related letterbooks can be found in the Walter S. Mallory Papers (Special 
Collections Series). 

nt EI INTE FE at YN Peer 

Jany, 27th, 1398, 

My dear Mr, Batchelor, 

-On my return from New York today 1 found that 

Mr, Edison had rsad your letter relative to the stockholders taking 

some of our stock, and had left the following memorandum #hieh T 
give as follows Mallory: I have read Batchelor's letter and he is 

evidently laboring under a misapprehension by not having the facts 

of the ease, 

Ist, Construction of the mills ete, is completad, 

ond. Adjusting the mills until they have done what we 
set out to do is a matter of time, and the monthly expenses for 
laber, coal ete, is about $5000, wivten is all that is required 
for adjusting, 

3rd, I could net work any more men than we have not ag 

the changes are small, 

4th, The tricking plant vill be raady in about two weeks 
we will have'no use for it until we knoy toat the ointr mill with 
are aly ight ani oad “ ®.. is raquired cf them, 

5th, The money required ig to liquidate past debts far. 

losomot ives, steamshovels, bricking macnines ete, 


f Sth, Cn Dre. lst we owed about 187000, on Jany. lst, we 



ees aie 
FS camer OF 



pad reduced it to 856400, and to Jany. 27th. to about $49000, 

| 7th, We have cash te pay the Dec, payroll in bank, and 

we have in addition about $1:900, cash for debt veduetion, when 

the notes come due, and neither the company or myself are creat ing 

any new obligations other than the monthly amount for payroll, 

supplies ete, already stated. 

8th, I have an income from the Mnfg, Go, Kat, Co, and 

other sources of more than enough to pay the regular expenses of 

the mill and something besides to help liquidate the debts. 

9th, The nature of the dabts are’ such that they are 

payable over a short period, and I want to extond the payments 

over & longer period so I may take care of the whole. of them from 
my income and other sources, 

Loth, For this reason I am trying to obtain time loans 

extend ing payments” ever Lonzer periods and the money is not for 

the mill but for 2 iquidating past debts, 

llth, It is impossible to pet the stockholders to takes 

more stock, Cutting and others ars not in a position to take it, 

i , 

nesidas there is little hope for the stockholders taking shares 

‘when there is difficulty in obtaining a small. secured’ loan at 6% 

‘i ares 


with a right, but not the necossity, to take saareas, 
Betechelor nead not soar that T an going to get deepe: and 
deeper in debt, I nave brought the thing throuch a ereat panic ard 
{t ia clear of fixed charges, mortgages etc, and would be free of 
debt if the payments had not buncked up so close," 
If the preceed ing doss not give you full infor- 
mation, I will be glad to send you anything you may wish; T hope 
you will arrange to meet Mr, Gaunt and tnat the loan may be put 

Yours very truly. 

To Mr, Charles Batchslor. 
jas Wy 25th, St. 

New York City. 

Jany, 2%th. 

My dear Mr, Gaunt, 

Mr, Edison says he will accept your offer of ‘ 

each for three o? the Edison Phonograph Workss%pold bonds, although 

the price is much lowsr than he had expected to make, he said 
when I told him of your proposition, "yes Lat Gaunt have them, I 
would not sell so lew to anyone else, while T appreciate his help 
I particularly like his manner of giving it? 

Yours vary truly, 

To Mr, J, Caunt, 
#365 Canal St, 

New York City, 

tany, 29th, 1898 

My @aar Tre: 

Late 4n the tatt #4 sempletes alk our gonstryation werk: 
et the Edison, Kd, pies taking if Purl cepanity ali the way 
sheough, and we AIly axpsoted to be tm opération pefora tits with 
some money cowing 36 from the exis of ore, but the wiexpedted 
proplen gf drying the yuty wit dirt pvatg ta pnow and ise game 
up and had to Ae mat and sonayeret, Foich My, Rdtabst has dyna, but 
it delayed ua for owen threp montings the obligations ¥e gave for 
ponat ruck ion naterial, Secs coming duo, ant aque of then wy ara 
extending ond fome GO wild bave to pay aa ‘hay fait dus, 

Mr Bdison io 40, Yecelpt of quite at inaoms 
from the fddson Mefr, Cou, the Nat tongd Phondgraph Oo. ad abhitr 
sourtsh, Wut not Anongh te mest ths wuounta we wiih have te pay, 

dnd h¢ degires ta extend the paymenty avar 4 Longer period ao hte 

dnoome wilt take Gare GP all the Payments, and ne would likes, if it 

om be avranged, to borer tor wiz months Mra Aultman, idler > Op 
 Baftean Pioupand dallas (15000,) on hig paradnal coke with interst 
geared by $20000, of the ry A wold vonts of the Bdiedn Phonograph, 

Works, ctaterbyt pf waidh T hardwith angl¢sb you, thase bonis ars 
perreetly good and the Yorks ara mpeing Mates And thy businssr is 

earns gg nee poorer nememenssemarreeenee caaener teaemge Atte P 

ray taly froving. you, af sodree, wideratand why wo feel at liberty 
to agk Auloman, Miller & do, 
We hops you wiki be Able £4 agrrenge the matter 
far up, wo Wil4 wnat the money abut Pedy, 1sth, next, 
: The Litabik ttder of our coupany to dake are 
abut §49000, (we are nok adding to them any! and we have eash in 
bank of shout $17000. and with ity. Edgeon's incom and the loan 
yentioned, w8 oan sae one way clear tO mask the payments and at 
the seme time make the necssbary ohangea tq tak@ care of the wat 
| : " dirt, ve axpost ty make ahother Cayt tn about tis weeks, and to 
be atioiing ore revelariy before springy | 
Pypsting you will thké the matter up with your 

- People Ak onod and Ish us hear Pte yon progptky we are, 

Yours vary truly. 

Statement of 

Plant at Fdison, 
Cost Machinery, Builvings, Railroad, 
Cars, Locomotives, and ‘all other 
appliances, also testing, 

Lesa salog Ore, Sand ete. 

Cost Real Estate, 
Cost Mineral Hights and lLaases, 
Supplies on hand, 

Ore on hand, 

Accounts Roceivanle, 


Accounts payable, all for Mdse, 
Notes payatle, all for Mdse, 
Capital atock,(all paid in cagsh,) 


nothing represented by or paid for paients, 

February, lst, 1898, 

$2109425 29 

ee ee ey 

$22332147 ,02 

No bonds or preferred stock, 

Yours very truly, 

Now Jersey and Pennsylvania Concentrating Works: 

81950214 ,47 

94.770 00 — 
22564386 ~ 
35060 ,00 
5000 ,00 
15616 ,50 

wee ee 

46790 ,78 
2276263 ,22 

ee ee 

$2332147 02 

no mortgages, and 

Mareh 4, 1896, 

Fidelity Title & Daposit Ge., 

Newark, Ne#w Jerssy, 


In raply te your request for information as to Kdisan 
honograph Works bonds T bar to Suiits the following, 

The Phonograph Works manufacture phenorraphs and accessoriczs, 
alse the Bates line dating and numbering machine, and far the 
Edison Manufacturing Company, fan motors, X Ray apparatus, Ici 
Scopes, ampere meters, batteries , ten different kinds of medical 
apraratus and other specialities originated by myself from time te 
time , 

The Works were started about ten years ago, tne capital 
proving not large enovegh I invastee sash $421,000 on which T have 
received az in? rest and have been repaid an aecount of tha nvinei- 

pal $121,000, 

In August 1597 J still pela $300,000 of demand notes of the 

Works bearing Gf and I axchanged thes for $300,000 of the 8x 

UoLd toads issued on Aupust 2nra, T29¢, partieulass 

know , 

: ne Aeteyseee “e : aees . ony - & Can 
iL ae aan ie came carer etme Ya fae Morerage : PLR eg 

on & real cstate mortmace of $20,000, now held by tne Mutual Life 
Insurance Company, 


Real Pstate, Building and fixtures, Machinery & Tools, $432,069.37 

Vaterial, raw, finisned and in process of Manufacture, 50,900, 
Gast end good accounts receivable , 47,408.25 
Bonds and morteage, $320, 000,00 
Acerants payable, _ 17,974,63 | 

Prefits of the business fer tne four years anding Webruary 
28th, 1895 (three months estimated on basis of nine previous months 
Inventory now seins figured so am unable to five exact figures far 
the three montis , results hovever will be preater than estimate 

given bere) are #126,073 on sales of $556,000, 

The Werks sell for casa naly, 

business has not haretéfore been a large factor 

yk oo. stendnes, bot Lately it as insreases very rapid. 

showine sal es for past two years, 



We attach 

Yours vory t riuly, 








Year anding 

11, 218,36 
22, 386,08 
15, 853,61 
13, 927,52 
5,253 ,18 

14, 832,94 

Year ending 


Febty 1998, _ 


14,303 ,74 


26,500 ,.0and mere 

Hiy dear Dick: 

Mallory has reported the conversation he had with you this 

morning, and JT have just telegraphad you “will accept ten thousand 
dollare" which nox beg to confirm; this covers sixty six shares 
of the preferred and sixty six ahares of the somnon stock of the 
Ae E, Dick Co,, 

Y¥ trust you will do all you can to make 
f 8 pele, vill oonsider it a personal favor anything you do in 

i the matter, 

Sinoerely Yours, 

a? te 
ih co ae 
Pea aae 









Et Fig ae EE 
Se Se ee: 
a ERE anon rs 

“eer ee 
cr aa 

Ce rear enreereereer 

hbtil, fat, 2898e 

AN RON Byers 
er Fow: &tby,. 
Ny dea’ BLS: 

nelvead I anrasith hand JUM the coneral vekaase eeveniic 

“the Bits avin AL PL coe, %, ?. Wks, and Tacoes &, Bdisen, 

wien Ss SVE Tao heey, with injynotiow clause and section tre cut 
anit, Sxctph“tnat dn bie Aew apiteament the sudbs in umestion are: 

“to {we zamed, 
Mab thé ¥oet dontrset in. enhol plese make: 

“the thranges Adndiveted {4 pen cil, ana als6 smraqit the agreemsnt 

fer Poonograpa Yorks, tp sip ae draw, by yo ysetsmtay, which is 
satintzobery tn Ne, tayavn, 

ps YR ang ADAPeNA £9 maw She alesse signed es 
sour. ay possitse, 1£ yoy pay arygapzea qo hava Rha new agreements 
written nrowps)y, please oid maagangen, and send dhem to ine by 
him, 7 wht then apalo ‘gubnlt then to Mr. Ratson and Shen take 
them to Mr, fgam.ea this gfthgrnodn, 

Yours vapy &mily: 


sat Se 

net os 

“Fveatdent ¢, 8, R, of Ny OF 

Haw York dity, 
. 2 Pa eye s 0 
A ae 

Near Sips oe were € 

Ye ners ek thouadha t & 89 sand ~weadr ferwsitfpment 
ape nt ¥ : 
aad pbont ieee ae of arude are La or Btookhouss orushed and 


reedy aay separation, Bae of ahigh. wy 123, ‘pat about. Ww? O00 ters af 


Sani, we ‘atpoct to edparata i2 within thietg days, and desire to 

make & vlporovs attenpt to sell 4t now as the building seasen will 

soon open, afd tu that end we have arranged with Me, % RR. Uptas 

to mevate al) nis time to She salting of ove saad; The margin of 
gat: emer ye Set aor 3 

profit 4a very smelt nes ‘ag s We hava'te Load’ the send “oy hand, ane 

as considerable analonary work will have te be done along your 

32a te inventing osten, #2 bee to sutzest that a pass te be 

uscd for setis isdiae sane orders only woulda be of mutual penis t, 

as we believe Mr, Upted san largely increase your present traipht 

reaceints Tyron saud, 

We ancleeso a elreular whiah ccplains itse} *; 

Nhantieer yay ts advance Myr year gtteatican, wa ave 

Baousep traky, 

Bcd teas fe setts GUE pao 

Aprdl Adth, Ines. 

Mr Herman E. Diek 
C/o Ictel Cecil, 
London, Englend, 

My dear Mr Dick:- 

I sent word to you by Mr Burns that I have been 

very busy the last three weeks on an outside matter and have 
devoted vary little time to mining matters, hence delay in writing 
you as promised, 

We continued the runing of arusner Plant up to the 
time Stock House #1 was filled and did not have any more trouble 
with the moisture problem, the Dryer being able to taka everything 
in the way of wet garth, snow , ice ete and Successfully dry it 
After Stéck House was ?illed we shut down Crusher Plant and are 
mak ing the foll owing chan gga 

lst Putting 24" Rolls on stone and iron foundation, 
end Putting friction wheels on the lst 36" Rolls, these 
takins wlese of the rearg, 

+4 “utving new platags on Giants and Intermediate “nil sfold 

PCy tons. The new plates are designed with the hope 

that chy will do about 200000 tons) and some other minor chanres 

Mr Herman E. Dick «Ba 

This work ie weld in nand ahi v6 bee dishina ik as Cane an vo 

repeive mitortal. 

“The Bridkor Slant £3 vevulp to start, Bue ier nat nen 
tested, We, YoyOvae, pRreot to ret at it-wittte the next waek or 

two, T wilt yopod} regults ax soon az anything new eomss uf bf in. 

Mr Edison is well and Joins xe tn sending kindest 
regards to yoursel?, 

Yourn very ¢ muly, 

April 13th, 1398, 

My dear Mr Kissel;- 

‘Mr Edison will be at the mines for the balance 

of this weck, but expects to be in Oransze Monday and Tuesday of 

n6xt week, and we will be plad to arrange for an appointment 
either day, If you will advise me here »the time you will arrive 
at Orange, the writer will be glad to meet you at the station 

. The phonograph which Mr Edison promised to give 
you is ready for shipment, and if you will advise where you prefer 
to have it sent I will be glad to forward it at once, 

Mr Edison thinks he has something of interest 

to teil you on ths horseless carviage matter, something which 

has developed since he last saw you, 

Yours very truly, 

my Yea oven | 


To Gustav T, Kissel 
83 Wall Street, 

New York City, 

April 19th, 1898. 

Gold. G, Reiff, 
52 Rachange Place, 
New York City. 
Tear Sir>- 
Mr Edison has just handed me yours 18th enclosing the 
ilow Jersey & Pennsylvania Con. Works note for twelve thousand doll- 
args dated on 20th, also option dated January 20th on 120 shares 

of the stock both of which issued to Dr W. T, Alexander, Please 

accept thanks for returning the above to us. 

Relative to a visit to the works, Mr Edison says 
any Saturday will be agreeable to him, but he thinks you better 
delay ycur visit until something is in operation, The bricker 
plant is ready to run, but has not yet been started =s it would 
interfere with the otnerwork going on in Crusher Plant, by 
taking cur men away from it. 

Again thanking you for your help in the Alexander 
“3ular, wa are 

Yours very truly, 

Epril 19th, 1898, 

George H. Guy Usa., 
120 Liberty Street, 

New York city, 

My dear Sir:. 

Yours 16th just received Via Edison and is noted, 
I beg herewith to enclose you Mr Edison's check for $3 ,00 covering 
one years back dues of the " New Electrical Society " and ber to 

ask that you have his name replaced on the list of the society, 

Yours very truly, 

‘largest amount owed. at ang ong kime was $127.84 and the areunt 


Avril 19th, 1908. 

Mr t, E, Kissel, 
64 Wail Street, 
Hew York iebty ’ 
fy dear Sirt- 
You will jremember asking ne yesterday, if it wus 
a fact that art orahge saier had bean compglied to make un 
assignntnt beacause hip pjbaie not sollect what vas owed him by 
Mr Edison, and that it tina you the story vas ngt true. 

Faohiing tract the abory pits Be Bdison ina very 

fales ond unjust pogitiaim, F hase looked the matter up and fing 
that the total {py pnt oF punchesssa made fron Agkearmett & Gof the 
firm in question) £):em , pune DL to Maroh' OP Tthe time a? reliner| 
was $872,72, which ‘yas paid from month $a month, alee that the 

owed at the tims of? Ackevman & Go's failure wag $55.60 by previous 
months purchases, ‘for which b4}2 het apt v¢on rendered at time 

of failure, 

Yourg very 


Tic: 3 ebb ee atl da teaed etapa pee one dcbecienee adn wea en 

April 21, 1898, 

Mr Carey T, Hutehinso, 
Postal Building, 
New York City. 

Dear Sir:- 

Replying to yours 20th T beg to state that: if the sample 
-gent is an average onef there will be no trouble in putting up 
a crushing and concentrating plant to recover 80% of the copper 
in the tailings at a verry emall cost per ton, 

How many tons of tailings is there on hand, and what 

is the daily production of tailings? 

Your very truly, 

April 27th,1898 

My dear Kissel: - 

T beg to acknowledge with thanks receipt of yours 
2lst,also the box of cigars,with which I have experimented and find 
them very much better than J, P, M's stogies 

I note what you say about the finnaclal matter 

and will let it rest for the time being as you suggest. 

Yours very truly, 

| eee ra oom, ~— 
To Gustav E. Kissel; 

54 Wall Street, 

New York City 


MAS FI ci Wii isa St at Sateen as ee ae 



April Asti, 1s)88, 

My dear Me Sowtez~ 

Pees VI Jout detedved Vin Rats! meeps 
Rot seeing gan Test weemeien T tee at pee oreten, | hae peow 
South ond Sua whmimd end WM2 eatin wom 9 Cite chee fos 
in the eft, 

Rome 3 Leet sax you t think 1 wintiened tat 
ve vere having temphie with the teyer ta oyy Peanee Plans option 
to toe , anew eStiand wep autor shanmeat Seabdun dawigad 29 peas. 
Some the trouble, since thet tine wn iaxe hed gue wet Magee ys 
runin Grusher Plant and geek thy candied Just an $4 nam teem the 
mines, with snow, loe,wet sarth 046 go8 ppeapophyl dy arushe@ and 

dried 4%,90 that we heve cenqueved the propjen OF pandling quecers- 
fully overytning just as it comes, thts boing vary genentisl where 
low cesta are requirad, We crusned about 15,000 tons of the orude 
re wide is aew in Stock House #2 ready for separations, 

In Grusner Plant we are putting stona and iron 
Tapadations under our 24" Rells and stronrthenine the foundations 

vader the 36° fells, aad doing a few other little fobs,all of which 

aw Bn 

ae oe ae 
wiki be finiske 

d in the very near future, 

Mill 3. is ready to start any tline( Sixties writ. 

had another run in Mill #1, whith nak donfiimmed owe 
Judgement thet dit is 


we Gave 

entirely reléable ana van be dependéd upon 
ter steady Work), 

The Bricker Plant is also rtady and cay ba 

Started ut wor anytims.,so we are practically COrreet when we 

entire plant ig ready to go or will be very soon, Just 
vnen we will start it wil depend somewhat on reneral gonditions 
Gf Susiness and financial matters, but we hope to get going some-: 

tine next month 

; : You ask the reason of the delay in our work, .. 

and in reply we baz to state that we believe we have the best pos- 

reason for it, Mr Edison is in receipt of a certain 
a monthly income,all of which he devotes to our work, and we are 

cmmpealied to keep 

our pay-rolland purchases within a certain limit 
3 an 
| BO uo Lo le able to take care oft our outstanding liabilities, which 
j Poa Wdodss as 

"ney Tall due,bveinr compelled to 

mt along with a 

takes longer, but we believe, 

Frances, it is the safést policy ,ana cone 

‘tions owines te the 

vey we lave no 

eydgyihtees 2eYing “Robaawed ee | 
ite -etay che AT artePeet ta yotr td kned that! seme 
Sapte agape Nae Mee aRPOMEEE oy the Het Darday Zire Cenpanyt ition 
~ggucd) “Ee 4p Ree pkeptdwa wl por mechinezy for # plank Chey 
Ted “Es AGA tuations ways Eery WI 1969 tans per days Afber a: 
eeorgpemeaiiinghEbe yy hither anrkoer te, Fo5 vers ot owe pleat Soar 
atten wee Riige wh nese opensting aus Crdebey Phat aie 
AEST DE Ene ag porosity ONG we save aonatitieg the serange~ 
eects Sapengg: tie plese ape aphens dhe thode ney plant adlea, the- 
nactinon pip: D5 ppp 29 Marbhust le oF goat we aew Dave at. the. 
Tihanp PAB - f seep pn tile ag FH sbONs peta lag pdophe baw eatin 
ri ee 4o pny aasiipnrey fran peeton Si in Acie aparantan 
Ab tp dom pouanphap pyaseag of aut Wank Rate 
Mr Edison and thy ypster sea} per PRR OF $F HOv CHAR Aten HEtEMe ; 
and we believe the bine fp apt F7 Ph YF BF why ¥F HARA RE Abe 
to advise youthat success 4p g PaGk » 
Should the exsegachng Nok dive yor jas. the 
~tion you desire let us hear the other paints an which you 

wtiow and we will be only too pleased to give if to you 
Yours very truly. 

April Rsth, 1898 

New Jersey Zine company, 
4B2 Wall street, 
New York City. 

Dear Sirs:- 

ac era aca pda 

Yours 23rd the writer finds awaiting his return from 

ied the South. We have gone over the matter very carefully with ur 

Edison,who says his understanding of the erranagement is that we 
i | are to net 164 on the finished cost of the Crushing Plant and that 

uy you are to pay all costs as stated in our letter 2lst 
; As to costs of changing present pattems and for whatever 

4 new patterns may be necessary Mr Edison says that the changes will 

7 give you many improvements not on our present machinery and as 
a these changes are all to be made for you and you will get the 

t penefit of them by having a more perfect plant,you ought not ask 
us to pay fr your improvements and we mist decline to pay one 

half of the cost as you suggest 
He also says that the costs of the erection of the 

machinery is to be figured in the total cost upon which the 15% 

is figured, end there is no more reason to leave this out than the 

“~hine work on eastings. His proposition was to design your plant, 

N use our patterns,and give you the right to use our machire 

tial ee ae A, 


and devices in Franklin Furnace, New Jersey, piant,based upon 4& 
payment,for his personal services and giving you the penefit of 
his experience, of 1sf, on the total costs of the crushing Plant 
when completed and ready for work,not inoluding costs of stone 
foundations, buildings,engines and voilers 

As stated to you verbally Mr Edison proposition to you 
4s lowor than he ever expects to make again,and vas made for the 
special reason already stated to you. VE think you are getting the 
penefit of his services and experience at a very low cost-—-much 
iower than anyone else ever had it 

Mr Edison's services are to be inoluded in the 154, on 
pasis already stated. You however are to pay for suoh material 
as we may furnish,and for the aotual time of our men while on 
your work 

We beg to confirm Mr Edison's agreement that if the 
large rolls do not satisfactorily orush your rook,we will waive 
all right to the 154 above mentioned. 

If you decide the above is satisfactory,please advise 

promptly so there may be no de ay on your work 

Yours very - truly 

New Jersey & Pennsylvania 


OE pete ener nema secretes aon pee ee Rg SONETE 

leteniner moon terre 


May lst, 1898. 

vy Jemes D. Ve Cutting, 
C/o Iilinole Central RR. Co, 
Pl4 Broadway, New York Oity. 
iy dear Sir:~ 
Yours 29th I heve fully noted,and in reply I beg to atate 
that we ne flveys ready to give the latest information ta our Stook- 
hoiders,and instead of ite boing a trouble,it in a pleasure to do it 
} Since last writing you there has been no partioular ohange 


lin the 1412 eftnatdon. The work in Oxunher Plant in progrenaing an fact 
as we Gai do it,with materiai so far received. Owing to the preamure of 
[Goverment ovders:,we are having diffdouity in getting nome neoeanary | 
‘materials, afd we cantiot get & positive pyrominn when thay wild he nhipned 

Mili #2 and Bricker Plant,Ara both ready and aan be started 
anytine. duet when we wlll start up in hard to pay, owing to tha present 
genera2 finandial conditions, of agcount of war,as wo do not want to 
‘yun any risk at this iate dey, therd baing too mioh at atake for ald ous 
Stockholders. We Heve fMnanede) mattere wel) dn hand nowyand do tot 
want to let them gat away frem us.and we Lelieve, whiie dinappointing 
to us ali,that the best paldey 46 to go Glow until general financial 
conditions clear up someryat. 

Yours very truly, 

May srd, 1898 


Mr Frank ¢. Roberts, 

i 4 
| Phiiadegphia, 
i Penn. 

Dear Sir:- 


Replying to yours 25th ultimo which we have been holding until 

lie Edison returned from the works we beg to state that he is atill of 

the opinion that you will require two sets of 88" rolls to do the work 
catisfactorgly. We herewith enclose sketch made by hin. 
We have no blue print showing the method of comecating the 

Engine to the rolls. We would suggest when you are ready to settie 

the matter that if you will arrange to meet MY Edison he wili ve 

Ziad to go over the matter with you, and arrange a design which undoubted 

ly wili prove satisfactory. 

Yours very truly, 
. n yt 
i dD, tes 
a4 it ee Se Ved. 


Maryland Phonograph Company, 
2223 Kast Prati Sstrevt, 

Baltimore, Na, 
Dear Sirsa: 

Prom Mre Mallory 2 2omrn thet the first Phonograph , which wart 
by express, was shipped without 2 ‘heérnand that the results were not. 
up to vour expectations. Ke doibt you received yesterday the 30" 
brass horn and stim’ and hav objained bebier remults by the use of it. 
The demand now 2 days saung to be for oud renords, so that with the tuber 

therg is more sorateh than with:the:old type of records, this, however, 
is not noticeble when von have die tipsy 

Mre Mallory also tejle me thateyeu sra efreaid the times are 
too hard in Baltimore to sell vary many of the maghinns. f= an sorry 
to learn that you have come to this sonalysinn hefore making any effort 
to sell them,and I have faith to belfave that a evant many of tha 
machines gan be sold if you will show the machines to tha proper people, 
In almost every large oity in the United States harge pales have heen 
made. ‘The only reason they have not been made in Baltimorea,in because 
we have held off from that field until the new maoliines were ready, 80 

to give you every chance to make sales 

If you yill stop to think of the expense under which the 

Graphaphone peopie are for their dtore etc eto, you will havea to admit 

thet they must make some sales to pay their expenses. We have information 

that they not only pay their expenses,but have, and are making considerke 




money, and as you have a superior machine,there is no reason,why you 
cennot also make sales,it, however, will require considerable hustling, 
and it will be necessary for you to take the machines to the people 
as they will not come to see the machines. With the advantages you 
have on discounts you should do a good business. ‘The writer feels cer- 
tain that were he in Baltimore he could sell a good many of the machines 
based upon the expsrience that other people have had in fields not so 
large and without the advantages you have in the way of discouwnts,not 
to sneak of other advantages . 

It might perhaps be of interest for you to know that the 
second lot cf machines shipped went to your Company,we having had 
other ct “ss on our books for a long time,some of which have ndt as 
yat been shipped 

Please do not misunderstand this letter and think that I am 
writing it in a complaining mood,as quite to the contrary, I want it to 
encourage you to make a trial before comdeming the scheme. I have every 
reason to believe that a good income can be had from the business 

I vather expected to hear from you to-day as to your inter- 
view with the Loane Company,tthen you find time let me hear results and 
perticulars,so if there is anything I can do at this end,I will only 

pe too giad to do it for you 

Yours very 



Maryland Phonograph WOTKS » 
2223 Kast Prati Stree: 9 
Baltimore, Ma, 
Dear Sira:~ 

Enclosed you will find letter written, vou yestere 

ay But ap 
Iam in receipt to day of vour letter Btating that the Phonographs 
giveg a great deal better results with the large hern and I have 
rather hesitated to let yesterdays letter to go forward,but eas what I 
say about showing the machiie to peopie ds staii effective co have 
decided not to with hold it. Am glad te hear that you succeeded in 
getting the orddr from FE, D. Loane Jr & Company and hope that®you 

Will be able to get other orders from them. if you oan sell Phonographs 
to other stores I would not hesitate to do it and I should also try and 
gét huskstess on the street with them and go from offine to office 

and house to house with theme I would sell the machines to Agents for 
$15.00 so they can make $5.00 on each machine whioh will make quite 

an object for them to work hard end sell More machines. You will find 
that your profit will come iater on from the supplies,so you will want 
to get out as many machines as possible. 

Please advise me the exRress charges on the one maohine, 

also the freight charges ineluding the cost of cartage,s0 I may know 

how to make future shipments, 

I herewith enclose the following invoices April 30th ,$12. 
$3.00, $4.50. and $75.00. Please remittances direct to me 

May lith, 1898. 

H. BE. Diok Esqe, 
Hotel cecil, 
London, England, 
Dear Hr Diok:- 
Yours 29th ultimo received and fuliv noted. We have not 

as yet started operations at the 1411 on account of the war. its 

effect on general financial conditions Mr Edison decided to zo slow for 

the it me being, 

The changes we were making are very near completed and 
v6 could start up almost any time. If we had another victory like 
the one at Nanila,I think it would ease up matters very moh fe undoub— 
tedly then would decide to stax up. Hy Edison is in very good health 
and apirifs and serds kirinet regards. 

We wii all be glad to see you when you return to this 


Yours very truly, 

6-16, 1898, 

Mr, Wm. J. Coombs, 
President Manufacturers Trust Co., 

Brooklyn, N, Y¥. 

a dir Ten OD th SARE: 

Dear Sirs 


T veg to confirm Mv, Mallory's verbal application for a 
lean of $15000,- at 6% on my four months note, sesured by $60000,- 
of the 5% gold bonds of the Edison Phonograph Works, Orange, N. J. 

The financial condition of the Edison Phono~ 

eraph Works on June, 1st, 1898 is ag follows, 
Real Estate, Buildings and Fixtures, Tools ete, $444524 83 
Material, raw, finiahed and in Process of mf, 83717 ,.00 

Cash and good acoounts receivable, §7283,08 
Liabilities exclusive of oapital stook, 
Bond and Mortgage, $s20000,- 

Currant Accounts Payable, 29982.87 

The profits of the business for the four years 

ending Feby, 28th, 1898. were $142697.07 on sales of $607494,°7 

(profits -for year ending Feby, 28th 1898, were $46625.73) the 

for the ensuing year Promise te te the largest we have ever 


had, Unfilled orders on June lst. amount to #274810. 05 

= 2 NT 


Tae Works were started some ten years BEO, 
phe capital not proving Larce enough I advanced $421000,- in cash 
and { have received interest on the amount advanced at 6% and + 
S221000.- in gash on the vrineipal, T neld demand notes for the 
balance ($300000,~}; On August 2nd, 1897, T exchanged the demand 
notes for $%00000 ,- oP the 5% fold bonds at pars each bend is for 
#1000,-, interest is payable Auzust and Seby,. 2nd, 

$250000,- insurance is earried and loss is 
payable to Trustee of bonds and to holder of mortgare, 

The Mutual Life fnsurance Co, held a real 
estate morteage of 820000,- on whieh a yearly payment of? $3233.33 
is required until the morteare is fully paid, conservative value 
of the real estate is $41000,- 

The Werks do a cesk business and neither give 
nor take notes, T am ket owner of a majority of the stock of the 
Works, ($600000,~) 

Should the preceeding not cover the informa-~ 
tion desired, I will be very glad to give you whatever other Pacts 
you may require, 

Yours very truly, 


Statement of thea Mew Jersey and Pennsylvania Concentrating 
Grange, Ned, June, Ist, 1Lé 

Plant at Edison, H, J, 

Gost Entldings, Machinery and Tools, Railroad, 

Gavs, Locomotives, Steam Shovels, and all 

all other appliances, $1986181.60 
Cost Real Estat«, 94770 ,00 
Cost Minerel Qights and Leases, ; 230769,31 
Suppliss on hand, (Mdse,} 35500 .00 
Ore on hang, 16000 ,00 
Accounts Precivabls, 1620%,55 
Cash, 10480 ,81 

$2389805 ,25 

Accounts and Notas Fayable fox current expenses, 6157225 

Capital Steck, {aia paid in cash,) 2328252 00 

2389805 .25 
Yo bends ar Nortseages, no Preferred Stock,and 
nothing represented by or paid for patents, 

Yours very truly, 



mel Shae 

EOS SED er en Ses Sra 







Beit 3 


ea tet nde EEA HEE EE RINNE bi Ee RS at ct Br 



Ween Sey. 
_-Moun fener of The 24% iat hasocen covefalhey 

oe o Sy ees 
Conaotdenes , tees M2. watch cvagacseted. wane 

fo See US uted CY Cle. ont 

wed ecosed 

Se Fea 

- TEA te 

My, Harlan Pape, 
Philadelphia, Pa, 
dear Sir: 
T have Fone over all the figures obtainable { pp to date 
far as practiccsle) Phe result is that my solution of thyt 

crida phosphate problem, is a combination of all the mines, The 

putting in cf grinding machinery, Sulphurie acid works and the nad 

ufacture and exportation of phosphoric acid, 45 Baume. in tenk 
Steamers or solid in drums, and the establishment’ of works npoense 
ry in Germany and England, By this plan all the low erade: Photph 
phosphates could be utilized, which will not now shand freight. 
The freight would become a small fagtor and thé phosphate poole 
would get some return for their valuable material, Bromstone novld 
Laid down at Tampa very cheaply as ballast from Cotton ships Fran 
Meditervanean Ports, Its a rather large soheme, but tha sontral 
of the Wlorida phosphates woula, 1 think Sontred: the market, Thera 
are several industrial. chemists, who are thoroupny fanglier with 
costs, who conld be got to report on the scheme. In any evant 

you better take @ run over to the Phosphate fitiuw ena get what 

LeeeeeE ETT 


data you can, 

Fine ecinding means &reat economy in investment, lar 

bor a 


nd amount of sulphuric acid necessary, 


The fertilizer people are aven further behind the times 
in grinding, 

than the cement people, 

45 Baume 

acid containing about 40% solid anhydride, can | 

be made at the mine 

i ! 
for $27 per ton of 2000 lbs, on a basis of : 
‘Paying $4 for 50 ner 

cent rock, The largest dealer at Hamburg : 
quotes 4 cents per Ib, 

for 45 Baume acidtheir, which probably 
means it could be sola at Scents, 

or $60 per ton, which with freight 

Say mend a eaten a Se a 

would give profit of $29, and stil 

1 pay miners &00d profit on 

their rock, 

Yours very truly, 




Sti IG 



FL crete aR RT 

3-17, 1899, 
My dear Grane: 

Yours to Maliory noted, I think Mr Gaven misunddérstood 
vz about the present eost of making cement, T anid the cheapest 
for making Portland was between 86 and 90 cents per barrel, but 
that is in the largest mill; if the oosts of all the Portland 
gement was added together and divided by the barrels pvoduced, 
the cost would be naarer $1 .L6per barrel; ff the gelling pricé 
of coment should go to $1,00 per barrel fully 60% of the milla 
wOULGa £O into bankrmupticy. 

I did not want to underate the eapacity of 
our compatiters to Mr Caven and I put the eost very low on that 
eesount and he should not take advantage of it, he can sasily 
ascertain the costs through various channels open to him. 

Yours very truly, 

Mar. 24, 7399, 


Ship Wo, H. Suelmtdine, Yqinet Lane, Gvmantown, Fe.:~ 
1 Home Sugnosraph : 
I Record dgse for Yh rectrda 
2 $0" Brags herg ara stand 
1 Rditon rdcovdew 
¥ Siivon Whrdduser 
Ad Ndt Aid tbut redordw ¢ 

ship praiptly, expréns ohabgés pass, and charge outfit to 

Tm » 

si * oi 

Yeung vane seuty, 
qin fn 

PT a RS aloe”, 

om 7 < ‘ “39 Saag, 
ne, a. wake 7 . Cae 

B~-Bdthe 1B99. 

Mr. Jos. Le Cavene 
‘100L Chestnut Ste 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sn ee mindy a rhea te we mo Sy EEE ESE es 

Dear Sirs 
I ber to acknowledge reesipt of 
youre Biet., I note that Mees L, S Filbert, John Windrum, 
Wns Bi Irvine, Chas. Porter, James H. Windrum, # J. Moore and 

youresif have dsaided to not asoept the option to become 

wubseribers to the stoek of the Raigon Portlana Cament Go. when 


Yours very trulye 

April kG, 2999, 


My dear Dick, 

Last Friday Mr, Norman A, Thompson, who has been in this Country 
for some time with the General Blegtric Company, want witn me to 
Edison, and spent the day looking over our plans. We also went to 
the new plant of tae New Jersey Zinc Company, and thoroughly in- 
spected it, and I think ur, dhomison was very favorable impressed 
with the Edison plant, but more so with the new plant being built 
by the Zinc Company, and his visit may do you some good on the 
other side, 

IT have Just learned that on Thursday when Mr. Thompson was 
here at the Laboratory, he had a long talk with Mr. Edison, who 
told him fully what we were doing in the cement. business, ie also 
told him that the American Company would like to buy the cement 
rights for the rest of the world, and that he thought they would be 
willing to pay perhaps $150000 for the rights, provided an option 
could be had for six months at that. price. He also told tir. 
Thompson that his advice to the English stock holders was to $e12 
to the American Company (please keep this confidential), 

I write you this fully as undoubtedly Mr. Thompson will report 

to Mr. Lawrence as soon as he reaches the other site. 1 understand 


RB. Dick #2. 
that he satied on Saturday last. 

We nope to pet the cement fest go{ng. this week, and a& sqon aa 
awe Rave an definite information about bh, T wit} bs glad to send Lt 
bo you, She. Kd3spn abkg wha you think of taking up the matter 
son the other side as doon as our teats. ate completed here, as he 
‘ways the fgo}d in Euyope is as large, if not jarger, than on thts 

Hope you wre petting aong yell with your Yerth Meaptem deal, 
and tragt thal yor wh22 pring bh through. auccepsfyldy. 

Un. Kdjpon Jogtvis me im extending Rindest regards. 

Yours very truly, 

wy. dA, pe Risk 
Hotel Chath 
" Londons Engiand. 

“men and hold than with our’ oyveserit Wavane ecamodations for our eu- 

April 10, 1899, 

ae ear cblonel, q 

Mr. Fdison haw fully neted yours of the 9th inat., and SRYB i 
thet now iv the time to stars the mille at Hdison, if it can be | 
‘ePPaniced | We kale thiéreugilyg corsddered the watter redaritly, and i| 
Chad treat the large majority of our former men have obtained work else- 

whore, cnd if would he very citricult ty ret. topether the neressary 


Plovees, save hive decided nef £6 start wp until the houses, avout 
which We have written you, have been built. Wé also want to butid 
beyorp gotarting, a sornveynr fdr cdeling eff briquettes, 80 as to avoid 
Lhe troubig which we had laet Pall of burndng up railroad cars. ‘vo 

To tide ans to get every thing elde ready to start, $100GCe would be 

Yours very truly, 

COL. de c. Repel, 
80 Brong 3t., _ 
Wea york gitz. i 

oN esuaceh ous 

April 11, 1899. 

Mr. H. BR. Dick, 
Hotel Ceeil, 
London, Pigland. 

Dear Siri-~ 
the question of foreigh patents 18 again hein agitated ‘esx 

the American Cement Company, and they vesdre ub 46 iBakn Fron 7de at 

what prite exclusive rights for Yiurope for the use of wr. Watsort's 

machinery, Tor the manufacture of cement only, could be seciiréd,. wastes if 

an option to run at least $ix months. It wild he necessary td Petter. q 

thie time to settle the tests here .The people who jaake this Inrkray- 
x they are in we PROSERE N 

as you know, are very-fraendly to me, ent thip 

whtn the time comes to exploit Tupopean countrids. They adeeSe Me 

int they would be witling to share with you to x conbiderable exter] 

th any profite wiich may reguit from the expleiting of cement com 

paunias in kurope. 
yours very truly. 

Vi ioe 

iS tery 

Sovewber 3 

5 : 
the bma 

fie aa 
Ley Pee MEET td 
eta MI 

fhe weyios 

SUSUR ai salieai ta eee 

ateled co you. ve hed ert! 

Ve PUOY atwunetattowr for they gut 

fanéd Ee ats 

aS wrth oP mai men ha ODGT EH ie 

te ay edad e peneral guoianse 


dono mace of chene iat 

PU BIN es 

Nek fear 
SEY the goah ag. uu 
Bt erie 
DEY fey, 
Be WH 

BAS Tyna 



Nhe. for eur Shee of 

ares Of Bo Let oor wate weehe plwe 


oes ie et 
i 1 I. , 

ah Gis whleb wis 


seb trina si lnc MATA NAAR Fig) 

Bikol isc tosis ic heanbacaincon din iuistctetiniini banda pa 

AA a tn Lenn sn cantomne eons Meuron en ncin.miaesrabaiicie te ie 

fhpurs the oesr dé 

Bey fe ou the verdes. ossts. ve 



G Geox 

mais am oo 

arth or the 

soe Pras 
caves abe 

nb ZOO fons pr 




Ronen SEE 

IEA EEK an tha dtnit coisas inicleanescitniuner thon ise vmantis tuna 

Ravn iii na ebb dnd VA Lbs rE Nad oom a: — 
= 68 aN iN NN thane Mrninicshonuiaatih ty 
"A try 

= WF Shs, Sah gee, date ape gteeenaies oer, Si eal niateern pee ae ASE eS oe 

27, 1899, 

in the Phitadelphia papers of the lewis Motor 

celled ‘to my attention. They refer to a 

< telivered before the Raven Club in Akron, Ohio. 

delivered a lecture in Akron, do not know whether 

sy not, and as the statemerits made are incorrect 

thers 38 - Reven 
ned were never made by me, I wish you would take the matter up at once 

‘ubi Race the auverbisement withdraw, So far as I am concerned, Please 
see the Lewis people first and ask them to withdraw it at once. If they 
do not do so, please publish a card over my name stating that the infor- 
mabion jiven is not correct, — i ; 

Yours very truly, 

EAE am eo say ; : 
Fe AS EN ea ag danas upmvednnsnacirsereocsomesea 

ab 008 Wt eh aretivide naced ore ab Autrenin perro bei fe verwtbienaces smnanrteiuRcionD Otay a, 

.cuver wea vecelyed while I was in Philadelphia, and I 
aeawverins: Of natil my return here, so as to get some data to 
“he oxneriveniai vin we had last October and Hovember was the 
aul toe results were fairly vatiafactory until the 
na which time we had a very great deal of 
teaabia tn keep men enwich te operate the millg. The few houses we have 
Tor ampjoyees are very old and badly built and heave capacity to hold only 
& poartien of our men, conseyientiy last Pall some of the sleeping roons 
were oucipied days aa wel} +a nights, Our men put up with thia untid 
cola weather and thei cownesced to leave us, and we firially were so re- 
duced for men we Were comssiied to shut down, Th: Spring Labor 18 80 
senerally employed we hive dvsided, after thoroughly investigating the 
matter, it 1s not prantice! *: start up the works antil we have proper 
accommodations for oar oecnle, and we have decided ts walla fifty te 

seventy-five houses. Noutvach nas been let} for ted sanple houses, and 

work will be sia sft Une at anee, and as soon fe wa dan thereafter, 

we WELL go neers 

RIT EARL ARS oh a ab A oa chistes Sa sci a cndeoe sen silk insite denis casement city 

thet nied OLIN setiteh ee.” 

o. ge, 

AS already Atated wr. Edison has for several years carried on 
the work at noneuntrating works From income received from our other enter- 
“Vises, and while they are all at present in a most prospercus state, the 
volwhe of bustiesa nas 86 lncreased ve have been compelled to ald more 
machinery, and build new buildings to take care or the business ovtfered us 
aad while this cuts off the income for the moment, it villi enihtle us to 
receive 4 larger one later on;-in the mean time the eontentratins vork 
Will have to wait until we again receive regular income from our other 
enterprises, unless money is obtained from Some other sources, 

“Mr. Edison has quite a niimber of new things in hand, and the 
first money obtained will be Spent at the concentrating works to start 
them up. While they are shut down we are paying off the fioatiog in- 
debtedness of the company, and will soon be out of debt. 

Tt is a very great disappointment 46 us all to not be running 
Bader Lhe present conditions of the iron market, which are mere t 
Puverable, and we shod, Start up the moment we can see our way clear. 
Now as ty the actual resulta of our last run: 

The gotunt seat rer all labor, suppisea,. fuel, 
for Cetoner and Navember was, per orude ton, 68,74 

Ohe averare cast for the best. sixteen days of 

S3ing WAS, ber erude tony 

-2 Gast of the best single day's work 

vedaicure 1t takes about-four tons of crude ore to_ 

Wweke Gos Las of drdauetters {the cost of briquetting was 799° per ton 

tion of briquetts, £.. 0. b. our works, vould 

SS z ee ea zp ae 

Oo. t, #3 

wee Swucde tan 66.74 X 4 $2.75 795 33,54 ner ton briquettes 
; "43,55 % 4 47a 79% 2.65 " 9 “ 
’ "20.18 X 4 1.05 79 = 1,34 

AS Qlready Stated, we had endless trouble to keep men and many 

cuiyvorun the milis for want of them, so the output would 
Resbey te spytning, while the Seneral expenses would remain about the same 

@ Tiel 83 many of these days that the general cost average is very high, 

Waen We are provided nith the neceasary houses, and have wade a 

te Aident changes in our hachinery, we Tully expect to averare a cost of 

dese inen 40¢ per crude ton, and also reduce considerable the cost of 79¢ 
Ger teat Por briquetting, and put the briquettes on 

the cars at our ‘vorks 
Pere Jes than $2.00 per ton, 

We could abtain at present about 6¢ per unit for these bri- 

dee ites f. 0. be our works which equals $4.02 per ton (67 units X 6 equals 
ee HS Snowe we do no better on cost than on our sixteen best days, 
Vici WE ura uure we Gan average when wa have proper accommodations for 
cus] people, the profit would be about $1.50 per ton, and probably more. 

The capazity of the machinery is over 
dr RGUMa, bus 

2000 tons crude ore in 

we will figure on making about 1200 tons per ten hours 

Sten is lees than what we did on the sixteen best days) which would 

five us uben 3060 tons briquettes in ten hours; by night shirt 

this old te doubled, We fully exneet after we have been running some 

litte time te fel capacity up te 1006 tons briquettes per twenty hours, 

Tf there ts any other ins oymation you desire, we wilt be. BL ad 

29urs very truly, 

ERS US a cae 


May 11, 1699. 

Atfred li, Goats, Esq., 

Pawnucket, RK. I. 

hear Girie» 

We are always glad to give our friends information, and will 
tey and ansver the questions in your favor of the 6th. 

It is not pleasant to be compelled to admit that our operations 
ah tha,iron ore plant, are neld up for the want of the necessary 
mones for the houses and changes, but sucn being the case we admit 
Zé toe you Tranely. 

We have let the contract for only two of the houses, so we 

need net mike anv mistake when we come to build the balance. If we 

1d 2g our way clear for the necessary money we could build the 


balunee ot the howses in a very short time, and have them completed by 
the time we fied made the few necessary changes in our machinery, which 
vii soahte us te averaye lower costs when we run next time. 

We have mate several efforts to raise money outside, but. thus 

far have been unable to get any ove te thoroughly investigate the en- 

terprise, Sone of the finansial people seem to assume, because we. 

nave been delayed in showing commercial results, that there is no merit: — 


ia the enterprise, giners sugvzest milans 

that are not acceptable to Mr. 

(Ses LAREN RM iat cid Malan baton ds Bruit et rn CAN EAST AACAS tH nvins ate nsircibaCADRCN wrt er ee 
= sricrencev iy tele tee 64 

Soest, whe 2s opooged to bcnuns and movtaayea, and besides wlll not let 

we Rerniiy ga inde fleth beyond a certain acount. Ir the enterprise 


there Wounlt prubably be no present in 

retting tne vroper seaple to investigate ff and raisian the money. 

the arogerty now is free ond clear from tonds and mortgages and 

ison wants to keep if su, und under the existing circumstances 
the only war eeened to te for Mr. Hdisom 4¢ nake the necessary money 
to put the enterprise on a commerelal Footing. As explained in my 
previous Latter, we will have later on the regular income from our 
otner enterprises, which is now being dsed for additional bullding:. 

ux manhinery to take care of the increasing: business, Mr, Edison 

45 also spending all his time and energy in working out new things 

from which he hopes te make some extra money and start wp sooner, than 

ifowe have to wait on the income from our regular sources. Every thing 

u- an de -to hasten the resuming of operations, is being done. 

D It we could get any one to make a ful] and exhaustive examina- 

tion of the 


nterprise and what we have done, we believe we will be 

able ta prove that it has the greatest possible merit. We shall con- 

Limue to get sane one interested, and Mr. Edison is willing to make 
xlmost any equitable and fair arrangement; in the mean time we shall 

gErooeal on tae other Line already indicated, and make the money our-"— 


The general market conditions are most favorable and bid fair 

te centiauc so Tor seme time on the Lurgest and best deposits of. 

eave been purchased recently by the Large shee, combinge 
unders at 48 their drtention fo obtain sontrol of alt 
‘het avallable Vepastis of bessemer ore in this country, and the short~ 
or Bessemer ore dn Europe willl make our position very mch stronger 
aan better than we ever expected, as we will control practically an 

inexhsustebla supply of ore, 

Mr. Edison says you teed Hee Wd unbadivéaa ad to pour ane 
vastment, as he ia 

prepared ta put Lh the honey an at He ne nines” 

If there is any Turther tntorma¢ion desired, we will be very 

glad to give it to you. 

Yours very tryly, 

Statement of New Jersey arm Pemeylvanie Concentrating Works. 

May ‘ist. 1899, 

ee em me Or me oo ee cee me ee me me me ee 

Plant at Edison, W. J, 
Cost Machinery, Buildings, Railroad 
Cars, Locomotives and all other 
appliances, also testing. $2321890.91 
Less sales Ore etc, 176807.71 
wen eee eee $21450683.20 
Cost Real Estate. 94770.00 
Cost Mineral Rights and Leases. 242936 .83 
Supplies and Ore on hand. 3350C 30 
Accounts Receivable, 28015 .48 
Cash in bank, 37428 .35 

eee me ee ee 


Accounts and Notes payable. P ; 92792,52 
Capital Stock, (ALL paid in cash.) 2488941,52 

ee ter ry 

$2581733 84 

‘ No ponds or preferred stock, no mortgages, and 
nothing represented by or paid for patents. 

Yours very truly. 

Messrs. Shelmerding, Pilitns anc 


Iowa asked my opinion as ta thea validity oF 

ths patants tssued ann to be isendd toe Thomas A, Fdison relating 
to machinery, appliances ee. conmmacteat with the crushing, ELinge 
ing, Bereeaning anil peadne of Cament, and alse as tu whether tne 

lnary ote. soverad by sid pasents is an infringement uvon 

Patents granted bo others. 

Iowish to pre facs hy stiseament with the Prenerk waat moat 

of the apparatas and Prosessss referred to herein wary Javeloned 

by Mv, Edison in coniunetion wits ass entarnrise oY milling low 

grace iron ore. I nave beea connseted 

with than enterprise from 

its incention, and havy SLO8GLF Vallawed Mr. Bddson's Wars fr 

thas connection, oarblowlardy with reforanee te the Lavelty of 

the several woehine 

ae 4 5 

8 and sveeressss whieh he has invented ¢7 cn 

Nectien theruyws bn. 

Phe natents and apo Lieations eoverins wnat ere known as 

the giant volle are as To.lows 3 

Patent Ne. 537,187, ceanied 

September &, 31396, This patant 
Covers 2 particular Const raction uf ransvable vlates tox Srushimys 


Veplicasion Mo. ct,gay, This aps 


Plieation will resuls in a bread patent on the use 0? inlepans 
dently driven rolis for erushing reck by Kinetic energy, Broad 
Claims have already baen aliowed, bt the case te stati under 
discussion with $he Patent Oftlea on miner claims. 

Application No. 682,935, filed Sune G, 1858, This appa. 
cation covers thy combination of apparatus involved in Mr. Bdg- 
gon's crushing plant consisting of the giant rolle, grinders, 

acreens and dryurs, 

Grhlodimz rolls or piLip. 

Application Ne. 681,478, flied Mey 23, 1epe. Talis ap- 
plication covers the construction invelesd in Mr. Rdison's Bb~ 
ineh rolls used in the erusning plant at tho Ogden mii. 

Patent Ho. 494,585, oranted hay 30, 1693. This patsnt 
Covers the distribution of material to be ercund Siml tansoopg ly 
to the two or myre paps of miitipise sets of rolis. 

Applisation No. 644,746, Pilad July 16, 1897, allowed Bag 
9, 1899. Tate application has dbeon allowed with broad eleims 
vovering the prineiple of the Sehigh rolls, namely, the employ~ 
ment of rolls whieh ara held together under greas Pressure “by 
traveling. ropes er similar devices whith act iudapendontiy ot 
the roll bearings. The patent ie abouts to be issued. 

Application about to be Tiled on Mr. Rdison's Bps¢ Lal nm 

provement adapting tha Sart Volts to the grinding of cement, 


vensintiag in providing the rolin with Plain heuring surfaces Bt 

theie gads and internediats Corwugated grinding surfaces. 
. ‘ 

i RS RCL Vi Nhe opt taatednedir em e0d Sx titan womens. Looe 


ASANO SAW Sah WA SANE AA Gone Ok i asin 8 Sabet Tyr (paid in Rr 

Nae sh pol i ACN RATAN 


Phe patanta wand applteg tions covering My, Kdigants it~ 
| ferent typas of conveyors ani elavators avy as followat 
Patent No. 602,054, sranten Apri} 12, 1898, covers He, Raa 

Bon’s Combined bucket and BO sip ing distriouting SOnveyzor. 

Application No. 645,653, Piled July 1, 1697, is a Dredd. 
case on the employment of wits rope with buckets ¢laupert trroxs bo 

for é¢lavateore and conveyors . 
Applisation So. 642,616, flled June 23, 1897, covers 

Mr. Bdisonts 8umping conveyor. 
Applieation fo. 42,817, filed Suns 29, 1O97, covers 

Ny. Edison's flight cenveyer, 
Applivation Ne. 642,818, Tiled Sune 20. 1899, coves 

Ne. Rdisan's lint Sonveyor. 

4, The deviee which Hyp, Hdison has Sniployed far the oixine : 
of bearings. in Qunt~-charsed acmospheras, - 

3 Consisting in the Srp. boy~ 
ment of the dust itself to protect the Searings, 1s coversd oy 

application Noe. 642.815, tiled Jona 29, 1397. 

6. Mr. Fdison’s Methed and anparatrus for screaning by fee -om- 

Ploymont of Short elosbee and inclined stationary scrogn Plekes, 

is coverygd be applica tien Now 642,212, fited June 29, 1B97, 
6. Mir. Eddsonts Geyer is gavarad by application Roa B6i,477, 
Filed May 23, 1888, 
vas fy Ndison’s dust cavcruise is covered by application 
“Ne. $81,476, PLled Nay ss, i938 

&. The pee of 4 PURGE of Phra ang “GREYS MEeberig2 for 
boparating and gradings Tine WAGSPLeL, 1a coverad by application 
No. 681,480, fiited May 25, 1068, 

Applisetion No. 709,447, r4iisg March 17, 1899, covers 
Mr, Wdison's Sontinvous pryesees tor BPinding and S@parkting was 

terial, whersin a Surplus of course We Sectald te aed to the 

round matarial batore soreenins, 

9. Mre Rddaanis Gulodning furnace te. veversd by en apnlica. 

tion about ty be Ciied. 

mosh ov upLicatio; AT 2 MaeTerrad $04 gxanina~ 
tloas Bavs been mide by the Pate: "S$Gay and a camber 
Petoate Ave bens refarred. te, 2 prasuacahly 
approaches In the priyge art ¢ 
exaninad theca patente, and Trom tha; Hkanination and 
the subj St, sadnod by a hon Counmee tion wi bh 
have uo donbe thas Sood patents wlll be phe 
Bdined anen all tha anplieations, Ot anGertdoa is te exhibits 
to wha Pataunt of ting efficials in SPeration. aod z 
23 Soon ws that ig done, such hisations 
Han presented ta the 

reudity overcome. 

isony opinion Ve pitents graphed ami te he Brka~ 
* & had 

enumerated, wail 

and apnarasias. 

Sich prasesnes 

apparatus do nat 



pers ER Uae aes anbeee ne PERS ? 5 : e pear Nae 2 zi 
Bee ee nr : COS? ; ‘ : : nt gyn 

chi alain re lamisil: Ae ia iinnasd A Ra nis SS me ak tneim nce Pt. ipuecn manana 

i a iN desc ws ttn DRS, | 

June 15¢h,1699, 

ur, os, Clurence itiller, 

437 Chestnut St., 

Philadelphia, Pe, 

Near Sir- 

When T saw you the other day, I intemled calling your attention 

te the following fact, but overlocked it in the presse of other 


It is reasonable to assume that -r, idison would not make a 

royalty contract based on the cost of 60 ets. @ barrel end less, 

uniess he knew tron actual experience and from tests already nade, 

that he was reasonably sure of naking some royalty. 

We are told that the seliing price of first olasn cement ie ; 
’ anywhere trai $1.50 to $1.75 per barrel, also Ii we can pul on tie 

merset a superior product, which will always be reliable, wa pro- 

baoly cun obtain ¢2.00 per barrel for our entire output. Assuming 

nuwever that ve only net $1.25 per carrei, which less the fixed 

royalty cost of 60 cts, would leave a profit of 65 cts, a barrel, 
also assuring that we average. only 3900 harrels per day instead of 
: 4099 barrels per day, for 300 days in the year, it would give a 
ue profit of $885,000 per yeur. Teducting from this $80,000 to 
pay the interest due on prefersed stock, would Leave $505,000 to 
ae upolied on cormon stocx dividends. This would be over. 5,1-27 

on tne enscire cosaGn stock. 

The Tact I espedially waut to bring out jg that the com:cn 
stock mbat earn the above before ir. Edison recetyss any royalty 
whatever, we have no dowbt but what actucd Feaults will show that 
kh very considerable #oyalty will be eurned Hy hin. 

Yours very truly. 

June Bist, 1599, 

My Dear Mr. pDyer- 

I had quite a talk with Mr. Villlard on Vonday, and he opreed 

to renew the existing contract for 

twelve sonths from uly ist, 

under exactly the suine conditions as exist xt present, “fr. Sporfara 

requested that you cray up the necessar; pepers for renewal, antl 

Submit the: to hin before sending them to us, T told tt. Spoffard 

that you were out of town this week, but would give the inatter 

attention as soon as you returned, 

It was my intention when Twas in your office on ¥ naBY 5 to 

thank you for making no charge for services rendered in the dincor- 

poration of tne Hai son~-Saunders Compressed Air Co., and Grust you 

wilt now accept my thanks, 

YOUPE yery byuly. 

To Mr, RN. Byer, 
SI Nassau St., 
Mew York City. 

zea aS SNH A cl eititvciomaicny bests 

Aug, 9th, 1899, 

Dear Hr, Batchelor- 

On Mr, Mdisan’s note of $5000.00, due Aug. 20th, it wild be an 

accomodation if you will permit us to renew it apain for a further 

period of six months under same conditions as Last renewal. 

The Philadelphia negotiations about which ft spoke tq you, for 

the mine, have not yet been consummated, the matter being held up a 

for the time being, awaiting certain developments, so we are unable 

to say at this time whether or not they will be successful, but they ; ( 

Still look favorable. We however are not waiting on them, but have 

between 60 end 70 men at work at Edison, We started up the atean 

shovel on the Ogden side, and are going to cut through the poor i 

material until we come to the Me Oarty Cut where the ore is vich. 

The poor material we take out will be dumped. As soon as the rich 

ore is reached, we will then start up the shovel on the Davenport 

sige, andi dig into the rich ore there also. MWe are also putting 

down a new floor in the machine shop, and ceiling the inside of it 

to make the shop warm in winter, and making some other changes, so 

to have everything in readiness for starting up next Spring, 

Mr. wdison is at Chautauqua, but 18 exnected back in a few days. 


reat» eat pb ete fais tea RP nA oL ST ate ned td PaaS reyehB tie 4:8 amasinnctn sis satiate hat wits 


Aug. Oth, 1899, 

trusting to hear favorably from you, and thanking you for past 

favors, we are - 

Yours very truly. 

Te. Mr, Chas, Batchelor, 
44 Broad 8t.,; 
i New York City. 

Aug, Sist, 1899, 

Dear Mr, PiLline~ 
Yours of the 50th fully noted. Mr, Eéison will go with Mr, 
Upton and myself, prebably on Saturday afternoon, to Ocean Grove, 

provided he does not decide ta g0 to Chautauqua, As you know, his 

Little giri is stek there with typhoid fever, and he is quite 

anxious about her. I wil] advise you to-morrow or telephone you 
on Saturday what he decides to do. I believe the two days at the 
sea shore will do him a lot of good, and shall try and coax him to 
fo with us, 

Yours very truly. 

To. Mr, W.S.Pilling, 

tre HREM ER eters A RGA MNRAS St nsien senior RA YELiS ieee we i 

Ai ASA as a VP IIE Aah kateb nate ee Pah onal Bete nests “ere nese sie yeh 

ae ashes oma hat so E NAW WADE 


« Charles WV. Price, 
Prest., Electrical Review, 
Times Bligc., 
New York City. 
Dear Mr, Price- 
Replying to yours of the 19th, I hes to state, the last in- 
formation I have,as to T.A.u.dr., is about a month old, He was then 

in Chicago. Where he is now rf have no idea, 

Sorry I camot give you something more definite. 

Yours very truly. 

Sep, 25rd, i899, 

Mr Harry §. Gay, 
Shamokiny Pte. 
. Dear Sirs 

We her to affer you the position of 
assistant superintendent {to asstst or. Edison as superintendent} 
of our plant at Hdison, N. J. , ata salary of two hundred and 
Titty dollars (8250,-} per month from the time you start: at work for 
us until the mills are started in operation; from that time your 
Salary will be increased to three hundred and thirty three dollars and 
thirty three cents (4336.33) per month? and we will further apree 
that when the plant is self sustaining, that Is as soon as the 
proceeds of the briquettes made and sold will pay for the labor , 
material. and roneral expanse at Rdieon (not aneluding the Orange 
expenses ) we will inerraase your salary to four hundred and sixteen 
dollars and sixteen scents ($416,168) per Month, Of course, you 
understand, the preneeding and the j a he position , as ina 

all eases, depends npon whether you Till dt satisfactorily to us; if 

you take the position we want you to succeed ‘in it and will pive you 

Whatever ald we can to that end, 
If you decide to acsept the position 
we Would like you to report at Orange on Nov. lat. and sooner if 

pessible. kindly let us have your decision at the earliest moment 

Be4idile. Yours very truly. oo. 
. : Berns. Elise (rire, 

7, the diiison Vhouopzraah Works hed the Pollo 

: 2618 $ 285,473,318 
vbate awd budinings 90,766.44 
are and tixtures 59,021.58 
Materials fray antl in pro 
cess OT mainuPad tere) 124,55). 
859,405, 3 

the item pf furniture snd flrmires Is ade up of shgp fixtures, 

te nn hanes tment rains tlm binvase ntchdinhs leaner 

auePting, valleye, cto. steam piping, clecstrie plant, firs appara 

apparawis ate, Bhe real. eetave is carried at the 
eye price Yor woich Li was. worchased aver ter yodra aga, Fharsas 


Wore slao owoa the models ang patenta 

we $10,075, 
Migs AL 

wary canser vat 
every Years 
Bthy 1309 were 

fre met surnctrgn For t sey godt Bebe oe 

$56,007.88, ard wilt uniowbtediy be sénsiderably more taiis year. 

fare? 4 

UWeet tes oi “Ferme at LAY Bee 
ra OAvahle vpasr year, share 

are pais 

Chast infvoraptian say e@sivg ve will he riad 

Yours: yeriy truly. 

#7. OJ Grane, 


A Uihsae AS UNAMID RI escent SSA oe Race ait opiate haNngcfenainecaNte Nw bicinpuegrevemeace wareseansiiens 

AN sink oie PAA eri Vd seLotvotneieti 

Nay Ath, 1898, 

the follow- 

Machinery and toals $ 285,473.18 

Neal estate and buildings 90, 784,44 

Furniture aad Tixtures 59,021.35 
Materiaia (raw and in process of . 

rian ts otaree 124,330.52 

$ “559,609.27 

and fixtores is mda up of ehop fixtures, 

pln, slectric plant, fire appara~ 
The real estate is carried at the sane 
over ten years ago, whereas it 

sifarable more, as all surrounding property 

rhonosraph Yeerks alse owns the motels and putenta 


QO., ancunting to #10,075.51, and held stock, te 
£45,260.99 in that Company. They, (H.? Work) are now 
bddnes, and adding considerable more macninery, 

3.90 of Sf gold honds have been iasued, and are a first 

wok have pronerty, 

PSs Sosa rec esey Drncersry 

ory emt teois Ps very zonservablve, 

shen. charged off every yenrr. 

1699 were 

gear ending Meh. & 


yo be considerably mora this year. 

interes) on the bonds is payshle semi-annually, on the 

coma devs of Pebruary and August of eash year, Commenced ng AL. 

aul, 199%, twelve bonds fall due and are payable each year, start- 

inp at Na, lL and continuing consecutively until all are paid. 

Cash nnd recounts receivable an Sept. 


ALL geod with the exception of about 
non of the Fdison United Phondpream Ca., 
dot t3s an dilemte, 
Asecounts end notes payable: 39,856 ,01 

On this dale thera de un item of about &6 000, for poodis de~ 

Livered Een not killed. dua to our waiting for costs, which would 

rare our seaountes resedeables an Sept. Ist about 644,000.06 

actuaunts mregahle are some 

far huildings. 

vou that the reo estate morton re 

“ + 

y of morspace which vou have, has hear raid 

Yours very truly. 

Nov, 18th, 1899, 

Sa sib vy, 

Maldwin Pac Le? 

it Vewark, 
3 Had. 
Dear Sir- 
: t beg to advise you that T have decided te accept your option 
i of Gct, 24th, coveriny the property bounded by Valley Road, Lakeside 
| = 
; and Ashland Aves., for 5976000, provided my Attorney will pass the 
ti i . 
a title, 

Tf you have the Reeds ate 

+» and an abstract of the property, 
ZT would he obliged if 

you would let Judge Yoward 
Prudential Bldt., your City, 

. Hayes, of 
have them, 

T also assvwue it Will be satisfactory for you to give me 

reasonable time, (s 

ay $0 days tron Mov, 24th), in which to Look 

up the title, 

rpoerencsreray Stace ra Ts rotos vs 

Yours very truly. 

tal, 8 ik bao fl Bete Othy< 190, 

ramon 4 
AMO. Aad 3 

wear ir, Laldwine 

sro alt neg: : ; : 
: i 7 Mrs. “allory and myself have given a deed of the property 
seag nih 
rE 7% sat y Yecently purshased of you, to Mr, Edison, and T write to ask if you 
heaterebar Ti 
9g FQ oe 

4 WILL aceant a mort; BORE signed by Mr, & Mrs, 
Hh ee nuit 

ay Baek par 
sfprozgaa sod: | 

Ay te PRB 

Edison, releasing the one 

We of course will pay 
any little expenses in couneetion with the transaction, 

' you now hold from Hrs, Mallery and mysele, 

Thanking you in advance for your reply, If am 

+ tk lund Yours very truly. 

VW B. 

svat voy Jal 

To S. W, Baldwin Weq., 
Care Mutual Benefit Life Association, 

_Newark, ¥.J, 

Letterbook, LM-250 

This letterbook covers the period March 1898-January 1901. Most of the 
correspondence is by Francis R. Upton, sales agent for sand. The letters deal 
mainly with the marketing of sand. A few of the items pertain to exhibitions 
in New York and Philadelphia. One letter is a reminiscence by Upton of 
electric light experiments at Menlo Park in the late 1870s. There is also a letter 
regarding the use of storage batteries in automobiles. The front cover is 
marked "N. J. and Pa. Con. Works Sand Letters From - March 4, 1898 To - 
January 16, 1901." The book contains 494 numbered pages and a partial index. 
Only 6 letters have been filmed. 

ot 7: MS}. 

Cle, ie ited ote ec 
Achsh Perthank as 
aa a ae Oe 

Ap Procverthe 

L,. pvt ar é pow Ho 







on fore) Prey tart 
Z Jo aunt Se EE. noe 

wat , 
(424 tte Lor eevies 


“ar ! p 

ty gt 
Fh. “a4 tim GF 

ten é - 
That” Pe proved; ~ 
f Le aot Chee 

* pander 

Eble Sbtesal North 

Re ereetinm af si 
‘ ns his a 4. 1979 GS repre 
| Le ee 

ete nee riven tah by agatesas eg cin 

=, cre OR 


a - So 
Se, i wih 
oe ae 
nh ee 
a Ss 
=. = ae 

“o" x a7 '°K Ai ‘ Di ra , bithcd he a ial leas 
Ale ome Ki Be afftuiney nl Ke hilly 

i, Ho hub Lo abuata bk ahonk bax gf 
he Male fab fm th whe thanrging 

Fh welnyy oo Wa bly os PS rete. Hho 

bermd. ater arranged ee KA Mig omen 

fe tee le ett oe hse . Ph 

fablory ie ple arrest A Ae Se ct Adan 

he mim iw bf. VV aktly grey 

Yo tot San akan Me moder ts 

Lath hin trengsrnen mole a y; 

prvhte , A aknrt® wei Fh os Yy W0 weth 

on tank aneteem 6 
The 400 roth. pathy op mak ay thea 
Be mbites com te ohange ed a re» 
onasian at parsene potw® jw a ot ; 
Pi Co Aer me form thn thin. BO Fe 

| the orth cor dl Gy % a Bow Ae 
br Mbrwt rine rr pacers ae 
fa R4 nae oo za yer onafer a mar “A 
byt Martngs pthc derma yore oA 
in Che weal caveing te, wharthn owe bier 
| peed te whale wth (fe mete of artok | 
; oa Vere haben wih wher fovea $" gto thai 
: Thus carnage pe Pm 12 whe 
wither prohacgn j nwtler a fort tenatitrns 
au naviles Coe fa ornate ath Ge ake in 

BE ee ee 
Hh Andina nn gh A #e 200 Me aoa a 
rom. abl. D> eqertile. Pie aot lt, ace. 
7 jo eae 

3% hears 
oh ick 

ye whube | 
OP foare errmete Mae pre wtih otrw 
weak Derk 4, oh a . Poe me wos em 

ON foo Lg : 
7 FH. Yar: 



These records cover the period 1891-1902. Included are correspondence, 
invoices, orders, bills, shipping reports, and other bound and unbound 
documents relating to the sale of sand. Significant correspondents include the 
company’s sales agents for sand, Francis R. Upton and John P. Walsh. 
Although the records deal primarily with routine business matters, they 
sometimes discuss the use of Edison sand for cement, traction, sand blasting, 
and other purposes. 

Only one item has been filmed: a bound volume containing an abstract 
of sand and ore concentrate sales for the period 1892-1902. Included is 
information about prices, volume, and purchasers. The front cover is labeled 
"Sales Abstract #2." The book contains 152 numbered pages. 

Blank pages not filmed: 10-13, 146-152. 

Missing page numbers 1-9, 17-18. 

Sp er coer 9th OS 


CaO c2tt So. Stelter — hbo 
[47 | Mare Aesincenie CE 32 200 
: (Barber Beplhact Go 12 Iboe 
1 Grady Jaw 

SMT Hr the "Brock COeeLL 5G 

” a 

= = : ees iat (asd ogioe Lane Te Sa outaasieaeee 
ee a ree Ce elas Meelis it duet ee Shi ee eae = er 
ra 3 eee ree eae Se es 

43 cess teeny a 

|\roGeerce “eS 


gtk ee 


ial Coweta Ag G- 

baw Cag at & 



lek. Laevcr Stews. Se Se Se. 



pues ras 


Nth Ye 

as 7 

VB pocy Sov. : 
dette AC. a =| 
[ee alee Bes AP a A 
» (Camda 26g E. 
13 \O-We Chey, FE. 

#5 VOcotte -— St 

1 UG brnree/ gaw 
26\0.¥1 #4 EL. & 

PI OhemLetenne “Car 

Sees Saat ear P TE 
iii ALESSI E AES Sa i. 

LPs, RB 
sq] EP E3)FS3 S .& 

C8 eee | ST Ize 

- # 376 

4642-3 eo [aN 

Centrat Fe. Fe af, a. f. #5-3| LolJo 
Ghar de. OO Saf LEOS| esd 4 
Yow) 227 #9-6| 252 70 
ViorLrrevo b-CS we |e ord 
Bractg foe’ ware] zor foog 
Lave BEX Vbars| 2S|3 So 
By O Mthy FE. sg | sea |FXo 

Fs (Fat St ay wpe |7 OP \56 F, 







Cement, (Backyenw/ of F 
Peg \Ceanecis ane gy) er 

« Pecen 44. 

* Peetlee De aCe 

18 Breet. - flew. 

‘ Clawte ¥O> (A 

y, Brcent Cxbrraef of > £ 
~ | a 

21 Hoccleppe Ser. 

22 Genial Fin lr onc aft mf 


Ft B 
Ie o- F 
eS 703-3 

Fp anos 

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rarceys Sarrreeo: 
Carita iggy /a 

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Macrinpape Pore. 

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rowy Gomee. 

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S2-73| Fol\3v6 
46 -| BeelF gs 
6.07 43 |3 2-0 
Catabeods ao 
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so I7 SG 

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Pen Fes 

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“7 fervery, Cz Come 

Criith <0. G. 
27 Elorse +63 2, 




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eet, Comer e NO 


calapess for. 
? tO. Go erm tiers T. 




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a TS Sj 
a os 

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6 HG & 



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7-4 er o(s74 
yee Boal Feb 

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SPO 04 Fea IOS 
FPF 2395 

é itor aes etcttcaLerre Carde | 2,6 EGF 



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STS ee ree 

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Pes fae. 

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eee cee ~S, 7Ee. Pot 
(Decttett- Sate SB oxo Eo, 
re (lawty +e fre, A 

Bo STecta al Authaty Zo, 

[3 / -elarnhattaw Fig Coe. 

‘ Drerivctact Qphate Bo, 
[Oo Eectly > Beret 






O-E.26, FS. 
Lem ey SK. 

Waeer Cartes 

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9 | ac all enuplhiats+ Cans, 

lw Clan HS Qo fore 

es ae Zo. 

+6 Cin cre 2 Qo bier ot 
FEAL foterrwore 
Clara +E. 

Bayre TFA UE, 
lover fa GF 

Orbitl, hall 

io Reckby FS. 

00S: 4 ~ ete g| 

nby.06) mle, 


“ Reet roe . SF 

15 OFetly + Onvetfl 
26 EL 1 I U” 
* Zommy fonme 

COLL G) fobrraare 
- Chart E> Rf 
» age flare” 

+ (Content alread nf > f- 

Date eee Eorogaee 

« KO I2 Coie Co 

+ (Centeae Rnd of er of 

toca Dorn LZ, 
ne WIM) 7 HF 4Hg3 

wes! ay. = 396 

os Beat. g aFoG 

alos F)itog 

of 25n9| Jog 

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Per l|r6-ag¢h 
ws oH gis 

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As ied GIS 
FES | IF. /a3 oF 0 G 


AN Zad- |70F 

Mr [oot FE 

at od! SF ST 



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B47 Bracket & 
a: ee RO oer 

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Vlare Rlen, 

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Banat I free: 

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ena Loy YN frre. 

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itaras HOS OQ. 

rcenr tM Ge pie AJC 



Clare tO. 

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eke teu) lohonnn nme 

Gora. ae os 


| Sonor o-ce LF, 

| a 
ee ake 7 (7) ME. 
Cag i 

oor proere $2222. | 


an SYA. 

Chee B. 


, Oc eG IY, 

Qagre Oe? ted WE. 
HLL fobrvecce 
Bayer AAU WE. 
Clare Zor | 
(Slarte Qporene, 

SUE oS EES DUM eeaig eg neree e ereere 

Dorseboore ff A. 
Nec’ -Carltore 


(eae iia 

irr x2lert, 

Ga - oer | our 295 
21- B | BS ISY 
4S -07| BSI08 
20-18 | asses 
HAR — | Xo [>< 
2/-4| Bo bir 
LP - | Lolsr 
46 — | Sold, ; 
706-0 6S ASS 
AF -46| BS PIS 
LE -DF\ FO\A36 

pty 7 “Fe 

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setoo |! 1266 

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1 |Conertitntid SroceLinE | se darby, Sth | + ome fee & 
owe flan. G 32.04/25 1396 S 4 | by Cre gt Nef 
z hb floterwere 20-6 AS13899 “G4 
1 [Borree Ce ctate/ Pinetree SA 1 ALES eee zwaer 


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* (Sikre elaw 40.76 | 2S |XF5| fee 
#8 |\Boree, Demeter SG PPA S| BASIS Fe? | Lee 
, , a i | haere 

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| 7 (ee Yo Ceo Ta too pol. we. /ob sassy oo ie Mets: Pee: Seeeees Prorete t“dé-d) . \bel| 2 73\7 3 
a ‘ugar acacia SEAS ASG te aA : S$ Aearerered (OAL G. fm oS vee. WA 4\- ee 
| “ uae ec | 2B-+ o| & bog SS Bl f | 
eo | Gores. Fiaetnr IS 9g. 73 zesBeey 4 2 2606s | | 







ETRE RE MLR ma MT ameeterge serra sn ret ge ene 

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S|Ynce ® Emretine 
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F \ Chore Gao. F. 

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MAME y foberiecrt 

& (Grmety, Sorrena 

a6 Comte: Sox 

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. Mabh » berrvece 

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2 Ocherrete C6. 
: Oracy feu 


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Corvtsty me Cte 

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Wath © Carlton 19-7| ¥e |808 “be 76 Py Y 
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| Gertehoow 22. re | weloog dix sl { eso 
GER of Hf. ayes | 2s|soy came Wa é U SY Mec. \ro WZorrark © ho rarege Cf &. 
| Puitperray, It f. 17-6 | 2G /S3r “| 3 Bl / “y Hichaghe» Meklhin Ganre Groby Y 
- Ohcelty f esr zelFeo 73 al 4 , (Stactyy faorse a 
(Srncty fornev: 18-18| to|S3o sly siv 4 7 7 Y | 
* (Clark the Laratforct. fh f | 2e|3o7 3S yl V 5 - 3 33-76 Y | 
| Dracty farce G29 Zo iad A 4§ oF Y / a 7 CA. Ang Yofe “TZ. cd it ( 
- (Sroay fareew G9- | 20 S47 ye ol Wf . (Suacly ferred 26-06 v, 7 ; 
- Recpereag, 2 ff : S8-S| Sls, ales OW may - ec zermny Mf. se - V/ 
SAeelele f . [&%~ |eels-o x ad ws + Kael Cate Cre Om 
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The Edison Phonograph Co. was incorporated on October 10, 1887 as 
a patent holding company and manufacturing concern. Edison owned nearly 
all of the capital stock and was the company’s founding president. On October 
28, 1887 the manufacturing rights were returned to Edison and subsequently 
transferred to the Edison Phonograph Works. On June 28, 1888 the Edison 
Phonograph Co. was sold to Jesse H. Lippincott, who assigned his rights to the 
North American Phonograph Co. When the latter company entered 
receivership in August 1894, Edison reacquired the Edison Phonograph Co. In 
February 1896 most of its stock was transferred to the National Phonograph 
Co. The records, which cover the period 1887-1908, consist entirely of account 
books and other financial records. A finding aid is available at the Edison 
National Historic Site. 

Only two items have been filmed: a stock ledger (1887) and a financial 
ledger (1888-1891). The unfilmed materials consist of the following: journal 
(1888-1891); stock certificate book (1888-1908) with inserted letter (1917) 
relating to the dissolution of the company; cashbook (1889-1891); bank book, 
PN-89-07-08 (1889, 1891); stock-transaction ledger (1896-1907); unused book 
of stock-transfer forms. 

eter ne ete ara Nena nt cme ha teat atta mega nh Pa ath tmnt et Aint eda in ime aie cenit tar ag ite ME 

Stock Ledger (1887) 
This ledger contains a register of company stockholders from October 
1887. The front cover is stamped "Edison Phonograph Company." The book 
contains 128 numbered pages and an index. 

Blank pages not filmed: 14-128. 

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Cortifloates Cancolled, 
No. of Cort.| Shares, |! 

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an ee a 

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(No. of Cert, 



Cortiffcatos Cancelled, 
No, of Oort.| Shares. 


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| Cortificates Cancelled. i 
No. of Cort.) Shares, !! 



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Deans wae CL 

Sdea Orv 

Cortifloates Issued, 
No. of Cort. | Shares, 







46 f ? 


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No. of Cort,| Shares, |; 


| Cortificates Cancolled, 


119 60) 


Cortifleates Issued, 

i No. of Cort.! 

i Shares. ; 


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|| Oortiftcates Issued, 
of Cort. | Shares, 



sas & 

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e 29-21. Castrarsts 02 fre GH as 


H Qt, 


Corlificates Cancelled, 

No. of 

Cort.} Shares, H 




Shares, : 


. Cortificates Cancelled, 

i: No, of Cert. 

Cortificates Issued, 

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Certificates Cancelled, 
No. of Cert, | Shares, | 



Ledger No. 1 (1888-1891) 

This ledger covers the period June 1888-July 1891. As the account book 
of final entry, it summarizes transactions among various accounts. Included are 
accounts for Edison, patent attorneys Dyer & Seely, and the Edison 
Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Co. There are also patent, experimental, and 
cash accounts. The spine is stamped "Ledger. No. 1. Edison Phonograph 
Company." The book contains 449 numbered pages and an index. A two-page 
statement of services and disbursements by Dyer & Seely, dated September 30, 
1891, has been inserted into the book. 

Blank pages not filmed: 8-449, 

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thoy 2) 625 
are 42460 
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OF> B68: Geek v ad fine er Y anes ane dene ck 1 Ip Ph, Q Ex 7 
ec 19 . 3 150000 Mew 2 be Sa Arleak, a Yor aif SO Fr. poe j 0A. Cola ons 
ag” bok s 9 A582 o4| Op 2 t Piccedusns oy “6 YAO fy a e NP * 
tag fo Pho. lh. Xracn g ; ie : os | Go ve . oe l4 4&& sa 
" So 44 bash 400 0° her, dO os " ‘ Aer gig a 
: - Long “ Arlearh dk, & y+ 9 Ca A Aled 
i Gee awfoo# Wie Gos ay bi ? es 
hye | ” Belek % 4G 4 A2hb soy 
Meer 3 ” cae RENUSD /¢ “ 37s ay 
wae Slow A ” 42. / 47 oSy 

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Liffd, 03.0. Pm nena carnal ss ace nannies Meets inttve 4 tne wenn ee : 

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The Edison Phonograph Works (EPW), incorporated on May 12, 1888, 
held the manufacturing rights for Edison’s phonograph. Edison was the 
company’s founding president and majority stockholder. During the 1890s the 
EPW operated a factory in Orange, New Jersey, at which it manufactured 
phonographs and cylinders for the North American Phonograph Co., the 
National Phonograph Co., and the International Graphophone Co. It also 
produced machines for the Bates Manufacturing Co. and electrical devices for 
the Edison Manufacturing Works. In 1914 its factory was destroyed by fire. In 
1924 the company became part of Thomas A. Edison Inc. The records cover 
the period 1888-1916 and consist of minutes and financial materials. A finding 
aid is available at the Edison National Historic Site. 

The minute book and most of the financial records for the period 1888- 
1898 have been filmed. Among the items not filmed are cash books (1888- 
1898), stock transfers (1888-1911), and a bank book (PN-89-07-08). 

The documents appear on the microfilm in the following order: (1) 
Minute Book; (2) Ledgers; (3) Journals; (4) Profit and Loss Statements. 

Minute Book (1888-1916) 

This minute book covers the period May 1888-November 1916. It 
contains the minutes of directors’ and stockholders’ meetings, the certificate 
of incorporation, and the company by-laws. The subjects covered include the 
election and resignation of directors and officers; the purchase of the factory 
in Bloomfield, New Jersey; the construction of the factory in Orange, New 
Jersey; the sale of assets to Thomas A. Edison, Inc.; other transactions 
involving capital stock, dividends, and indebtedness; and a suit brought against 
the company by Goodwin Manufacturing Co. of St. Louis, Missouri. There are 
also discussions and resolutions relating to contracts and agreements with 
Edison and Edison-related companies, including the Bates Manufacturing Co., 
Edison United Phonograph Co., Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Co., 
International Graphophone Co., North American Phonograph Co., and 
Thomas A. Edison, Inc. The cover is stamped "Minutes of Edison Phonograph 
Works." The spine is stamped "Minutes Edison Phonograph Works" and is 
marked "G1 1888 1916." The book contains 432 numbered pages. There is also 
a 29-page typewritten index. 

Blank pages not filmed: 48-49, 94-103, 386-432. 

masigt & 
ar agg EN eyes ee” 

EP. Works. 



Agent ~ Miller, H.l. apnt. as Company's 

Agreements - 

Amendments - 


with: : 
Bates Manufacturing Company 

Mr. Edison 

Mr. Edison & Mr. Moore to build factory (copy of} 
Lar. Edison for Phonopraph Toys, approved~ 

liv. Edison and #.P. Works - ratified 

Mercantile Trust Co. - trust agreement cancelled 
North Amorican Phonograph Company 

International Graphophone Company 

International Graphonhone Company - approved 
Edison Phono.Co; H.Amer. Phon. and Lippincott 
Edison United Phonograph Company 

Edison Phonograph Toy lifg. Co, 

Edison United P.Co. lir. Flison & Inter’l. Gr. -Co. 
Edison Phono.foy Co. kin. Edison, MeIntosh, ete. 

to Agreement with N. American Phonograph Co. 
to Agreement with Mr. Edison = shares in trust 

~ Miller, H.F. as Company's Agent 

Assigaments - to Moriarty, $.F. of rights 

of Bates Mfg. Cow stock to TeAele Inc. 

(5+20-16 } 29) 

(6-21-95 ). 130-134 - 
Bem 2° 

(5-12~88 ). 
(5-14-88). 50- 34 
(4-29-90) 77-78 

(2- 8-90} 68+ 69 
(10-14-14). 259-263- 
(8-1-8688). 41-44 
(2- 8-90). 66- 67° 
(1-30-93 ). 109- 
(10-12-88). 47- 58° 
(2- 8-90). — 65: 
(2=8- 90). . 66 

(12-19-92 )- 112-114: 

(11-29-95), 126-129 - 

(10-10-88)  45- 46 - 
(10-8-90) 86 87 
(3-20-16 ). 291- 
(1+21-97) 156+ 
(5~24-16) 325 







rain i acca a ea OS 

Banke Accounts ~ Sosond National Bic. of Orange 

agreement with 

Sale of Interest in to TeAeHe Inc. 

Statement of Liabilities assumed by T.A.E.Inc. 
Statemont of Assets sold to T.AeGeInc. 

Bates Mfg. Coe - 

Lit tt 

Bond - fot suit of 
u at n W 
y to ly, B.AEdison 
u Union Pacific and Northern Pacific - sold 

Goodyin Nfg. Co. 
ut i" "approved 

Building #17 - sold to 7.4.2. Inc 

original sét adopted (Smarsaded - sao bdolov*) 
copy of 
original sot anproved by Diroctors 
Amendments to: : 
Assistant Treasurer 
Checks and Motes 
w iil " 

Contracts and Orders 
Ww ue wt 

Financial Executive 

Officers (Vice Pres. } 

By Laws - 
tt tt 
W ih 

W tt 

Second Vice Pros. 
*By-Laws ~ New set of 

(12-14-08 } 


(6-21-95) 150-154- 
(5-24-16) 325-526 

(5-24-16 ) 

(10-14-10 } 


R25 - 

(4-20~11} 229-230- 

(5-11-10 } 


(7-23-12) 246-247- 

(5-3-8 } 
(5-12-88 } 

(3+--3-16 ) 

. (5-20-16) 

(3- 3-16) 
(S- 3-16) 
(6-20-10 } 
(5- 1-16) 

(3+ 3~16) 
(6-21-16 } 

10- 14- 

228229 * 
286~287 - 
318-319 - 


anaabte testa 

" Capital Stock - sale of sharos to orect manufacturing bldg. . (5-35-88 } B~ 4° 
" tr pet "approved by Directors (5-12-88 } 18°: 

SU if Amount of - $500,000. (4-30-88 } 7: ; 
" a” Treasurer authorized to sell remaining shares {10-11-88 } .° BBs ; 
be nt Increased from $300,000 to $600,000. (2- 8-90) 67- 68° ! 
" w it tt " tear tt (3- 4--90 } 73— 74° : 
” mt 4 a u 1 t (approved ) (3-19-90) 75- 76: i 
" " u "  3600,000 " 331,200,000. (10-8-90} 84° 

Certificate of Organization - corny of (4-30-08) 6- 8: 


Changes in Title - Asst. lMgr. to VY. Pres. & Gon. Mer. (Wilson) (11-13-12) 251°. 

Claim - Goodwin Mf Co. paid (11~9-11} 234 - 

Es ( ‘ Contracts - with thr. Edison to manufacture Phonographs (5-S~88 } a~ 3° 1 

Py ae " uw " " t u w app. (5-12-88) 16~ 18° I 

4 " “ North Amorican Phonocreph Co. " (10-24-88) 39- 40- : 
uw ‘to erect factory - approved (5-19-68)! 28- 29- 

Cutlor~Hanmer Co. — sottlorent with for unfilled contract (4-24-16 } 304 - 

Construction & Maintenance Service Division- sold to TeAeEeInc.e (5-24-16) 327-528 

* B. P. Works. 



Checks - Authority of Schormerhorn, J.R. cancelled 

i " Woptee., A. Gon. Auditor, cancolled 

" " Gilmore, WeE. Gone ier. cancolled 

" ' ' Vesteo, A. cancelled 

" Buohlor, Wed. Gen. Auditor, cancolled 

" " Dyer, F.L. V.Pros. & Gon. Mgr. cancelled 
" " Bergeron, E.d. Treas. cancelled 

« “Miller, Hl. Asst. Treas. cannelled 

" Meadowcroft, WeH. cancelled 

Ls " Treasurer to sign notes - extonded - 

Secretary Authorized to sign 

Schemmerhorn, JiR. akthorized to sign. (tem) 

Vestee, A. Authorized to sim 

Buohlor, Wed. authorized to sign 

Westeo, A. authorized to sign as Treasurer 

Willer, H.l. authorized to sign as Asst. Troan. 

Gilmore, Wek. authorized to sign es Gen. Mere 

Wilson, €.H. authorized to sign as Asst. Gen. Mer. 

Dyer, Fel. authorized to sign as Gen. Her. (temp) 
ve " 

Ww ott uw at tt i 


Buehler, Wad. Gon. Auditor, authorised to sign 
Borggren, Ed. authorized to sign 

Wilson, C.H. V Pres. & Gen. Mev. authorized to sign 
" Miller, H.F. authorized to countersign 

lgadowcrolt, Ve. authorized to coutersign 


('7-23~08 } 
(11-15-12 ) 
(3- 3-16} 
(3- 3-16} 
(11-4-89 } 
(7-22-03 } 
(8- 7-05} 
(2-19-08 } 
(2-19-08 } 
(2-19-08 } 
(7- 1-08) 
(7-23-08 } 
(6-30-09 } 
(6-20-10 } 
(11+13-12 } 
(11-15-12 } 

ieaictea adienher unt taiaatadtindiaantieminieamenmearuaceras scores ee 

—Paxd | 
- glle 
213 - 
yy a 
287 - 

291° | 

192~193 v 


252 - 


Sopot ast VS tha Soil 2, adhe thes aie ectutaky 

Peete ae einer nate Wt ORL ee Pema oe Ree EET TT TD 
re ae 
‘¢ Dividends - lir. Edison's stock in trust non-participant (10-8-90) 85-87" 
$1.25 per Share ' (2-58-00) 162-165 - 
1.50 tt (5- 2-00} 164°: 
1.50 " iD s (8- %-00) . 165. 
1.50 " " (11-8-00) 166° 
1.50 " " (2- 8-01) 167: 
1.50 " wo ; (5- 8-01} 168: 
1.25 =" u (8- 8-01) 169 ~ 
1.25 " " (11-20-01 } 169 - 
1.25 0 " & (2-20-02 } 170. 
1.25 " " " (5-20-02) 171. 
1.25 =" n (8-20-02 } 172: 
125°" " ee (12-20-02) . 173: 
1.25 =" " (2-20-03) 174: 
1.25 =" " (5-20-03 } 175. 
1.25 (t " (8-20-03). 177 
1.e5 8 tt ; (11-20-03 } 177: 
1.25 " ’ : (2-20-04 } 178° 
1.25 " oH (5-20-04 } 179 i 
1.25 " on (8-20-04 } 179° 4 
1.25 0 " : (11-20-04) 181 - a 
1.25 " " (2-20-05 } 162 - 4 
1.25 =" " (5-20-05) 184 - 
og 1.25 " " (8222-05) 192°. 
aa 1.25 " " ‘ ‘ (11-20-05) 195 - 
a4 @ 1.25 ou , (2-20-06) - 196 -. 
a ep ot " {5-20-06 ) 397 - 
RY 1.25 % tt (8-20-06) 198 - 
a 1.25 ' oH ‘(1120-06 } 198 - a 
2625 0" 0 (2-20-07 } 199, 
1.25 0" " (5-20-07) 208° is 
1.25 " ; : (8-20-07) 202°. 
Not declared ; (11- 4-07) 208° 

SiR AI Banc Sig Ga a SU 


i ° 



Edison Phonograph Works - named 

Bao Mr. Te. - Aproement with E.P. Works ratified 
er Amondment to agroemont with 

Edison Phonograph Toy Mtge Co. - Serconene with 
tl t " tt WwW it 

(4-50-88 } 6°: 

(2= 0-90} . 68- 69° 

(10- 8-90) 86~ 87- 

{2- 8-90} 66 
(4-29-90) 77- 78° 

" ae - th Te oat agroa. bet. NeIntosh,Gilmore ,ete(11-29-95 )126~129 - 

Edison United Phono. Co. ~ Order #127 from E. Bell Phon. Corp. 

(1-30-93) 109-210° 

" " " " 1" copy’ of (1-30-93) 118° 
“ " u Letter from and reply to (1-30-93) 115-118 - 
" " " " agreement with (2= 8-90 ) 65° 
Mt " " " agree. bet T.A-E.,iInter']l Graph. ete (12-19-92) 112-114: 


Elections - Directors 

Tate, AcQ. 
Seligman, 7. 
Cutting, Waltor 
Randolph, John I. 

Westeo, A. 
Millor, H.F. 
Dyer, Fel. 
Wilson . 

Bergeron, “Bed. 
Miller, Hi. 
Meadowcroft, Well. 

Mambert, 5.B. 
Edison, Chas. 

(5-3-884 2. 
(5-6289 } 59. 
(8-13-90) 81. 
(1-30-93) 105 - 
(1-30-93) 106 
(3- 3-94} 119. 
(3- 3-94) 119 - 
(B= 6-95} 123 
(5- 3-97) 137° 
(5-10-05 )~185-188 - 
(8-21-07 } 207: 
(6-20-10) 221 
(2-19~08 } 210 
(7~23-08 ) 218 

(10-14~10 } 22h 
(10-14-10) . 224 

(11-13-12 ) 250 ~ 

' (5-35-15 ) 264-266 

(3- 3-16) 285-284 ~ 
(3- 3-16) 284” 
(5- 1-16) 314-315 - 

soa HhteaveadeeweeS 


(6-21-16) - 

a an Elections - Officers Page a 
Agent, Company's ~ Millor,iH-F. (3-20~10 ) 291 a: 
Financial Executive - Mambert, S.B. (B= 316): 286-287 ie 
Financial Exeoutive - Mambert, S.B. (5= 1-16) 320 PE 
General Manager - Dyer; Fel. (7-23-08) 213 : 
General Manager ~ Wilson, C.H. (5~ 1-16) a nr 
General Manager ~ Gilmore, WeHe (5-27-95) 125 A 
General Manager ~ Gilmore, W.E. (5-15-05) 190° 
Asst. Gen. Mer. - Wilson, OH. (2-19-08) all a: 
Asst. Gone Mgr. - Schemmerhorn, J.R. (5~15-05) 190 Re 
Head Accountant - Buehler, J. . (2-19-08) ell a: 
Officers (5-15-05 } 189-190 a 
Officers (5- 3-15) 268 Na 
Officers (5-1 16} 319-520 
President ~ Edison, ks (5-12-88) 15=-16 oie 
President - om " (625-69 } 60 ; 
President - tt noe (10~8-90} 83 5 
President - om" bie (5-27-95 ) 125 { 
President - oo" ett (5-10-97 } 138 Be 
President - 3" nn (5-15-05 ) 190 
President - tt won (5-3-15 } 268 
President - oN" won (5= 1~16) 319 
Vice Pres. - Dyer, Fel. (6-20-10) 221 
Vice Pres. ~ Wilson, C.H. . (5-1- 16) 319 
Co Vice Pres. - Wilson, C.H. (5- 3-15) 268 
Vice Pres.& Gen.Mgr.- Wilson, CH. (11-13-12 } 251 
2nd Vice Pres. ~ Mambort, S.B. (S3= 3-16) 286 
2nd Vice Pres. - Mambort, S35. (5~1-16) 319 
Secretary - Tate, AsO. (10-8-90 ) 83 
Secretary - Dennison, EeWe (3-22-05 ) 183° 
Seoratary - Westeo, A. (10-19-05) 194 
Secretary - Musk, H. (Pro tem) (3- 3-16) 283. — 
Secretary. ~ Dennison, Be (5-15-05) 190 
Asst. Seoy. ~ Musk, He (3="3-16) 284 
Asst. Seay ot Treas. ~ Miller H-R. (5-3~15) 268 
- ~ Berggren, E.Jd. (5-3=15) 268. 
sa (6-20-10) 222 
Secy. & Treas. - t ngbes AeOe (5~12~88 } 15-- 16 
‘ Seoy. & Treas. ~ Tate, AeOe (6-25-89 ) 60 
=a Secy. & Trease - Randolph, JF. (3= 3~94) 119 
i Secy. & Treas. - Randolph, J.F. (5~27~95) 125°. 
; Seoy.e & Treas. ~ Randolph, JF. » (510-97) 138 
: Treasurer ~ Insull, Se (7 1-89) 61 
; Treasurer - Insull, 5. (10-8-90) 83 
j Treasurer - Tate, A.0- (1-30-93) 105-106 
; Treasurer - Westeo, A. (2-19-08 } 210. 
i Treasurer - Miller, HF. (3- 3-16} 285 .* 
! Treasurer ~ Miller, HF. (5= 1-16) 320 
; Treamrer + Randolph, J.-F (5~15-05} 190. 
ms Asst. Treas. - Butler, Thos. (1~ 8-90} . 63" 
Ca Asst. Treas. ~ Miller, HP. (2-19-08) 210 
Asst. Secy. ; - Musk, He (5= 1-16) 320... 
' VePres. & Fine Ex. - Mambert, SoBe 345 aes 

oot te 
‘< Factory - cost of orecting - to be docided by Mr. Edison (5-12-88) 19~ 20 : 
- " contract to erect (Moore) approved (5-19-86) 28~ 29 le 
" mortgage on site of (5-12-88 } 19 } 
" u "ou yedeenod ; (6-25~89 } 61 lL. 
. ny 

s are apna hak Bs a Pea el a 


2 2n8 

Goodwin Mfg. Co. - suit brought by and Bond for (4-20-11) 229-250 
" " " " wt " YW tt " ( 10-14-10 } 223 

TES oe al " their cleim paid (part loaned) (11-9-11) 234-235 





Tnoorporation - periad of (4-30-1958 } (4-50-e8 ) o- 8 
Ly, A.ti.Kiddle's affadavit to (4-50-88 } 9 

Tnourance - proposition for self-insurance i (8- 6-07) 200-201 
establishment of insurance find (8-12-07) 203-205 

International Grapeeenone BOs - Serene with 
" "approved (1-30-93) 109 

" 7 " ( E.United Phono.Co. 
(and E.P.Wks & Inter'l Graph. Co. (12-19-97}112-114 

tne Ee nin RE MEER SEANAD et Bn 


—— Page 

Lippencott, J.H. - agreomont bet. EsP.iWks, WeAmorican Phono. Co. and 47 ~ 58 
Loan - by Hr. Edison, secured by notes (1-15-91) 89~- 90 
" secured to pay T.A.E. and a mortgage _(11~29~-95 } _155 

secured from T.A.E.Inc. fer Goodwin Mfg. Co. claim (1l- 9-12} 235 

~ I. 
— are 
c Morcentile Trust Co. - trust agroemerit with, cancolled (10-14-14) 259-263 
Motropolitan Phono. Co. - license to (10-24~86) 40 
Moriarity, S.!.-assignment of rights to (1-21-97) 136 
Moore, P.L. - factory contract with, arproved : (6-19-80) 28- 29 
7 wu factory contract with, copy of (5-14-88) 30- 354 ‘ 
Mortpape ~ on factory site redeemed . : ' (6-25-89) 61 
" on factory sito (5-12-38 } 19 
" bonds delivered to kh. Thomas A. Edison (7-12-97) 139 
a copy of (Fidelity Title and Doposit Co.) (7-19-97) 141-162 
" Auchincloss, H.B. — paid (11-29-95) 135 


Soe eae real 

Se OA ee Een 



= : - Pare 
oa Name - Edism Phonograph Works ™ (4-50-88 } 6 
New England Phono. Co. - license to (10~21-88 } 40 
Noxth American P. Co.- adjustment with (1-30-95) | 107 
a s u "claim against assigned to Lir. Edison (4-8-95 } 120 
" a HW, mow Seligman's letter of ° ; 
objection to transfer {4- 6-95} 121 
" i "4 egreemont with (62-1288) 41- 44 
ae ay 7 Ne " “ Lippincott and (10-12-68) 47- 58 
be Ms n "amendment to agreement with (10-10-88) 45- 46 
" " " "contracts with, approved (10-24-88) 39- 40 
Notes - lir. Edison's demand for payment of " (11-23-95 } 135 

Sanaa dias ee gone 



e 4 

Organization ~ 

of E.P. Works 
certificate, cony of 

(5- 3-88) 
(4-30-88 } 






= Pe 

Purchasing Agent authorized to order; 

American Tube & Stamping Co. - Rolled Steel 
American Steel Wire Co. - Main Springs 
Bridgeport Brass Co. ~ Miscellansous 
Bartos, Inc. - Cabinets 
Brunswick-Balke~Collender Co. - Cabinets 
Coats Mfg. Co. - Cabinets 

Cozens Cabinet Co. ~ Cabinets 

Caflisch Bros. - Cabinets 

Crushing Bortz - 

Diamond Furniture Co. - Cabinots 
Eastern Lumber Co. ~ Lunber 

Eastern Liwaber Co. - Lumber 

Easter Lumber Co. - Lumber 

Herman Lumber Co. - Lumber 

Lincoln Furniture Co. - Cabinets 

Level Purniture Co. - Cabinets 

Mendes Cutting Factories - diamond points 
Newman Wire Co. - Rolled Steel 

Mendes Cutting Factorios - diamond points 
Rouse & Van Dusen ~ Lumber —° 

Rouse & Van Dusen ~ Lumber 

Rishol Farniture Co. - Cabinets 

Union Drawn Steel Co. - Rolled Steel 
Union Drawn Steel Co. - Screw rod 

Union Drawn Steol Co. - Rolled steel 
Weston &'Son - Lumber : 
White Furniture Co. ~ Cabinets 

Yaoger Furniture Co. - Cabinots 

Yaeger Furniture Co. - Cabinets 

Yaoger Furniture Co. - Cabinets 

Yaeger Furniture Co. ~ Cabinets 

Yeeger Furniture Co. - Cabinets 

A-P.Smith Mfg. Co. - Como Brass Castings 
Jamostown Mantle Co. - Mahogany cabinsts 

(42816 ) 
(4~19-16 ) 
(4-28-16 } 
(9-20-15 } - 
(1~15-16 ) 
(4-14-16 } 
(2- 8-16} 
(4-28-16 ] 
(510-16 } 
(4-14~16 } 
(7+ 3-15) 
(4- 3-14) 
(1-11-12 } 
(4-20-16 } 
(5-10-16 } 
(4- 1-12) 
(6-24-12 } 
(4-11-16 } 
(1259215 ) 
(12-17-15 } 
(1-10-16 } 
(5-10-16 } 


Caflish Bros ~ order replaceduby that of Jamestovm Mntl.Co. (5-24-16 } 

509-312 - 

B22~323 ° 


. : , Pare 4 
€ Propositions - offored by ir. Edison to surrendor noted in exchange 107-108 n 
of Ur. Edison acce2pted (1-30~93 } 108 
Purchases - of rights to manufacture Phonographs from Mr. Edison (5-3-88) 2- 3 
" site for factory at Orange (5-12-88} 18- 19 : 
7 Bloomfield factory. ' (5-12~88 } - 20 : 
" of International Graphophone Co. (2~8-90)  66= 68 ‘ 
Prices - billed to T.A.E eInc. by E.P.Works anproved (5-27-16) 332-333 i 






Anchincloss, HeBe = Director 

Berggren, E.J. - Company's Agent 
Berggren, E.J. - Secy & Trease 
Demiison, ~ Secretary 
Cutting, RL. - Director 

Dyer, Fel. ~ V.Pres. & Gen. Mer. & Director 

Gilmore, W.E. =~ Director 
Grimell, ~ Director 

Insull, Samel - Treasurer and Director 
Leeming, H.L. - Asst. Gon. Mer.) 
Miller, H.F. = Asst. Sgoy. & Treas. 

Meadowcroft, WH- Director : 

Randolph, ~- Secretary 

Randolph, = Treasurer 

Schenmerhorn - Asst. Gen. Mer. & Director 
Tate, AO. - Treasurer 

Tate, AO. - Secy. & Treas. 

Westee, A. - Secy. & Treas. 

Mambert, 5.B. - 2nd Vice Pros. 

Ratifications - U.S. permit to use denaturet alcohol 
~ U.S. permit to use denatured alcohol, 

Bond for 


(7-23-08 } 
(3-22-05 } 
(2-19-08 } 

(6-21-16 } 

(2-24-09 } 
(2-24-09 } 





* 284 









Sonne ey 

_ : Pare 

A Salary -.of liv. T.A.Edison as President & for Servicos (8~ 8-04) 179-180 : 

Sales - of Bldg. #17 to Thomas A. Edison, Inc. (7-23-12) 246-247 

of shares to Mr. Edison (10-8-90 } 84 i 

of shares to My. Edison (2- 8-90) 67- 68 h 

of Union Pacific and No. Pacific Bonds (5-11-10) 219 i 

of Bates Lifp. Co. stock to TeA.E. Ince (5-24-16) 325-326 i 

of Const. & Maint. Service Div. to T.A.E.Inc. (5-24-16) 327-328 i 

Seal - adoption of (5-12-88 } 16. 

Second Natl. Bank - Account opened with (Orango) (12-14~08 } 215 



Sottloment - with Gutler-Haomner lfg.Co. : +(4-24-16) 304 : 
Stock - to ifr. Edison in érust, not to receive dividends (10-8-90 ) 85- B87 

Stockholders - original (4-30-68) sg H 

ee i 

X 4 








Titles - changes in 


HEROD None tty ety aeemey emi ee maueer nnemesmrsemn iret eee, 



ae U.S. Documents - proper officors authorized to sign 
\- U.S. Permit. - - to use denetured alcohol (Bond for) - 

(2-24-09 ) 217 
(2-24-09) 216-217 

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Oaks Gattler Bevis Lord? ober J 
Mtn OC. Iola, chau Yorn Ch 


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Wp, 8819 Se eee ey G ex Olpeet slew! Leena Ano Fora, 
P. 2897 Khe. fe ce. a4 LerLaiy * 

"  p, AB-87 7ELL oC Aye Coe eos 
ey 8 

CS See ae oe Eee ee Affacts G He 
Gnfooiww Pace ce Cnanages Ly A Prarie | 
QG Foe Wrrectirs to Ariane ehace be ehgerh. | 
in. faveitine op See De: one Ae, Ke Ke Whe 
eee  ceer— Kes PH. feee COD SAaies 3 he - 

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funcatk by Phe SDK Along Ar then 


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i eae Fee alan, op a PARES, BZ 

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AitGecatles Cr gecct. Ky FH SBrerccier cence’, 
Jon xewiet, Seeley ad FX, ee Gy Ch eared 



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rae & Fir Ech, g Chare ¥ SK oy Mut 

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Phen. He Merntitertelns of Wha Griggs 
Jac. Apprrerict Wa free ot Cute Ace 

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ALi evme eae 4 ea ne Ee Pee | ee 
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ee re Se aeS . ; i Alert 66 Aeres for PAD oo L | 
F225 anges: Creer ol, Ctemreciel ay | Or Power, op Orr Cece! Qecercolect a oy 
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decretarcy and Srramur, 

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Atir ask day Of Jun, 19569 


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Mesareds (Maki ith achive falkens by Mein Boads atts 
amackig did, ab —HNabekine gre this 4b day of Urascke, 1990, fe ans te 
fled fou ak (ha meckiig, Mate 4 te ou, aie 

fiovo00 (e $600,000, aud [eat (Wis Board (holy af frvver: all. 


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fase hehe, Lrg: fle hast ppinbusad) Me aban. fo ane saee a az. oe os 
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hiv Kony 13. 1903- on Naw welch G uf 

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Held, Cie He SOs ada br veh rouge _ &. pow ps 
Magy 1- 1903 OA mine, sebreh, Qn. 7 ; 
Grtiuch Urea Pa Q. lchacn, by &. Mibrane and $B Candotphy ° 

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ant ta ste folowing motice | 

C: Sroual Seiling Edisors P 

“ally Leap dae, 2.30 ere 

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an sath, ae ae 2.30PM, €or the 

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he cheontiny Hon react the menutee of the ee 
acthotders anh @crwcldrw elirrice ae ey mae | | I AT Oct os 
reeling Acta Ae, 3 /IG7 to-date. 

Gr rneiiow du macle, and cdeconcded ct wa: 

Restolved, thet.allh the 200eord tater and Sa PS 
& ptolitions capt and Aaaued by the Lech lotele ns 
on A the Direc%ry eae poe walk 
May 3 159g t date, whiok 

Se aerate Lau. 660 Bhorss inthis heoncde 
| Cast then allot % the imypectors, Soak 

Lhe re ae eotts det Dyes Ss PS Te 
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Oh. Ce LS PES Oe KXGB/O tov the of Lema ok 
E chuchiscload 4I/O oe eae ae One. x ati Oa Pit Orange, 
ver G, Jalal Slates JL BS | Ae 
ie aie SLE Ball, || parcial meting of. Jthe Domi f Dictne 
ler reading Lhe trvpficctand eet, 2. Dloaivmar, + ercll be hetel crv _the sth, mie of 
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oy officers aod the fe lowing ovevmied, Gertler cot, 
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G. Agar JU, Qenniver Leon’ 

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ie ALLn, 
Oru COsrserw]eLigen Phewink sla he 
Doellaw (4,000.00) 

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Bdinen, Phenagraph Llerhe 
Piranesi fH: me ane maa 
tn the mmorning, at _the O kG os I Odkiony 
Rathisicl Dre: nel. “dally Roel, iL ae M., 
te Ahe fo Clow: —t0e-lece i . 
ive eee rae 2 dently sereal , of the Cine, of 
All at Ah E disse | Ment Brg, SUZ, 
ore Morrday the th hay of Hegel APOE, a Lory 
clack ff HL, ee one vie as cle olewedle 
vifiove tH, Bowel, f Bereclew at that Diy.” 
Presence :— Ab MA can 6, Libr ern, 


— Pagel. Arguat 21a 1908. ; 
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bee Oraze y Per ) Ore Fob og: 
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| hie es ney i , amd by Te affferrvating Shi Lhes Vn vf esd, 1907 at | ay ey 
we pat wale a mando 2 i lg rormmr ree 
AEcrbved LA Oe action Latin, Loy tht, offered one neg Lhe, | le Haas oy notice: ss a mae 
Bividend declared, 20M 907, be and uf La Adbife 
age aflacred: | ‘ a a as | Denials, wR Tg ee 
DORI IW a entered pe agente : | Ldficeat of the Llbcthatdas og the Mi 
pitt foaes el, lea Snes Bepap re ht iat tou : i 
Pon cere Lark, a Deie eee declared eee dang ft i fl Ie 2 
able om or SC DOG ee: Leos 
ae ne further besnecd om motion Le rhea wea 

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resting tele 7 Kets 

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bes 1th, / ie 200,00 

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Ma Cndideds Moa Obi tiiy Hie t De mreating 
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SIDI > SEEDS YT He presented a nye 

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J 4,986.93 
_ 4900 298, 500,00 fF 2,258 S% 

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19 02 IRB 900,00 4 S813 

" 4/908 3S9 AL00.00 e7 3,396, 22 

SG 04 364,900.00 f: oF ad kad A 

1490S 460,350.00 726 SE OF 

1906 “71 650.0 Q A078 FSUL IS 

: 197, 46 3,250.00 ALLL L761 

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breatredd eee, PUY CAEL of Loca or- 
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Chee, : aplasaes al LAL Cesar ce; Weck eer vi a 

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Bey. iit BARD wr 
is wa ~Laww of the corugh a1 me ee, 
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tl, 1929, ab 2! 30 PEN 

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eae ofr 0 70/408 checks ‘ars Hee Mey: enacts O4ed . 
st ia Edwon Movies ape Atorke phan be oie 

: : | "218. 


— Frere ae 

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Auseiant li reoticr ab the offfece of lhe errnfians on) | Ree ge ee ea 
Mieitnes L908, ale fo es on e 4 | | it De amnie fiat see ea EA, 
AL Mactee and Irark L Dapoy oo es 4 Be ee 
yore ar aee / He, gues | Me Aeadtent; He bdtinen viv the bho, RES 
ee oe sue le act ; : Hho Chote can called allentin Le Che [rt Ghat liu tl ary 
is ee 4 oer ae : 6 Gilmore sae rae Loreger a ebsetholeler of he cernficrny, thereby i 
ee rls 2 ase a-vaceney cru Che (Grard ard’ ew Lhe offer YGennal. } 
oe , Riisieee ay and | Mlanbgerr One beeteion, of ee Byer, seemed try Min, eatee, | 
w; ne iia 0d ( frcoent: Co wae | Ande bry the tneanerrroue vet ey at, freer, Mi A Madd biked 
Hat: 12s heontieds Dzer " General . ee 2hctke a BiecGr of Gees corfians bs were. wmntil, Mle roxlearrné, 
i : uae and Khe ; : Cher 2 preclireg of Ke atretchetolery ited HibereeSnscss: staatl Ce 
ee | z electelt, Jt. Wilson haveing heen elected a Director of Che corpany, 
all net conflict vith a ; ee a ee ee malin _— . sictian dnl Ree 
On rrotion of (i Mace, avemnoled Me Wiksen:. anil) by! 
Ahe affrmeeotiie vole of all, fhecent, POT wiht Zh, Digan ape 
Opforntd General (Mariager of Mh ey Ce -aeive cmntel 7 
ee A Ce af bond. ee ne” 
Ow motion of Me. Haeelee, gtemndedt Vente ar), 
eG Ee of ett foreant, the Yollowing secotete: 

. Ohare DSR Ie ast 
Voor a Be ; 

CZ earte_ — 


And Ad a! : Sts 

Ce ee, SO ne Pe poor 

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atte Weegeiles. Lhe 9» eae, ne oth 
Se eres . | Prree ale, (Messe. at Z Gat: sore, AZO, ere LL! 

armed, gay, 

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| erranemrorshe, 

awe day Cates ad Qa hey 

\Beeend Jadirnal Sdamk- of Change, isa , hall bea 
Sansa I a cntncrsd Z 

| Lpvierate ye ihe Bie 
ee | 

Sficcint (esting ff 2 lord of leat 

Eiiw Gi. secphe Wierd | 
eo 240 lie ay ae | bree ep (9 0f, fessuant- de retin, al the 
Stivers Laberatiry, L bole Lotsa Lisi he “76 Baas, Wate 

; @) e, / 
hae Geb tA Wher BLE 

 ahaismans Mee. Welrers hal he ao 

cee me ers 
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eg ee Moros, i Lhe wit ios, 

Ge fox pones da ng paws os on the 
Dad de , 19°F and Lr Pare yranner~ foors 
otis bea on the 

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wae ae uve Atowoand delle. 

| Pilethons Urabe Lino the Sin 
Tee ersey, sabe ae : 

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YON, fem rs fp ee 
ee wee repay 


wre hat eet pede Nga 

Werte ) a ffscinp Mperting y tie Cored f 

ages SAE REE Uy 

thus do Decree P99, AF C0 o'cloei( 121i THe 
“9 £e Ecteton Aatruatorg, Ldeer Prange hf 

F..N: OZ 

ee ei 

Fhe Pruitt, Hruene N. Seton, Cattecl Hie piectercg % 
erat and ekatif Lar ee er pere Dre Mee heney ting | 
6 athens, Me Ceeeraf Deiter te comntrecy n, Cheol 

tector * ead 
hat Lf Cbuttrn Couerel Auikiioe f Wee Eovprary, | 
(2 Ccomntrrigu heel draw or We be te AM She: 

f“4. w2o (3,200.00 
AF 2- JO.000.00 
IPIES 40.020: 0 

Vio ae mie PREECE a Lecaeo- i aula 
‘2G ae aaa e 
Cer 22 Kae ; 

ica a a Speciale Laetiiag af hue Lb 

Demat ee 
Pee, Pherogreft 
thee agate ee ee 

ee il. 
ne LL e ete Cet Gy pee. ee , eee f 
AG10, ad 5.504, 29% 7 4 if 

Present: \ Maipet A: bdlesary, » AL Byer KM her 

ie Ayer called the py, 

ere the Aaa 

Pro ae ae a Mock older 

esse d ereeae ‘inig 7a caer my 
eee. ee awe of the be err efna area -] 
Aho purl arn ceca 7 of the Mirckholoert ahi) unlit roo : 

ee ae, | 
Ove wv aoe ff Mer: Giliivey jms daca 

' pa A. re tvs arundel thy wrrderticrn tf CAL sore 
* Liven): ee ofler the feel oi: a he aohede! 
ars Sapa hate dca ea llores : 

~ oe. CY ie Fe SES ana Ms. ; 

a x“ eer ~? and Kheasurer Orage 


oe SL Bayar erated and 

affect fume SEY 910, lv preterm diely Seernated, Me retegnation 
oe a. 7 | 
; /Vbr- Cainest: Y ane GTO rat pronrenntid ard Al 
tice ehener and Decrelary 76 hard ge saci MS Pe death 
_ secccettat ct abpernted fi 
Orn motion duly jrrace Arid pccended tl Uns araeo tag 
Mitebcad hot dls authority keorelafere vested un Ce: Wisles; 
former Ar foo of Mie Bee Aru tage checfcs Ararvr’ on 
: ie (evict of has bamipars Sides Se eee Ls, Keered: 
cancelled, and Canest 4 MS Sore yen, Cheadriurer of he berrpuny’ 
be and fre 2d Kovels , aclhareyed and Crrrprotpeds ell footer 
| ecleen of pied SB crardl, O poe checks Bisons. ov Lhe fsords fF 
Lhrt b: pry, pees authersty, Acetone, nel Le confbcl with 
| OY foowers (granted ae eee Prersor us fr the tame | fovfrove, 
Ov yrotion oe rads ard seconded, 40 was umnane- 
 Nselved: Lhat- the ceabharity Jereleore werled iv ld | 
ABuckler, Gomeral Lluuditer of the bormpar | 
Checks Arawn or Lhe for?! of the brings 

4 te, and Che 
Same 2 4, carectled, | 

oe 4 counterius; q 

| EE Le LECLE’, CLEAate A Lihat a4 : Vom 

Waa %uvo ante, aon a z 


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bs es BCs hn eek Cates og 
se Ee eee Ce 
SPAR mipioa Nia, 

tA, i —— 

277 Otis Cate teoCec_e ry: oes 

Lpeceit MMectiigg acti Caran 

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: ae aS Lo bar fEeoc0,) es. 7 | 

saph. | lean 
OQ “beet Px 

Neri TS Mitles 
xy Mere 
Fhe Bins 
Lo. Water He- : 
| ge Fe Mics Ge Jor 
Ue ‘eed cop Bhi lne, nap C2 Nii, aes aoe eager 
{rE~ ooo freer Aeaccersees Gooriecto aie ua arak, 
IS Cay 740 00” PhitelRice @ Sn” ! 

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Tyce eee BN Serre mee ee eee ee ces 



4O% Gon 

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LN TE LE ig Se = 

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Chicre , Mere = (G02, AB FP PEK 
gel ge aE 

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(7 ef Hin, Mlactetl, 2 
a lila cake agi Ge 
LE. 20 ve Ze aw ess OaKe. 




Gor(Gr) Car, 
cco Heer, Prltee 


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Delt. te) Zot Cer hoc, 20% fo Ve 

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Foes? Roe a 
nee SOO: ne 
edn batbcn (by ce) 

Lee C4 ae PF 

heb le Boe 

7 ; eee, 
: @: oO" Berle 
ae Zé 

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CZ, Gi OD ba, je . 
pate: fee wee Cone FH 
cit BEEF too) 
Z than 20% o 


aterrtetl, He 

recto pAteO | 

. Comey , Fa. %,) Le 
Tnectiniy in teeeticcetirlty 

tae Veh Tacit be a 

6 ig" x 10" tocole 

Seen eee 

an fm 

a Moriciag Aa Bigg FE gt CAO OREM Be ee oe eae 

Mr. Carl H. Wilson, 
E. Orange, N.d. 

Dear Mr. Wilson:- 

Pursuant to the By Laws of this Company, — 
you are hereby notified to attend the annual meeting of the 
Stockholders, to be held at the office of the company, West 
Orange, N.J., on May 3rd, 1915 at 10:00 o'clock A.M. for. : 
the election of Directors for the ensiing year and the : 
transaction of any other business that may come bafore the. 
meeting. ; | 

In the event of your being unable to 

be present, kindly return to me the enclosed Proxy form, 

on which please give the name of the person you wish to 

represent you at the meeting. 

Yours very truly; 


bY ere 

MAY 3rd-1915, 

Pull, true and complete list in alphabetical order 


: of a11 the Stockholders entitled to vote at the Annual 

Meeting of Edison Phonograph Works, this day:- 

bs: : Name Address Shares 
as aes i: Thomas A. Edison West Orange, N. J. 4509.06 
i es Mina M. Edison " " won 716.75 | 
ge Charles Edison ee ore 2 754,19 / ; 
ae WH. H. Meadowcroft Boonton, N. J. . . (5) 
y | C. H. Wilson East Orange, N. J. 5. 
i H. F. Miller Orange, N. J. Be 
| E. J. Berggren East Orange, N. J. ; (By Pe 
| | Total = -- 6000.00 



election of Directors of Diet o Cae Ra ae 

That I, 
do hereby constitute and appoint 

my Attorney and aie, sala me and in muy n me, Place and stead, to vote as my proxy at eerde< 

according to the number of votes I should be entitled to cast of then personally present. 

Tn Witness Whereol, 7 Zave hereunto set my hand and seal this 
day of / ‘ZA Any 74 One Thousand Nine Hundred and 

Bigned, Sealed and Delivored 
in tho Prosence of 

STATE of NEW JERSEY) | oe eer 

I. W. Walker ana J, Unger, being 
upon their respective oaths do promise and: 
will faithfully, honestly and 

Subscribed and sworn to) 

the 3rd. day of Mey, 1915) 
before me, ; ) 

© Nowbamsustia biter na. 


For Directors - 

~ .° Thomas A. Edison ee tpn aes 
soo Garl He. Wilson Rae eres out 
can : William H. Meadowcroft 
H. BF. Miller 9° 
E. J. Berggren 

C AZ.0o. - 
@ 22,00 
_ eo AS? oO One 




Pe Dees Cee 

At 3 O'e 






0 0 
Q ie) 
ys : 







Soo ~— 

/600—~— C_yxSO 


Zan é, 








Jooo ~ A#A_-YGo 


BOER Cosas 
FO.4- Seloer Live. MW, 

- Zw 


Cae. 4 : 

SiS ase s| miciten D 




en tm teen emer ES oHa.s 

Cure 5 a iam | 

FD hatsipnation of Ys Soapete Maggi 


/, 1916, Aved peak aud qeefrs ay 

Lc Ar0teried ; o i j “3 [. 
this led baa gaee | Nb Blo eyed am, Eat, 

*t Bs 
oA Vy. 

: Riise, Pe ieee, 

. Outucctern) Anadonnu WVigoa ate r¢ 
HPD ee ee, 
Mesobeed that im MefdarsIO Markets | Besbocd nastleast 



Besaaneof de Lo 
hicks drawn ewthe fen At Lorn barep, Be i | 

way the our Pieourker ty 

eee ee Bone) Cee 

: : | 289° 
Aaellanrg (00. orev auckhte Hart, AE 
tetlhara (“0.00 g. Janik wor eid oe = an : 

| A aud (dos, — Lee orxderd 

the | Mareby 2019 1b, 04. Hen) 

. Meward, Dhrvveo Ch : 
bby CR fe gnaw & Pippa) 

Seo ere ee eee 

OUTS el tera ei i I 
Ra ee ee eee Sionorne papal ose sienamasnnic 

: Ve: . | 
go, , Meheans A Whim fresibiig id Jom |i 

ae Se ee 1, coal loes thu) | 

AON Ato, nae vas 

fora futy th igi etakd bint ff 
AeutiactIoerirg is Mar Le 42 1916, eke pee | 
Ce i bbE fH Mo nnn vtee | 

orwifanig Mey Gres Wattianas, SuBnfatar | 

er ae 

fy Mithuacnnnitinstiis Bing Apntocthapre A 
; 3 nei pialof fre of Phe | 

Tha and Nawal bord Mak Cosui¢ Hint | 

Secs Clee | 

bball GOO . fe 

pre a aes Lali fed We, , 

Qugeuurdky £0 "2/7500, 

Fhe lovatke Maru 



Wn. Uc eth bed adhead a 

- 250 wakiity at- a 
ean) De 
y See Je 



STS SN caer S55 Raed ore ee 

| ee 
Che Beet a aires EO 1 
SPF ee | op therey l. ere) I: 

Lo %L5-000. 

Wana Mae 

Auiztird Greseuhe 
Choe, dor — 

epee nn ge teas te nenea ites Gaba oe 

5 ein meme Maina] [eee 

. Maduredarg, Cir (7k a ee i | 

1916, at Hiro psiloc OM, LITE a | a sete tp “Ay i 

Gores Wacat~L AA ct, Mp Se fercarki) of 1976, AG 
ps | PRIMA SE Ear ae | 

ede wars eswut: Meets ahs olan Sapa | Shy tb A ad opi fror Ae 

MK jou p noe ore | 

Semmens Willen iene 3000 02°F "x10 ft. Ed sted n> fan fe dgh 
7 _ 

“ 4ooo .030'x Gx fh 27¢ - 100, 

a scatirr wk *  heooo ox Te x inf. 2k Gbo. " 335 " 

‘Met " 2500 026K I" x ofA 29¢ §25. + S- Joa cm 
gi flic: aay te | a. "60,000 .028"x/*x 1Sft. ¥3¢ 45200, S000 tO ‘ be 
LEEK Weir GG. : " 2500 (026K /"x sp. Hat 1060. 4 7 78... Rs 2 ace 
er thanderhibitd aad ren defcr, ; Wey oon 700 oaz xl x sft, 394 29267 " 625 ow, se L oes 

“ a 2500 031-0092" x lifidx2ife Lé#t (650. “ 270. +." 
" " Hooo = ,038xlfexzoft. 7st 2000. " £50 : 

WTA." ~~ S900. .930 x Mexlahp, AF 2Hhoo.  " hoe 
Wdkze ae “F000 .021"KK "x 10ft, /§4. "ite, heb » 250 herVau0, paar a > ae 3,000 . 08s lt KE. ]St 2250  *« 250 
a : #000 . 030" Ve xt fe, 274. tom " GIF = « oe 2E.000  .027"x/%! x 25ft, ase 22509. “S000 

" "— fheeo etx Ue'x 12, 2b Glo 4 Bag 8 7 av a cael "Ol, 350 | 

METS . 2500 1075", I" x (aft. 334 fie 17s > c “ * 

? ts 
| : * be Coo . ons" x7 "yx 15 4 Had 25,200 ® S000 * *. ” a“ : hiya tatty 
ce . 2Geo .o25"x tx 1st. #24 1og50, ~ : agp 

iyWeee . 
eye ‘“  JSe0 1032" 1x fe, 99¢ 2936 - i “oo . , 
“Lo #89 103 tow 032 Xe x aif, 66t [6G0," alo"  * 3 . 
4000  .038'x the"x ofp ast 9000, " bso . _ 8 cag 
Wb73 . 5000 .080x/F x ‘i HE4 2Hoo * ag et 7 thegt 
' $099 ‘OOF KE x (eft, ave 2250 ° * 250 raat ee we 
— Afe00' .029 "cIh X. a: foo 23,680" “S000 <8 OL h, 


LS SG BS sa Been eee 

: Ae Fak hg pee, (84,/9/6, 
| 4500 Ao Ae sendy dog A084 916, whckittes oar ee! 
20% 1916 Tie ipa ie, — Artal Quote AD 190,000 - ee | 
OIE AO Oy A aes Zia n> n,n Senet 
sf fric the : ja Lp tae a il 
Gaetent: Meare, Cos M. Western) Rpezphen) 3 oie 3 Ae | 
(2 Maruberb, Aer Les ms ere ay gy | | 

( Oe, 
Avad Ke 

Dore Jag oe | a cats a 
Mor egi Anbuceh thay Company pa 

we GR ah orty trate 
Vecat- Orracge, he 

‘gu Oe ae actrig at lohaKaar) Hubei 

Pt fornat Yasar) Ye Wrleen) La 

rang v for At scubou thie bu Lb). Mac.) 2; 

Kho Laeeeh “oO, 000,00. 


Che Hen oe 


HE Mille, 

box, wees su ce A OtlreK7 Pn, ied 

i ee Laan, , Aik on ee ee ae “elateL. 

A Salter, Atnetne, Erol Menillar, 2 ee @ 
ve AMewtark Kersten 




mers = 

dhe. Mecling Cora lo Cet 
| G bveeute et ais Corbiach Aetice Mpout 25, 1976, MM 

Convent. 2 14KS, 000.00 

Ke Oe ws Bes : 
a PONT | 

copereke, hesdjort Aefirt: for soo tine | 

Cte Mess (Chaps Lies thaw obs Sa iad fas oo- 

lade & Gea! a as Coatrack, 

as ew, Eo WT fe Se ee ee - | 

Copey. af the CN ela ag as 

ae tat 

. Bees Lygeenttiun Le be mate Cente tl, 
Cortrael Cyrene Ao LYGProvemeatily, bye 202.20. 

of. Grr ttaLenth Olek that notihe chee 
c ~ C67 Lee eka, 
He txeeats, & Cla. Cortrack, tats Gowe 2S; (im 

Lhes. Company Cu the an Sick conse Maya 
» Gorn, fer (oo tene of | 

9u Cae. - 9 
Cola Metis Kujo. Ht wh a Pace Of 600 fee 
. S00 Porendke, ee LAg Af, Ceatirle WEEK, 

Le 1 

bak the Lnrereean Piha tad Manporug 

- - ee || 
- 3 he Ltt wfoendlinre center thee, Crrtaaor-| i 
Cbrnpeente Co ep yor mye one ly ees Oo. BO chen fe ae S| | 

Ee SIN tar 


Se. Jrecling, A0-ae/te OP re emo 
~Cidere— | a | SF: 

: (Do Goh tictece Polat twith the Bactgyouh. 


| Cheer Ordere CL4S3, 0/2. 50. 
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| Outvo, Del. Mak peas 
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n ” 1500 « Me « 4,072 CFS - & JS 0 (50), “ Vi fb 
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00 n 69-770" 001072 CHS - S35 Vifue 
_ 1800 -n SM OLY, 8108S 3/0. 4300, fe Me. bepens Tepe 
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1350» Ye v1 By YL, 
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250 Vi A f82% ASE 112.50 1 Safe 
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Vox bx lalind chy 
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“230 1VK, SB, est. Lptisg oe 

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“ W000 u 

$000, 1 2500, 
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H+ 3450. C625, 4, 3 

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M40 un now, SSH é 

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| Mfume ne S00, 

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Se Eee 

ae recone re cee : 

A » PRESIDENT. Ae iGo: va Ne 
THOMAS A.EDISON, Pi C. H. WILSON, Cr-Pres. & Gen. Man. 

ie 1) iS SOP) A 

E.J. BERGGREN, Sec. & Tacag 

Phenol ee 

Dear Sir: : : 

In accordance with the By-Laws of 
patgon Phonograph Works, you are hereby notified of the 
grea Meeting of tho Stockholders to be hold Monday, 
Moy lst, 1916, at two o'clock P.if. at the principal 

office of the Company, West. Orange, W.J., -for the clection 

of a Board of Directors for the ensuing year and the trans- 

ection of such other aeinoas as may ‘come before the meeting. 

- In the event of your » being umable to be che 

present, kindly return to me the ‘enclosed proxy Pops on 

which please give the name of the person you wish to repre= 

sont you at the meeting. ; 7 oe 
Very truly Oh. Ys : ee 



Mey 1, 1916 

Full, true ana complete list in alphabetical 
order of all the Stockholders entitled to vote at the annual 
meeting of Edison Phonograph Works, this day; 

¢ Hi 

Thomas A. Edison West Orange, N.J. 4514.06 
Mrs. Thomas A. Edison West Orange, N. J. 716.75 
Charles Edison West Orange, N. J, 754.19 

Stephen B. Mambert East Orange, N. J. 5 

t Harry F. Miller Orange, N. J. 5 

Carl H. Wilson East Orange, N. J. 5 

Total - 6000 shares 



Ee ee Pape ey 

Di RR 

That I, lirs. Thomas A, Edison, 

holding 716.75 sharos of the Capital Stock or 
Edison Phonograph Works , 

do hereby constitute and appoint ‘lr. Thomas A. Edison 

my Attorney and A gent for me and in my name, Place and stead, to vole as my proxy at any 
election of Directors of Edison Phonograph Works 

according to the number of votes I should be entitled to cast uf then personally present. 

Tn Witness Whereol, 7 have hereunto set my hand and seal this First 
day of hay : One Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixteen. ; 

Signed, Sealed and oe ae 

in the Presence of 

ogc nce 
Runsvinwutree geen 

eee stees 


See ee 


ent nates 
heise emt cab sari tes Peed pc 

TT anaes can ane ae a ase ee Smee menen gee SN ney ne, 




That I, Carl #, Wilson, 

do hereby constitute and appoint 

_— Ae eee 

my Attorney and Agent for me and tn 

election of Directors of 

my name, place and stead, to vote as my proxy 

according to the number of votes I should be entitled to cast of then personally present. 
Tn Witness Whereol, 7 have hereunto set my hand and seal thts First 

day of May 

in the Presence of 

Signed, Scaled and ee 

One Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixteen, 

at any 


WATS een 

ee ee 

fled oon 

cr re ens, 




Ralph H. Allen ana Richard G. Whitehead, 
being severally sworn, upon their Tespective oaths do promise 
and swear that they will faithfully, honestiy ana impar tially 
perform the duties of inspectors of election at the election 

to be held this day for Directors of Edison Phonograph Wor ks; 
and make a true report of the same, = . 

Ai tpadeddl Otten 

Subseribed and sworn to 
before me this 1st day 

. . : pe A as 4h are Y. htebd 

COMMISSION Expires JULY, 2, 1917 

We the undersigned, inspectors of el ection, report 
that having taken an oath impartially to conduct the el ection 
of Directors of the above named Company, did receive 6000 
votes of the Stockholders by ballot, and that the following 
persons received the number of votes set Opposite their 
respective names, to-wit: 

For Directors Number of Votes 

Thomas A. Edison 6000 

Carl H. Wilson ; 6000 
Stephen B. Mambert 6000 
Charles Hiison 6000 

Harry F. Miller 6000 

May 1, 1916 

Yk: 4g tb, sp an 7 

doko saad 

Baten LT. 




gy STE 

A Lif 2b Gi feabet Lhe, Banat Bie : 


ait lat De Fae ee 


jew Porecnisicf, 4 
a a 

EE pe Mle... 

AiciaLindl Le 5 


reek da id fo 

AN CACLAL, torah 400 O%,. 980. its 

od, 600 

Liaw tone i 

ais aaa aa a a 

oiler tied oe ests: 

eet ge cts sad Suen Ue aed 
ca 6 a te ait: 
o Hh “gard cA Na Maes 

ses oe ties ni he stage 

} ee ovr je sag 
dete Ho, 
ie sary i awe Ace 
es te g 

pied ardw cera 
Fr sx ema 
bs Hr setae, ie: #y E79, ne } 99 ar 



ee Eccles evictions : 

eer atetal Boh play sie 

sage ele ak rk - ont “ 5 : 

i: co 


ily Gaol dh peapeted iw oad ah #79 oo sacl, 

fe - Q, at ee , ptruclasct phe, 
‘ Tl ate ee 00 ON sa W6, 
Be aS Scena SaeTI 

vg nro, Tre A 
Welle Cie) ooo. oe 
glk “dp 

ae a Can eres 


Ol Clint 

Brave 7 Oc oe 
| | Spd LL Vy £4, 1916, 4 gee 
ie 2 re ee 
a mes ; 

at eceeer Sie. me rate ' 

| oye | ta De E a, 
fp =i Tek eke: iG 

: ener, hee 000), and fess 

| £. 2 ea A ainxwmaw abes Matid the 
ea Babi ag shine i elaar eee ee 

: Ane / i tmnd ~ a ee nage Hace 
Polio, ine Chat 3 ike 

Oan mnntcn es SF gsr 000. oy, saad Puan Heer. 
aud oth lL, ALELi ce fot l, 191s, We) ty MAC 

Z / Des (de 
Lv po aurie tb a 

ma. peopel ab pitts Bats 

iad mMmoneypa ad L 
wind Uh, Cbs, Yl 
rs he a oF di arr vel cow 

O. Wien su Bud anak ovurel saconcled 
As ea Apnea Fe Vena tAclepcli: . 

Jestred: tab He Unie Brice ord. 

Tin “o Cy Ca ria Be beats Fork Jvrowda 

be and AP JY 7 A a 2p epicucte oN, 
liek Wo Se aff of J d this fs Ord2y AA pa J 
ARMA anal AY Abniqgunieyr /- Hp, Vs bi : oe 

Da j a yo" ae See atzcly | 
Phi, ee Cp a 
ie ol i Merce oh a 

by tha prone 
r Fi, 

gist eked 

| She a atte ae 

? of iia ene, aah De. In Ow aiponngee metic a 
ol Ta pee aoe a 
VEAP IRE iy a { 


B 10g 82,99 ood aoaskh and 4; 
aides aden vib 

; om" 

lic CB : C 73 QUAL 3 L6,014.43 
Dia Ob il Ni 318.99 

4 EP Windia. 7,845.47 

Wie ts CSB GO. 2,307.54 

id he I aie SUA. Yue 13° 0754) 
rored ay Me eee | 
“” B 169,632.99. 

amr wey oe ee 2, 



wiles Qh. ss p YS G7 

Pay. Wo. Babosaceg 101.84 

Praha: Cubed 16,613.99 

i f J (i Dre RF 054,65" 

an ose Plo 2988.33 

Lats a anes 2,620.90. 

altel ¥ Ip 20, 258.3) 

aL. 4 porreas - d 1,613.50 

ithe oe cae Sart RQ RIG NY 


67, W13.06 acd, 

Die chore Te Hata Taonoasl Hico Thanoaclont ' 14 ‘ ~ 
Di OE ipsa 3 clan wit Hel ae ff 

MNanw a ecmiicraded Cnr ie 

WAY, Ge 
a hs pony 

On. HAA A es aud wtcnreed, 
Abs Petdnring ee dopli td: 

Ved ABak fhe om stout 
and ree wg aut hoard A oleb iver ° mi 
a so tb) is He. auao brain, 
ae og Minne Para 

an ear o re af aio «bi ik Tl Ais 

mee ae ho ead te areal Ppl 
Ciena wn peel, Is iy 4 
aon Beatle Pay anu tLybag op ths 

he hen G9, 

os orn Pere thal. aaliar 


an ipa bed, leaf Lhe Fig, i 
/ y “a a eg 


ie) oe 

Od; achinnn smo | 
a8 omnes" an “et Corre “4 

On er oe AA lad mma ou Bhi 
Be aaa 4 Hise dan bea sea — 

d Aad ween De 
One “yah yg Es i 

AS We crus 
ee spo cpl view, aud (00, 006 

eae AB ecm 3 

ma a ice a 

‘ bra (ho, 000), 

nee wag nie rechaaie a1 tye aw : 
/6 L 

deed Oe aa 
gear eld Joma 

ni Cid Sito 

One viteren ne un anaclt oul ercandeol 
hd florea ‘eek ed we AC a 

ao Abeak he aus aly ie As a 

Ip i ys ee me ‘ acbepaled 
a Gal ae ie EL ab 

auras tel omy 

ee S50 be ie ool 
oo ee vty, veoh lies ie 
cs se ep se ae 


18, 853, i 

Ji pth fh q 

mote ah. Bb 637 

te nS 

Meee rh Are en 

eat Misemr a hy ma iat ies 4.5 | 

Balk es if UGE Agi 

: Feber te hh. Re Dane os | 
rr egararedl nlbl be was a 
o ieee anol ee ie a Te tyes 
ge oy mang ie ee pel ee 
| Well Oona £50.) yr ae ape Hah. 
ondin rs Gill isp i net : 
say wn 
, i fied Bs Uy ty 

48 Wy 1416, 

: jeer or rakes os 
cil aiid heey ig, | 

eet ee) a a) CG AdO aeetlaad 

| Poa bes a eee” 
om. edi named | 

Chadés Cdison— 

ao dwon— 

chia hip 

and UA. of! , Mutel ee 

a) ee, Waa eet 3 bn ee tine 
pitas a acaba ihe Had ou pero 
wv te iC Bue a) an 
| ty Shovas G 
Gand se peer sn head Fz 

i aon at ieore 

st ply am cont anak oud veromdsd, 

1916," Pe 
Aa Th 
wep ta, tek, he. 


Shs brn 
al adjoumid 

: & wiecbire- Ftazccb 

UD Wultl. 

at com Cloke Tod: 

ee ae 
re fo Pane, Be 

Jit le uf ab drtcont VALE, yf Lie povard Y Kivett lard “of 
“3 Eads: (A Levit afl. 1 e+ hep 

Meld putieoany LC pebliere, PAA tve bOY, M cpl x LSVSG ads therte CoLeth, 3 


; oe; ‘ Hoy ; ar a sa o kgs 
CMM, ab ths fe becuase SMMCE Of the Conpany, Laktede Artie fifo ciele 
ae is pe ¢ F Jé , “ ? 4 
et bard COME Li tel Change 1 fs js 

Shit fel letting A ereclens bind the fd Kear ute. fureaensd: 
Pie... eo oes ee LTS 4? 
Sera Eider, Ch yths Ete: Cart pL akderi dtiphin 13 Hamboas 
Blan ZL. Lachlet On the Cilectend dita yh Phamiller biswdle 

Se Chatragr: Mati thal thu CY tcle if the vucleiig ctr le Adlehs 


Viti iy di ai Vind Ch. boy, fOr CO nthe duech charge bit Chet Sf CCL ay J 
/ Le - c 

* the Cy APM AA Divhte by deaee’ heer did Via 
a ‘ ; . 
¢ | ome ae i 

She Caetldnd Aeexetarep thew eter Med Cn tater “ify of th. a 

jfrapoed PULG My Sa Ve Lhe Consfeariag 
7 4 VA . 

On molicr. , POF sy : : 
aaa | mide andacendid the [etloworg poseletion 
Lead ad ipled: ‘ 

hobo 1 hel ths by-law) CHAR taper Arita CS AAC theaete sbepes 3 
L encores Y thei ope, eae pear tre the menecte took if thie: 

LPL, yee ’ 2 oe : ° 
Gn and, on otheriwetl, b rigecnted andl fii [CE ay Sau te cectafiled | 

wn Ahn ead, 



(b; - eae 


Exlidpre Prjsiy ‘wafah 21) obhka 

Spins bs Mickhot dt. 

Co rajeretif of the doch petted and cecbidenctirig Heb fortcdented ty F 
y : y . a 
the elatics therte, Lethe, 0 jevsen of a | Ahidll te a pete a 
ads all recebergy if thee wlochterldtd 

Nace G tag 
7 _ 
ill sities of wtecteluldips dbeall be hake ct.the Cteion 

. . . jy 
Beeler 5 Yaheuds lvenee, Ofoferecte lkLand Chueruce Hae) Dring % 

Va buiec, the Reg ewliree! Ye Yy thee Ccmfearcy eve Ftee jews , 
: 3 O (j 7 Z 

Ml nnual Méttirg, ene 
ht nied muttong of Leckhitdest the be tbel erthe aceon, 
Vay, +n ALT of thch ftir, asthnrte oiclock 7? 77, LMhen thity hall, 
Lhd tya pluratety vote, ty ballot, the Wened Y- Airectiv0, ad core a 
Mititlid ty chet ih, - Law, tack wochtitdin tecrg extitlid t0 Ont. wile, 
yt jereen ch ed fore fot cwck Mhaee of tech Regetlted wn ae od 
her Hel, CV the 264th oo. ieee d th Llictitre, Lictidive Y the A 

Va eth Lhecttors, 
mittting shall te macled Lo cach hock ~ 
Mcldevat ber en tie addi td Chet dare afyfttars diferr- the fecorde.. 
| che Crime at liad five day fri Tt the mitered, ve 
1 esis aa acetate Daal [aaa “g 

i). Lagervn wrtwl Of An neal Dheelerg - 

Sarees Laganey etter : & omiys | cinta ane a 
| The Chairman of the Beard ff Pacto whatticall muting wf 
he Meckbeleles lo trdiw and shall acta chitman G ach mith. 
She Grand of Nertelies } afpatind “4 atecktestdw le ach at Chatteran. 
Yang Nga wn the abeenee of the Charman of che ocad wf Mseitors 
Chew the Lien ve the fli Of tte Ward f Mirectvet lo achiundi 
thew / foreveecen, the Ltochheldes eas cheree any of ther puontlel £9 || 
jreude at any mtttin, yf the wocthildnrs, Ohe decretares Of the 
Corpo Mall act by atertelirte of ale *neelinga of whe yi ackbectdies,. 
tat ev a btine yf he dicretakes at aed mers yf the. Lech hecl let, 

the CT offeice sa “ffeil aed plrbon te acl aa vA 

the aaa a 
Brg dl of JD eclaed, 
VS : Sree Cbd - 

Phe tavenced and the sar a of the fie aa orca te managed 
and conterlled bY the Woard a hitecljas .wtia rad, wellyect lo the a 
frereeiens Of the saticl, yf the Charli, a of the Maced Ltlecicl. 
all suck focrwteg and hy all lithe cheriga skied be ttercitta 4 ane Y 
Abe. Lenfecralerre, ee eee 

YA wel danual Wiles eg, tf the hitdees of the MALO Of Ef. | 
(2 ; 

# if f F 
loch aheli weel be. foredtred rafsreden lect the decktitldies * rede) 
y ; > . 

ahatl have the fetete: le acy cette. Lon Meee Me (here ON ROE Y the ff 
/ Z 

meeting On the adyccererrin| hae thal be gives My cle foruil tig Ce samt 
pf it ip "9 . C7 : Y/ Zz C cy : 

wa UL AL fee, CUMMM«LC te tach, sechhilde:, al Cag) thrlé. 

ok bef. cre: dich CGE VM sess tledev Ve the he ey G Ge. 


Cede ; . G J@ ; 
ted of the hetdics of t ag Of the block 1¢ posta bre fitewtew 

sf fe ge j 2 
cr iy pricey Uy, ad hace flO Vi rn! tenwic Ghipte, lo adpotrn, 
T 6 / yy, y 
the Ana WEL i ass 

COE PHEEU. we riled 

veel weg Cte dager Maps ODNAPKE HEMCE Ve the. 


‘ Special LOTR 

Cn ener rn mnie | £. 

dptce wl Cea? of he. wdlhechkheldtcs thall a the pepuceal a 

the hedederd COMMER peer Kittictned Cla. 20 a 7. the a, ehloolelens [ 
te called iy. lhe shetctary, hy maclirg Q rete poe ee thee etyced 
yf duel es at Madd Livy Aatefs forces te the dad! of rnethired, eZ 
Lach Meck ltee Stectidl al hw adtdece asthe garfe afiptare b, thik 
itécordls of the Groans, Yatl the wbeehtrldws hall MAMAN, Hp lee. 
; 7 a Upiccad, ea ri F vee pevhece ts ach meclinig hall Ce Re peewetd, 
// hin ae as hall ptt es, ot be Cees f, 
Mach nitele} GY Mall Ce ald pre a fap od 
nce, andl wvch Wccling any CMeforeate altri. ae Ci hetken, AG, 
filer MeO thee aeliat woth etd ie anf eas Fattd 3 j rey 
ft Gan Orv redt ittler' CA AY: Ages reeling Sof wititle fa 
to HOE a Koad yf Kcteliees ex: tthe eg ular akwial MULtting OK at 
‘atr Bepacnieg wtiting a rare 

g L lume ata Lom by 


Of Ailing det alate fers Corny Derectov shall teal| 

Actaura abliarh ontehars of che gapital stock Uf oh ae ee | 
Gack duselir phallsnue pr the Linrm ff tt Yea and untch sae 
anucclteets tras tttn Llicdttd ant ¢ LA 

yf Werecthed uate, Ct Leg at 
Wh au ME EMting Of ttre MBCA Li Atay Cher (Mf prrotdied a 
L , f, jy, - ; 

ytteck that weech, ‘election ntl bz ALMA ty COrlitintd sry the rigtltee 
eee "1G Meech Yptciat as of MMitchterl dit. ad 




inated Gf eedeneet7, Bernt 

spores A Ri we tee gr ee 




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DM ek ob 
at 4 te 

[ Liilcrg: 

Wuatergs 9 the foard tf hurtteleat ma iy be called by thee anes 
athe re feted of che Gl daiiiliont fhe Kheatdl: VA Darveclpan gt yf kee eto - 
yuo Kitapeteil, ert bile. day? wrllen netice Me rach Martie, bh ean 
jfeliderd £yetce be adhe kt recte? ad On AY Come Via vee de the MMAMAG), 
Victice WA any mictles Vie the thard “ hbrtclaes ee te ccacved € 6 “any 
hieectti, Dhheneul dit che witontely f the Kiar of hicrectots abhhl bd! 
pe rede rl, ala ve metiting Mareg, etith uke 4 aU a acleer: letken, 
Mhereal shadl be died fer! all fut torte? an Cl ta CHE +1 role. A 
ech WEG bed pe a : 

7 ? 

(Maet-of iieling: 

he ki tects mi ay held thétr metlerigy frat av. of; Lect and 
Hhie/s ths Cooks fi he lornfeany (cecefel hell eb peceered ber Caco ta Ce 
‘te Mettler: bhe Mati Va Vlei Poway) OMG AL of the sd ie GY Httd 

( ; 7 . } L y, : / : 
Ys AS thr KOLA OS anes Cae lem deter. delecmrterit, 
ter ‘ Za y, Gi 

tp 4 
he Uf COtAs va ‘the tom Yee a bhurmar of the theard o; 

. Ory . : See . ) . : 
hurceled, aCptederd tee Wit tdedenti, a Cenesal. Manager, a Cinanrcial 
Breewturt, a WULatithep, On er Ceetedta ru Att aeeiter, a heewtate arta LI 

eee, One detth, othe wy (fected Ad 7 ey fron brn te Lerne be : 

Athorantitd ae th 

Pe OMe SON me 7 mtd. 

+e thedlid by tle Kieatd of hicrecteat al Athites foul ennudl miteng alti : 
f (/ 

he CLM AEO? Vas ALCO A ay hath meetin ae Specter a hatt4 foreu wh, i 

‘4 ft $ . * 

bal the. clectetr: fe 2a Yfcctr on Wi, CCl tel a: wy thee ms 4 of Che Contd ve 

} ; « & fi i 

Kerectoal Male net be aes ad nolL there ed Gwe tn thee is 
y ; 

jaeeteee f the WEEN, 


1 A 

IG Lvtryl fete: . 7 
| he ns ofthe Gerpany thal! wove forte priced y ate 



2 4 a , 7 ; 2 
y vi the Koatd oy Mecttrd gil Y chon whall ecdenarels a 


sftithe and tertil Chile Auectddee are Lfpslin and Yfletd, ecco) : ae 
had atl Of ectes art agents vi the Corfear oe aedgerr yes 
emural alanty time by the UY fianvatere Vote fa map erly GF Lhe : 

vhele. Ward ¢ pie: 
" if Ay 

Chama LY Yy Aiea tal . 
he bhateman y ‘the Wea! of Nurectirs sheall te choten from. 
o the [ereetors af he Comfuans andithall jprreude AL rattlir ig? 
ft fy Weaed. Cre Catt of hed abtience for! ang mnttleng, the Wyuctied- 
7Hlee chocd w Charman fits Lern from among thle rember, J he Chat: 
mean of the ratd of Mrctes shall be wld with all the (feild andi. 
wehall jt erin LE whe helices yf the Ceededenth en bis abuts 0ofel, 
ad etherecuc peeovedid one Abee oe Law yf hee. ae ear me 

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Reel duplication of the whole or of. 220. 
any part of this film is prohibited, pha 
In lieu of transcripts, however, ne | 
enlarged photocopies of selected a. 
items contained on these. reels > 
_may be made in order to facilitate oe 
_ research. | we 

A Note on the Sources 

The pages which have been 
filmed are the best copies 
available. Every technical 
effort possible has been 
made to ensure legibility. 





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